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    Broken rubber fuel line

    So I'm getting my camper ready to go south, go to run the generator and it won't start. .. Come to find out that the fuel line .. Which Campers World "fixed" .. With a non barbed and short coupler slipped out and I was spraying fuel on the ground.. Anyway.. Im thinking about a dual barbed...
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    So I have been a Ford guy since about 2003.. Had probably 15 of them or more. Currently have 3 of them. I bought a 2020 F450 Limited to use primarily for towing a 19K pound 5th wheel and occasional other towing needs. Went out this am to hook up a trailer and the wrench light came on.. Then the...
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    Quick hitch conversion

    I have a Pats quick hit setup on my 3PH. It works well and I have no complaints, But I also have a few implements that are not quick hitch comparable..In other words they are just basic #PH set ups with the pin and retaining pin to hold the 3PH arms on. I have a rake that i would like to use and...
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    KX121 Mini Excavator rear hatch

    I have a KX121 mini. The rear engine cover hatch is stuck. The little keyed push button goes in and out..It just won't unlatch the door..Anyone have any solutions ?
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    L3700 SU Starting issues

    So over the past few years, I would have an intermittent starting problem with the L3700 SU. After reading all the typical problems that have happened with the L3400 ( basically the same tractor ). In many cases the issue was the safety switch below the steering column. So over the past few...
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    5th wheel or gooseneck

    Have done a little youtube searching but can't really find solid answers. I have a 2021 F450 4x4 diesel. Im going to be pulling a 38 foot camper. It has the standard pin box on it now, and I need to buy either a 5th wheel or I could use the factory installed gooseneck ball mount in the bed...
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    RTV 1100 hydro leak

    Moved the RTV the other day to plow a small bit of snow. On the floor of the garage was a puddle of hydro fluid that was leaking from the center of the skid plate somewhere. .. I didn't really feel like getting into it so I loaded it up on the trail r and brought it to the dealer to figure out...
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    horse etiquette

    For those of you who have and ride horses recreationally.. Do your horses wear ass bags when walking on neighbors roads ? My issue is this..We have a neighbor who has stables where students learn to ride. Their horses regularly walk down our gravel road..and leave piles behind them,,I then...
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    Used L4400

    Friend of mine will be selling his 150 hour L4400 that has a loader with QA and BH with manual thumb. R4s Hydrostatic. Paint is faded as it lives outside. What do you feel it's worth ?
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    How long do your tires last

    I was using the L3700su yesterday... just has to pick something up and put it in the back of the dump truck. I noticed how low on tread my front R4 tires were.. the tears are fine but the fronts only have about 1/2 of lug depth left on them. They are original and I guess about 8-9 years old now...
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    Utopia take 2

    @ 2 Bit.. not sure why the thread was shut down, But we have thought about Texas. I have been there 3 or 4x in the past 3 years. Worked id San Antonio and Austin. Really didn't get to see much of the area outside of the downtown areas... Both of those cities are nice to visit...but I wouldn't...
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    Where is your utopia

    We began looking at property the last couple months. Looked in Northern Fla and a little bit in S Carolina as well as northern GA. We are looking for somewhere that has relatively "warm" winters snow..and I can deal with the summer heat with no problems. We are looking for a area that the...
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    Jaxonville to Savanah

    I'm going to be working from Jax to Savanah at th beginning of July. I will have a couple days off and hoping to find a nice place to wander around.. and suggestions ?
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    Mini X mower ?

    I have ben thinking about getting a brush or flail type mower for my KX121, Not really sure what to to look at and what to avoid. Im going to be using it to trim back the sides of my road...about 1000 feet on both sides. Mostly smaller pine branches and scrub oak chutes 2-4' feet tall and small...
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    What kind of weed is this ?

