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  1. Johnkn

    new ecavator trailer

    +2 on SureTrac. I now have 4 of them. Latest is a new 14k tilt I picked up this Fall. I would not hesitate to spend a day driving for the right trailer or vehicle that will last years. Good luck. .
  2. Johnkn

    Need advice for truck anti-theft device

    I have a Ravelco on my TRX, it is not going to be defeated and the truck will not start w/o the cap. There is no single device that will prevent all theft (ie: flatbed) however multiple steps help. Good luck... .
  3. Johnkn

    LX4020 Loader Lift Question

    Where do you see 2250 at the pins? .
  4. Johnkn

    LX4020 Loader Lift Question

    i know how to read Kubota loader/capacity values, that's not my question. Again, the specs suggest almost no increase in capacity between the LA535 and LA545, however some of the actual testing suggests otherwise.. .
  5. Johnkn

    LX4020 Loader Lift Question

    I understand the pin and pin +1.5 numbers, but no, the specs suggest there is almost zero difference in the old and new loader, 33 lbs at the pins and 1 lb at pin +1.5M .
  6. Johnkn

    LX4020 Loader Lift Question

    I have an extremely low hour LX3310 and could use an extra few hundred pounds of loader lift capacity and was considering a new LX4020. I thought I read and saw online that the new FEL on the LX4020 (even though the designation LA535 vs LA545 does not suggest it) was much more capable and...
  7. Johnkn

    LX 3520/4020

    I'm considering swapping my '21 LX3310 TLB with only ~65 hours for a 4020, I can use the extra FEL capacity. Am I the only one unable to get to the KubotaUSA LX pricing page online? Edit, Ahh, I used the link above and that works. The kubotaUSA "build' link is wrong now...
  8. Johnkn

    Tool for Draining Filled Tires?

    Thanks all. .
  9. Johnkn

    Tool for Draining Filled Tires?

    The rear tires on my Kubota LX are dealer filled with alcohol mix. I’m going to install the BH and just leave it on moving forward and I understand it's not advisable to run filled tires with the BH. I'd like to drain most of the fluid from the tires but with the valve stems in the 6 o'clock...
  10. Johnkn

    What does SW update for LX3310 Accomplish?

    My LX3310 is at the dealer for its 50 hour service. The dealer stated it would be finished tomorrow after the required “Campaign” (SW update) was completed. Exactly what does that do? Thanks .
  11. Johnkn

    LX3310 50 Hour Service Cost?

    Thanks all....... .
  12. Johnkn

    LX3310 50 Hour Service Cost?

    What’s an approximate, reasonable cost for a full 50 hour service on a LX3310? Thanks .
  13. Johnkn

    LX3310 Hydraulic Pressure Spec?

    Wow. No one knows..... .
  14. Johnkn

    LX3310 Hydraulic Pressure Spec?

    I can’t find it in my manual, what’s the stock pressure spec on a LX3310? And the valve is between the 2 hoses under the tractor adjacent to the right rear tire, correct? Thank you .
  15. Johnkn

    milwaukee battery 1/2" impact question

    Get the big one now, or wish you did and buy it later to replace the one you bought today..... .
  16. Johnkn

    Sold my BX moving to LX

    Congrats on your new LX. One of the first mods I did to my new LX3310 TLB was to add wheel spacers on all corners. It absolutely helps with stability especially when using the grapple. .
  17. Johnkn

    New BH77 Value?

    But the good news is that in 3 years that will likely seem like a bargain. LOL thanks all
  18. Johnkn

    New BH77 Value?

    OP here, I found a build sheet I worked from Kubotausa dated August, 2020 before I purchased my LX3310 off a dealer lot. The list price of the BH77 was $7051, the 16" bucket was $658, and the thumb was $482, and the subframe was $953 for a total list price of $9144. Not sure exactly what...
  19. Johnkn

    New BH77 Value?

    (y) Thanks all.... .
  20. Johnkn

    New BH77 Value?

    Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. thank you. Yes, I'm aware that the SFs differ between the LX and L. I guess I'll just remove my SF and sell the BH77 complete..I even have a BXpanded quick attach for the Kubota bucket, an extra narrow trench bucket, ripper tooth, etc.. None of...
  21. Johnkn

    New BH77 Value?

