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    Status of Everything Attachments

    I haven't read the whole thread, But what i have gathered is that EA was heavily in debt and has closed. That's unfortunate, I believe they made quality products that many here have benefited from. I also feel for the employees of EA who are now out of a job.
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    Car Insurance skyrocketing

    We have had all of those breeds.. A couple Dobermans and one of them was the friendliest dog we ever had, The other was friendly but aloof. .. the Rotti was a sweetheart, super friendly. We have had 2 Weimariners and both were different. The current one had a bite issue and insurance canceled...
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    Any Watch Collectors here?

    I guess I'm a bit of a watch collector..I have about 6 of them. I bought a Festina on our honeymoon 28 years ago.. Still love that one but it has a deep scratch on the glass face, Bought as Rolex about 15 or so years ago.. Stainless with a white gold bezel and blue face. Datejust model. Don't...
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    What do you drive for a truck?

    I have had 3 of them.. First 2 rusted in less than 2 years.. This is not uncommon for those trucks...and its a quality control...or lack there of issue.. The last one was a new body style VS30... Those trucks as a whole are awful ... More widespread problems than I can type..
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    What do you drive for a truck?

    So I have a F450 Crew Cab Limited 4x4 with the 6.7 Powerstroke and the 10 speed trans. It was shifting hard and sometimes not at all. Dealer tries replacing the valve body and still no good. Ended up replacing the trans completely .. That was at 15K miles. Truck now has 22500 miles and that...
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    How many acres do you own?

    25 here in the Peoples Republic of Mass
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    Determining Acceptable Value of Inherited Real Estate?

    I have what most would consider a good background in real estate, Take my advice for what you will. First.. Dealing with family once differences of opinion surface ..the absolute worst possible thing to work through. .. In most cases, the best thing to do is blind vote in a bag and just let the...
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    New Diesel Truck-- Buy Now, or Wait?

    In my experience, waiting ..almost always costs more. ..The only thing that may pop up is a factory rebate of some kind. I don't expect the MSRP to ever fall back.. they always go up. As someone else said, fuel prices are going to spike again if there isn't a change in office. If the status quo...
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    What do you drive for a truck?

    We have a few trucks, 2 F450s ..One is a regular cab 4x4 V10 Dump truck and the other is a 2020 Limited Diesel that I use to pull the 5th wheel ..and pretty much anything else that’s heavy. Also have a 99 F150 4x4 with 190k on it, that’s the dirty truck.. dog gets in and out of it, I get in it...
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    Fuel costs !

    Diesel...2.20 PG when the Big Guy got the job. ..
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    Land plane for grading lumpy land (not a driveway)

    FWIW, I have a LPGS and it's a great tool for making things flat.. problem is that water sits on flat surfaces and then that water creates potholes. I'd use your box blade and first create pitch so the water has a pre determined direction to roll off. Then if you wanted to use a LPGS you could...
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    Banning a member

    I think I have been put on time out here a time or two. In hindsight .. maybe it was the right thing to do. There were a couple others who I haven't seen here in a while that I did not care for and did my absolute best to make it known. But the truth is that they were just internet trolls and in...
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    They tried to rebuild the valve body and replace a few other things on the first attempt, that didn't work so the transmission was replaced in it entirety
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    Since getting the truck back a few weeks ago, it has about 2500 miles on it after repairs. 1500 of that was pulling a 20k pound 5th wheel and so far, no problems. I love this truck so I'm hoping it will stay together.
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    Not a good time to buy a car

    Friend of mine makes his living running cars through the auctions. He said there are more sellers than buyers lately.
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    Broken rubber fuel line

    Its fixed. 5.00 dual barbed fitting at NAPA and a couple hose clamps.The fitting goes about 1.25" inside the line each way. I can't imagine its coming out given how hard it was to get in.
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    Broken rubber fuel line

    Im 100% not going to replace the entire fuel line so that's a hard NO. The line is rubber now so it's staying that way. Im going to just use a coupler where it was split. No need to make a bigger project out of this than it needs to be.
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    Broken rubber fuel line

    I'm not sure, I think it may have been pinched by the suspension
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    Broken rubber fuel line

    The generator is in the front of a 42' 5th wheel toy hauler.. The generator tank is in the back of it. The line split about in the middle behind one of the wheels and its a PITA to access.
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    Broken rubber fuel line

    Yes, Im planning on clamping it... The clown at Camping World.. Took a compression fitting that had about 1/4" sticking out on each ens ..and it wasn't barbed.. then put hose clamps on that 1/4'... I think the clamp was wider than the bite the hose had to the fitting.... Friggin hacks.
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    Broken rubber fuel line

    So I'm getting my camper ready to go south, go to run the generator and it won't start. .. Come to find out that the fuel line .. Which Campers World "fixed" .. With a non barbed and short coupler slipped out and I was spraying fuel on the ground.. Anyway.. Im thinking about a dual barbed...
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    Frozen Tires

    My L3700SU has the rears filled with something... Can't remember but it was done when I bought it new 11 years ago.. They do freeze in the winter and its a bumpy ride for a little while until it either breaks up or melts.. Usually takes about 10/15 minutes of use.
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    The Ford dealer who I have bought more than a dozen vehicles from over the years.. In 2021, When I was looking for a F450 to pull a 5th wheel.. Had one on his lot that I wanted to buy. I was trading a MINT 2017 F350 Platinum 4x4 diesel so they were getting something they would be able to flip...
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    For those buying right now in the near future, .. Remember the dealers who were tacking on 10/15K to MSRP just a few months ago and don't deal with them now. They were pigs back then and pigs get slaughtered.
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    So yesterday i traded the Sprinter in.. Came home with the Tundra Limited.. Drove it today for the first significant duration.. First impression is that it drives nice, ..feels light.. Decent power. respectable economy at 18mpg.. Seats are comfortable enough.. If it remains trouble free, Ill...
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    new ecavator trailer