    Got this weed growing in the lawn..anyone know what it is or how to kill it ?
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    Kubota OEM top link bent

    So somehow I bent one of the threaded rods on my top link. Not bad enough so its unusable..but bent none the less. Called my local dealer to see if I could get just that one end and I can...for just about $125.00.......Went to my local TSC and picked up a whole new top link for like 35.00...
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    Wallenstien Chipper blades

    I got the chipper on the back of the tractor this past week. Chipped up a few branches and limbs. .. think it may be due for a sharpening.. anyone done these blades before ? ..I'm not concerned about removing them and bringing them to a professional sharpener ..but is there a trick to re...
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    3M offshoring masks

    Donald ***** hits 3M after company is accused of selling masks to foreign countries over U.S. buyers - Washington Times This really pisses me off. 3M selling out the US for profit
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    New shop is coming together, almost done

    i bought this space a little over a year ago. It was pretty much a basic shell. The past couple months I had some time here and there to put it into shape. Last week I had the floor installed and today I sealed it and put 5 coats of wax on it. I still have glass going in the spots along the 1/2...
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    Intermittent stalling L3700SU

    I have seen other threads here in the past with different tractors, but the same intermittent stalling out. Well mine was doing it as well. It's a L3700 SU HST. Has about 300 hours on it as of now. The problem was always unpredictable when it would bog down and eventually stall out. It would...
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    How many times a day do you eat

    We were out to dinner last night and the topic came up. There were 3 people who were all on some type of diet. No carbs, all protein, no sugar etc... I was saying that I typically eat one meal a day, typically dinner. In the morning I'm never hungry..I have a couple cups of coffee before 9qm...
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    Looking at a forklift

    So I'm in the market for a used forklift. I know very little about them but from what I have learned, I think I'm leaning towards one with pneumatic tires so it can be used on asphalt as well as concrete. My needs I'll be minimal..probably less than 40 hrs a year of use. And the heaviest lift...
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    Going to be in Dallas

    So we are going to be working in the Dallas area at the end of gone month.. I have been to Austin and San Antonio, but besides the airport, never spent any time in Dallas. ..anything that is a must see / do ? ..I may only have a day or to for playing.
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    Stopped into Lowes tonight

    So I dropped into my local Lowes tonight to look for some close out or sale priced laminate flooring. I need about 200 SF for the shop remodel. .. All that went fine but on my way out I couldn't help but notice the store has basically thrown in the towel on the Kobalt brand hand tools. The store...
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    Shop remodel project

    So I have been putting this off for a while because I knew what a can of worms I was opening. The space on the left was dead office space and now more shop floor space and the framed in space on the right is a kitchen and bathroom. The T1-11 wall is now down and the floor up there is being...
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    I just got carded

    Yep, I'm just over 50 and just got Home Depot....for buying a can of...Spray Paint.....I now need to be 21 to buy a friggin can of spray paint. .....Seriously, ....
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    Are you a meat eater

    We took a ride out to the Berkshires this past weekend. Stopped into a little place we had heard about on a local TV show that showcased their prime rib. .... They were highly recommend and did not disappoint .... This is the small one....there is 2 larger serving sizes...and it was absolutely...
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    Evolution of business

    I was talking to a friend of mine who is in the same business I'm in. We talked about how our businesses have had evolved over the last 20 years. And where we think it will be in the next 5-10. It was interesting to me because he recently opened a shop doing now, what I was doing in 1988... (...
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    Dust control

    I know there are probably a hundred threads on this topic, but this can be 101. ..Anyway..I have about 1000 feet of dusty nasty road. I also have a 12 volt sprayer .. I think 25/30 gallon capacity..had it for years but have never used it.. I'm thinking about putting it in the back of. The RTV...
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    Trailer brakes

    We just got a 19 F150 for a run around truck. It did not come with a trailer brake controller and I have one on order.. my question is weather electric trailer brakes will work without one ? Anyone know ?
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    Kubota bogging and stalling

    Had the L3700SU out today for several hours. Very intermittently, it would bog down, sputter and almost stall. It did this a few times in 7 hours. Fuel filter is new ( maybe 10-15 hrs old ) I'm 99% sure all the safety switches are good as I just replaced the hydro pedal one a few months...
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    Is a Massey 1429 the same as a L3400 L3700