    When I purchased my new LX3310 I opted for the BH77 backhoe. The bucket literally has never been in the dirt. I removed and covered the BH a few days after I took delivery of the tractor. As I look at my longer term plans, I may just purchase a Kubota Mini-Ex moving forward. I’m just...
  22. Johnkn

    LX2610 Hood will not open

    worst case, you sacrifice one of the front side vents by prying it off. It has ~6 pins on the back side that are retained by small speed clips. It you pry it off carefully you may break a few of the pins but may still have enough to retain the panel in the future. Worst case is you buy a...
  23. Johnkn

    LX2610 Hood will not open

    as shown in the video, after tilting the grill guard forward, I need to lift my LX Hood straight up from the center. Otherwise it tilts to one side and catches on something. .
  24. Johnkn

    LX2610 Hood will not open

    The hood latch on my LX3310 hood is actuated by the 'Mascot' emblem on the hood via a round bar that engages the solid-mounted pin I circled in red. The actual latch (which I dont see a good picture of in that drawing) is like 2 opposing J's that once pushed over the pin spring together and...
  25. Johnkn

    Bad Day for Pole Barn

    If you bring in a piece of equipment to help, make sure you run over that damn mole hill at the corner of your building a few hundred times. LOL Good luck .
  26. Johnkn

    LX2610 Hood will not open

    Try pushing down sharply while turning the latch, then pull up. Good luck .
  27. Johnkn

    Help Please Identifying This Old Ford "Tractor" Engine

    thank you very much, I'll try to get move pics....
  28. Johnkn

    Help Please Identifying This Old Ford "Tractor" Engine

    A little more info It is a four cylinder diesel , has Motorcraft B12-2 glow plugs. Injector pump has a tag with the name " Roosa Master" My friend is trying to purchase a starter and needed to identify the engine. thanks
  29. Johnkn

    Help Please Identifying This Old Ford "Tractor" Engine

    Can you view the 3 pics above? On one of my computers I can see them, but on my tablet I cannot. Thanks .
  30. Johnkn

    Help Please Identifying This Old Ford "Tractor" Engine

    Greetings, I have a friend who just picked up this old Veermer piece of equipment and has made progress getting it back together and running.. He's trying to identify the engine and Veermer is no help. Any ideas? There's a "508" above the Ford logo in the bottom pic of the engine. Is...
  31. Johnkn

    How to Test Tire Fill for Freeze?

    9*F and zero ice, I’ll call that good for me and my area LOL. Just for kicks I’ll test the other side tomorrow but suspect I’ll see the same results. Thanks all! .
  32. Johnkn

    How to Test Tire Fill for Freeze?

    I only drained a little fluid from the left tire, it’s been in the freezer for 4+ hours, I just checked it with my laser thermometer and it shows 18.3* F with zero signs of ice. I’ll check it again in a couple hours, then check the right side tire tomorrow. At this point I’m leaning toward the...
  33. Johnkn

    How to Test Tire Fill for Freeze?

    That’s what I originally asked above. Those testers are used for radiator glycol mixes, do they work for anything? Methanol/windshield fluid, etc.? .
  34. Johnkn

    How to Test Tire Fill for Freeze?

    Unfortunately that doesn't help. My rear tires are 15x19.5 which I recall may hold ~30 gallons each. Paperwork shows parts as 12 units @ $6 each and $100 labor with description of " filled tires with methanol and water" I'd like to test the mix with a tester... I did put ~4 ozs in...
  35. Johnkn

    How to Test Tire Fill for Freeze?

    Howdy, last year I had my dealer fill the rear tires on my LX3310. While I don’t normally use my tractor during the winter, this past winter I used my tractor to help a neighbor, it was in the low 20s F (stored in unheated shed). When driving down the street my tractor seemed to be very...
  36. Johnkn

    Grapple/ 3rd Function Valve Issue

    Beckmurph, no, my local dealer did. It appears mine is plumbed the same as yours. thanks John
  37. Johnkn

    Grapple/ 3rd Function Valve Issue

    Here are the (2) hoses that go to the 3rd function valve. The first (2) are different views of one hose that goes to the valve, and the 3rd pic is the other hose that goes back to where my BH would attach, but when the BH is off, is just plugged in to complete the circuit... Plumbed...
  38. Johnkn

    Grapple/ 3rd Function Valve Issue

    that's a very good question. I'll look, how can I quickly confirm? that would make sense. thanks all
  39. Johnkn

