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  1. grsthegreat

    Replaced kioti cab windshield

    As i posted earlier i stupidly shot a rock out of a snowblower right into my tractor windshield. What an idiot thing to do. got into a rush and did some damage. contacted my Kioti dealer and they told me they were 2-3 months out on window glass as their orders were stuck in port...
  2. grsthegreat

    JD right to repair

    It appears John Deere has backed down to right to repair.
  3. grsthegreat

    spun bearing in front axle

    cra*..... was out moving some simple logs and i felt a grinding up front end. immediately shut it down and went to look. oil pouring out of left front axle. pulled wheel and removed axle housing. broken bearing took out outer cover and axle itself. no damage to bevel gear or anything on the...
  4. grsthegreat

    With all the supply chain holdups and shipping issues…..

    Walmart just got a delivery from 1973
  5. grsthegreat

    How to hang a banner in Idaho

    This is not me... just saw this at a horse show i went to last week. I git a kick out of it.....i would not do it myself, but heck, as the guy doing it said ”this id idaho...anything goes”.
  6. grsthegreat

    Why I will NEVER have a smart house i would NEVER let the power company control my thermostat, much less anything else. There are no rind or amazon Alexa devices or the like in my house and never will be.
  7. grsthegreat

    Can’t find a 42” riding mower anywheres here.

    I knew about lack of generators, but lawn mowers? No idea. i want to replace my 2003 Husqvarna riding mower with a new similar unit. I called all around, and stores and dealers have not had deliveries at all this year up here. On shop had 40 units ordered last October, still not delivered. i...
  8. grsthegreat

    making a custom flatbed truck side rail for a friend

    a friend of mine got a great deal on a f450 flatbed truck to tow his equipment for his business. he decided he wanted a custom side rail made to contain all the stuff piled u0p back there. had to have a removable 52" tailgate to allow for a work station. he wanted it plasma cut similar to my...
  9. grsthegreat

    lost HST return spring while brush hogging last weekend

    It was quite a start. I am so use to having HST peddle return to center when i remove my foot, that it took a few seconds to realize it wasnt working. i quickly pressed reverse to move it back to center. i was amazed as to how gently you have to press without the spring. I shut down tractor and...
  10. grsthegreat

    Squeaking kioti tractor seat.

    Ok...its been going on long enuf. First an occasional squeak Then a little worse. Yesterday it was relentless. Broke out a can of Wd40....only to find out suspension is completely surrounded by a rubber shield. I ended up having to pull surround off of the clips in 6 areas to access innards. I...
  11. grsthegreat

    Protective vest for my dog

    I have a 2 YO female black lab that loves to run thru thick brush, trees and cut off stumps catching her thrown toys. Yesterday she got a 2 cut high up on her chest that needed stitches. I am looking at getting a hunting vest fir her that wont overheat her in summer. Anyone here have any good...
  12. grsthegreat

    Anyone here have a Woodmaxx MX8800 chipper

    i was wondering how you like it's overall performance. also, how hard is it to replace knives and anvil. i hear it is a clamshell design, but woodmaxx provides no pictures.
  13. grsthegreat

    Time to replace my rear deck. 24 years of winters have taken their toll.

    Took all day to demo the stupid thing. Tried unscrewing way. out came the chainsaw
  14. grsthegreat

    Had new LG front load washer and dryer delivered and installed today

    The sales person never told me I needed a LP conversion kit.... burrr Grumble grumble. Now I had to locate part and order. Can稚 get the part till Monday. They went over every part I would need for install. but no mention of this. My older GE dryer never had to have one installed so I知 not sure...
  15. grsthegreat

    DK45 seat cover

    Has anybody hear found a good seat cover to fit the DK45 armrests. I found a few websites that sell cover, but none make one for Kioti...weird.
  16. grsthegreat

    My PTO stopped working

    I have an electric over hydraulic PTO system on my tractor that occasionally stops working and I have to flip toggle switch 5-10 times before it comes to life. Worked ok all summer, but i was dreading issues come winter. Just to be safe i ordered the twin relay and a new toggle switch from...
  17. grsthegreat

    field fence 3 point hitch unroller

    I was looking at a Field Fence unroller and stretcher unit for sale at tractor supply and another farm supply outfit locally. They were about $580.00 PLUS nearly $300 shipping fees. No way.. I decided to build my own from some scraps and a new piece of 1/4" x 3" steel channel. Total cost about...
  18. grsthegreat