    I found a cab for sale but it's for a MF1429 and I have a L3700... I did a Google search and looked at pictures of the amF and it looks really similar to mine..wondering if anyone knows if they are actually the same size and if the cab is interchangeable.
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    B7500/7510 Hydrostatic transmission and front axle

    We purchased a 70 hour tractor that had been stripped of parts, we needed the motor and nothing else. Now we have the remainder of the B7510 parts to sell, Hydro trans, front axle, rear axle, rear fenders, tires and wheels, etc. to offers. The motor we removed purse like a kitten, the...
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    My dog got his first bird

    A couple years ago now we rescued a 8-10 month old Weimaraner. He was never inside a house prior to coming here.. and adjusted to the couch, fireplace and bed..very quickly.. This morning about 5am we let him out to do his business and in about 3 seconds he lunged into the bushes and caught...
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    RTV plow won't angle

    I have a Kubota RTV 1100 with the Kubota electric over hydrolic plow. It goes up and down, and angles left but will not angle back to the right. Nothing is bent and all the electric connections are good. It worked a month ago when I put it on..then today I went to move it and it would not...
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    Kubota KX121 mini x battery

    I have a KX121, it needs a new battery as the one in it is probably OE and no longer holds a charge. If I simply remove it and bring it to my local auto parts it as simple as getting one the same size and making sure the posts are in the same orientation ? ..or is this going to have to...
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    Parking etiquette

    So I recently bought a new unit in a 12 condo building. All spaces are owned by different contractors of different trades. Each unit is 30' wide, and has a 16' wide door with a man door next to it. Basically giving you a single parking spot in front of your man door to park and keep access in...
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    Shop tool box choices

    I have a pretty nice set up at my house as far as hand tools and box goes. It's a 6' tall Kobalt stainless box, built in radio etc.. I'm setting up another shop a few miles down the road so now I'm assembling another set of tools..and inevitably another box or two. .. I like the one I have but...
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    And the motor went BOOM...

    Started the sander motor for the first time yesterday.. it was a motor that we just installed last February.. apparently the float was stuck and filled the cylinder with fuel and then..Boom.. Last spring the motor was fogged so I was certainly not expecting this to happen
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    B7500 motor swap

    My sister has a B7500 that somehow someway either blew a head gasket or cracked the block as there is now water in the oil. Unfortunately it was run hot and lunched the motor, her tractor has 200 hrs +/- on it.. but has been neglected and left outside over the years. estimated 9K to fix...
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    A bit early..but a lawn question

    We have a fairly big yard here..about 38-40k sf of lawn. .. Every single mer itlooks good in the spring.. like crap I. July /Aug then good again in the fall. I know much depends on watering ..and we have irritation that runs virtually every day in the summer. We also pay a company to do the...
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    No mice this far..

    So it seems like every year one machine,car or something else... I need to clean out and de smell something from mice... I have not used my skidsteer or MiniX in several months and feared they would be the recipients of vermin. I had to grade my road today and somewhat dreaded getting into...
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    New Tom me RTV1100

    Got a call today from a friend who wanted to sell their Kubota RTV. It's a 2016 with just 32 hours on it. Took about 5 minutes to decide that I was taking it home with me. I'm on the hunt for accessories...has anyone ever put a led light bar on theirs ? Or back up lights ? .. I think my...
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    L3700 sputtering

    I was out using the tractor this past weekend and it started to sputter and eventually stall. It would restart but sputter and stall again. As it was doing it, I hopped off and looked at the filter to make sure it was full and it was.. so I don't think it was a fuel problem ? .. it has happened...
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    Tax Tax Tax

    I think I started a thread on this a few years ago but can't find it. .. I'm in Mass and we have what is called "excise tax"on all our vehicles. Basically we have to pay another tax on our cars every year to the town where it is registered. It is not a insignificant number for me personally. All...
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    Thinking about dust control for the spring

    . A year or two ago I paved our 1300 foot driveway and that has obviously cut down on the dust dramatically. At the end of my driveway I still have about 1300 feet of dirt / gravel road before I'm back on pavement. I have a 30 gallon tank and a carrier that it can go in behind my tractor. I was...
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    Aluminum D Rings ?

