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  1. Thomas

    Canada Day

    Enjoy and stay safe all.
  2. Thomas

    Harv's Holiday Classic

    Indeed part of TBN. (y)
  3. Thomas


    Today is National Worship of Tools Day remember some of those old call knuckle busters.
  4. Thomas

    App. power outage.

    Is there app. can be install on iphone to notify when power outage ones home? Thanks.
  5. Thomas

    Shipping containers.

    Friend strongly thinking about purchasing shipping container for tractor and attachments,other than good ventilation some sort solid base your thoughts.
  6. Thomas


    Your take on this...Pros & Cons...think about purchasing one for now.
  7. Thomas

    Attach flies.

    Need helpful hint etc. Since new TBN format unable to post attachments keep getting as shown,also have to use All files instead of custom files,what should I do to correct the problem? Thank you. JFIF. now before peg,jpeg etc. work fine.
  8. Thomas

    TBN Stickers.

    Years back TBN offer sort of bumper stickers :thumbsup: wondering more like hoping plans might be works sticker for vehicle window in side or outside something like the TBN baseball caps.
  9. Thomas

    Ask Tractor Mike.

    I stumble across this site on Youtube ask tractor Mike has some good tips tricks info.
  10. Thomas

    Well built loader.

    Friend like parking his Farmall under the old tree,but this morning tree want to lay down,only damage slight dent in the hood...whew.
  11. Thomas


    ... looking for comfortable suspenders that won't bit the shoulders wearing t shirt and easy to adjust for working pants what do you recommend? Thanks.
  12. Thomas

    Cat. Pins.

    I was question in which couldn't answer from young man so I am asking for your knowledge. As shown in the picture by reversing Cat. pins to inside would cause any effects such as damage to 3 point hitch etc. ? Thanks.
  13. Thomas

    Gotta give... try for those evening just want small fire to relax by. Crazy Russian Hacker - Swedish Torch Log with a Chainsaw | Facebook
  14. Thomas


    More protection for loader pistons and arms...dang rocks.
  15. Thomas

    Heading Back Into Town

    May the new chapter in your life be good one. :thumbsup:
  16. Thomas

    Crack housing.

    After 20+ years final crack searching for the same model with no luck. :(
  17. Thomas

    How's your dealer doing?

    No cash taken credit card or account.
  18. Thomas

    Look up parts....

    Kubota and IH tractor some models parts listing also attachments might come in handy in the future.
  19. Thomas


    TSC has poll you fill out each month when you purchase item/items online,wondering if any TBN'ers ever won.
  20. Thomas

    Bad Boys.

    Heard today at dealership Bad Boys could be offering tractor later this year early next year. :confused:
  21. Thomas

    Kubota B2650

    Like to hear your pros and cons on B2650 with front loader rear tire chains and loaded tires. Tractor use will be light dirt work and some snow removal. Thanks.
  22. Thomas

    Kubota L4630

    Looking for input on Kubota L4630 shuttle shift...good or bad. Thanks.
  23. Thomas

    Your elevation.

    Our home at 1341 feet.
  24. Thomas

    Uncle Gus.

    Seen this aid floating around and wonder if any TBN'ers try it. Uncle Gus has product you spray wires etc. also cloth pouch bag you place inside tractor and will keep mice etc. away from chewing or nesting.
  25. Thomas

    Townline Equipment.

    Its that time of year again. :cool2: Open House Plainfield, NH - Townline Equipment - Kubota dealer in NH and VT
  26. Thomas

    Super Snow Moon

    For those are likely enough to have clear sky and snow on the ground tonight Super Snow Moon,watch for critters while enjoying views.
  27. Thomas

    Maple Syrup.

    Any TBNer's making maple syrup this year? This year plan on making 3 or 4 gallons only instead 100 gallons.
  28. Thomas


    Mrs. and I looking at Kentucky when I retire. What part of Kentucky do you recommend... 2000sq. ft. home,1 acre + land,near city or well develop town,decent wage,less chance facing tornado.
  29. Thomas

    Tractor trailer???

    Not required in states...wondering why trailer doesn't have back up lights let drivers know he's going to or he is backing up?
  30. Thomas

    Collecting rain water.

    Its been brought up for the second time our dot on the map restrictions collecting rain water...2 rain barrels not to exceed 110 gallons and can't use collected rain water for veggies...okay I am :confused2: about this one whats the harm,guess some states its a no-no.
  31. Thomas

    TLE 4/18

    Townline Equipment having its 47 open house this Wednesday,I have my fingers toes eyes cross planning to make the event. Open House 218 - Townline Equipment
  32. Thomas

    Tractor Clubs.

