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  1. Hughman

    Online real estate pictures

  2. Hughman

    Online real estate pictures

    Just listed a lot (2.6 ac) for sale and thought it best to provide my own pictures.
  3. Hughman

    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    Cutting the butt ends at an angle helps with the feeder. I saw one guy on YouTube that loosened the springs on the feeder to help with feeding larger pieces. Thought I might try that next.
  4. Hughman

    Question for those who live in California

    So now they say I have to "consider" section 8 applicants, but the last time I read the required contract to join the program, there's no way I would sign it. What's the point?
  5. Hughman

    latest Ford Bronco? Need reviews.

    This is the one feature on my new Jeep that I absolutely hate. It's especially stupid on a manual transmission vehicle. You can use a programmer like a Tazer that will remember that you turned it off and keep that setting the next time you start the car. The problem is that you need to leave the...
  6. Hughman

    Vacant and Vacancy Tax Spreading?

    I'm assuming this is just a local thing and not some new state wide law. Some of the parcels will n my area are barely worth more than $6k and some parcels are not buildable.
  7. Hughman


    We had some swarming near the corner of the house this weekend. Noticed a crack under the deck they were interested in. I finally dropped the ceiling in the basement yesterday and found this. Local bee keeper is coming Monday to relocate.
  8. Hughman

    1/2 inch vs 13 mm.

    Already stated above... 1 inch = 25.4 mm
  9. Hughman


    Yup, brownish red clay is what we grow around here. Hard as concrete in the summer and creamy peanut butter in the winter. There's a sweet spot where it's still moist enough to dig but dry enough to support the tractor. My timing is a bit off this year.
  10. Hughman


    Neighbor came over with his kabota and almost buried that too. Linked up about 100+ feet of chains and straps so he could get his tractor on the street. Still took a bit of persuasion to get it out
  11. Hughman


    Was adding a gate when I found an underground spring that ate my tractor.
  12. Hughman

    New Diesel Truck-- Buy Now, or Wait?

    I read lots of complaints on tbn about tier 4 issues with newer tractors. Are there similar issues with newer trucks? No personal knowledge here, just curious. My tractor is pre-tier 4 and my truck (f250) is a gasser.
  13. Hughman

    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    Because the OP (like me) is in the Calif. foothills. Burning is the worst option.
  14. Hughman

    Question for those who live in California

    Santa Clara uses those big green wheeled bins that you put out with the trash each week. Then every May there is the spring cleanup campaign where you can put unlimited stuff on the street. Scavengers circle around 24/7 picking through people's junk piles before the big claws and dump trucks...
  15. Hughman

    Mighty Mule gate opener

    I have Nice brand gate openers. As the name implies, they're nice.
  16. Hughman

    Best subcompact for the money

    If you already have a finish cutter (rear mount I assume), why would you want a MMM?
  17. Hughman

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    Yes, rear finish mower (landpride 1672)
  18. Hughman

    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    We are in the California foothills too, so probably doing the same type of material. I'm happy with the woodland mills wc68 I bought last year. Cost around $3k if I remember correctly. Works great behind my little tractor. Took them less than a week to ship it to me. We got fed up with burning...
  19. Hughman

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    Swung it to one side and seem to give enough clearance. It's the "top tang" on the drawbar that was hitting. I'll pay closer attention next time I crest a hill to make sure it's clearing. If I was a flat lander I would have never noticed.
  20. Hughman

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    I was just greasing up the rfm getting ready for the first mow when I noticed the plastic safety guard on the pto shaft mangled in the middle. Looks like the shaft is coming into contact with the drawbar when the tractor breaks over a hill. I was able to get it apart and shorten the inner...
  21. Hughman

    Good clean fun

    Here something I've never seen before. Guess I live a sheltered life.
  22. Hughman

    Need a new(er) truck.... Maybe?

    Wonder if the engine problems has anything to do with MDS.
  23. Hughman

    Tooth bar?

    Maybe a little late, but since you plan to build a shed over the site, had you considered just renting a stump grinder for a day?
  24. Hughman

    UTV - Trying to Decide

    I have a low mile jeep yj built up for rock crawling. I'd be lucky if I could get $9-10k for it, and it's street legal. Every time I see the price of these side by sides, my mind is blown.
  25. Hughman

    Making replacement hydrostatic transmission case gasket to stop oil leak (Cub Cadet 127).... I really don't want to screw this up.