    I'm getting a new dump truck this week and decided to go with a aluminum dump body.. primarily to eliminate the rust problems we have in the North East and also to save weight capacity. I'm going to have a salt sander I. The bed during the winter months and needs to strap it down. In the past, I...
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    My vacation to the mid west

    Just got back from a 3500 mile bike ride through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota. .. some of you guys have incredible properties. Not sure if we passed any members farms on our travels but I think Wyoming just may be my favorite place in this county at the moment. I would never get...
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    Mobile diesel transfer tank

    I had a extra small trailer we really did not use, so I installed the transfer tank in it. I had thought about mounting it in the equipment trailer itself. But I figured that the real need was to have a tank at the house that could fill any of all 3 machines without having to drag them one at a...
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    My 3 PH carry all

    A friend of mine made this for me about 4-5 years ago now. Finally took the BH off and put this on instead. It weighs about 300 lbs so it's not a great ballast but it sure is handy for carrying stuff around.
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    Time for a new trailer

    I recently sold my 18' 10k gown Andersen beaver tail trailer. Had it for about 10-12 years and although it was still a solid hauler, it was not HD enough to legally carry the mini x or skid. I'm looking at 14k gown options and really considering a aluminum or galvanized trailer this time. A few...
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    B7500 cracked engine block

    My sister owns a B7500.. I'm guessing a 2003-2005 era model. Well... They have not taken great care of it and at some point in the past, filled the radiator with water and not antifreeze. .. This past winter a freeze plug popped and I assumed it was just the plug. They replaced it but when they...
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    Laser rust removal

    All I can say is wow... We did a job at a very high end facility this past week. They had a new toy.. A giant laser paint / rust laser removal system... Holly crap was this tool incredible. Anyone here have one...because I want one now.
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    New / old pick up project

    A friend of mine who lives in Fla was trading his 1999 F150 xtra cab 4x4 lariat. 5.4 V8 auto 156k miles. ... dealer offered him $1.00 for it... it runs great, zero zero zero rust and no dents. But It did need TLC. I bought it for 2k and had it shipped up to Mass. since getting it and going...
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    Catastrophic failure

    Yesterday I was crossing over a small trench in my yard. Driving the L3700 over a couple 2x8 so the trench would not collapse. One of the 2xs flipped up and caught the hydro filter under the right floor board. Ripped the filter right off along with breaking the housing threads right off inside...
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    Diesel transfer tank on a trailer

    Has anyone done this ? I was given a pretty nice 75-80 gal L shaped tank and I'm thinking about placing it at the front of my trailer. Thought that putting the long end going toward the the hitch and the taller part toward the back. I'm not sure if it would interfere with turning the trailer...
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    Maintenance maintence maintence

    So my Cat 246 has miserably poor heat, and with snow season here I figured I would see if changing the mixing valve would help, while I was at it I would chance oil and all filters, also try to address a new problem, difficulty starting in the cold. And while I'm at it, replace the hand throttle...
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    New used mini in the arsenal

    I have been looking for a decent used mini X for a while now. My local dealer took a high hour KX121-3 in on trade and offered it to me for a price I could not say no too. Picked it up today and got to use it for a hour or so .. And I'm surprised how well it operates. I will post some pics when...
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    3 phase converter ok ?

    I'm not particularly knowledgable about electricity. Here is what I have and looking to do. I have a 200 amp service now and I'm looking at a piece of equipment that requires 3phase. Running 3 to my home would be very ..very expensive, likely 50k +\-. One of the electricians I spoke with said a...
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    Decisions decisions

    I have a slow work week next week and had decided to add on to our back deck at our home. .. I figured it is going to be 6-7K with all material and labor for a helper... Now I'm thinking about a 16x16 or 16x20 post and beam shed... Probably be able to do that for about the same money or even...
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    Some needed add ons

    Added hooks to some buckets and D rings to the tractor to make it easier to tie down on the trailer.
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    Security Cameras