    Grapple/ 3rd Function Valve Issue

    The Landpride grapple on my last Kubota worked perfectly. When I purchased my new LX3310 we couldn’t find a Landpride 3rd function valve so the dealer installed a WR Long valve, and it seems something is not right. The switch operates the grapple lid in both directions, but when the grapple is...
  40. Johnkn

    Top Dresser, Compost Spreader Needed

    I’d like a top dresser to spread compost, screened top soil, sand, etc. to my 1 acre manicured lawn. I’m open to ground drive, PTO etc.. I have a JD 380x lawn tractor and Kubota LX3310 but leaning more toward something I can pull with the JD so I can load the hopper with my Kubota FEL. Any...
  41. Johnkn

    wheel spacers for BX23S

    How else would a wheel spacer be employed? Tractor/car/truck stock wheel studs are generally only long enough to accommodate the stock wheels. You can't just add a ~2" spacer (without its own studs) , there would be no original stud left to bolt the wheel to.
  42. Johnkn

    wheel spacers for BX23S

    LOL, you can't be serious, right? Have you even looked at the picture above of the spacers "that you would use"? 'All they do is take up space'? No, they are ~2" Chinese $35 a set spacers with studs pressed in. "The lug bolts clamp the axle, spacer, and wheel together". No, the spacers...
  43. Johnkn

    wheel spacers for BX23S

    LOL Weren't those spacers priced at like $42 a set to include shipping? Just exactly how much 'quality' do you expect for $42 a set (including shipping)? Running some POS cheap, untested, no warranty Chinese spacers is your choice. My life is worth more than $42 and I'll stick with U.S...
  44. Johnkn

    wheel spacers for BX23S

    Bro-Tek. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life. Do not run cheap Chinese spacers on your tractor....
  45. Johnkn

    Buying Advice Mini Excavators

    Kubota U series mini escalators are zero tail swing. KX models overhang. Good luck..... .
  46. Johnkn

    Which Solar Panel Battery Maintainer for Dump Trailer?

    I’m looking for a good, small solar charger for my dump trailer. It has a single Group 24 battery. I suspect I only need a few watts, and would like overprotection from overcharging if possible. The trailer is stored away from an electrical outlet and is only used a very few times a year...
  47. Johnkn

    What size trailer hitch ball on a 16-18' deck trailer?

    Well I’m guessing the OP auction didn’t work out in his favor, no follow-up.......
  48. Johnkn

    Husqvarna TS 348/54 Bagger Experiance?

    Anyone use a bagger on their TS348/354? How well does it work, suction and pick up debris? Did you install high left blades? Thanks
  49. Johnkn

    Best Residential Bagging Tractor?

    I have a (relatively) high dollar JD380x with the large belt-driven bagging attachment that is an absolute POS. 2 years, and I hate it every time I use it. It does a horrible job picking up leaves, small sticks, clipping, etc.. My last lawn tractor was a Craftsman (Husky) with bagger that...
  50. Johnkn

    Everything Attachments

    Placed my order for compact pallet forks last week, can’t wait to receive them.. Thanks for the great support! John K.
  51. Johnkn

    Trailer Manufacturing Process

    Not an endorsement for Diamond C trailers (though I have heard good things about them) but I found this interesting. Enjoy INSIDE DIAMOND C TRAILERS!!!!! HOW IT'S MADE/INSANE FULL TOUR!!! - YouTube
  52. Johnkn

    Falcon Pallet Forks?

    Falcon Pallet Forks by ?? Anyone have experience with Falcon (2000lb) pallet forks by built in Michigan? Thank you...
  53. Johnkn

    Looking for Landpride PFL1242 Pallet Forks in MD/VA/PA

    Hi, I've been trying to purchase Landpride PFL1242 pallet forks from my local dealer for months, he now says they are backordered until June. Any know of any available? I'm in 20646 Maryland and can drive to VA/PA etc. if needed. Would also consider gently (LOL) used. thanks all!
  54. Johnkn

    Adding D Rings to Trailer

    I ordered a new custom Sure Trac 18' 9900lb utility trailer with 2' mesh sides in August. After (2) months of delays it finally arrived at the dealer. I ordered it with (11) D rings, (5 on each side and 1 in the center front). I will use the trailer to move my new Kubota LX3310 TLB very...
  55. Johnkn

    Registering a New Trailer in Maine

    I have a new, custom 9900lb Sure Trac trailer that was just delivered to the dealer that I need to pic up with temp tags the dealer will provide. I am considering registering it out of state in Maine. I have heard a little about the process (like registering for 5-10 years), anyone have...
  56. Johnkn