    Do you belong to tractor chapter/club?
  33. Thomas

    Roads Posted.

    That time of year towns/cities start posting roads on weight limits because frost start to come out. Heard today last Thursday next town over have posted all secondary to 6 ton, and probably won't remove the ban until late April...kicker is for one tractor dealer and 2 costumers,one tractor...
  34. Thomas

    New Hampshire Expo.

    home page nh farm and forest expo Lots of knowledge to be had. :thumbsup:
  35. Thomas

    Wood vs Pellet heat ???

    We have burn wood for many..many years and now Mrs. wants to try wood pellets. Purchase Harman pellet furnace heats 3000 sq.ft,my concern will we get the same warmth density like wood?..I don't mind putting up 5 cords wood each year nor extras... when -20F plus for days on end. Like to hear...
  36. Thomas

    Deer Ticks

    Last couple of weeks been taking slow stroll in the woods checking on trees need removing also how soft ground is for tractoring,yesterday was the worst 12 deer ticks needed to be remove from me :( good year for ticks not good year for us. How's the ticks in your area?
  37. Thomas

    Kubota Sweatshirts.

    I've call number of Kubota dealerships from ME. and none offer Kubota sweatshirts. :( Ebay does offer sweatshirts/hoodies but honestly I wouldn't wear them even to the dump.:rolleyes: Any know of Kubota dealerships offers nice looking sweatshirt... Thanks. TBN sweatshirt would be...
  38. Thomas

    Harv's Holiday Classic.

    ....Enjoy. Click on.
  39. Thomas

    Crack Rim.

    M4800 only 550 easy hours but now the other front disk rim has completely crack around. Lug nuts are torque to spec also tire air pressure okay. :confused: What do you think could be causing this:confused:
  40. Thomas

    Granite Post.

    What the best means of drill 1/4" hole threw granite post... post 6" x 6". Thanks.
  41. Thomas

    Equipment Auction.

    C. W. Gray's in Fairlee,VT. having equipment auction this Saturday starting at 8:30am...if anything like the past it should be crowded. CW GRAY INDEX HOME PAGE
  42. Thomas

    TBN T-Shirts.

    My TBN ball cap has seen better days :ashamed: and summer almost upon us,will TBN be offering t-shirts for there was talk about it while ago.:jump:
  43. Thomas

    Wood furance.

    I did back SEARCH got couple good ideas,but what do you think a good indoors wood furance today? 2500 square feet.
  44. Thomas

    Vinyl siding.

    What would work great removing mold from vinyl siding w/pressure washer? Thanks.
  45. Thomas

    Townline Equipment.

    Another sign of spring its Townline Equipment Open won't be disappointed. Open House 2015 - Townline Equipment
  46. Thomas


    Not bad idea.
  47. Thomas

    Thats a HOG

    Those are one tough brave fellows. Hunters bag, tie 790-pound “BoarZilla” hog | The Flash Today: News & Sports - Always Free, Always Local Rest or the story. Hunters bag, tie 790-pound “BoarZilla” hog | The Flash Today: News & Sports - Always Free, Always Local
  48. Thomas

    WayneB pass on.

    Sadden news TBN has lost another and one heck of man,but your memories shall live on Wayne. Re: You still making dust. :) Originally Posted by Thomas Concern,haven't notice any postings for days,hope everything okay and that nasty storm didn't make extra work. Hi Thomas...
  49. Thomas

    Delete Attachments.

    How does one delete attachments from...File Upload Manager/Add Files? Thanks.
  50. Thomas

    Clean the snow off.

    It doesn't take all that much longer and safer for other,some states its the law...
  51. Thomas

    Snow removal

    Does your wife/better half do snow removal w/tractor?
  52. Thomas

    Tire chains on.....

    front tires only useing 4WD. Pro's & Con's.
  53. Thomas

    Snow removal.

    City finally clamping down on home owners etc. which mostly have there driveways plow about leaving snowing the road. Highway foreman leaving letter to those repeated offenders also last snowstorm,seem if you hire contactor now its your responsibility. First offends $50..Second offends...
  54. Thomas

    Delete Attachments.

    How does one delete uploaded files (photos) from manage attachment? I try selecting and waited hours still nothing deleted.
  55. Thomas

    Stactic Electricity

    Because dry condition lately every time I exit my pickup w/cloth seats Iam getting heck of static shock and I mean SHOCK. I've spray 3M antic static spray w/in pickup even have two rubber straps fasten to frame touching ground still no luck. What coarse of action have you taken? Thanks.
  56. Thomas

    Harv's Holiday Classic.