    I'm thinking about setting up some cameras on our property. I want to be able to see who comes and goes up our driveway and a couple inside the house as well. I would like to be able to access them when we are away and maybe, if possible be able to get notifications when a vehicle enters the...
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    Carrier lost my checks

    We get multiple deliveries a week via UPS. Last month , somehow they managed to loose not 1 but 2 checks that we gave them for COD deliveries. One was 400 something dollars and the other one 300 something. They called and said they need me to replace them as they have record of me paying at time...
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    Service schedules

    My L3700 is 5 1/2 years old now. It has about 180 hours on it. I had the 40 hour service done when it was due and the dealer said the next one is at 400 hours.. That should be sometime in the year 2034 at this rate. How often do you change oil etc on a tractor that is not used all the time ?
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    Grease .. What's the difference

    So I have a couple grease guns and I'm pretty pro active about keeping my equipment well lubed. Today I stopped into NAPA and picked up 4 tubes of extreme duty red grease. Never looked at the price but when it rang up, each tube was there really any significant difference between...
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    I have decided to rid myself of the dust

    So I have decided paving my 1000 feet of driveway is going to happen this summer. I'm done with the dust and dirt. I have a very well compacted base, maybe need 1 more load of processed asphalt spread through out the length. I plan to do it in stages. First being a 2" binder course this year...
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    IHI mini Excavator

    Anyone here have any experience with these ? I'm considering a used 900 hour 30 series one. Primarily for maintence on personal property (25 acres ) it would get maybe 200-250 hours a year
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    Paving a long driveway

    I'm thinking about paving my 1300 foot driveway this spring. I think I may do 2, 4' wide strips with 3' of a grass strip down the middle. Anyone here done this ? Pros /cons ?
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    Home heating oil / Diesel prices

    So today we got a home heating oil delivery. 2.09 per gallon. .. On road diesel is 1.99 here now. Which also has a heafty on road tax built into that 1.99 I'm starting to think I should have a transfer tank in my truck and fill my own tank. I have to wonder with the price of fuel these days...
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    Fuel gelled ?

    I stopped over my fathers house to put the plow on his truck. Dead battery and after a charge it would crank but no start. He hasn't used it or started it in about 4 -5 months so I'm assuming it has summer blend fuel in it and it may have gelled. We have had chilly nights in the teens and days...
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    Mine all mine

    Well today I sent out the final payment on my L3700. It's been 5 years and I have to say time flies, doesn't seem like it's been that long. The past year I actually liked seeing the payment book get thinner and thinner. It's got 160 hours on it now so by my math... I should have it quite some...
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    Is all hydro fluid created equal

    The reason I ask, is because I have a power angle plow that I use on my skidsteer. ( Cat 246 ) The fluid is used to angle the blade left and right. I'm putting a 3rd function on my tractor and the blade could be used on that as well. At this point there is some fluid in the Pistons and lines of...
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    Salt spreader time

    For the past few years I have been using a 1.8 yard V box salt spreader in the back of our dump truck. These type of sanders take a beating and are a continuous battle with maintence. Some of the problems are imposed by the people who load it with material ( salt ) .. The local yards use a 3...
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    Equipment auction this weekend

    I happened to drive by what is usually a vacant lot earlier in the week. But noticed several pieces of equipment as well as buckets and other various attachments. I pulled in and found out that there will be a auction there this weekend. The majority of the attachments are new Tomahawk pieces...
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    L3700 no start

    My 5 year old L3700 decided not to shut off and not re start today while my wife was using it. I condemned the seat safety switch, bought a new one and still no go. Played around with the hydro switch to make sure it was not hung up, but did not replace it. I assume the battery is ok as it was...
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    Litter, people are just slobs

    We own a commercial property that has a couple banks and a couple fast food restaurants on it. Needless to say the fast food places create a incredible amount of trash and litter. Yesterday, we were there mowing and cleaning up the property when over my shoulder I hear the sound of a plastic cup...
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    BX bagger

    My fathers BX bagger has stopped working. First thought it was the shear pin in the pro shaft.. Nope, then maybe the shear pin at the impeller...nope. It's obviously past the impeller, has anyone gotten that deep into one and how do you access stuff inside the lower frame / tube ?
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    Lights that are too bright?