    About 4 or 5 years ago I bought a MaxXD 17K trailer for my KX121. I had looked at the CAM trailer as well and that was certainly a nice unit..But the sales guy rubbed me the wrong way and lost the sale. I haven't really used it all that much..Maybe a dozen or so times, But its nice.. Paint...
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    Did a little more truck shopping today.. Drove a 2023 Denali 1500.. Nice truck..but too many gadgets that will inevitably become problems.. Ended up with a Toyota Tundra Limited. Hopefully it will be a good truck
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    We have had 4 Wranglers.. and more CJs than i can count. .. The new wrangler is a real nice vehicle to drive.. The current version is fairly refined as apposed to the previous versions.. Power seats are now available which is very nice.. Also, the one touch soft top is great
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    We have a couple Jeeps.. I have a 85 near mint CJ7 that's a sunny Sunday bring to car shows Jeep. And my wife has a 2022 392 Wrangler that's as much fun as a 911 to drive.
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    Yeah...the Tundra grill is just a bit smaller than the bed of the truck... Kind of obnoxious. With it being so big you would think its air cooled.
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    Again... If I were getting this as a hard core work truck.. Towing, hauling, etc.. It wouldn't be a consideration. My needs for the next truck is for it to be comfortable... Im 6-2" 225# , decent fuel economy. reliable and it needs a 6' bed. Its going to have 5-600 pounds in the bed at most and...
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    Spent a little time truck shopping today.. My van is still immobile so I can't bring it anywhere for a trade. But I drove a 2023 Tundra extra cab in the Limited trim level. Turbo 6 banger. Nice truck..I don't think its a real medium duty type truck, But as a driver, light duty rig...Not bad...
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    ..Whelp... oddly enough, I'm now on the hunt for a new truck. I have a Sprinter van that has honestly been nothing but problems since day 2, and this past Saturday left me on the side of the road pissing diesel fuel out of somewhere under the hood.. I'm done with that thing. My wants / needs are...
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    Trees are a fact of life up this way.. Acorns should not dent sheet metal. .Thats just poor design or corner cutting. And yes, 3rd set of manifolds and 2ND set of rotors. They salt and brine the crap out of the roads up here because people need to see black asphalt ..even when its snowing 2" per...
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    Maybe a new truck Ford or Dodge?

    What I can add to this.. And its been noted here previously .. Dodge metal is ...well.... suspect at best. Up here in the North East, winter salt will expose weakness in almost anything very quick. Dodges rust far faster and more severely than any other truck on the road up here.. BADDLY .. A...
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    Socket Organizers

    I have a fairly large Snap On Box at my shop, The top dray ( largest one in the chest ) is where the sockets and torque wrenches live. For the sockets, I have been using the organisers from Home depot, Red for standard size, blue for metric. They have worked well. The 3/8'' are in the ones with...
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    Winter Maintenance on Slippery Private Roads

    You know what else is hell on trees... A 5K pound Buick sliding off the road into them..
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    Auto dealer maintenance upselling

    .... In other words.. It's exactly as I said it was. Dealer get a a buy rate from the lender and can .. If they want to .. juice that rate to the customer which adds gross profit to the deal.
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    Winter Maintenance on Slippery Private Roads

    Up here, I get a load of salt/sand dropped off. Its like 75.00 per ton delivered.
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    Auto dealer maintenance upselling

    Just get the dual fire extinguisher option.
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    Auto dealer maintenance upselling

    Car dealers have 3 profit centers. The first is the sales department where they will put a ACV on your trade, that is banked with a wholesaler, ..then give you less than that ACV in many cases. Then they have the gross on the new sal as well as holdback in many cases. The second is the finance...
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    Flat tire from 22LR case?

    about 3 months ago I had a flat on my old F150. The tires were worn..maybe had another 5-6K left on them tread was thin.. I found what liked like a hollow piece of brass in the tire that caused the leak. It was maybe 1/16-1/8 x 3/8 long.. Very similar to a 22 casing.
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    L3800 adding a remote?

    I have a L3700SU which is basically the same tractor. I bought a WR long plug and play set up a number of years back.. I think it was about 800-1k all in back then. It's been flawless all this time with my grapple.
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    My dog's not doing well

    Sorry to hear this, I have said it before, A dogs only fault is that one day they will break your heart.
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    Some years we would swap out 2 or 3 for tax reasons.
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    I got the title when I bought it.. Previous owners name was on it and I tracked him down and called him. Got his mother on the phone and told her who I was, and that I bought the truck.. I asked her if there was any reason he got rid of it so soon.. Her words were " Yeah.. he's an idiot.. He had...
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    What did you do for your tractor today?

    I didn't think it was either, But I have used it a bit on asphalt.
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    Who is excited for snow season? Not us! We're depressed due to lack of snow.

    Im looking forward to snow season this year.. Because I will be in Fla all winter. It's the first time I have taken a winter off in more than 35 years. I honestly don't think I can do it anymore. I actually get agitated and in a bad mood as the temps drop to sub 40* these days.
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    I believe the 10 speed in the Ford is made by GM... which may explain the problems....
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    What did you do for your tractor today?