    Not condoning this, just sharing... Years ago I picked up a big upright HF air compressor with a blowen head gasket. Gave it to my son to play with. He formed a new gasket out of a cereal box just to see if he could get it working. 5+ years later, it's still going strong.
  26. Hughman

    Canopy for L3400

    I bought this one off Amazon. First one I got was missing a part (one of the metal bars that give it the arch). They sent me a second one and didn't ask for the first one back, so I have lots of spare parts if I ever run it into a tree.
  27. Hughman

    Really need your advice whether my daughters car is safe to drive or not as she needs to return to school later this morning

    My current flock ('93, '03 and '23). I think they are procreating in the garage.
  28. Hughman

    Glow Plug Light Not Shutting Off

    Mine did that. Bad timer relay.
  29. Hughman

    PTO shaft

    The whole point of the wire is that it won't come apart. After you disconnect the safety cover and slide it towards the middle, there is a split pin at each end behind the yokes that goes through the loops at the ends of the wire. You use a drift punch and hammer to drive out the pin.
  30. Hughman

    PTO shaft

    Got it apart and took an inch off either side. The wire was short enough to still be functional so I left it in place.
  31. Hughman

    PTO shaft

    I think it is only a safety thing for when it's not attached on both ends. No mention of it in the manual. Just a picture of it on the side of the plastic shield. To shorten the shaft I need to figure how to disconnect it. I guess the cable would need to be shortened as well. Probably just toss...
  32. Hughman

    PTO shaft

    I just picked up a new WinCo 15kw generator and need to shorten the shaft a bit. This is the first one I've ever seen that has an internal safety cable that keeps the two halves from separating. Is this a new thing?
  33. Hughman

    Question for those who live in California

    Nancy tought me to "just say no" to all bond measures.
  34. Hughman

    Question for those who live in California

    Born and raised in the Midwest/east coast. Move to California in 78 and never looked back. Retired now with no plans to leave. If I ever want to see the snow, all I have to do is look to the east. I don't ever have to live in it or shovel it. Don't like the politics, turn off the TV and go...
  35. Hughman

    Questions about wood chipper on DK5310SE

    The steel crate that it comes in can be repurposed. I was going to add wheels to the steel pallet and use it as a storage cart for the chipper the garage. It ended up being too tall so I made a cart out of wood with recessed wheels. The upper portion of the crate got converted into a bbq stand.
  36. Hughman

    TC25 Safety Switches?

    On my TC which is a hst model, there are switches to make sure the gear is in neutral, brake is set, PTO is off and your butt is in the seat. Seat switch is easy enough to defeat with a jumper.
  37. Hughman

    PTO generator selection help

    I haven't found any 4 pole generators in the 15kw size range so that might not be an issue for my selection. Other issues I'm considering is capacitor vs avr and trailer vs 3 point platform.
  38. Hughman

    PTO generator selection help

    I believe they are both brushless 2- pole
  39. Hughman

    PTO generator selection help

    Back to the original question... Winco W15PTOS vs IMD PTO16-SAVR. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger and find myself leaning towards winco. I need something bigger than my portable to run the well and pressure pumps.
  40. Hughman

    Water heater recs please

    I noticed the excessiveness of the 24/7 return loop on my system so a added a smart plug where I could turn it on/off with a schedule, 30 minutes in the morning before showing and 30 minutes in the evening before dinner.
  41. Hughman

    Cool Nature Photos

    Here's another one of those iron rail signs a little further west.
  42. Hughman

    LVPs and Wear & Tear

    I just finished a laminate floor project in my office. I also did a porcelain tile project in a rental house last year (12x24" tiles). As far as diy is concerned, I'd do tile any day of the week over laminate. The key to either is having a really flat subfloor to put them on.
  43. Hughman

    Cool Nature Photos

    Love the Joshua trees in your front yard.
  44. Hughman

    Non Traditional Projects (What have you done with your tractor?)