    I'm watching our local news tonight and another cop was hit on the side of the road while he had another car pulled over. I see this more and more often these days. I'm convinced that the LED lights the cruisers have whaling on top of them are to blame for many of the accidents. I think they...
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    How does your State and town tax you

    Here in Mass, we pay 6.25% sales tax on the purchase of a new car or truck. The town also doubles down and is nice enough to send a excise tax bill shortly after the registration is complete. The first year it is about the same as sales tax and drops along with the value of the particular...
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    Buying a cab tractor

    I decided that it's time I get a cab tractor. It will be primarily used for snow removal on a commercial lot. Looking at the 47 and 54 60 series. .. These things are 50+ k.....I know they are two entirely different machines but for 50k, I can get a real nice used Cat 420 or Deere 310/410 which...
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    Chain / binders question

    Question is this. I tow a Cat 246 with tracks on a regular basis during snow season. The machine weighs aprox 9000 pounds with out the trailer. I have 2 chains with hooks for the rear and usually one chain with a binder across and through the front. I know the DOT wants one on each corner, but...
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    Cummins diesel project

    Back in 1995 I bought a new 2500 CD Dodge Ram 4x4 reg cab. About 6 months later I sold it to a very good friend. He has had it ever since. 230,000 miles on it now +\-. I have a chance to buy it back. Problem I see now is that I don't think the turbo is working as it has almost no pulling power...
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    BX25 for rent at a home Depot

    I went into my local HD last week and noticed a brand new BX25 on a trailer. Thought it may have belonged to a shopper inside. But then realized if was in the stores rental lineup. Thought it was interesting. I wonder how long before someone cuts the lock and" rents" it a midnight.
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    New to me chipper

    Found it on my local CL. Used it a bit today and everything works as it should. Wish it pulled the branches in a bit better but for the money, I couldn't beat it.
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    2012 F150 Ford service contract

    So last year I bought a 2012 F150 Harley Davidson package 4x4, it was used with about 5K miles on it. I have had a couple oil changes since then and the last time I was at the dealer getting a inspection sticker, the service writer said that the previous owner had a service contract on the...
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    Free electricity !

    Well I guess it's sort of free.. If I can figure out how to harness it. We built our house about 4 years ago and I will try to explain this as good as I can, but we have power coming out of the ground. If you stand outside barefoot and touch something metal.. You get a tingle. For example, we...
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    Heating options

    We are finishing our walkout basement ( aprox 930 SF) and I'm deciding on how it is going to be heated. For starters, we have FHW by oil for the test of the house and I could add another zone for 2500.00 +\-. A 3 head Mitsubishi would provide heat and a/c for 5000.00 +/- and another option would...
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    Missing 777

    I did a quick look and did not see a thread about the missing jet. Anyone here have thoughts about what may have really happened? There are enough high powered satellites in the world to spot a DIY cup floating in the middle of the Pacific and nothing is being found. I'm starting to think it...
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    My dog had a stroke yesterday

    Yesterday morning, about 15 seconds after I walked out the door for work. My wife heard a bang on the other side of the door and found my 10 year old Weim on the floor having what looked like a seizure. I picked him up an rushed him to the vet where they gave him a shot to. Relax him so we could...
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    After 7 1/2 month... LTC in the mail

    Like the title says. Almost 8 months ago my wife and I completed our safety course and filed the paperwork. My license showed up in the mail yesterday.... No sign of the wife's yet. I actually got a call from the local PD asking why I did not disclose that I was cited for operating a vehicle...
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    Maybe time for a new dump truck

    So I have a 09 F350 4x4 V10 dump with 25k miles. It has been reliable since new and has done everything I have asked it to. Mostly plowing and light landscaping duties. Problem is that I can no longer depreciate it from a tax standpoint. I looked at a new ford 350 and found a leftover 12 with...
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    BX mower blade question