  57. Thomas

    Knock Knock.

    Helloooo again. Now that ground frozen and brisk temps are upon us time to come inside until mud season. Good to see number of old timers still kicking and welcome new members. :) Been busy from late spring summer into late fall mostly from mother nature wrath...couple flash foods which cost...
  58. Thomas

    Hope Phil's right.

    Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring... I am planing spring clean up field/garden prep before black flies arrive.
  59. Thomas

    Snow removal.

    We haven't had snow storm about week now but snow removal still going on full force...hmmm.
  60. Thomas

    Machine of Glory.

    Anyone watch this new program? Discovery Channel.
  61. Thomas

    Toboggan Sled train.

    How many remember back when as kid growing up on winter night moon shining air was brisk kids were bundle up,toboggans sleds were tie end to end than to auto pull for many miles on old back country dirt/snowly got cold or tired plently room in those big old Olds Fords to warm up or...
  62. Thomas

    Walk about.

    Always good to do walk about check tractor over before moving,you'll never know what you might find...more than dozen yellow jackets. 5 days since use of tractor.
  63. Thomas

    Townline Equipment.

    Well its that time again :) Townline Equipment open house from 10am-4pm. Over the counter discounts,tech talks,music,great home cook food all you can eat,something for every one this Wednesday April 18th....better get there early if you don't feel like walking to far. ;)
  64. Thomas

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Plowing your long driveway.

    10" plus I like to set plow at 45 degrees than on my first couple of runs plow each edge of driveway,by doing so I find easier cleaning plus quicker than one lump sum on final run. Whats your plan of attack?
  65. Thomas

    Price Check  JD2150

    I am going to look at JD2150 4x4 w/front loader w/1900 hrs. Tractor has been gone thru front to end by dealer,cost in parts labor $3.600.oo owner said.,no dents etc..well taken care of. Tractor was used on 5 head farm,he brought tractor new 1986. Owner asking $11.000.oo Other than looking for...
  66. Thomas


    Knowing me good chance I am staring at it,but can't seem to locate F&Q (Facts and Questions) section.
  67. Thomas


    Looking for ideas to hold shovel and rack on tractor.
  68. Thomas

    Crack housing.

    After 15 years all kinds of conditions this evening I notice liquid at the base of housing,after little investigation found cause. :( One of kind not replaceable nor purchase. :( :(
  69. Thomas

    Harv's Holiday Classic.

    Thank you once again Harv. Click on pic and enjoy.:)
  70. Thomas


    Looking for embroidered Long tractor patch..I am not having any luck. :(
  71. Thomas

    Killer Bees GA.

    Seems to be making there way north. ‘Killer bees’ swarm, kill Dougherty County man - News -
  72. Thomas

    Deerfield Fair.

    Anyone attending Deerfield NH. Fair antique tractor pulling Friday @pm until done?
  73. Thomas


    Wishing all the very best which will feel this nasty storm. Stay safe.
  74. Thomas

    Small to BIG.

    North Haverhill,NH fair Saturday starting 9am w/garden tractors,follow by farm tractors and those BIG beast tractor should be pulling under stars.
  75. Thomas

    Wher my Kubota???

    Returning from Sunday morning coffee chat w/the guys,decided to smooth 250' driveway. Decide to let Kubota warm up while I made coffee snick donut,but much to my surprise Kubota was gone..time for little tracking..found Kubota doing women chores ;) I kept mumbling real low and offer hand,Mrs...
  76. Thomas

    Diesel price.

    Last couple months over the road diesel price been at $2.99 gal..finding this odd for my area but not complaining. What are you pay for diesel?
  77. Thomas


    Another sign of spring,first of the year equipment auction..different model tractors,heavy equipment,different assort. attachments,etc. etc. Location Fairlee,VT. at Grays Auction Field April 24th.
  78. Thomas

    Poor mans manure.

    Last couple of weeks been t-shirt weather:) woke up to inch of snow this morning w/more snow to fall by Sunday...just when mud season was showing sign of early drying for once. :(
  79. Thomas

    TLE Open House.

    Townline Equipment Open House 2010 on April 14th from 10am-4pm located Route 12A Plainfield,NH. Guys do heck of job..discounts,door prizes etc. also great lunch!!!..even mother nature can't stop event. Hope to meet some fellow TBNer's there. :)
  80. Thomas

    White FB Tractor.