    Not today but last Sunday I got about 5 hours of seat time on mine.. Looked at the hour meter and Im at about 350 hours.. About due for front tires real soon. I used it with the grapple picking up tree limbs and a bunch of sea grasses we cut down every year.
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    2020 was the first year the 10 speed went behind the 6.7 diesel. Mine is the Limited trim level ..but I believe the 10 speed was in all the super duty trucks from 2020 on. I traded a 18 F350 that had the older transmission.. No problems with it at all. I can say that the 10 speed pulling 18K...
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    Brought the F450 in today.. A day early, and they had time to look at it. Diagnosis was that it needs a new valve body in the transmission. My belief is that's not all but I'll give it a shot and see. Hopefully it makes the trip to Fla without issue.
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    Could be.
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    Im about 40 miles south of the city. Don't often drag a trailer into the city.. But on occasion, I have to bring a scissor lift in and use that truck to do so.
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    I bought it "used" about 2 years ago with 800 miles on it. The previous owner traded it for a black one to match his car trailer.
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    Quick and cheap loader extender

    I wonder if you could weld a couple tabs inside the back , bottom of the bucket that would stop the plywood from wanting to flip up and forward.
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    So I have been a Ford guy since about 2003.. Had probably 15 of them or more. Currently have 3 of them. I bought a 2020 F450 Limited to use primarily for towing a 19K pound 5th wheel and occasional other towing needs. Went out this am to hook up a trailer and the wrench light came on.. Then the...
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    My dog's not doing well

    Id be getting him to another vet instead of letting this go status quo. You don't know what you don't know, But maybe someone else will.. And maybe just maybe help your boy.
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    Yanmar Corporate Call

    I bought a new Minix back in July, Took a look at the Yanmar and decided against it for a couple reasons. One being that I did not have a great deal of confidence that the dealer would be there in 2 or 3 years. The machine itself was decent and had good specs that were as good or better than the...
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    Skid Steer Mount Locking levers stuck

    Drill it and put in a zerk. Id also blast them with lubricant while moving them in order to get it in there so it docent seize up. If you are in a cold area, Its possible the metal has shrunk a bit, compounding the problem.. Lube is your friend... The more friends the better.
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    Skid Steer Mount Locking levers stuck

    Soak them in PBblaster and let it run down the pins for a couple days. fill the zerks with more and more grease.. Then repeat. My L3700 has a ssqa on the front and if its not dripping with grease.. It's a pita.
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    Snow sticking to blade

    There are ceramic coatings that are readily available in auto parts stores ..even Walmart. .. Probably worth a try.
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    Thinking about purchasing a mini Excavator for the farm ?

    A number of years ago I bought a used KX121 with a thumb. It had 6k ish hours and I put maybe 50 more a year on to for 5 or 6 years. Bought it for 16500 and sold it for 23,500.. Regretted selling it as I really couldn't replace its for that now. Just got a new Bobcat 35I .. Really really nice...
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    Market Watch

    Really....Russia Russia Russia thinks they did
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    Market Watch

    And the biggest of all... Political affiliation.
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    Market Watch

    Yield curve inversion today.. or near to it.. This typically leads to one thing.
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    Market Watch

    Have you been to NY recently.... The place is block after block..after block of disaster.. And they keep adding more..
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    What is the most money you paid for service on your vehicle?

    Those are a couple situations that had very non typical circumstances behind them. The Ford GT was a 150K vehicle when new..and made in very very low numbers so its an instant collectable. That generation of GT today with low miles will bring 400K or so if it has all 3 options at auction. The...
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    900 ft driveway, incline, Novice, Need help/recomendations

    I have a very long driveway..1300 or so feet. Fortunately I have places to put snow on the sides of it when needed. A blower would work in my situation or yours, But as others have said, Blowers are slow. And expensive. The key to moving snow is planing. Plan where the dump spots are going to be...
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    Let's see your knife.

    So this AM i went to our local army navy surplus store for a pair of work sneakers.. They also sell a variety of decent work clothes like Carhartt and other similar gear. Took a look at their pocket knife selection.. Some nice solid knives but just too big for a small pocket piece. A couple...
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    What is the most money you paid for service on your vehicle?

    My 1999 F150 came up from the Boca area.. Fortunately not a spot of rust anywhere when it got here.. Im aware of the insurance issues in Fl, Lots of companies leaving the state due to massive losses and risk of more due to storm damage... Insurance companies love taking money from you... Hate...
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    What is the most money you paid for service on your vehicle?

    Haven't moved yet, Going to Fla for Jan/Feb and March this year. Plan to spend a fair amount of time looking around to find a place. ..Fla is a strange place.. neighbourhoods change by the foot.
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    What is the most money you paid for service on your vehicle?