    So my father removed his blades and got them sharpened over the winter. I can not remember and he did not write down the stacking order of the washers and lock washer. Does anyone know weather a compression washer goes under and over the blade or is the blade placed over the spline then 2...
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    L3700 let me down

    Well, I pulled the sander out of the back of my dump truck this afternoon, Went over to lift it out with the L3700 and a pair of Cat forks, No go ! With the loader all the way up and the chain wrapped around the forks about 2 1/2 feet away from the bucket pivot...It did not have the sack to curl...
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    Spring cleaning

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    Pick up bed into a trailer

    Like the title says. Has anyone done this before? We have the old bed off my fathers truck and the cross members that are under the floor were rotted out. The remainder of the bed is in great shape. I was thinking maybe we could turn it into a trailer.
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    Curtis Cab L3700 SU

    Does anyone know if the Curtis Cab for the L3400 is the same one for the 3700. The website does not have a listing for the 37 and I called them and they did not know what a L3700 SU is.
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    Kubota Xmas present?

    My father has a BX23 t,b that he absolutely loves. He finds things to do with it just so he can play. He has a MMM,bagger,tooth bucket,spreader,accessory tool box,tire chains for winter,turf and bar tires and wheels,bucket hooks. And brotek thumb. Trying to think of a Xmas gift for him.....any...
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    Kubota paint fade

    I have a 2010 or 2011 L3700 SU. It stays inside 85% of the time and I noticed the hood and fenders have faded quite a bit. The paint itself is still in real good condition and not all scratched or dented up. So today I loaded it up and brought it to a friend of mine who is a auto body guy. We...
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    Kohler Engine

    I have a new walker mower with a 23HP Kohler ( wish it was a Kawi or Honda) and when I shut it down at low idle it will diesel for a few seconds before finally shutting down. What could cause this? Maybe low octane gas? Out of time? The mower is new apron 30 hrs and seams to do it more when it...
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    L3700SU Power beyond

    I have a 2011 L3700SU with a Bota BH. The hydro lines that run to the BH are looped back together when not used with the BH... What else can I use them for? Hydro top link? Power angle? Anything?
  101. T

    Rear blade

    So I have a l3700su and a 72" Befco land plane. The Befco works great, but it really is not the greatest thing to put pitch on the road. I looked at a 7 foot land pride at a dealer that was 800.00 +/- weight was in the 350 range. I thought that if I got a blade that I could of set . Than I could...
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    Trailer registration in Maine

    I have 3 trailers, 2- 10k GVW equipment trailers and 1- 7500 GVW enclosed trailer. In Mass they cost 230.00 for the 7500 and 260.00 each for the 10k ones...each year plus yearly 39.00 inspections and yearly excise tax. What is the downside to registering in Maine @ 100.00 for a 5 year tag?
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    Tractor Supply quick hitch problem

    I got a set of the TS quick hitch that go on the lower 3PH arms. I have been using them for a little while with no problems, but yesterday I was pulling my 72" Befco grader and 4 or 5 times one side or the other popped off the pin on the grader. Almost like it vibrated it just the right time and...
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    I smell gear oil

    I had my L3700SU in for repair on the broken BH 77. While it was there I had the 50 hour service done ( mine had 33 hrs) but figured what the heck. Now I just went out to move some snow piles and there is a somewhat strong smell of gear oil. It is dark and I can not see anything dripping, but...
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    Weak loader on BX23

    I had a BX22 in the past so I'm familiar with the limitations of the loader, my father has a BX23 and this morning I was over to help him remove his MMM. The easiest way for me was always to but the BH stabilizers down, and lift the front with the loader and pull the deck out from under. Come to...
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    l 3700 PTO power

    I have a L3700 and I'm looking at a chipper for it, the one I'm looking at is a 6" and says it requires 30 HP to run. I checked the specs on my PTO and do not understand how it is rated. One spec says 30 HP and the other says something like 22. Can any one enlighten me on this?