    Looking for any info on White Field Boss FB-16 tractor. Transmission grinding than locks up while backing up. Thanks.
  81. Thomas

    Travel chain.

    Wondering why each year less tractor offer travel chain..chain attach to 3pt hitch arm,usually chain link slip on grab under seat or near. Traveling chain hook in place than lower rear attachment until travel chain tight I would think be less stress on 3pt also banging/snaping internal...
  82. Thomas


    Another winter upon us and most been out couple times snow removeal,now don't be shy and share some oops. :) Monday night I was plowing,backing up to make another long run I forgot about the rear scraper blade..back into large pine,sure got my attention real quick. :o
  83. Thomas

    Holidays Classic.

    Just wouldn't be holidays w/out Harv's classic. Thank you Harv.
  84. Thomas

    Kubota L2800

    Call dealer today for set ladder rear tire chains to fit R4's when they come for first service,and told him subtract from my credit account,dealer said that will be $820.oo..about blow my coffee all over the phone. Tire chains $470.oo..I am find w/that. Spacers $350.oo..hmmm Are these spacers...
  85. Thomas

    Little old fashion.

    My first tractor solo was on Farmall H when I was tadpole early 60's ;) thru the decades on different types of tractor except for 8N each model had muffler/shack verical,L2800 first tractor I've own w/hidden muffler...still there times when operating feeling something missing than it comes to...
  86. Thomas

    Not much longer.

    Just not enough fell this morn to plow first snowfall this year ;)..wait for it..wait for it. :)
  87. Thomas

    Remove key or else... maybe waiting for seat time. :( 1.Mrs. heading down for little lower end driveway repair. :( 2.All done..good job..and now wants to go fishing. :( :(
  88. Thomas

    Frank F15.

    Anyone heard from Frank lately...speedy recovery wishes.
  89. Thomas

    John Miller3.

    Have seen to many posting from this gentleman of late,hope he stops by often here to diesel up. :)
  90. Thomas

    Townline Equipment Sales.

    April 15th 10-4pm annual open house...true sign of spring. :)
  91. Thomas

    Ready for mud season.

    Now whats that be coming up the driveway. :) Hug the hood pat the tire and say good bye to old friend of 14 years. :( Fill the thermos and took an hour ride on L2800HST. :) I'll be getting my crayons for projects. ;)
  92. Thomas

    L2800 your thoughts.

    Round 1. Plan on purchasing B2920HSD w/loader,turf tires, mid march...$16.850.oo Round Dealer made offer on L2800HST w/loader,R4's fill...$16.875.oo Looking forward to your imput...Mrs. already gave for thought ;) L2800HST. Thanks.
  93. Thomas

    Wants to be my buddy.

    With in the last week an half this young bull been hanging around but now he's getting to darn friendly,for when he see or hears me he will come looking which means lawn gets punch in broke lower tree limbs also piles of poops and when hiting those piles w/lawn mower can really make a mess. :(...
  94. Thomas

    Caught off guard.

    While standing outside slipping on hot coffee talking w/John & Frank this morning,guy came working over and ask John if he could borrow his tractor for clean up today...John didn't even know this guy and John one or those quick whitted ones...John's reply"Did I ask you if a could borrow your...
  95. Thomas

    Townline Equipment...

    Anyone going to attend Townline Equipment open house on 4/18 from 10am-4pm?? 2007 Open House It is that time of the year again, and we are planning our biggest open house yet! If you haven’t been in lately, our brand new 24,000 square foot facility is well underway. The building, when finished...
  96. Thomas


    Yesterday morning after pushing back snow banks I ran out of time...Mrs. wanted me to push the shoping basket :(...I didn't get a chance to remove the snow around the motorcycle trailer,also remove the snow from the area where the trailer sets from mud season until turkey day. Last night I...
  97. Thomas

    ATV 2 Seater??

    Need your advice gentlemen. When it comes to 2 seater which make would fit our needs...Automatic tranny,Stable enough to handle two. Iam 6'1" 220lbs,Mrs. 5'7" 130 lbs,Both in our early 50's,Not looking for speed just comfort,Mrs. doesn't want her own ATV to ride. I know its not a good idea to...
  98. Thomas

    NH Expo.

    Did anyone attend NH Expo which was held in Manchester,NH. this weekend? Well worth it,and this was the best event they have put on in years....something for everyone even the children.
  99. Thomas

    Ground Hog.

    Willlll ole Phil see his shadow...I am ready for mud season. "Ground Hog day you should be half way thru your wood and hay"
  100. Thomas

    New and old ideas plus.