    1,000 hour service

    Well the old girl is 9 years old and just shy of 1,000 fairly trouble free hours. Only had a few minor issues over the years. Today i changed the air filter, the fuel filter, oil filter, hydraulic oil filter and hst filter. Replaced all fluids and was just draining the front axle when i see 90...
  19. grsthegreat

    Just bought a new Heavy Duty back blade

    Found this at local farm had my name on it. 750 pounds .... tried it and it works great
  20. grsthegreat

    Heres a guy with WAY too much time on his hands...but i want one

    Watch: 28-Feet-Tall Japanese Robot Looks Like A Real World Transformer looks fun
  21. grsthegreat

    Bought a used Kawasaki Mule 4010 and added a bed lift kit

    I stated on a previous forum that i was thinking of purchasing a Kioti Mechron UTV. However after going to the dealer and running one, it was way too noisy for what i plan on wanting a utv for,.... Man was it noisy. I went around and looked at every brand of UTV out there including those...
  22. grsthegreat

    Thinking about getting a new kioti mechron utv

    Ive read some older posts on these units, but was wondering how people feel about the newer units. They seem pretty nicely priced for a 4x4 with diesel engine. Hiw are you liking its operation and winter use.
  23. grsthegreat

    First problem with my 5 year old Kioti DK45

    Old reliable let me down last weekend. I was out chipping limbs for about 4 hours on Sunday when i descided i best refuel tractor. Drove to shop to refuel and i shut down tractor. it wouldnt restart. Turned over with lots of power but no start. engine was hot so i went in and had lunch. Later...
  24. grsthegreat

    that time of year again...time to put up some wood

    Im getting to hate this time of the year. Last years windstorms dumped quite a few trees. I can think of better ways to spend a weekend
  25. grsthegreat

    Anyone use an EnduraPlas poly fuel storage tank?

    I was wondering if anyone has used the EnduraPlas poly fuel tank with built in DC powered 10 GPM pump and auto shut off nozzle. There not cheap, but there actually cheaper than the equivalent steel tank and 15 GPM pump setups that tractor supply has. they have 55, 75 and 100 gallon models.Ive...
  26. grsthegreat

    They just opened a Tractor Supply Company in town

    Ive never been in one before, and i didnt even realize they opened one near me till i happened to drive by it yesterday. didnt have time to stop inside to look arround. Not even sure what they carry. what is everyones opinions on TSC stores?
  27. grsthegreat

    why cant i upload any pictures anymore

    been doing so for years. now when i get the popup box and browse thru my pics, i click on the pic i want and select upload/ an icon revolves for 5-10 seconds, then nothing. the pic is small (550 kb) and jpg format. i get no error messages or anything. just no pics. Ive tried on 2 computers and...
  28. grsthegreat

    Ballast box

    I keep having top move larger liquid cooled generators and the tractor was having issues lifting a 1,600 # unit with the forks. i kept lifting my tractor rear end. had to break down and get a ballast box. Couldnt find a kioti or kubota brand anywheres, so i bought a Frontier (JD) box and...
  29. grsthegreat

    was at Costco today. has 6 qts mobil 1 on sale $27.00

    Bought 48 quarts. best price ive seen on mobil1 for some time. bought the 5w30. ill use it when servicing generators next year. Napa was charging $9.79 per quart last week.
  30. grsthegreat

    just saw this video...made a snowblower from a motorcycle engine different...and noisy
  31. grsthegreat

    How to make Ice Cubes in Idaho

    Heres how we make ice cubes in Idaho. We left the unheated summer water trough out too long. had to break 6-8" of ice off the top. now....what to do with that ice.
  32. grsthegreat

    Finally went to the dark side and replaced cab lights with LED's

    Well, ive been pretty happy with the old halogen lights i had on my Kioti cab tractor, but one of the rear lights had burnt out. While researching where to get another lamp, i found that they were only 35 watt lights not the 50 watt i thought they were. I tried unsuccessfully to find a 50 watt...
  33. grsthegreat

    wondering if any LED light conversions will bolt right inplace of factory Kioti light

    getting ready for winter, and was wondering if anyone has had success with replacing existing kioti cab lights (factory) with decent LED replacements. im ok with the factory lights, but was just pondering future replacements. dont want to have to modify factory light mounts. any suggestions or...
  34. grsthegreat