    New Heavy Hitch Rolling Stand

    Howdy Frank, email and pics sent. thank you.....
  57. Johnkn

    New LX3310, BH77, with accessories

    Off the market....
  58. Johnkn

    New Heavy Hitch Rolling Stand

    I purchased this HH stand / suitcase weight stand and have never used it. Wheel kit never removed from box, stand sitting on carpeted garage floor. Plug it in the receiver of your HH, put the entire HH and stand on the ground and roll it away and never have to remove the weights, or use it to...
  59. Johnkn

    Kubota vs Deere Insurance

    When purchasing a new Kubota vs Deere tractor, are there any fundamental differences in the required insurance for the life of the loan? I have a Kubota with insurance that about $2400 for 5 years, someone suggested that Deere insurance has virtually the same coverage but is $500 for 6 years...
  60. Johnkn

    Pressure Washer Recommendations?

    I'm looking for another gas powered pressure washer. At age 65, if I need a big job done like washing my house, etc. I generally pay a pro to do it, but 2-3 times a year I might want to do something myself. My last 2 in the $500 price range were both POSs. I'm willing to spend $800-1000 for a...
  61. Johnkn

    Best Chainsaw Sharpner?

    While I have always sharpened my saws manually with files, is there a better way for my occasional-use saw? Thanks
  62. Johnkn

    Record for Shortest LX3310 Ownership.....

    I may hold it :o I took delivery of my new LX3310 TLB last month in anticipation of a move to a new house and a larger property. Beyond my control, it appears that things are on hold indefinitely and a life change may be on the horizon. This tractor is WAY too large for my current property...
  63. Johnkn

    New LX3310, BH77, with accessories

    I just took delivery of a new LX3310 open station last month in anticipation of a move, and it appears that move will not happen. Now I have WAY too much tractor for my small property. This is virtually new and has about 13 hours of really nothing but test driving and idling, backhoe bucket...
  64. Johnkn

    Hydraulic Line Swivel?

    Hi, I recently had a LandPride grapple installed on my new tractor. Among other things, the lines from the couplers mounted on the FEL and going to the grapple were too long. Today I had them shortened 12" but now have another issue. Unfortunately I didn't even think about this, but when the...
  65. Johnkn

    Hood Latch Rattle LX and B2650/3350

    My new LX3310 has the most annoying high pitch buzz/rattle from the hood latch at idle, i have tried for 3 days unsuccessfully to quiet it. I have pressed the mounting flange together a little to tighten it and take the slop out, I put a washer on the bar that attaches to the hood ornament that...
  66. Johnkn

    Flat Face Couplers.... Hate Them So Far

    My new tractor has FF couplers on the grapple hoses at the grapple. The other ends at the 3rd function valve are Pioneer. For years on other tractors I have never had more than a drop or 2 of oil leak from a Pioneer coupler when removing. These flat face couplers sometimes lose what appears...
  67. Johnkn

    WR Long Grapple Handle/ Switch

    My dealer installed a LandPride grapple on my new LX3310 and used a WR Long 3rd function valve and handle/switch. The Kubota and LandPride kits were not quickly available. I did not get any paperwork on the handle and cannot find anything on their site. How does the handle come off? I...
  68. Johnkn

    Where to Find Spiral Hydraulic Hose Wrap?

    New tractor and need about 10’ of black 3/4 ID spiral hose wrap. Amazon has it, but 2+ week delivery. I don’t see it at Tractor supply. I would purchase more if needed. Any ideas where to find it online with quick shipping? Thank you....
  69. Johnkn

    New LX Owners. 3 Point Hitch Question

    For those with new LX tractors, do you have the deluxe 3 point hitch lift arms with levers on the end that extend them out a few inches? Thanks
  70. Johnkn

    FEL Tube Cap or Large B series / LX Tractors?