    Should be interesting. NH Farm & Forest Exposition
  101. Thomas

    TLE new front doors coming.

    Been while since I stop in chew the fat w/boys at Townline Equipment dealership in Plainfield, while the Mrs. was off shopping that's where I headed. As I turn into the dealership I was stun...WOW...TLE going to add some floor space. Attachments...still no snow,other photos shows the...
  102. Thomas

    Harv's season wishes.

    Years back...01 or 02...Harv (TBN member) made season greeting sort of slide show of many different brands of tractors coming together putting up a Christmas tree w/lights and star...I did a search found nothing :( Can any of you old timers ;) recall or have Harv's handy work stored in one of...
  103. Thomas

    Hark..what do I hear..

    ...the town snow plow and salt shaker filling the morning air w/sound. Yup 2+ inches of fallen snow last night,which makes a grand total of 5 1/2" inches since Wednesday...looks like ole man winter coming in like a lamb,sure hope he doesn't leave like a loin. Welllll time for another cup and...
  104. Thomas

    Toying w/hunters emotions.

    Its youth hunting weekend in NH,and this well make the fourth vechile that has stop this morning,and youngsters plus dad drooling over mother doe w/young & two last years doe & nice little six pointer as they feed on grass,apples,acorns about 75 yards from the road on our the little...
  105. Thomas

    Yesterday Iron.

    Taken at Deerfield,NH fair 06.
  106. Thomas

    NH Pullers.

    Hello all. Looking for any info (Clubs,Rules etc..) on New Hampshire lawn & garden tractor pulling...I've located great info from Vermont Tractor Pullers Association. Thank you for your time and efforts.
  107. Thomas

    Diesel $$'s

    Well I thought never see the day when brand name diesel went over $3.oo gallon...$3.05 gallon today...5 gallons of diesel & donut & large coffee one doesn't get much change back anymore. :o(
  108. Thomas

    TBN Sticker??

    Couple years ago or maybe more (CRS lately) there was talk about having TBN sticker made... 1.TBN logo...diamond w/tractor follow by TRACTORBYNET.COM 2.Diamond w/tractor as the logo shows. ... so members could notice other members at the coffee shops,fairs,dealerships etc. ;) I did search and...
  109. Thomas

    Farmall M.

    Dealer has two of these units (one for parts) and it does run...Farmall came from flower business in setting in VT.
  110. Thomas

    Just never know.

    Tree look solid.
  111. Thomas

    Antique Lawn Tractors.

    Like most things in good condition the older in age more it seems to be worth. Has anybody notice asking also sell prices on antique lawn and garden tractors lately...yikes. Example...Wheel Horse mid 50's to late 60's on ebay $200.oo for poor condition or no motor,to completey restore asking...
  112. Thomas

    Antique tractor pulls.

    For those that attend also pull I like to read your thoughts. Here in the northeast most antique tractor are consider 20 to 25 years old to pull. Do you think its fair (example) that 49 Farmall will pull against 1980 JD? Do you feel limitations should be set...Years up to/HP/Man.vs Auto tranny...
  113. Thomas


    Been MIA for while and click on TBN and its like Chirstmas morn...great job to gentlemen!! Guess I'll need helping my hand now and than for some pointers...also full coffee pot.
  114. Thomas

    Bush hog blade sharpener device.

    Co- worker has ask if there was such device out there...I used TBN search and came up empty. I told him to use hand grinder and keep sharpening until he got the nack,but in return I got a Sooo,has anyone heard of such device or jig of some sort?? Thank you.
  115. Thomas

    Long Time...

    Hello all you tractor junkie's. Hope you been well and getting plenty of seat time. Man ole man TBN has grown and looks like the foundition for this site even stronger...I tip my hat to all Well gotta kick up the old kickstand feel the rode,sooo until than all tractor safe and stay strong.
  116. Thomas

    Newspaper & Magazine

    If one like to kick back w/there feet up also w/hot cup and do some reading plus drooling,might be worth to them checking out these sites..than get on there mail list. Something for just about everybody.
  117. Thomas

    ?? Bird

    I believe it was around last December{CRS} you posted photo of your brother-in-law<--?? and they gentlman had chipper shedder fab to close in cart,and for the life of me I can't find the photo..sooo I was wondering if you still had photo etc..?? Thanks.
  118. Thomas

    Yesterday iron pulling there load.