    Tired of the mess in my shop

    I have 16 years of accumulated garbage in my shop. enough is enough. This is what the wall storage system looked like last Thursday had to start in one area asnd im going to move up the wall. Out with the old and in with a new steel shelving system i got from an old Office depot that moved...
  35. grsthegreat

    spent day spraying field and property

    Yesterday we had a nice sunny day and only a few hours of work to do with my real job, so i (or was it the wife) decided to spray the horse pasture and all the other grass areas with Hi-dep. Stinking Knappweed . I took the loader off to cut down on the noise. Must say, its sure nice to be...
  36. grsthegreat

    have to buy new trailer

    My Kioti cab tractor is just too heavy for my older PJ trailer. I was debating getting a larger gooseneck trailer, but opted for a tilt bed bumper pull 14K GVW trailer that a local company is making for me. I should get enough money back after i resale my older trailer to pay for 80-90% of the...
  37. grsthegreat

    cameraman gets hit with slush from plow truck

    dangerous...but funny too FOX 29's Steve Keeley Goes Up Against Snowplow - Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29 This newsman is an idiot. who would stand that close to operating plows. He deserved everything he got.... i just love it when people complain about an inch or 2...
  38. grsthegreat

    search engine

    haveing lots of problems with search engine linked above. I wanted to look up a simple search for an old thread.. decoding kioti serial number i got like 250,000 hits....none what i was looking for. what going on? i went to and tried the search, the first hit was what i was...
  39. grsthegreat

    question about detent setting to flote bucket

    I just realized that my DK45 bucket isnt engaging into float position. I can manually hold the lever down and it will float. but wont lock. Ill have to crack open the workshop manual i guess. I assume theres a ball bearing somewhere that locks it in place. Anyone ever run into this before?
  40. grsthegreat

    My 9 yr old trusty Husquvarna 42" riding mower bit the dust

    The wife was mowing the lawn and the engine started making some rattling noises such as made when mowing over rocks...but the mower deck wasnt engaged at the time. 3 seconds later the engine stops....seized tight. I went out and priced equivalent new machines with the same options i had in...
  41. grsthegreat

    ok...too funny. "Buy a Shotgun"

    this was just too funny. Humorous: Women Take Joe *****'s 'Buy a Shotgun!' Advice | Independent Journal Review enjoy
  42. grsthegreat

    rodent chewed hole in fuel tank DK45HST.....death to all rodents

    I was working on my new shooting range, and kept smelling diesel fumes...never had that issue before. I opened the hood and saw diesel splashed all over the place. Took it to shop and did some further investigation and i found a 4" x 4" scraped area from some **** rodent and he actually...
  43. grsthegreat

    What was i thinking

    After messing with free/leftover wood pallets ( for storing the horse hay on) for the past 16 years...... I finally decided on seeing if i can find some plastic pallets. Who knew that these even existed...... I found a local supplier that had 40x48" dual sided plastic pallets ... both new and...
  44. grsthegreat

    More snow for PNW

    Had 2" yesterday...and woke up to 4 additional. As of 1PM i have 8" measured on ground. Didn't go to work today cause i just didn't feel like it. i guess its time i go move some snow. Have to have the neighbors (paid) driveways done before they start picking up school kids at 3pm. With the...
  45. grsthegreat

    nothing to do with tractors, but cool footage of Russian plane crash

    i thought it was cool. Russian plane crash: Moment of impact - YouTube
  46. grsthegreat

    Some end of the year snow blowing video with my loader mounted hydraulic blower

    well, i wanted to get some new video, and was hoping to after the storm yesterday. but the promised 8+ inches turned out to be between 3-4 actual inches of snow. I took some video anyways...for what its worth. i spliced in a vid of last year blowing thru 8-10" snow in the beginning 30...
  47. grsthegreat

    question on what this would be called. item to prevent loader from dropping

    OK, years ago i had leased a loader that had an attached, hinged device that can me manually swung down and slipped over the lifting hydraulic cylinder ram to prevent it from dropping while doing maintenance on the loader motor. I want to make or buy a similar device for my current tractor. Now...
  48. grsthegreat

    lifted near max that the Kioti specs said it will

    I had 35 - 3cu ft bundles of top soil delivered today. didnt think about them being very heavy until i went to offload the pallet. The rear end of the tractor started to come off the ground. So being the nosy person i am, i looked at the bags ... however they did not list a net weight. So i got...
  49. grsthegreat

    Want to thank TBN users that helped me fix the loader mount snowblower issues...