    Here's one for the safety police... Me in the bucket with a chainsaw while my wife runs me up in a tree. Obviously I have no questions about my wife's love for me.
  45. Hughman

    Replace bucket cutting edge

    I have a bolt-on cutting edge that I bought with my tc33. After 800 hrs, I've yet to have any reason to flip it over.
  46. Hughman

    Looking for advice/input. 2003 TC33da potential purchase

    I have a tc33da ('04 or '05) with about 800 hrs on it. The price you quoted is about what I paid new with FEL and a 72" box blade. Only problem I've had to deal with was a faulty glow plug timer relay.
  47. Hughman

    T post removal

    Chain and either the tractor bucket or the hi-lift jack off the jeep
  48. Hughman

    Cool Nature Photos

    Watched them pull this out of the ocean at Pismo dunes yesterday. The entire coast took quite a beating. Anybody want to make an offer for a slightly used ram Cummins?
  49. Hughman

    Woodchipper Recommendation

    Another thumbs up for the woodland mills wc68. I'm chipping mostly oak.
  50. Hughman

    Laundry Washing Machine Lint Filter & Septic Field

    We had the same concern but went with a different solution. We plumbed the washer drain out to the garden. Seemed like a terrible waste of water sending it to the septic. Trees love it. Just need to use plant based soap and no bleach.
  51. Hughman

    Walk the dog, then post a photo

    Who's walking who?
  52. Hughman

    Cool Nature Photos

    Bridal Veil falls on black bear pass, Telluride, taken in Oct as we were passing through on our way to Moab.
  53. Hughman

    What did you buy this week?

    Just bought a sewer pipe inspection camera. Not sure how I ever lived this long without one.
  54. Hughman

    Truck winches

    That's a lot cheaper than what I spent on my warm zeon 10k. 450+ amp draw is huge though.
  55. Hughman

    Question on using JB weld

    I once had an old dodge RV with an exhaust manifold that cracked around the middle. Jbweld would hold it together for a couple of years before I'd have to add some more.
  56. Hughman

    Wife got in an accident today - Need Advice

    Not really ahead financially. In my case, it's a jeep thing. I have three more in the garage at the moment. It was a learning opportunity to see how they are put together. I have lots of bits and pieces to play with and just about every part is easily marketable on Craigslist. Since I didn't...
  57. Hughman

    Wife got in an accident today - Need Advice

    I did this once. In my case, no collision insurance so when I wrecked my wife's Rubicon I had the tow truck drop it off in my driveway. Spent the next couple of years stripping it down to the frame. Use a bunch of parts building up three other wranglers, sold a bunch of parts on Craigslist and I...
  58. Hughman

    X730 PTO Shuts down in reverse when mowing

    With my much simpler 155c, all it took was a jumper across the wires on the back of the switch.
  59. Hughman

    Poison Oak Everywhere!

  60. Hughman

    GL4 or GL5 front axle lube

    A bit off topic... One of my jeeps uses GL6 in it's rear axle (high pinion 9"). Try finding that stuff on a shelf at an auto parts store.
  61. Hughman

    How to make Railroad ties last longer?

    When we bought our first house in '84, it had a 3 to 4 high rr tie retaining wall running front to back along one side of the property. We still own that house (kept as a rental) and the same wall is going strong.
  62. Hughman

    What's your average mpg?

    Just back from a month long road trip from California to New Orleans in an RV, back by way of Ouray CO and Moab UT so we could play with the jeep we were towing. The one time I checked the mileage along the way we were getting 7mpg.
  63. Hughman

    Take the truck my boss says

    A rattle can of black spray paint will fix it. He'll never notice. :)
  64. Hughman

    Cool Nature Photos

    Took this one back in April when Yosemite was experiencing the big melt. Edit: I liked this pic enough that I sent it to Ravensberger to make it into a 2000 piece puzzle. Waiting to see how that turns out.
  65. Hughman

    New member from California

    Welcome to another norcal member.
  66. Hughman

    Recommendations for hand held electric pavement breaker please

    I have a 35# Makita that has served me well. Slower than a 60# breaker but a lot easier to handle.
  67. Hughman

    Help !!! Fire Ants !!!

    My brother showed me how he would stir the mound with a stick, then pour in some gas and throw a match on it. Not sure if it was effective but it was fun to watch.
  68. Hughman

    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    Robert La a couple of days ago
  69. Hughman

    Help !!! Fire Ants !!!