    Nothing like watching yesterday iron still proving they still got it.
  119. Thomas


    Anyone heard from DFB lately..TBN'er..lives in Southern ME. Last I heard DFB & wife are doing well and we made plans to connect Laconia Bike Week Rally,didn't happen for the crowd were shoulder to shoulder. Oh I guess he still out touring the country side on one of his three bikes and his JD...
  120. Thomas

    Rear Blade  Rear blade info.

    Do you folks know of a company that offers manuel sliding both ways rear scraper blade? about 5 foot in lenght.
  121. Thomas

    B7800 lenght??

    Would anybody have the over all lenght from the cutting edge of the bucket on fel,to the 3pth setup on B7800??..thanks. 30F..Over cast sky.
  122. Thomas


    I been keeping my eye on the new B7800 w/fel,and listening also reading about the pros & cons,soooo would it be wise to think about purchasing this year or next year since since its new to the market? What are your likes? What are your dislikes? Thanks.
  123. Thomas

    Thining for Winter.

    Nothing like good help to get ready for winter.
  124. Thomas


    Thank you for the concerns gentlemen. Been extra busy the last month or so w/taking care of two estates,winter,wife has operation soon,building a chopper m/c etc.. just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day..or maybe my age starting to catch up /wme...yikes! Do hope all going well w/all TBN...
  125. Thomas

    Taking care of.

    The owner of this little guy{B6100}never really took good care of. Holes in the grill,fence wire holding hyd hoses in place,dirt pact around pistons,motor just pain dirty,dings and dents in fenders & hood..etc..
  126. Thomas

    Farmer Heaven.

    Farmer worked the fields before sun up and will past sun down for 51+ years. He provides food and comfort for is family w/a strong but yet a gentle hand thru out those years. Indeed the good times out weight the bad times,as I notice thru these farmers years. His children have grown and move...
  127. Thomas

    Clogged Injector.

    While plowing Saturday AM on 1/4/03 I notice also felt something a tad strange,than in a moment the motor was running find once again once again the old motor started to act up again but w/in 10mins or so everything was fine Around noon the old engine started to act up darn good and I knew...
  128. Thomas


    If one was going to feed Whitetail Deer thru the winter months again what other band than Blue Seal Deer Pellets has the best ingredients to offer.
  129. Thomas


    Well today my little{Ms.<font color=orange>K<font color=orange><font color=black>} girl turns 7 years old. Just seems like yesterday when she was deliver w/open arms,and thru out the years she hasn't given me any trouble other than broken hose nor every talk back,and given me some thrills...
  130. Thomas

    Never Thought

    I never thought the day would come those 86 acres would ever be log. The land owner past away year ago and his son sold the land to developer and now the mighty oaks and the pines that reach the into the heavens are starting to fall like the autumn leaves. As a tadpole that was one of my...
  131. Thomas

    Too All!!

    <font color=red>Merry<font color=red> <font color=green>Chirstmas<font color=green><font color=black> to all,and may this holiday be peaceful also a safe one.
  132. Thomas


    I'm getting some hum dingers of static shocks..and its getting so I don't dare to pat our cat anymore or give the wife a kiss and I reset from 35% to 65% for humidity level,and the static spark gone from a light blue to almost a white spark...could almost start Briggs engine ..this is the worst...
  133. Thomas

    Fel & Blower

    This is little different combo..fel & blower hook up at the same time.
  134. Thomas

    L4610 w/blower

    This Kubota owner had enough removing snow w/fel,and had a new blower install on his L4610. He got the limb riser setup idea from a fellow TBNer..Woody..not sure who gentleman is,but he does in at TBN every now and than.
  135. Thomas


    The L3130 plain and smiple and comfortable,also good viewing while steering w/3 fingers. Still waiting for the B7800 to arrive,and feed back from owners before I trade.
  136. Thomas

    Dust Control?

    Dust Control ?? would that be a fancy name for <font color=blue>WATER<font color=blue><font color=black>
  137. Thomas

    Pair of Deere

    But yet another season of working the fields has come to and end,and pair of Deere are resting for yet another year ahead.
  138. Thomas

    Cup Replacement

    Well I try different types of glue & tape and still no luck,for my Kubota coffee cup leaks and now <font color=blue>R.I.P.<font color=blue><font color=black> Would there be a fellow TBNer & Kubota dealer which might have an idea where I could purchase another Kubota ceramic coffee cup?? ..and...
  139. Thomas

    Challenger 55hp

    Sure looks good but I haven't seen or heard of anyone purchasing the Challenger models in my area.
  140. Thomas

    Challenger 120hp

    Cats offer to 120hp models.
  141. Thomas

    RC 50

    Cat offering this model..RC50,and w/the new 5"+ snow we are now getting sure like to get it a demo.
  142. Thomas

    Tractor Auction.