    I just want to thank the users that helped me fix my issue with my loader mounted snowblower. What i thought was acceptable blockage of the auger turned out to only need some adjustment of the hydraulic blowby valve (proper name??). Now it doesnt stall out when blowing wet , compacted snow...
  50. grsthegreat

    Blowing very wet snow with loader mount blower

    Over the last 2 months, Ive had alot of PM's about my opinion about the hydraulic loader mounted snowblower i have. Since we have had a light winter i haven't had much opportunity to use it, cept to blow some dry snow. We had a shift in our weather pattern that turned my nice dry, powdery...
  51. grsthegreat

    OK....go out and wax those tractors

    We have been warned of a 18-24" snow accumulation over the next 2 days here in N Idaho...and i want to go play in the snow with the tractor and the horse and sleighs. Therefore i implore everyone to go wash and wax their tractors Everyone knows how you cause rain by doing the same...
  52. grsthegreat

    question about using black plastic in garden

    My wife wants me to add black plastic after i have rototilled and set my planting beds. Then slit a hole and plant corn, potatoes, whatever. She heard that this will increase soil temps and help control weeds. I live in North Idaho and i can see the benefit of heating the soil. But my question...
  53. grsthegreat

    Best variety of corn for pacific northwest

    We here in North Idaho have a poorer growing season that the rest of the world...or so it seams. Last year my corn only grew about 3-4 feet tall with small ears. What varieties would anyone suggest for me to use. I can start them in a greenhouse. I have a nice tall pile of manure from...
  54. grsthegreat

    cant get the video links to work

    Is it just me or has anyone else had this issue? If i click onto the video link above (just below the tractor byNet logo) i get page not found??? thanks
  55. grsthegreat

    I think i found my next lawn tractor ....

    maybe for christmas???? Jet Tractor 2.wmv - YouTube
  56. grsthegreat

    Got tired of moving snow...went out for some fun sleighing

    We had 9-10 " of new snow over 4" previous snowfall, and the temps stayed at 28F today after being single digits for a few days. So i finally got tired of moving snow and decided to take one of the horses thru the woods in the back of the property. It was WAY fun, but the trees covered me and...
  57. grsthegreat

    We got 9-10" of new snow so i got to play with my new toys

    I've been dying to get some seat time and try out my new loader mounted snow blade and loader mounted snow blower. I ended up waiting too long, and got stuck moving 9-10 " of snow ...i was planning on limiting it to 6" for my first time to get use to the tools. First off i tried the blade with...
  58. grsthegreat

    robo plow

    i dont know if anyone has seen this youtube video yet....but i thought it was cool. Its a robot snowplow. The guy just sits at a computer terminal and plows his snow ROBOPLOW - YouTube
  59. grsthegreat

    Just ordered are they heavy

    Just ordered front and rear chains for my DK45. Got the 2 link ladder chains so as not to hurt concrete/asphalt. Got them from 6 packages weighing in at 330#. YEIKS. My back already hurts and i haven't even received them yet. I'm going to have to ask ... a...
  60. grsthegreat

    Getting ready for the heavy winter....

    Spent most of the day cleaning up all the implements and storing them for the winter. Then decided to hook up the new snowblower power pack and route the hoses. Glad i did cause that sure takes some time. And of course then i had to get the work van's snow tires all set to install in a few...
  61. grsthegreat

    aghhhh . My trusty OLD Century ac/dc welder finally gave up the ghost today

    But not before finishing up my project. She held on till the last weld. Then a very odd thing happened. The manual amperage handle slammed all the way to the bottom and a very loud humm is emitted from the welder. If i shut it off and reset the handle to my setting and turn the girl on, it...
  62. grsthegreat