    While the FEL tubes on the large B series and new LX models are certainly much smaller than the Standard L tractors, I'm wondering if anyone has found caps that will work. I'm hopeful that I can at least store some chains in them. Has anyone done that? thanks
  71. Johnkn

    LX3310 LX2610 Owners with BH77 BackHoe

    I had a terrible time getting my BH77 back onto the tractor, like more than an hour of frustration and attempts. Yes, I know how it goes on. For those with this setup, is the U cradle at the bottom of your tractor subframe really tight with the BH and pins? And is the area around your upper...
  72. Johnkn

    LX3310 Exhaust Smell

    LX3310 Exhaust Smell, Eyes and Sinus Burn Anyone with a new LX3310 have an issue with exhaust smell? I’ve been around diesels my entire life (65 years old) and never had an issue with exhaust smell. The exhaust from my tractor burns my eyes and sinuses. It is not engine temperature...
  73. Johnkn

    New LX3310 First Mods Bucket Hooks and Wheel Spacers

    First mods, bucket hooks and Bro-Tek wheel spacers. 2" rear, 1.5" front. Top pics is stock, pics 2/3 are with the spacers. Grapple on order and will have the tires filled then. I also have a new Heavy Hitch for running w/o the BH77.
  74. Johnkn

    Stop BH77 Rattling.......

    The BH77 on my new LX3310 is driving me crazy, LOL. The little clips for the stabilizer controls rattle at idle. What’s the best way to quiet them? I could take the cover off and put a little blob of grease on each one. ?? Thanks...,.
  75. Johnkn

    LX2610/3310 B2750/3350 Front Tie Down Points?

    How are you attaching chains/straps to the front of your tractor frame when transporting on a trailer? The bucket tends to block access to the front of the frame. thanks
  76. Johnkn

    Longer BH77 Controls?

    My new LX3310 has the single seat BH77, however I can’t sit back in the seat and reach the controls (I’m 6’) Are there control handles that are perhaps 5 longer? I hoped that the knobs screwed on and I could bolt on extensions, but it feels like they are molded on. And yes, it has the correct...
  77. Johnkn

    Where to buy Kubota 3rd Function Valve B7368?

    Howdy, I need a new in box Kubota 3rd function valve assembly B7368, my local dealer is having difficulty finding one. Anyone have a line on one? thanks! John
  78. Johnkn

    Looking to Immediately purchase a new LX3310 Maryland

    I continue to strike out, I’m looking to immediately purchase a new LX3310 with backhoe. The 1 or 2 I’ve located are taking 2-6 months, and/or the discount is almost non-existent. Willing to drive 2-300 miles from Laplata, Md 20646 for right tractor. Thanks
  79. Johnkn

    Which Grapple on new LX3310?

    I've had a Landpride grapple on my BX25D for 5 years with zero issues, about to pick up a new LX3310 and want a grapple. The EA grapple is 55" which seams the right size for the tractor while the Landpride is 60" and seems a bit large, but I doubt that matters.. I like the serrations on...
  80. Johnkn

    2014 BX25D, 99.9 hours, Loaded, Grapple, etc. in MD 20646

    I'm buying a new Kubota, probably a L3901/BH77 or LX3310/BH77, and decided today to sell my BX25D. You are not going find one nicer. 2014 BX25D with FEL, backhoe, Landpride grapple (MAKES the tractor) and over $2k in additional accessories. 99.9 hours! garage kept, and just had a preventative...
  81. Johnkn

    Buying Advice  Out of State Sales Tax Confusion

    I'm ready to purchase another new tractor from a dealer in PA, I live 150 miles away in MD. We are relatively close on pricing, but I'm now told that if I pick the tractor up there (which I'm ready to do) , I have to pay PA sales tax (even through I'm a MD resident). They further state that...
  82. Johnkn

    LX3310 with BH77 Seat Question

    New LX3310 Which Bucket? 54" or 60"? For a new LX3310 and general use, I see Kubota offers a 54" bucket and a 60" "Light material" bucket. Which do I want? 54" seems narrow for that tractor, but perhaps its deep and appropriate. My only point of reference in real use is my...
  83. Johnkn

    LX3310 Bolt On Tie Downs?

    I have a set of very nice front/rear bolt on tie down attachment points from AI2 on my BX25d and may pick up a new LX3310. Does anyone make similar bolt-on tie down brackets for that tractor? Probably similar to a legacy large frame B series. Thanks....
  84. Johnkn

    Backhoe Seats on LX3310 vs L3901

    When the LX3310 and L3901 open station tractors come with the BH77 , the LX3310 uses the operator's swivel seat and the L3901 has its separate seat, correct? thank you......
  85. Johnkn

    LX3310 Purchase

    I may be upgrading from my very low hour 2014 BX25d and considering a LX3310. Comparing the LX to the larger L series, I believe the LX is the right size for my limited needs and the natural progression from my present tractor. I purchased my BX from Messicks and would likely purchase the LX...
  86. Johnkn

    Need JD 380X or Similar Plastic Deck Level Gauge Height

    I have a JD 380X that came with a black plastic deck level gauge. It's round bottom is about the size of a silver dollar and is perhaps 2.5" tall that you slide under the deck, and adjust the deck to that height all around. Last year while adjusting mine my daughter drove over it. LOL I...
  87. Johnkn

    Need bolt-on flat cutting bar for 16" BX backhoe bucket...