    We typically rotate vehicles out just before they are out of warranty. I do have an old 1999 F150 that has 190K on it. ..I bought it from a friend who had it since new in Fla so it has zero rust. I paid 2k for it and another 600 to get it shipped up about 6 years ago.. Today Im into it for...
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    Importing and modifying a new mini excavator from China

    Last weekend there was an equipment auction near me. They had several China made mini X machines, Some with gas motors, A few more 2.5/3 ton diesels. The smaller ones sold for something like 4K and the larger ones were in the mid teens.. Pretty cheap IMO.. I sat in the "bigger" one... I couldn't...
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    My Company on National TV

    Congratulations, I love seeing this.
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    Help us choose a dog

    They are full of energy until about 4 years old. .. Then they calm down. I'll ry to make this a short story, But the Weim we have now was a rescue from Tennessee. We got him and he was about 9-10 months old. I had asked the people if he was house trained and they said OHHH NO..hes an outdoor...
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    Help us choose a dog

    We have had Dobermans and Weimariners. Both have been great breeds. The Weims seem to have less genetic problems overall. Our current one is a rescue Weim.. He was off cast because he is the Blue colour and not the breed standard silver/grey. .. Friggin stupid. He is basically a couch potato...
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    My dog's not doing well

    IMO..I wouldn't wait for a vet visit. Bring him in asap and do the blood work. If something IS wrong, Time is not your friend. The cost of doing this .. to me , is irrelevant when you consider that if he is sick, and needs more care.. Waiting is not good.
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    My dog's not doing well

    That's good to hear.
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    Reviews on Ozone Generators

    I bought one to use in my camper. We had a mouse issue..found the nest and removed it, but the smell was still there. When I ran the ozone in the space overnight, The smell was gone and the camper smelled super clean.. But the mouse piss smell would come back after a day or two. Im assuming it...
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    Clean Up // Landscape Area Beside Gravel Driveway

    Level it out with your tractor, spread 4"of loam, seed, water and fertilise it and in 6 weeks it will look great. I wouldn't hit it with weed killer at this time of year.. They don't grow much in fall.
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    latest Ford Bronco? Need reviews.

    Looks like the Raptor has a bigger HP engine than all of them. Like i said, the one I drove was a decent side road run about.. I don't think it's particularly well suited to highways. I have no idea whether it was the 300 or 330 HP variety. Given the somewhat basic trim level it was probably 300.
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    latest Ford Bronco? Need reviews.

    I believe the big HP number is only in the Raptor trim level Bronco. The one I drove was a cloth seats, 4dr soft top power windows automatic .. Fairly pedestrian setup. I drove it about 8-10 miles up the highway and back.. With maybe 4 miles of side road as well. The highway.. I think 65mph was...
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    latest Ford Bronco? Need reviews.

    I had a deposit on one of the first releases. It never showed up and I got sick of waiting. Ended up buying a 392 Jeep Wrangler instead.. We have had several wranglers..4..maybe 5 over the years so we knew what to expect with the truck overall.. The 392 is just absolutely insane in a Wrangler...
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    Aluminum equipment trailers.

    ...The endless CDL BS. .. I do not have a CDL, I have 2 F450s..One is a reg cab dump truck. The other is a 4dr limited. The Limited pulls my 5th wheel.. Im not sure what the loaded weight is..But it's heavy. Truck is probably pushing 10K pounds and the trailer with a couple bikes in the back...
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    Buying Advice Just buy the darn tractor

    Housing ..New houses in particular are not going to come down anytime soon. Builders have backed off spec builds due to high interest carry cost, Buy once a P&S is signed they go up. Problem is that the majority of home mortgages are in the 2-3% range and those people aren't trading out of those...
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    Rentals getting a bit crazy

    A few months ago we were working in a newer lifestyle complex. ..Has apartments, retail, restaurants , medical, bars, entertainment venues..etc..all within walking distance in this complex. We were working in the leasing office area and I mentioned to the leasing agent that the restaurants must...
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    I don't play for that team.. But apparently you do..I don't judge.
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    LS Camo Tractor

    Its fairly easy to just have a tractor wrapped to look like this as well.
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    BX23s - steep hills to mow, dirt work to do

    Im in MA as well. Had a BX about 10 years ago and wish I never sold it. If you can mow up and down hills, with the BX.. Keep it and get the rear bagger setup. That vac system is great for leaves and grass. The loader is not great for's meant for moving piles of stuff. I now mow with...
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    That's cute.
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    The beauty of owning a Harley ..Or any other bike for that matter, Is that there is endless options to make it exactly how you want it , should you choose to modify it. Personally, Im a fan of all bikes./ New , old, It makes no difference. On some level they all serve one purpose and that is to...
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    But you have to surrender your man card before you do that... Nobody wants that trade off
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    Obviously you are at an extremely advanced age.. A base Harley starts at about 25K... And fully equipped CVO... Near 60K.. I have one that i probably have 50K into and another that's near 30K. ..They both make that beautiful noise that you don't understand.
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    best 3rd function kit.

    I bought a WR Long set up a number of years ago..Simple instillation and zero problems.
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    I have ridden through PA several times on my bike. From north to south.. the roads tend to get better about 80% of the way through PA.. Boston to there is just horrendous. ..Same thing pulling a camper.
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    Is it New Hope PA ..Or No Hope PA.... asking for friend...
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    Issue With ABI Land Plane ... I Think.

