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    Ford Industrial 172

    Silly question & I think someone on here would know the answer right away. I have a Ford Industrial engine 172 gas and I put a new radiator cap on it, but I think the temp/pressure is too high because there isn't any fluid in the overflow, despite the radiator being rather full of coolant and...
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    Dozer usage

    I know this won't be a straightforward answer for everybody, but for those of you that have them, how often do you run your Dozers? I hear a lot of stories that this froze or that stopped working "from sitting", so how often do you fire it up and move it around? How far do you feel you need to...
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    Loader  Adding third function to swinger loader

    Loaderman22 Platinum Member I posted this in Construction Equipment and got no replies, so I thought I'd try here also. I have a mid 70's Swinger 200 loader, it has come in quite handy around the property, but I am thinking it would be even more handy if it had a grapple. On the "dash" there is...
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    Add 3rd function to Swinger articulating loader?

    I have a mid 70's Swinger 200 loader, it has come in quite handy around the property, but I am thinking it would be even more handy if it had a grapple. On the "dash" there is a 3rd cut out for a 3rd lever, so this must have been an option when new. One lever works arms, the other tilts...
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    Weight of a Cat D3

    Ok, I am a bit confused, some days it doesn't take much! I looked up a CAT D3 on a few websites and it lists the weight as "30820.7lb" or "20639.68 lb" depending on the site. But here I have found other threads saying its more in the 10k range and they tow them behind their 350(0) series...
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    Dearborn front plow

    I purchased an old Ford what I think is a 2N tractor a few years ago. It came with a dearborn plow with all the cables etc. I have never had it on the tractor. It is now time to sell off this wonderful piece of equipment & I thought I would put the dearborn on it as a selling feature. I have...
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    Oil & Fuel  John Deere 2155 warning beeping

    I put this under oil & fuel because that was my first thought the reason behind the beeping was. I was out running the JD 2155 last weekend, had it running for about an hour, cleaning out some brush behind the house. Then I moved around front to carve out some hillside around a stump. Then in...
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    Swinger articulated loader

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure where exactly to file this question. I have a Swinger articulating loader, with a Ford 172G 4 cyl. gas rear engine, Marvel updraft carb. & a hydrostatic trans with driveshafts to what I believe are GM (maybe Dana 70's) axles. This thing is super handy &...
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    Flail Mower  Alamo Flail Mower

    Hello all, I'm looking at buying a 88" flail mower that was originally on a Highway Dept. boom arm, but want to use it on my 3PT hitch. I understand it doesn't have the 3PT mounting hardware. but I can weld those on. I thought of using the stock rear hydraulic remote on the tractor to run...
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    John Deere 2155 Front Axle Woes

    Hello All, I am not only a new member on this site, but also new to the John Deere family. I first stopped at the newbie section, very warm welcome, thank you. A little about my "toys", please bear with me. Most of my big toys are various shades of yellow. Well, one is blue, but not the...
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    Hello from NY

    Hello all, I'm a long time reader (very helpful website) so I figured it's about time I became a member.