    Hot melted aluminum makes for some nice artwork.
  70. Hughman

    Lawn Tractor vs Zero Turn

    Since you already have a tractor, have you considered a RFM?
  71. Hughman

    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    NM is 3.65-3.75. At this rate by the time I get across TX, they'll be paying me to take the stuff.
  72. Hughman

    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    Crossed from California into Arizona the other day on my way to New Orleans. The price of gas dropped $1/gal as soon as I crossed the state line ($5.30 vs $4.30).
  73. Hughman

    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    Just pulled into my local station yesterday... $5.80 for regular gas, $6.80 for diesel. Ouchie
  74. Hughman

    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    That's cheaper than my local gas station. I filled up at Costco yesterday when I was in town and even that was over $5/gal for the cheap stuff.
  75. Hughman

    RUI? Only in California
  76. Hughman

    Estate Planning and Trust Accounts

    Just curious. I understand putting real estate into a trust. Why would you ever put bank/money/investment accounts into a trust when a simple POD can be used for those?
  77. Hughman

    Overhead Door Openers

    I was planning on installing conventional overhead openers on my sectional doors but now I'm wondering if I should use the side mount openers. Do they allow the doors to be raised all the way into the overhead tracks so that the door opening is completely clear? I have barely any clearance with...
  78. Hughman

    Rotary Cutter 60" or 72" for 27 PTO HP?

    I agree. If all you are doing is cutting grass on a flat field, consider a 72" RFM. I'm running a 72" landpride RFM rear discharge on a 33 hp hydro tractor (about 28 PTO hp) with no problems at all, and I'm all hills.
  79. Hughman

    Printed Service Manuals

    Yes but with the $650 he saved he can buy a lot of printer paper and toner.
  80. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    If you decide to come back someday and want to shop for property, this is a good website to check out.
  81. Hughman

    Neighbor having work done

    It's hard trying to find anyone to clean bug guts off a drone camera.
  82. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Definitely fire country. Mower gets used through May and then put away for the season. You were definitely on the move while you were here. Made me tired just reading along.
  83. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Close... La Grange road is part of 59 between 120 west of Jamestown and Merced.
  84. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Ah, for us, from La Grange to where we camp near the MWTC is about 100 miles. It can take us 3-4 hours since we stop in Sonora for food and fuel. Then we flat tow the jeep behind the RV as far as Kennedy Meadows before we unhitch and drive both vehicles separately over the steep windy part of...
  85. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    The trailhead is about 6 miles past the MWTC, just south of the 108 off 395. It's about another 90 minutes of jeep trail to get to the top. Mt Patterson is the big bald mountain you are looking at east of the marine base.
  86. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    The boys at the MWTC were busy this weekend. We had Blackhawks and Chinooks flying over our campsite at night. This picture (sorry about the bad focus) was taken from the top of Mt Patterson looking west towards Sonora pass. You can see the MWTC at the bottom.
  87. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Enjoyed following along. Sounds like you got to see and do a lot in the short time you were here. It's true, there's a lot more to California than SF and LA.
  88. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Slightly different route that avoids Tahoe. 4 vs 88 are about the same timewise. From Carson City to Angels Camp, California 95222 via CA-4 W. 2 hr 41 min (115 mi) For the best route in current traffic visit Carson City to Angels Camp
  89. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Best??? Shortest maybe. The one lane part of 4 is certainly a thrill. Another option is to head north on 49 to Jackson, then Carson pass (88) to 89 north to Tahoe. Then west on 50 to Carson City.
  90. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    The route you posted looks good if you want to stay on the interstate. Alternatively, stay on 152 to 59 through Merced and La Grange.
  91. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Take 152 to 59 and avoid the bay area traffic.
  92. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Welcome to California. My wife taught me this decades ago, though in her case it was using the men's room because the line was too long for the ladies. When you gotta go, you gotta go.
  93. Hughman