    Blades should be below the skids. And the front one should be a hair lower than the rear one
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    Chipper Wallenstein BX42 Price

    I bought mine used...It was in very nice condition and the blades were only used on one edge.. I paid 1800.00 or so about 5 years ago.
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    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    I clearly remember Taxachusetts wanting to raise the gas tax back when ***** was in office because fuel was so cheap... Diesel was 2.25- 2.30 per gallon.
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    Back dragging with bucket

    Tractor buckets are not exactly the best tool for this task.. rear blade, box blade or land plane would be a better choice.
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    BX25D shuts off randomly

    Grease the pedal zerk.. If its not returning to centre it could be the problem.. Blast all the linkage joints with some WD40 type stuff too.
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    Modifying Your Grapple

    a few years back I bought my Titan single lid in the middle grapple. It is 72" wide and i believe a good fit for my L3700SU. It has the bottom tines spaced about 3" apart so dirt and loose material can sift out if needed. My loader isn't super strong. I believe the max lift is 12/1300 pounds +/-...
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    I Asked AI What Europeans Think Americans From Every Single State Look Like

    Pretty sure I have seen that guy from Mass
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    3 pt hitch Ratchet Rake

    A number of years ago I bought a RR... It wore out extremely fast. Not the tooth edge that is being used in the video. But the smaller tooth edge. I had a crushed bluestone driveway about 1200 feet long and it wore it down like 30 grit sandpaper on butter.
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    Darn! Great restaurant closing! :-(

    The food service business is notoriously known for high turnover rates. The failure rate of new operations in the first 5 years is among the highest and ultimately one of the riskiest there is. Mom and pop places that manage to survive and build a strong local repeat customer base, have done...
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    How much is a 15 year old L2800 HST with 100 hours worth?

    This thread is a little old but if it were my tractor, In my area it would be 16K or more all day long. Dealers don't have any good used units and a new one is likely 30K plus. I have a 12 year old L3700 SU that has 330 ish hours So 25/30 hrs a year.. I think that's low and many would say why...
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    Selling a house, real estate commission

    My advice is this..And I have bought and sold millions of dollars of real estate in my life. When you list the property to sell.. List at at 6%. Doing this will get the attention of every broker in your market and give them motivation to show your property as they stand to make a greater...
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    How hot is it?

    We are going to be in Jackson Hole over halloween this year.. Im thinking it's going to be in the 30s. Its raw out this way today..Actually just clicked on the gas fireplace to take the chill off. Id really appreciate all you people here emptying all the hairspray and other aerosol cans you...
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    excavator pricing

    We just rented a 316 from a friend of mine for a week to build a road. Awesome machine. The power is incredible.
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    excavator pricing

    I had a similar experience. Looked at the Kubota, Yanmay, Sany, another import..Maybe Dawoo and the Bobcat. Narrowed it down to the Bobcat and Kubota.. Ended up with the E35. enclosed cab, heat,AC, Radio, hydraulic thumb Long stick , 24" bucket. it was 62 ish all said and done. I have about 20...
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    I have a F450 crew cab..Last month had 20K behind it traveling to upstate NY. Some long and steep downhills ..My truck has the engine brake and it is simply awesome for controlling the truck trailer combo. It makes it so that the only time you need to use the actual truck or trailer brakes is if...
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    Im in
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    Its like chicken soup.. It can't hurt. I can without any doubt whatsoever tell you that I have less instances of distracted drivers almost turn into me on my "loud" bike than I have had on a quieter harley full dresser. I don't know exactly how many ..But I certainly north of 150K miles on road...
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    There is no in between..Once you let the camel get its nose in the tent..The rest is coming in too.
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    If the gubment and insurance companies had their way ...You would be wearing a helmet driving your car, at a max speed of 37 mph and have to spend 3 hours to get a 75 mile range electric fill up.
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    What is it with Harley riders?

    Start with cutting off the cat converter and solve 2 problems at once lol
  118. T

    What is it with Harley riders?

    I have plenty of yellow and orange shirts that I wear on the bike..Also fairly loud pipes..Every little bit helps ..Far too many clueless people out there oblivious to their surroundings. Especially those French Canadians
  119. T

    Are people lazy, don’t know how to help or scared of liability.

    No good deed goes unpunished ...
  120. T

    Driveway weed clearing

    I think that if you used a weed and feed concentrate, It wouldn't harm the grass. ..Tenacity is a great product
  121. T

    Driveway weed clearing

    weed season up here is late June through mid September. We don't have weed issues in our gravel road but the lawn and flower beds are a different story. I have tried everything from professional services to fertilise the lawn to saying screw it Ill do it myself ...Both scenarios have had similar...
  122. T

    What's your average mpg?

    As an everyday I had them as a kid and into my late 20s.. My back was much more robust then. Today, It goes out maybe once or twice every couple weeks if its a nice day and I get the urge to go for an ice cream.
  123. T

    What's your average mpg?

    We have a number of vehicles Sprinter 4x4 van 19.1 avg mpg F450 Diesel crew 4x4 14.5 avg mpg F450 V10 4x4 dump......................6.0 mpg Jeep wrangler 392 V8 14.5 avg mpg Cadillac Escalade 19.0 Avg mpg...
  124. T

    Diesel fuel storage options

    Nice GS....I had a coupe back in 2000/2002...Sold it with about 3K miles on it..If it was a red interior I would have kept it.
  125. T

    Diesel fuel storage options

    For diesel storage, I have a small trailer..Maybe 4'x6' that I put a transfer tank in and bolted it to the floor. I just yesterday took it down and filled it so I know it holds 45 gallons as it was dead empty. When I need to put fuel in something, I just hook up the pump wires to a battery...
  126. T

    Grapple EA Everything Attachments WICKED 55 Root Rake Grapple

    I have a grapple for my L3700SU. It's a Titan and I bought it 5 or 6 years ago for something like 1300.00. My advice is to get one that is the widest, strongest but lightest you can find. When picking things up. It's most often going to be sticks, stumps, logs etc. Not always going to be super...
  127. T