    Question about walk behind trenchers

    Ive run alot of walk behind trenchers, but always on fairly smooth ground. I have a project coming up that requires a 200' long trench , 18" deep along a 30% incline hill. Has anyone here ever run a ditch witch style machine parallel to a steep incline like this? I'm afraid it will always try to...
  63. grsthegreat

    how do you get rid of old hyd fluid and used oil

    I have 20 gal of used hydraulic oil and a couple of gallons of used motor oil, and i tried to find someplace in north Idaho that will take it.....N O P E, So much for our states recycling program. The land fill will take 5 gal per week per person, between 12 and 3 pm on Friday only. No one else...
  64. grsthegreat

    chipping trees with the Jimna 6 pto powered chipper

    I know some people here hate the Chinese made Jimna chippers, but Ive had mine in use for 5-6 years (i forget exactly) and it has never failed me yet. Last week i hired a friend with his huge excavator to pull out 8 trees...roots and all... to prepare the new lawn area I'm planning to landscape...
  65. grsthegreat

    question about overrunning clutch

    i was at the tractor supply store (big R) to try and get a longer extension to my PTO shaft for the wood chipper. A total new longer shaft runs about $250 incl the new u joints. and i cut it to fit. As an alternative they have an overriding clutch assembly that would effectively lengthen my...
  66. grsthegreat

    had to move a 8' x 8' jacuzzi today

    i found out that the local rental yard rents forklift extension arms for $17.00/day. there 9 foot long and slipped right onto my forklift attachment...... worked GREAT. I was able to move the jacuzzi about 60 feet all by myself. man, its amazing what Ive used these forks for. now ill have to...
  67. grsthegreat

    question about single acting cyllinders

    i just finally completed the installation of the hydraulic assist cylinder kit on my speeco post hole digger, but now i'm confused. It has 2 hoses on the cylinder, and i assumed that it hooks into the rear ports like all my other stuff, Now i come to find out that its a single acting unit and...
  68. grsthegreat

    Just noticed an issue with the loader lines on DK45

    I removed my loader the other day to do the 50 hour maint, and i noticed some minor scratching happening on the gray engine cover and the hood on the side that has the hoses. After i reinstalled the loader, i watched as i raised it to full height and lowered it to the ground... guess what. The...
  69. grsthegreat

    question for DK owners about changing hydraulic fluid

    OK, i did my 50 hour maintenance work today and i have a question that someone else may know the answer to. I followed the manual when i drained the transmission fluid and removal of the transmission filter and the HST filter (PS: thank you to whoever suggested i buy an 8" strap belt for...
  70. grsthegreat

    making brackets and installing quick attach loader mounted snowblower

    Not sure if anyone is even interested in this thread, but i have been pulling out the hair thats remaining in my head to try and make some removable brackets for threading the twin 3/4" supply hydraulic hoses to my "quick attach" brand loader mounted snowblower. The manual just says to zip tie...
  71. grsthegreat

    whats the secret for removing the FEL on the DK

    Man, i read and re-read the manual on front end loader removal....and after about 1 hour i was finally able to remove the FEL. No matter how i positioned the loader, i couldn't remove both locking pins. I placed it on a level concrete surface. I finally had to pound out the bolt with a sledge...
  72. grsthegreat

    my new impliments finally arrived

    will have to wait till weekend to officially try them out.....if it stops raining long enuf. These are all "Quick Attach" brand skid steer attachments. I now have a rear pto powered hydraulic pump that runs a loader mounted snow blower. no shear bolts on this blower...cant wait till next snow...
  73. grsthegreat

    silly question about dash light

    i was reading the tractor manual and one of the instrument panel idiot lights shows an image of a tractor drive line and its called "4 wheel drive engager light " which illuminated when tractor is in 4wd. but right below it is the same symbol with a arrow in front of the front wheels and there...
  74. grsthegreat

    another fake sale ad in classified

    Another fake poster to look out for in the classified section 2006 John Deere 4520,400CX Self Leveling Quick Attach Loader 335 hours - that tractor was legitimately sold on ebay Jan 2011 for 28,000. eBay Feedback Profile for tmooreequipment when will these jerks figure...
  75. grsthegreat

    Just sold my trusty 1996 JD870

    I just sole the old 870, and the wife is NOT happy to see it go. She loved that old tractor. It built our entire property over the last 14 years. I'm going to hate to see it go also. Like a trusty old friend. Always did what i asked of it. I only got a new tractor because i needed more...
  76. grsthegreat

    question about adding a battery to a horse trailer

    My wife purchased a new horse trailer, and the first thing i learned is it didn't have a battery onboard to run the lights when not attached to the towing rig. First time out, we left light on and killed the battery. To prevent this from occurring while were out in the wilderness......ive...
  77. grsthegreat

    I have someone interested in my 1996 JD 870 but wants a backhoe for it

    I know the original backhoe for this tractor was the John Deere 8A, which i was told may be out of production. Does anyone here know of an aftermarket hoe that would work?? Im not sure where to look. This person likes my tractor, but insists he wants a hoe for it....i told him id see if they...
  78. grsthegreat

    anyone here ever build a stand to park a 3 point post hole digger when not in use?