    20' x 20' storage shed recommendations

    I have a 20x30 versatube. Only regret is I wish it was 25x35. Pontoon boat and a RV is a tight squeeze.
  94. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    This state is way too big to see in one visit. Better start planning your next trip. I'm still on my first visit which started in 1978 when I was 18. I'm still seeing new stuff every time I get a chance to venture out.
  95. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    LA has a big heat sink called the Pacific Ocean. The central valley from Grapevine to Redding cooks like a brick oven. I think we have been 105-107 the last couple of days.
  96. Hughman

    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    Make sure you call the shipping company before they deliver. They weren't planning on sending mine out with a lift gate truck until I told them I had no way to unload it. The female driver that showed up the next day was able to manage it by herself because of the phone call I made. Very quick...
  97. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    From AC, take 49 south to Sonora, then 108 east to 395. The dramatic part is between Kennedy Meadows and Leavitt Meadows. Figure about 3 hours each way.
  98. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    You should pop over Sonora pass if you have the time.
  99. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Keep us posted on what you finally end up doing.
  100. Hughman

    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    Maybe he was. Still very heavy to push around on a dolly in the garage. The fold up chute does give it a nice small footprint for storage.
  101. Hughman

    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    I just got the woodland mills wc68. Nice machine. Rotating chute. Weighs in at 900+ pounds.
  102. Hughman

    Dehumidifier Suggestions...

    I'm using this one in my walkout basement...
  103. Hughman

    My wires are too damn short.

  104. Hughman

    Banking… how things have changed

    I'm using Keypoint CU (south bay area) for several business accounts. I know they have a branch in Dublin. Not sure about Oakland.
  105. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    The waterfalls are mind blowing this year.
  106. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Current view from my chair. Great Internet for being out in the middle of nowhere.
  107. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    We are camping on Sonora pass at the moment. Along with the snowy winter and spring melt come millions of hungry mosquitoes. We've been hiding inside the camper since we got here yesterday.
  108. Hughman

    Do I need load range E tires?

    Me too, on a leaf spring yj. Rough ride? Maybe, but not sure I can blame the tires.
  109. Hughman

    Marmot Infestation

    Peanut butter + trap + 22 = bird food You'd think they would learn but they aren't too bright.
  110. Hughman

    Marmot Infestation

    My ground squirrel population has exploded this year. They are tearing up my leach field. Now they are eyeing my peach tree.
  111. Hughman

    Buying Advice What would be your choice?

    Looks like it mostly comes down to the manufacturer (Shibaura vs Mitsubishi). I simply picked the devil I know. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't kick either of them out of my garage.
  112. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Last week.
  113. Hughman

    Marvel Mystery Oil

    It looks like atf
  114. Hughman

    All thread rod as rebar

    I was pouring a foundation for a carport once and added about 30+ old computer hard drives that had been accumulating in a box. Should make for an interesting find for the poor soul the busts it up in the future.
  115. Hughman

    Really would like to mow some grass:

    Clogged fuel cap vent.
  116. Hughman

    Marvel Mystery Oil

    I used it to winterize an inboard boat engine.
  117. Hughman

    New Ford Bronco

    I'd look at the bronco if it came with the 5.0 and a manual. In the meantime I'll keep waiting for the Rubicon I ordered last Christmas to be built.
  118. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    4 and 108 have both opened in the last week.
  119. Hughman

    Looking for jeans similar to 501 shrink-to-fit

    Why not stick with what you know...
  120. Hughman

    Best Box Blade

    I have a 72" bush hog brand box blade that I have beat the crap out of in my rocky soil. Other than paint it still looks like the day I got it almost 20 years ago.
  121. Hughman

    New banner at top of the page?

    Good job! Seems to be gone now. Any technical details you would care to share? The ads I was seeing seemed to be local. Normally I can look past most ads but the placement of this one over the menu bar wàs particularly obnoxious.
  122. Hughman

    New banner at top of the page?

    Any update? It's still happening to me.
  123. Hughman

    Inboard boat motor question??

    Ran a Celebrity 21' bow rider for a couple of decades. 5.7 gm with an alpha merc. It was pretty much flawless. Only issues I had with the out drive was with the bellows (drive shaft, exhaust and shift cable) developing cracks and letting water into the boat. Out drive has to come off to replace...
  124. Hughman

    Rear Tire Ballast Fluid?

  125. Hughman

    New banner at top of the page?