    Neighbors Sue for Horse Manure Pile Smell

    We just got back from the finger lake region of NY.. Beautiful area..But some of the areas had what can only be described as an atrocious cow chit stench. .. It would gag you. I couldn't imagine having to live next to it every day. Just driving down the road passing it was brutal.
  128. T

    excavator pricing

    The zero turn is a big difference in weight location. The KX has a big counter weight that hung off the back so lifting rocks, stumps etc.. was much more stable. Also feel like the thumb clamping force was much stronger in the Kubota.
  129. T

    excavator pricing

    A number of years ago I bought a 6K hour KX121 for something like 16,500. I sold it last year for 24K. Didn't think I would want another one but ended up buying a new Bobcat E35 last week. I have about 15 hours in the seat as of now.. Much lighter and weaker than the 121..But better comfort and...
  130. T


    We stopped at the one in Northern Florida or southern GA..cant remember exactly but pulling a 40' 5th wheel, I appreciate the large parking lots and dozens of diesel pumps. I also got some food and as far as gas station food goes..It was more than acceptable. ..Think I bought a pair of flip...
  131. T

    Kubota L3400 Blue Smoke

    900 hours is not much for that tractor. I was on my L3700SU yesterday to help load a flat skid steer tire into the bed of a dump truck and looked at my hour meter for the first time a long time.. Im at 350 hours. .. Not much IMO..I primarily use it to drag a LPGS on my road and pick up...
  132. T

    Replacement seat

    A few years ago there was a thread on here with a bargain sale somewhere for a replacement seat. I jumped on it, Swapped the vinyl seat on my L3700 with a cloth fabric seat with arm rests.. It was under 100.00 if i recall. I had to make a plate to bolt it to my seat base but that was fairly easy.
  133. T

    Kubota L3400 Blue Smoke

    Start with the easy stuff...Like checking the air filter.
  134. T

    Would you book a trip to outer space or under sea?

    I bet sub rides are cheap right now
  135. T

    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

  136. T

    New Ford Bronco

    I had a deposit on a first release of the Bronco... It never showed up.. Maybe covid maybe assembly problems..who knows. I was told one issue was that the hard top was not holding paint and that they shelved the cooler match top. .. Anyway.. I got tired of waiting and we bought another...
  137. T

    Why so much titan attachments hate?

    I posted in this thread back in 2016..Still have my grapple and its used frequently...Matter fact I just used it for a couple hours today. Still working fine and I'm still happy with the purchase.
  138. T

    Garden tractor life span

    Most of what the big box stores sell today as lawn tractors.. I would expect to replace in 5 years given normal seasonal usage. Its planned obsolescence. The parts used are thinner, lighter, and just not meant for long term durability. When I was a kid, My farher bought a Ariens GT17 tractor. It...
  139. T

    Mini Skid Steer Vs Compact Tractor

    I have both and a full size skid steer as well. The mini is fine for tight places and small/heavy work. ..But slow as ****. If i could pick just one.. I think it would be a CUT.. It can go over my lawn without tearing it up, can lift fairly reasonable amounts with the FEL. Attachments are...
  140. T

    Abrasion removal on Aluminum Wheel

    My wife has a Macan and one of her wheels had a scuff on it. Our local Ford dealer has a guy who comes to the dealership to fix them. He just sands it smooth and polishes it out. Pretty simple and it looks really good after he is done. We got all 4 wheels re powder coated after that was fixed.
  141. T

    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    Buy a zero turn mower and keep your tractor. For years I mowed with a BX and although it did fine.. I got a walker GHS and the speed and cut quality is 10 fold better.
  142. T

    Best midsized SUV

    On the SUV landscape..There is no shortage of options. .. I was in the market a couple months ago for a used one. My needs were #1 comfort, #2 Overall condition, #3 reliability. . Im 6-2" and 215 so the smaller SUVs were quickly ruled out in comfort. My sights were fairly quickly set on a Tahoe...
  143. T

    L4400 no Start

    My L3700 SU is basically the same tractor as yours and has done the same thing from time to time. I would get a click but no start. ..I have changed the little plunger on the hydrostatic pedal several times and that was not the problem. One time i rocked the pedal and it fired up so that may...
  144. T

    John Deere Gator, Kubota, or ... for wet field UTV chores?

    I had a 1200 RTV that i bought from a friend .. It was just as you described.. Slow, heavy and struggled on hills...Not to mention.. ridiculous loud inside the cab. .. I honestly found it more aggravation than it was worth. Ended up selling it on CL and have never missed it since. If i were to...
  145. T

    Pick Up Bed Liners

    Like anything else ...It's all about the prep. Most of the brand name shops are pretty diligent in the prep work.
  146. T

    Trespasser caught on cam.

    Beautiful creature
  147. T

    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    Im pretty easy on my vehicles..Dont abuse any of them. ..That said..My 17 F450 with 13K miles is on its 3rd set of manifolds.. Done twice under warranty.. Not in 100 years would I entertain doing those myself. . Its also had rotors and callipers done under warranty.. Im a hard no at pulling...
  148. T

    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    I have owned more trucks than I can count.. Probably 20 or 25 of them. Some would last a year or less and get traded. Swap it out for about 7500.00 and drive a new one. These days my truck isn't a daily driver as we have several other vehicles. Current trucks are a 202o F450 Limited dually that...
  149. T

    death of regular cab pickups

    Probably 5 of them there
  150. T

    Picking up lots of big-ish rocks

    Id use forks on the loader.
  151. T

    death of regular cab pickups

    They are for sale..Pick your colour
  152. T

    Quick hitch conversion

    Its a QA
  153. T

    Quick hitch conversion

    I have a Pats quick hit setup on my 3PH. It works well and I have no complaints, But I also have a few implements that are not quick hitch comparable..In other words they are just basic #PH set ups with the pin and retaining pin to hold the 3PH arms on. I have a rake that i would like to use and...
  154. T

    death of regular cab pickups

    Local Ford dealer had 20-30 regular cab F250/350s on the lot. Does not seem that there is any difficulty getting one here if that's what you want
  155. T

    Best 3 trucks you've ever owned.