    I need to do some fine drainage work, does anyone make a Bolton flat cutting bar/edge to replace the teeth on a 16" BX25d BH bucket? Thanks
  88. Johnkn

    Considering a New Tractor. Which?

    I had a Craftsman (built by Husqvarna) 48"/Kohler riding mower for 15 years that was the best tractor I've owned in my 62 years. With the high-lift blades for the bagger, it sounded like a helicopter and picked up everything in its path and left a superior cut. When It expired I purchased a...
  89. Johnkn


    For those potentially selling on this site, beware. I advertised a Kubota BX25D and have been contacted by (2) different POSs in the last (2) weeks. First guy's email was similar, he wanted my PayPal info to send me the $, then he would have the tractor picked up by his 'shipper' a few weeks...
  90. Johnkn

    Considering moving up from BX25D to B2601

    Thinking of moving up from my BX25D to the next size tractor the B2601. Main issue is space in the shed. Anyone know the LOA of the BX when parked from the tip of the loader bucket on the ground to the rear most surface of the tucked BH vs the same measurement on the 2601? Trying to determine...
  91. Johnkn

    Anyone trade a BX25D for a new BX23S?

    Anyone make this move? Thoughts? My 2014 only has 75 hours, I have most of the BXpanded upgrades and wheel spacers, etc. that I would keep, my current tractor also has the dealer installed Land Pride grapple which makes the tractor in my opinion. Thinking of trading in on the new BX with new...
  92. Johnkn

    How to remove excess grease?

    Went to power wash my 3 year old Kubota this weekend. I've got some excess grease on the tractor in some hard to reach places around some fittings. The cold water pressure washer tended to just move it around, is there something i can easily spray on that will dissolve the grease w/o harming...
  93. Johnkn

    How Much Weight in Filled BX25-D tires

    Approximately how much weight is added per tire when filling BX25-D 26x12x12 rear tires? Thank you......
  94. Johnkn

    BX25D Wheel Weights

    I can't Find anything searching, suggestions on rear wheel weights for a BX25D? Thank you
  95. Johnkn

    Hydraulic Gauge

    I want to check the pressure on my BX25-D, Anyone have a link to a good gauge? Thanks
  96. Johnkn

    Need High Lift Blades for new JD x380

    Anyone recommend any quality aftermarket high lift blades for a new John Deere x380? While JD makes other high lift bladed, apparently they don't make them for the 48" Accel deck. thanks
  97. Johnkn

    Need New Garden Tractor, Kubota vs Cub Cadet

    Looking for a new tractor to mow my property. I only have about 3/4 acre in grass, the rest of my property is wooded, and the lawn is very, very nicely manicured. My previous tractor had a hydro lever on the right fender which I loved. Both feet on the floor at all times and control movement...
  98. Johnkn

    Need Best Hi Lift Mower Blades

    Greetings, I just purchased a new Craftsman 48" garden tractor with bag attachment I believe is manufactured by Husqvarna. My previous tractor lasted 16 years and did a great job, the new tractor deck seems to have relatively little vacuum compared to my old one. Craftsman offers 2 sets of...
  99. Johnkn

    2014 BX-25D 50 Hour Service.... Problem

    I had my BX25 picked up by my local dealer for its 50 hour service. Service completed and the tractor was delivered to my home when I was at work. I was pleased that they had taken the time to clean it, leaks in the grapple repaired etc. I get on and fire it up, let it warm up for a moment...
  100. Johnkn

    Ballpark Price For 50 Hour Service on a BX25D?

    What's a ballpark price on this service? Thanks
  101. Johnkn

    BX25D BackHoe Control Adjustment?

    On my BX25D the left-to-right control seems very touchy compared to the other controls. Is there any way to slow it down or is it just its nature?
  102. Johnkn

    What to clean really gummy chain with?

    I had a few trees taken down recently on my property one of which was a Malberry probably 20" in diameter. They left the stump too high and I took a foot off it last weekend. It was the gummiest, sapiest thing I have ever seen and left my chain covered in that crap. What's the best way to...
  103. Johnkn

    Best Tow Behind Leaf Collection?