    Same here. Local ads. Chrome on phone
  126. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    I believe Sonora pass has the 26% grade near the top of the eastern slope. If Sonora pass is open when you are here, there's a pack station at Leavitt Meadows that does horseback trips into the mountains. Rock crawling on horseback takes a little getting used to.
  127. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Probably about 4 hrs. You would need to take Carson pass (88) since 4 is still closed with snow.
  128. Hughman

    Selling a house, real estate commission

    You could take the test, get your license and list it yourself. Having done that I found that you can have an upper hand when buying but I still find it better to use another agent when selling my own property because of the legal peril of missing some required disclosure or some other perceived...
  129. Hughman

    Funeral Costs

    Now that human composting is a thing I'm looking forward to my family using my bag of soil to plant a tree in the yard someday.
  130. Hughman

    Clutch Housing for TC34DA (SBA320111930)

    Curious what caused that... Backhoe?
  131. Hughman

    FEL whacking things when backing up.

    I have a few t-bars in my fence that have scoliosis.
  132. Hughman

    Time for new front tires

    Check your lug bolts everyone. I pulled my front tires for the first time since I bought it in 2005. Let's just say I didn't need the impact wrench.
  133. Hughman

    Bucket hooks

    While Les Schwab is busy fitting new shoes I decided to install some bucket hooks. Should be safer than the old method of wrapping chains around the bucket. In a moment of vanity I bought the blue hooks. In hindsight...
  134. Hughman

    Insurance for a $7,000 tractor - standalone policy

    In Coultlerville you are lucky you have two to choose from.
  135. Hughman

    Time for new front tires

    My front tires are bald, cracking around the center of the tread line and have multiple plugs from punctures over the years. Having a hard time holding air at this point. The rears still look like new. Leaning towards just replacing them with the same brand (titan trac loaders, 25-8.5/14). Is...
  136. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California? One more thing to consider for your trip this summer. This would be the route you would usually take from Angles Camp into the park. If it stays closed you will need to take 49 to Mariposa and...
  137. Hughman

    I'm in the wrong trade... bathroom remodel...

    You must have soft water.
  138. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    WC68? I thought it only had one belt to drive the hydraulic feeder.
  139. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    I ended up building a wooden platform with recessed wheels. Adding wheels to the steel pallet would have been about 10" high with wheels which is about the height of the bottom of the chipper at full lift on my tractor. I was barely able to move it on my garage floor by myself so I think I may...
  140. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Find a place to park if possible and then take the free shuttle to get around the valley.
  141. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    They are planning on closing Yosemite this evening for the "big melt". High temps are causing rapid snow melt which is bringing the Merced river above flood stage. We decided to make a quick trip into the park yesterday to take some pictures.
  142. Hughman

    Welding with 4000watt generator

    That looks like a 30a 110v plug
  143. Hughman

    Advice on tractor for 7.5 acres - Mowing pasture and general use - L3902? What flail mower?

    I wonder why? I'm loving our new chipper. Wonder why we waited so long to get one.
  144. Hughman

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Seems like this thread has gone off the rails. What does all this hay/farming talk have to do with solar panels?
  145. Hughman

    17.5X24 R4 tire off rim

    I did the same thing with one of my front tires. Used a ratchet strap around the center of the tread line to squeeze the beads out and used lots of air to reseat the beads. I would hate to have to do that on one of the rears. You could always try the starter fluid & match method. Be sure to take...
  146. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    A big part of the eastern slope on Ebbetts pass is single lane with no stripe. It can be a big thrill in an RV. We drove it at night once coming home from Moab. Part way up we decided to unhitch the jeep from the RV and drive them separately over the pass. Those are the kind of things that can...
  147. Hughman

    Lightweight vehicle for flat towing behind RV

    Mine is an e450 with the 6.8. I tow over monitor pass, Sonora pass and Tioga pass. Definitely want the brake in the jeep. I use rvibrake. I even pulled my son's jeep on a flatbed over monitor & Carson pass when he broke it in the desert. No problem.
  148. Hughman

    Lightweight vehicle for flat towing behind RV

    What kind of RV are you moving to? I tow my wranglers behind my class c gasser all the time. Hardly know they are back there.
  149. Hughman

    The irony or sacrilegious?