    Aumann once again having there Thanksgiving two day auction,on antique tractor & implements..11/29 & 11/30. Website: Phone: 217-563-2523 I'm pretty sure they could fill one of your xams wishes.
  143. Thomas


    31F,light wind plus six inches of snow so far. Weather station only call for inch of snow.
  144. Thomas

    Crank Housing.

    Well I finally found my <font color=orange>K<font color=orange><font color=black> cup,and what a I got. May better half said "it was bump of the coffee cup hook" and she still saying "I'm sorry and do you wuv me" She has been trying to replace the <font color=orange>K<font...
  145. Thomas

    Aerial Photo.

    I been looking for a good website for aerial photo from a satelite etc.. of New Hampshire..that will give a good close up luck yet Wonder if anyone knows of a good website?
  146. Thomas


    October 26th one can hear in the distance diesel motor accepting a new gear,along w/sound from the steel plow bouncing off the tar road as the sander hums its tune once again. 2" of wet heavy snow now mixing w/rain,and the electric lines are weight down like wash hung out to dry on line..lights...
  147. Thomas


    Looks like winter has return. Inch plus and still coming down.
  148. Thomas

    Hart Parr Tractor.

    An old Hart Parr Oliver Row Crop just waiting to do some harvesting.
  149. Thomas

    JD B

    After all these years..JD B still looking for another field to turn over.
  150. Thomas

    JD435 D

    I didn't know John Deere made 435D w/a blower,and happen to stumble upon one by a sugar shack in which the owner was stacking sugar wood for next spring. Owner stated heavy snow and mud thats when it really shines.
  151. Thomas


    You never know what you may find in someone barn..old <font color=green>JD D<font color=green><font color=black>
  152. Thomas


    Photos of the new Mahindra w/attachments.
  153. Thomas

    Iron Farmall

    It would take lot of snow to stop this Farmall,but I sure wouldn't want to be on ice w/her
  154. Thomas


    Photos of some yesterday iron..International Junior.
  155. Thomas


    I would much rather have today's tiller than walk behind like this JD when preping plot.
  156. Thomas


    A nice looking Oliver Row Crop.
  157. Thomas


    This Farmall starts one to remembering the good old days of growing up.
  158. Thomas

    Silver King

    This yesterday mid size tractor seem very well built from the hand crank to the hitch.
  159. Thomas


    Ingersoll sub compact tractor eye catcher also.
  160. Thomas

    Caterpillar Tractor

    Here couple of models Caterpillar offers..there comfortable,good viewing when operating,easy hook ups etc...
  161. Thomas


    Another season has ended and autumn has started..darker than tar paper outside,and the air 65F..humd 90%..birds are flocking together..wildlfe coats are turning..mowing has all about come to end,and the leaves are getting ready to fall..last two season days flew by like flock of geese heading...
  162. Thomas


    In Milton,NH tomorrow 9/21 there having all day event at the tractor museam..old tractors etc..might be worth checking out.
  163. Thomas

    JD G

    Proud owner of a JD G.
  164. Thomas

    Super M

    Just something about the Farmall M models that well make one stop,as it slowly rolls by..
  165. Thomas


    Came upon this rare beauty..<font color=red>Farmall Super M-TA<font color=red><font color=black> for some reason the M & Super M were more in demand in this area.
  166. Thomas

    Vapor Trails

    On the east coast from mid morning until sunset Saturday,did anybody else notice lot of jet vapor trails..all the jet aircraft were flying from upper east to south down the coast line..seem to be military transports and at times they were three wide. Kinda makes you wonder if we are once...
  167. Thomas

    NE Rain

    Well its been raining for over 13hrs now from light to heavy back to light and the last time its rain this long was Father Day weekend.
  168. Thomas

    Vintage MF

    This mid 50's MF 98 turbo w/blower getting ready for some pulling action.
  169. Thomas

    Kuhn Mower

    Wondering just how good this Kuhn mower would do on edges of banks,fields,ditches etc..
  170. Thomas

    Farmall Family

    Nice IH 650
  171. Thomas

    Having some fun.

    Even the owner's lawn and garden tractors know how to have some fun.
  172. Thomas

    Home away from home.

    One sure could get very comfortable w/in this monster while working.
  173. Thomas

    Lawn Mower.