    Looking for a powered tow-behind lead collection system for my lawn tractor. trying to stay around $1500 or so. The DR looks promising. Any suggestions? having a collapsable enclosure is important to me for off season storage. Thanks
  104. Johnkn

    How to List Trailer Ramps in Classified Section?

    Not sure where else to ask, I have a set of like new steel Ramps from a new 14k lb Sure Trac dump trailer I want to sell. This is my first time using the classified section but I don't see any logical place to list them. Suggestions on how to list? Thank you
  105. Johnkn

    What Gauge Steel is BX25D Bucket?

    Greetings, what gauge steel is the BX25D bucket? Thank you...
  106. Johnkn

    Moving Bluestone with BX25, Piranha Bar on or Off?

    Greeting, I need to move 10 yards of #57 bluestone which will be dumped on my asphalt drive with my Kubota BX25. I'm thinking I would be better off removing the Piranha bar from the bucket in order to scrape it more cleanly off the driveway and not dull the bar, suggestions? Thanks
  107. Johnkn

    New Bxpanded Trencher Bucket and Quick Attach Bucket For BX25

    Greetings, anyone tried the new trencher bucket and QA bucket adaptor? Wondering if the QA changes the bucket geometry or curl in/out. I've already got a ripper tooth and am ordering both attachments. I looked at the YouTube video of the QA and it would be nice to be able to change...
  108. Johnkn

    Where's the hydraulic fluild fill on a new BX25D?

    Where's the hydraulic fluid fill on a new BX25D? thanks...
  109. Johnkn

    Looking for Aluminum Trailer Ramps

    Greetings, I have a new Sure Trac 14' 14k lb dump trailer that's great, but the removable ramps are heavy on this old back. Looking for a set of high quality aluminum ramps in the 5,000 to 10,000lb (total) range (hauling a Kubota BX25D). I've found a few sets of nice ramps, however they...
  110. Johnkn

    Welder, Plasma Cutter, Compressor Wiring Question

    Greetings, I purchased my first plasma cutter recently, and with its addition, am considering a new welder and some wiring changes in my garage. I have a 220V compressor which plugs into a dedicated 20A receptical, I think the compressor draws ~15A as I recall. Thinking of upgrading my...
  111. Johnkn

    Where to Buy Custom Ratchet Straps?

    Greetings, I'm looking to purchase (4) ratchet straps. Would like 3" black webbing, 1' fixed strap end on all of them with (2) 6' and (2) 8' adjustable strap ends, all with double J hooks. I was able to custom build them at "" about $45 each, however they wanted to charge...
  112. Johnkn

    Have Pics of Kubota Factory Tool Box for BX25D?

    Anyone have a few pics inside and out of the factory Kubota toolbox that mounts next to the seat arm rest that you can share? Can it be mounted on either side? thanks
  113. Johnkn

    Another Plasma Cutter Question. 20a 220v Power Limitation

    Greetings, thinking of picking up a plasma cutter for home workshop duties. Want one much more than actually need one. Realistically I may use it a few times a year and probably on 1/4" and lighter stock. My limiting factor will be power, looking for the best tool that will use a 6-20R 240v...
  114. Johnkn

    Stihl MS 261 C-M 18" vs 20" Bar

    Greetings, getting ready to get a MS261 C-M, really torn between the 18" and 20" bar. My current (early 1970's) saw has a 21" bar and cuts like a beast but is heavy as **** on this old body. I was really thinking about the 20" bar on the new saw, not really for any potential cutting...
  115. Johnkn

    Need Dust Caps for LandPride Grapple on a BX25D

    Greetings, Have a new LandPride SGC05 grapple on a new BX25D. I need (2) male and (2) female dust caps to protect the Quick Connect hose ends when not using the grapple. I called LandPride, they weren't sure what size caps to use, but stated that the hose itself of 9/16" (presumably ID)...
  116. Johnkn

    Stihl MS261 Pricing

    Hi, I'm considering a new MS261 purchase. I see that Stihl closely controls pricing and sales. Going to my local dealer, if I purchased a new MS261, hard case, chaps, helmet, gloves, and bar oil, what discount of DSRP might I expect? Thank you
  117. Johnkn

    Problem with Bro-Tek Wheel Spacers on new BX25D

    I went to install wheel spacers on my new BX25D yesterday and ran into an issue. The rear spacers went on fine. When installing the first front spacer, as I tightened the spacer to the hub using the stock bolts something didn't feel right, almost felt like the bolt heads were stripping in...
  118. Johnkn

    BX25d FEL Float?