    Maybe he had reservations at that time
  150. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    Nice lady with a lift gate. Glad I called ahead. Thinking of adding wheels to the steel pallet it was delivered on so that I can wheel it around the garage when it's off the tractor.
  151. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    Just got it today. Some assembly required. Nicely packaged in a steel crate/pallet. Just got it put together and hooked up to the tractor. I bet the wife will be chipping before sundown.
  152. Hughman

    first time in the USA where should I go ?

    California is a popular destination.
  153. Hughman

    first time in the USA where should I go ?

    Still have this one on my phone from our last trip to Bryce.
  154. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    Maybe I should have told the wife the only way she gets her new chipper is if I get a forklift to unload it.
  155. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    We'll see. Not sure I wanted to lift a 900# crate from the back of f a semi with just a FEL and a couple of tie down straps. Waiting to see if they keep the scheduled appointment now that they need to switch trucks.
  156. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    I just called RL carriers and they had no idea they would need a lift gate tomorrow. Don't assume.
  157. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    They claim lift gate service, but I haven't confirmed that with the shipping company. Not sure I could get it off a semi with my FEL.
  158. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    I went for the woodland Mills since it was the one that was available. Ordered it on Monday and it's scheduled to be delivered on Thursday. Very quick service.
  159. Hughman

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Good road trip if you like mountains is over 4 & 89 to 395 south, then back over 108 (Sonora pass).
  160. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    Other than not knowing if my little tractor can handle these, the main difference I see is that the WM-8H is not available at the moment. If I needed it tomorrow, then that narrows down the choice. I would be willing to wait if the woodmaxx is the better choice though.
  161. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    The two in the title
  162. Hughman

    Chipper WoodMaxx WM-8H vs Woodland Mills WC86

    Old thread, I know. I'm looking at these two chippers. Would they be a good match for my New Holland tc33da? I think I have about 27-28 HP at the pto and 1600# lift on the 3point. Is one better than the other? Any other brands I should be looking at? Will mostly be chipping oak.
  163. Hughman

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Is it taking the acreage out of production or simply producing an alternate crop (sunlight/energy)? Do we really want to regulate exactly which crops can be grown or what a person can do on his own land?
  164. Hughman

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    My neighbor leased his land for a cell tower, right across the street from our house. Couldn't thank him enough. We now have access to the internet which enables the wife to work from home. Went in just in time for the pandemic. I could care less if he makes a few bucks if it brings us out of...
  165. Hughman

    death of regular cab pickups

    I've had one on order since Christmas. Still hasn't hit the production line and I'm not holding out much hope at this point because of the 100% recall on all manual JLs. Just north of 60k.
  166. Hughman

    Advice on tractor for 7.5 acres - Mowing pasture and general use - L3902? What flail mower?

    He said he was in nor cal. I mow with my rfm about 3-4 times a year. By May the mower comes off the tractor. Too much fire hazard.
  167. Hughman

    Advice on tractor for 7.5 acres - Mowing pasture and general use - L3902? What flail mower?

    Sounds like my property (7.5 ac of hills and grass in California). I went with a rfm which I think gives a better looking cut and takes less hp than a flail. Of course I had to first groom my property a little at a time with a box scraper looking for rocks.
  168. Hughman

    Magnetic brooms

    I have a metal leaf rake that I attached a big speaker magnet to. Use it to collect nails out of a burn pile.
  169. Hughman

    Just how bad is airline service

    To me a first class ticket is an rv with a jeep in tow.
  170. Hughman

    Just how bad is airline service

    I would. Driven from California to New Orleans a couple of times in the last few years to see family. I'll take a road trip any day over the current cattle call that airlines have become.
  171. Hughman

    Side by Side or 4x4

    Guess your right when you take mirrors and fender flares into account. I think it was my rear bumper that measured in at 60". Still, a lot of the new sxs aren't exactly tiny anymore.
  172. Hughman

    Side by Side or 4x4

    I think jeeps (cj,yj&tj) fit that 60 inch requirement. Newer ones, not so much.
  173. Hughman

    Backing up a Gen Trailer

    Seems like a three point generator mount would be the correct solution. If you want to keep it on the trailer, why not put some limit chains from the sides of the trailer to the lower three point arms to prevent the trailer from turning too far.
  174. Hughman