    Bet this piece of equipment would be fun to operate when the leaves start falling..soon.
  174. Thomas


    Sharp looking Kioti DK55C.
  175. Thomas

    Silent Statement.

    This photo shows and says how a lot of us still many ways.
  176. Thomas

    Dog Barking??

    Our dog was barking up a storm last evening and this cow was feeding towards my wifes flower garden had to little action and the flash of the camera came in handy.
  177. Thomas

    In Love

    How can one not fall in w/this beauty..JD L. Its not for sale and only for shows and rides.
  178. Thomas

    Rare Fine.

    This JD435 diesel rare find since JD only made 2655 units from 1958 to 1960, so if you have one or knows of somebody who does make little extra room in the barn...good pulling tractor w/weight on the front.
  179. Thomas

    Steam Tractor

    Sure wouldn't want to get this old heavy weight monster stuck.
  180. Thomas

    Steam Roller

    This steam roller must have been a handful to operate.
  181. Thomas

    Ford 971

    Class act for sure..showing and pulling..and it ain't for sale the owner said.
  182. Thomas

    Oliver 98 or 99

    They say beauy is in the eye of the be holder..will here a photo. This turbo Oliver w/a GM power plant can fool one. I'm not sure if this is a 98 or a 99 GM engine,I do that Massey had a model about the sametime w/a 98 or 99 turbo.
  183. Thomas


    This Cub one owner and been mowing the same fields{40 acrces} for almost 50 years,and the cub never skip a beat he said.
  184. Thomas

    Titian Tractor

    This 1914 Titian 10-20 doesn't come w/any about iron horse.
  185. Thomas

    Justin Case

    If you got the time this yesterday iron will get the job done. The owner name it..Justin Case
  186. Thomas


    This Case is still earning its keep 50 years later.
  187. Thomas

    Compact Tractor

    Early days of the compact tractor..1952 Plymouth.
  188. Thomas

    First Time.

    My close friend Charlie has got the pulling bug..yikes First pull ever he took 5th place w/his gentle giant JD830. I still don't think his wife still happy about the $$ been spent..New p/u,trailer,tractor plus fair food.
  189. Thomas


    Can really think of a better way to spend a cool country summer days w/wife,friends,fair food,tractor pulls also see my friend in his first ever tractor pull come in 5th place w/his JD830.
  190. Thomas

    Finish,Done,No More!

    Well my better half flower garden project finally completed..whew. "It only took a month an half" so she says and already forgot about the cold&snow&rain etc..doing this little project. Ahhh long as she happy thats what counts.
  191. Thomas

    Whats Next??

    Looks like but yet another two day weekend wash out..or should I say <font color=red>snow<font color=red><font color=black> out. Good old New England weather.
  192. Thomas


    Looks like Speedex tractor are making a slow come back..wish I still had my 1832.
  193. Thomas


    I thought about purchasing something like this for my two newhews when they come to visit..keep them busy ..but when those two buggers get there heads together look out.
  194. Thomas


    Sure wanted to buy this <font color=red>Farmall<font color=red><font color=black> and place it down by the road under the big pine but my better half gave me couple of looks which equal<font color=black> <font color=red>no!!<font color=red><font color=black>..
  195. Thomas


    If you like vintage tractor,cars,trucks etc..than you should check out or call toll free 1-888-AUCTN-4U The next auction be held Upper Marlboro,Maryland. It doesn't hurt to dream.
  196. Thomas


    Somebody please shut that snow valve off or would a fellow TBNer be doing a snow dance and sending that white stuff my way. Arrive home to find the ground cover again w/snow.
  197. Thomas


    JD830 {2Cyl.} ran from 1958..8300000 until 1960..8305301,than JD ran the JD830 {3Cyl.} from 1974..109507 until 1975..145500...I've visit Yesterday Tactors website also JD plus many more..looking to see what the differents in pto horse..1958 thru 1960 than compare it to 1974 & 1975..any info...
  198. Thomas


    Well another Townline Equipment auction has come and gone at Gray's field in Farliee,VT. Small rakes went for $110.oo and the bigger rakes $160.oo..brand spanking new rakes. Rear mower went for $210.oo still in the shipping crate..not a bad buy.
  199. Thomas

    All Purpose P/U

    Saw this beast at the auction yesterday,and I bet it doesn't know the word no.
  200. Thomas

    NH F&G

    Well it seems our New Hampshire Fish an Game playing god sort of speaking. After many hours of meeting NH F&G decide fewer permits for the up coming moose season,also more new rules for the up coming deer season..I'm not saying there bad rules..but it sure seems to me there playing god in...