    Hard to say..I rarely keep a vehicle for more than a couple years. Maybe I could narrow it down to what trucks I have had and miss a little bit I had a 2016 F350 4x4 King Ranch with the 6.0..That truck was super comfortable and I had really good luck with it for the 90K or so miles I had it. I...
  156. T

    Amazon real time price changing?

    Yes they can see if you are shopping and what you are shopping for in real time. ..Ever notice how you look for something online and the next thing you know you are getting spammed with adds to buy that item ? .. Amazon and other companies pay to get search data in any specific area.. Then can...
  157. T

    R.O.W. Problem

    A ROW and HOA are 2 separate things. In your deed, what you have a right to do and not do in your ROW should be pretty well defined. In most cases you will be permitted to use and maintain the ROW in all ways required to bring utilities and supply access your property. Blocking a portion of the...
  158. T

    New BH77 Value?

    I would imagine it would be a fairly quick sale between 6-8K. .. Many people buy these with tractors at 0% and the 60.00 a month is easier to absorb than a big lump sum outlay
  159. T

    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    We move our daily drivers on about every 2-3 years, My work van goes about 70K miles and I trade it. Oddly enough I have a 99 F150 that I paid 2K for.. and proceeded to put another 12K into it over the past 5 years. Its at 190K now and If i get it to 250k miles...Ill consider it a wash.
  160. T

    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    Inventory here is stacking up on Ford and GM dealers lots.. Toyotas are still in short supply...But if you are looking for a F250/350...There are plenty to be had. The upper trim levels are somewhat scarce and it appears that the diesels are still not all that available. But Lariat and...
  161. T

    Not a good time to buy a car

    Because they are scum bags. I had called Ford for my payoff so I knew what it was. Also had my original lease contract which stated exactly what the residual was going to be at turn in time. It had language that said something to the effect that the dealer could add their juice to facilitate a...
  162. T

    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    The market is rapidly changing in the auto world. Dealers are starting to have inventory on their lots..Some of the higher trim levels are still suffering from the chip shortage so if you need massage seats,, you may have to wait a few more months. That said, the general public is feeling the...
  163. T

    I see that Stellantis is finally settling over the Jeep death wobble..

    Funny that i see this about Jeep...I have had a number of them in my life..Probably 15 of them or so. I have a near mint 85 CJ renegade, And also a 2022 - 392 that my wife drives. I liked the 392 so much, that i ordered another one for myself and it came in yesterday...And it was clearly painted...
  164. T

    Not a good time to buy a car

    That's nice to hear that you have a dealer who wasn't a ***** during the last few months of "irrational exuberance " in the frothy auto market. For close to 20 years I have been a loyal customer to a Ford dealer.. probably bought 15+\~ vehicles from them in those years and inevitably gave them...
  165. T

    PTO Top Link, is Kubota brand necessary?

    A number of years ago I bent one of the threaded ends in my OEM Kubota top link. I think I bent it backing into a tree with the Land plane...Anyway, a new oem one was a few hundred dollars. I drove 3 miles to Tractor supply and bought one there for 50-60$..Its been perfect and I actually prefer...
  166. T

    Comparing KUBOTA Tractor with BH77 /92 with Kubota Mini Excavator

    I have had both...Once I got the KX121 mini x...I never used the BH77. The difference is night and day. If all you have is the BH77..It decent for small stuff. Comparing a Mini X to a BH77 is like comparing a BH77 to a shovel.
  167. T

    Bought a new SANY SY50U !

    Looks like a beautiful machine, Don't waste your time with the haters, they are just jealous
  168. T

    Not a good time to buy a car

    Local dealers here ( ford/chevy) have inventory on the lots. Their parking lots are filling up again. Not to the levels of pre covid..But there's definitely options.
  169. T

    Inflated Prices. Buying Used vs. New.

    A couple months ago I sold my RTV1100c. I bought it from about 3-4 years ago from a friends wife after he passed. I bought it with 60 ish hours on the hour meter. Did basic maintenance and upkeep to it while i had it... Had to fix the A/C which was close to 1K to do..But sold it for 24K very...
  170. T


    Also, I don't have the 4/1 bucket but i do have a grapple that i use frequently. That setup works well.
  171. T


    I have a L3700SU..Basically the same tractor as the L3800.The BH77 is decent..But you will find out quickly that the tractor itself could be heavier so that it dosent get thrown around by the ho. The seating on th BH is 6-2 and I'm uncomfortable in it.
  172. T

    Mrs. Suggested that we might consider a Mini-Excavator in our future.