    I just purchased a hydraulic downforce kit for my Speeco post hole digger, and now i have a new quandary. after i install this thing, the post hole digger is going to be very heavy. its hard to install by myself right now, after i add all this steel it will be a real pain. didn't quite think...
  79. grsthegreat

    dk45 cab has ipod cable?

    i had a cold, rainy day do i decided to open a few compartments on my kioti cab tractor to see where i can add a switch for a led rotating beacon. there is a nice area near the wiper switches that has 4 additional blank inserts so i can add a switch for beacon. upon opening the cover, i found...
  80. grsthegreat

    cost of tractors vs cost of autos, etc

    I read alot of posts here about which tractors are best vs cost of tractor, etc. and it got me to thinking. I just sold a 20 year old horse trailer for $3,000. I bought it in 1992 for $2,000. Id say i got my use out of that money spent. Mind you its always been under cover and was in great...
  81. grsthegreat

    Have proof of Chinese made Deere's

    ok...just kidding. but its made in china and its painted in john deere colors..... watta you think sorry.. i couldn't resist
  82. grsthegreat

    question about PTO engage switch

    OK, heres a question to all you Kioti owners . I have a new DK45SE HST with the electrical PTO engage switch on the dash. The salesman told me i simply have to flick the switch, in the manual mode, and didn't have to decrease engine speed. the manual says to decrease engine speed, then engage...
  83. grsthegreat

    Switching emergency flashers to led's

    ok, heres a question for all you LED lovers. Id like to change my 12 volt emergency lights on my Kioti to LED's, for increased visibility during snow plowing. I've been looking into it, and I'm totally confused. The existing lamps are standard single filament 12 volt push and twist lamps...
  84. grsthegreat

    anyone use a "Quick Attach" brand snowblower or blade

    ive been looking at the "Quick Attach" brand of attachments, and just received their catalog, The items look nice and beefy, but was wondering if anyone here has used them, and what they feel is good or bad about them. i like that you can buy direct from them, but then again, i cant go and...
  85. grsthegreat

    wolverine oil pan heater

    anyone ever use the wolverine oil pan heater?? i was just wondering if this works, and if i could add one to my oil pan AND to the transmission on the HST Kioti, in stead of the 300 watt magnetic stick on and fall off variety i use? any suggestions?
  86. grsthegreat

    ok...which of you easterners sent the snow here to idaho

    Ok.....i want to know which one of you eastern USA'ers sent the snow back here to Idaho. i finally had all the snow melted off the ranch...i even repainted and stored the snowblower for the season (then places an ad for it on craigslist). now we have had 4" of the stuff fall in the last hour and...
  87. grsthegreat

    just a general observation about new tractors

    i went through a lot of turmoil before i decided on my recent tractor purchase, and i was just wondering about something that struck me as odd the other day. When i was looking for a new car, i didnt mind if it was Korean made, or Japanese made or US made. i just wanted good value for the money...
  88. grsthegreat

    question about building my own post hole digger hydraulic down assist

    i have a speeco model 65 post hole digger, about 10 years old. i contacted the manufacturer to see if their hydraulic down-force kit will work on the older models, and the tech people told me NO. id have to replace the main body to use their kit. well, thats not going to happen. so heres my...
  89. grsthegreat

    i love my new DK45SE HST

    man..the more i drive this tractor...the more i love it. my poor old JD870 feels so lost without me though.
  90. grsthegreat

    question about adding hydraulic top link to 3 point post hole digger

    i was told you can add a hydraulic top link to 3 point post hole digger, to give it added pressure while digging. Has anyone attempted to do this??? my post hole digger is very rugged, and i can see that it can be done, however im wondering about the downsides to doing htis. currently, i usually...
  91. grsthegreat


    Ive been waiting a week for my new Kioti DK45SE HST Cab tractor to arrive.....and i have included the mandatory (smile) arrival and unload pics. It came late int he day so i only got to play with it for about an hour... there's always tomorrow.