    Two day blow

    By the title, I thought you had eaten something that didn't agree with you.
  175. Hughman

    TC40DA - PTO Not Fully Disengaging

    It never occurred to me that someone would hookup a pto shaft with the engine running.
  176. Hughman


    I prefer to keep them out in the yard. When the come around the house or into the basement, that's when the 22 snake shot comes out.
  177. Hughman

    Side by Side or 4x4

    Not sure about a full size truck, but if you compare to a jeep Wrangler or a Suzuki samurai, the comparison gets a bit more interesting.
  178. Hughman

    Echo CS 490 no start

    This is where I got the idea when mine had this problem.
  179. Hughman

    Need advice New Holland TC55da

    That's the way my tc33da works as well
  180. Hughman

    Echo CS 490 no start

    Pull the spark plug and put a small squirt of 2 stroke oil in the cylinder. Then try it.
  181. Hughman

    Propane installation - Above or Under Ground?

    Guess I'll need to get smart on vaporization rates. I was just sizing the tank to guesstimated usage.
  182. Hughman

    RM43 weed control mix % ?

    I normally mix 43% Glyphosate about 50:1 (64 oz to 25 gal)
  183. Hughman

    Propane installation - Above or Under Ground?

    Looking into adding a generator. My propane provider just quoted me $3800 to purchase a second 250 gallon tank. They won't rent a tank for just a generator and the house tank is about 400-500 ft away (further than I want to trench).
  184. Hughman

    Locked in the Car and Unable to get Out - Food for Thought

    I got locked inside my 93 wrangler. The mechanism inside the door fel apart and neither the inside button nor the outside key would unlock it. Had to take the inside door panel off to fix it which is a real challenge when the door is locked shut.
  185. Hughman

    Shooting a Woodpecker.

    Dealing with them too. They are too quick for me with a bb gun, so now I'm trying this stuff. So far it seems to be working
  186. Hughman

    Home Building Questions - Propane - All electric - Fireplace

    Look for a multi-fuel unit. I installed an Enviro M55 cast which is multi-fuel, even though I only evey burn pellets.
  187. Hughman

    Home Building Questions - Propane - All electric - Fireplace

    Couple of years ago we ripped out our wood burning fireplace insert and replaced it with a free standing cast iron pellet stove. No regrets. The open wood burning fireplace only seemed good at filling the house with smoke and not much heat. The pellet stove cranks out the heat with the push of a...
  188. Hughman

    Bread maker or machine?

    I usually find a fresh made warm loaf of bread gets consumed before it gets cold.
  189. Hughman

    Bread maker or machine?

    Another vote for Zojirushi. My son has one and we gain 3 pounds every time he comes to visit.
  190. Hughman

    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    San Bruno was my first thought when I started reading this thread.
  191. Hughman

    Ford Superduty 6.2 questions?

    I have a 6.2 in a 2015 F250 4x4 extra cab with an 8 ft bed (steel body). Great truck. No problems. Gets 13-14 mpg. I got scared away from buying a "real" truck that year as 2015 was the first year for def in the oil burners.
  192. Hughman

    Door freezing shut

    I had that problem when I lived in 419. Solved it by moving to 408. Can't say I've ever missed those winters
  193. Hughman

    How many safety switches can be shorted on a TC24

    Safety switches on the seat, pto(s), neutral, brake... Not sure what else. If the fuse (#2 on the bigger TCs) blows, then no crank.
  194. Hughman

    My Brothers Estate

    At the risk of running this off the rails, California just pass a law allowing human composting. I might get put into the wife's garden some day if I go that route. Of course if all her plants died she have me to blame.
  195. Hughman

    My Brothers Estate

    Maybe see if the fire department is interested in clearing the structure with a practice burn.
  196. Hughman

    NH TC35D Fuel sending unit always pegs full

    Had this happen on an old RV. I'd I remember correctly, a bad or broken ground wire will cause the gauge to peg on full.
  197. Hughman

    Anyone use identity theft protection services?

    Just freeze your credit with the three credit reporting agencies.
  198. Hughman

    Anyone else seeing signs of an early winter?

    Supposed to hit 117 today. Early winter?