    A number of years ago..maybe 6-7..I bought a used 1 owner 6300 hour kubota KX 121. I used in much the same way you describe your needs to be. Back then I paid something like 16,500 for it. It was a enclosed cab, with a thumb. It was in overall good condition and fully operational. I used it for...
  173. T

    Diesel nearly DOUBLE the price of gas

    Diesel 2.35 PG when Brandon got the job
  174. T

    Bent grapple repair

    Heat it till its cherry red and put a large adjustable wrench on it for leverage to bend it back in place. ..15 minute job.
  175. T

    Ford Superduty 6.2 questions?

    I had a regular cab 2011 4x4 F350 with the 6.2. It was plenty strong enough for everyday driving. Also had a 2015 F350 Platinum 4x4 with the 6.2, It was also a good driver. Power was good for a truck that big...Until I drove a 2016 Diesel....The difference between the 2 is crazy. For a daily...
  176. T

    What did you do at work today?

    What did that machine print ?
  177. T

    high gear paved road

    I have the smaller L3700SU. HST, Also have hills, I use the mid setting when climbing hills unloaded. I use low when pulling a grader or pushing any dirt.
  178. T

    L35 - no hydraulic power to backhoe

    Crack one of the hose fittings loose and bleed off the pressure
  179. T

    Anyone else seeing signs of an early winter?

    This year the pine needle dropping is heavy.. Much more than years past that I can recall. And.. My grandfather would always say you can tell a cold winter is coming by the size of a squirrels tail..This year they are big.. The bushy tail squirrel gauge .
  180. T

    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    Just this past summer I had the undercarriage blasted and painted on my 2017 F450 dump truck.The mag chloride they use on the roads up here is brutal on vehicles. I had that sprayed, my 2020 F450 Limited sprayed and we just got a 392 Jeep Rubicon that we also sprayed with what i think is called...
  181. T

    Homemade Xmas toys

    Awesome. I have a few very small things from my childhood that were given to me by by grandfather. Anyone else would probably not think twice about throwing them in the dumpster. Every time I see them,.. I do remember when...
  182. T

    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    We have a couple new vehicles going in to get fluid film applied in the next couple weeks. Its like 400.00 per so its not particularly expensive. My 2017 F450 dump truck frame/under carriage was blasted and re painted this past summer.. 12K miles and the salt from the past 5 years was starting...
  183. T

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Im not 100% in agreement with this. While on its face, holding cash, one would think that it is losing value in a inflationary environment like we have now. ..But cash is always king. When things become unattainable due to high interest rates, That means things become harder to sell..Which means...
  184. T

    Adding remotes for a snow blower on a L3400HST

    Don't 3PH blowers just float along the surface they are on... I thought you just put it all the way down and it does its own thing
  185. T

    Adding remotes for a snow blower on a L3400HST

    I may be wrong but don't think i am. The hydraulic block on the L series has another unused PB port where the WR Long valve plumbs into. It allows a hydro flow to be used for what I believe is called closed center...Like a grapple or other implement where constant flow is not needed..Like a Back...
  186. T

    Adding remotes for a snow blower on a L3400HST

    I have a L3700 SU..Basically the same as your tractor. I bought a WR Long valve for the power beyond port. I use it for my grapple but you could certainly use it for the chute rotation. Just run hoses to them from the valve.If memory serves me correctly i think the whole set up was 1K or so.
  187. T

    excavator pricing

    Agree, The smartest people i know..and they are extremely wealthy..Saw this coming last year and actually said the chit was going to hit the fan late september...They are now predicting that things won't get any better till 2026. ..2 years into a new POTUS first term. They are not predicting...
  188. T

    excavator pricing

    I had a KX121 that I just sold last month for 24,500 including a 36" Rutt brush mower. I bought is used about 5 years ago with something like 7K hours on it, I put maybe 200 more on it since i had it. It ran really well and the swing was a little loose but fine for what I used it for. Sold it to...
  189. T

    Dealerships Changing/Adding Brands

    I would expect to see significant consolidation in the next 4-5 years..Much more than we have seen in the past 10. The days of mom and pop stores is waining. Its unlikely those that have survived covid and the last 18 months of supply disruptions, will be able to hold it together for the next...
  190. T

    2008 f350 v10?

    My 2017 F450 V10 4x4 dump is on its 3rd set of manifolds. First set lasted 3K miles and the studs rusted and both sides were leaking ( ticking ) ..Same thing at 7500 miles. And just now again at 11K miles. Its also on its 2nd set of callipers and rotors as the first set rusted at the 3k mile...
  191. T

    What teams will play in the next Superbowl?

    Whelp...Patriots fans now know what its like to have a crappy NFL team..
  192. T

    'Service Update' for RTV-1100C but not a recall (?)

    Mine was in for a hydro leak and the dealer did the floor mat thing while it was there..Looks like a bigger hole for a mouse to climb in now.
  193. T

    2008 f350 v10?

    I have had a number of V10s. ..Have one now as well. First was a 2011 F350 DRW dump..Loved that truck. It was a basic XL with a bench seat.Traded it for a 2013 f350 Diesel DRW dump with power windows..Hated that one and traded it for a 2015 F450 V10..Liked that truck but the seats sucked...
  194. T

    2003 BX23 sell price

    ill give you all your money back
  195. T

    Father left this world

    Sorry for your loss. I lost my mother a couple years back to alzheimer's. It was a long, slow painful to watch process. Im not sure which is worse.Fast and fairly unexpected, Or how alzheimer's works. Both have their pains and blessings.
  196. T

    KX121 Mini Excavator rear hatch

    I have a KX121 mini. The rear engine cover hatch is stuck. The little keyed push button goes in and out..It just won't unlatch the door..Anyone have any solutions ?