    Greetings, does the new BX25 have a float function? If so, how does it work? I saw mention of it in the manual, but could not find mention of how to put the bucket in float. Thank you...
  119. Johnkn

    New BX25d Tire Inflation Pressure

    My manual on my new BX25d states 17psi for the rear tires and 22 for the fronts, but I thought I recall seeing a max pressure on the front tire of 100+. What's the recommended pressure? Thank you...
  120. Johnkn

    New BX25D

    Good day today. I picked up a new Sure Trac 14' 14k lb dump trailer. It's very well made, great fit and finish. I opted for the scissor lift, wireless remote, spare tire and best tarp kit. The only thing I might do is have a set of ramps made just like the originals, but in aluminum...
  121. Johnkn

    New Tractor, New Trailer

    Good day today. I picked up a new Sure Trac 14' 14k lb dump trailer. It's very well made, great fit and finish. I opted for the scissor lift, wireless remote, spare tire and best tarp kit. The only thing I might do is have a set of ramps made just like the originals, but in aluminum...
  122. Johnkn

    Bolt on Tie Downs for Kubota made by Ai2, Jari USA, "Year-a-Round", still Available?

    Bolt on Tie Downs for Kubota made by Ai2, Jari USA, "Year-a-Round", still Available? Greetings, Looking for some front and rear bolt-on tie downs for a new Kubota BX25D. Searching for a few days I found pictures of a really nice set made by Ai2 which apparently were bought out by Jari USA...
  123. Johnkn

    Jari, Ai2, Year-Around BX Tie Down Products Still Exists?

    Looking for some front and rear bolt-on tie downs. Searching for a few days I found pictures of a really nice set made by Ai2 which apparently were bought out by Jari USA which in turn was apparently purchased by Pete Jones, there the trail ends. I've also seen reference to the company "Year...
  124. Johnkn

    Bx25D Tie Down Attach Points For Trailering?

    Greetings, I'll be picking my my new BX25D in the next week or so and Trailering it 150 miles home. What are the best tie down points? I'd really like to install 4 dedicated tie down rings at some point. Any pics of one properly secured to a trailer? Thanks....
  125. Johnkn

    Trailer Ball Mount or Receiver Hitch to replace bucket on BX25

    Hi, does anyone make either a trailer ball mount or Receiver tube that could mount to the Quick Attach replacing the FEL on a BX25D? I'd like to use the BX for moving a trailer around and seems it would be much easier and comfortable to mount to the front of the tractor rather than the 3 point...
  126. Johnkn

    Which Thumb for a new BX25D?

    Which is the better thumb for a BX25D BH? The Kutota for $375 or the BXpanded for $319? Seems the BXpanded is very easily adjustable, how about the Kubota? thanks
  127. Johnkn

    Are These Trailer Ramps OK for a Kubota BX25D?

    Greetings, I'm getting ready to purchase a new Sure Trac low dump trailer for a new Kubota BX25D. The removable ramps look like this: The front tires on the Kubota are only 18x8.5-10, and I'm nervous that they will hang up on the ramps. Any cause for alarm? I could weld expanded...
  128. Johnkn

    Overall Length of BX25D

    Greetings, Getting ready to order a new BX25D (FEL and BH) along with a Sure Trac 7x12 dump trailer. I measured the overall length of a BX25D last week at the dealer, it was about 13.5' with the bucket flat on the ground (saleman held one end of the tape and not sure if it was accurate)...
  129. Johnkn

    Discount on new Kubota BX25D?

    Greetings, getting ready to purchase my first new tractor, a BX25D. When I build/price it online it's about $21.5k. When buying locally, what is a reasonable "deal"? Is ~10% off MSRP reasonable? I see kubota offers $0 down and 0 financing for 5 years. Assuming 4% interest rate, that's $2200 in...
  130. Johnkn

    Discount on new Kubota BX25?

    Greetings, getting ready to purchase my first new tractor, a BX25. When I build/price it online it's about $21.5k. When buying locally, what is a reasonable "deal"? Is ~10% off MSRP reasonable? I see Kubota offers $0 down and 0 financing for 5 years. Assuming 4% interest rate, that's...