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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Clearly tires don't generally cost up to 10's of thousands of dollars to replace on a car when they do
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    Really, really dumb question about difference between off road and on road diesel fuel.

    70 cents/gallon difference in price here
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    connecting front loader with quick hitch when you cannot see the equipment

    I've owned 2 compact tractors over the years and neither ever had a seat switch on them
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    What happened here to my tire?

    I've used both methods, start fluid or ratchet straps multiple times in the past to bead up tires
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    What do you drive for a truck?

    I guess if adding a transfer case (possibly the tail shaft assembly on the transmission to fit the transfer case), adding/altering the drive shafts, replacing the front axle, steering and suspension is considered easy
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    electric vehicles

    Like I said I buy a car for long term (decades) Have the ev pushers here owned the same ev for decades. If not their opinion to my concern is mute
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    electric vehicles

    See if I got this straight. When I by a car I generally keep them for decades. When I search battery life in an ev car I often see 10-15 years or 12-15 years etc. But since I don't own a ev and I have no plans on purchasing one because I'm concerned I could very possibly be footing a huge...
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    Tooth bar vs none difference?

    Tooth bars help a lot digging compacted soil IMO, but they will still stop dead on big rocks
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    have you seen these
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    What do you drive for a truck?

    1991 Ford F-250 XLT Lariat 4x4 (190,000 miles) Was my daily driver for decades, now only used when I need to haul something or pull my 10,000lb trailer 794544
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    Fuel costs !

    Gas here is $3.70/gal On road Diesel $4.60
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    I'll post them again in case you missed it
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Strange even consumer reports rates Kia and Hyundia ahead of Tesla for reliability
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Funny, Kia rates much higher than Tesla in Reliability according to JD Powers (as do most other Mfg.)
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2
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    Correct use of shuttle shifter

    When did I say they had dry clutch's on hydraulic shuttle tractors?? Did you read 5030's quote ?? "Kubota has not installed a dry clutch in a bellhousing in years now, They understand the principle quite well now and negate a dry clutch 100%" That is false, Kubota has many models that still...
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    Correct use of shuttle shifter

    The point I'm trying to make is Kubota has manual and shuttle transmissions models with dry clutch and hydraulic shuttle with wet clutch just like most other manufacturers offer. You want a wet clutch where you can forward/reverse without clutching generally you have to purchase a hydraulic...
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    Bad Boy Tractors

    They are not. I think they were made by Branson or TYM maybe
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    Correct use of shuttle shifter

    Thats the hydrostat . We are talking about the gear models here
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    Correct use of shuttle shifter

    Yes they do and always have had models with dry clutch The L series DT use dry clutch Also dry clutch in the grand L shuttle...
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    New Impact Wrench

    And my Dewalt 20v with similar torque ratings to your Thor was under $300 delivered, I can throw it in my truck and take it with me.
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    New Impact Wrench

    I bought a 20v Dewalt DCF900P1 black Friday sale. 1030 ft/lbs fastening torque 1400 ft/lbs loosening torque. A little heavy but strong
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    1st time buyer - 35 hp comparisons

    Gee I sure wish I would have had this information 23 years ago when I bought my Kioti DK that has been stone reliable the past 23 years/2500 hours and still working like new. (Number of times the times the tractor has been back to the dealer = 0)
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    Correct use of shuttle shifter

    Depends more on the model than manufacturer. Most mfg. offer shuttle shift on some models and hydraulic shuttle on others depending on the model
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    Correct use of shuttle shifter

    Hydraulic shuttle no need to clutch. Manual shuttle or most synchronized shuttles you do need to clutch to forward/reverse
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    Loader Skid Steer or Euro loader attachments?

    I added a powered hydraulic cylinder to the SSQA on my tractor latches so I don't need to get out of the seat to change attachments. Once locked down they are not coming off..
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    Loader Skid Steer or Euro loader attachments?

    The Euro quick hitch are nice and for heavy equipment the way to go. But for compact tractors and skid loaders the SSQA works just fine. I put 500+ hours a year on a skid loader every year for decades and have never twisted a SSQA and switch attachments multiple times a day. I've had a SSQA on...
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    Loader Skid Steer or Euro loader attachments?

    Thats all I have on my SSQA. A simple single cylinder in the middle and it works just fine. Global may be stronger for bigger heavier equipment, but for my 35 HP tractor and the skid loaders at work I get by just fine with SSQA
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Don't forget the added insurance cost for EV
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    Any pricing yet on the new E tractors?

    A quick search shows 12-15 years moderate climate. Less for extreme climate
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    Any pricing yet on the new E tractors?

    What about years. How many years do EV batteries last ???
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    CK3510SE Radiator "rotten"

    I'm still baffled how a radiator could ROT that fast. Something caused it.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Exactly why I will not buy an EV We keep our vehicles long term and expensive battery replacement is a no go
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    CK27 Shuttle locked up......

    Wow. Keep the photos and what you find coming
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    My truck 33 years old Our car 19 Sons car 21
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    1st time buyer - 35 hp comparisons

    Power reverser type transmissions don't require the clutch to forward/reverse Shuttle shifts do require the clutch to forward/reverse or to shift gears. I have an 8 forward 8 reverse synchronized shuttle, the clutch is required to forward/reverse
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    Student Loan Debt?

    Must be regional, because I've seen no relief here. Our expenses are still way up from a few years ago.
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    My Steering Wheel does not stay centered

    There is no steering gear box. You have hydrostatic power steering, its all fluid controlled so you steering wheel will move around and be in different positions
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    my Bobcat ct335 doesn't start when outside temperature is below 50 degrees.

    Still sounds like a glow plug issue. Have you tested for power at the glow plugs ?
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    Tire Pressure for Rears with Ballast

    I have R-4's and run 40 PSI front and 15 PSI rear with liquid ballast
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    Solis SV24 Electric tractor - Here is what we know so far...

    Here's where I have a problem with battery tractors.(or cars, I tend to keep them for decades also)) Lets say you average 100 hours per year for 15 years. The tractor is in excellent shape but the battery pack is bad from age. Now what, throw the thing away because the battery cost is as high as...
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    Solis SV24 Electric tractor - Here is what we know so far...

    Miles. What about years of battery life ?? When I do a search of ev battery life I'm seeing 10-15 years or 15-20 years. All our vehicles and tractors are older than that. What happens in 15 years and the battery is junk and replacement cost is equal to or more than the value of the vehicle...
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    JD Powers dependability chart
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    Buying Advice - Kioti, LS, TYM Compact Tractors

    I had a JD 850 years ago and it was a solid machine. I looked at a JD 790 when I was tractor shopping in 2001, I didn't like anything about it. Seating position was awful, the ROPS didn't fold and the front axle looked like a tooth pick compared to other machines in its class or price range. My...
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    1st time buyer - 35 hp comparisons

    I've owned a Kioti DK for 23 years and its been great. But at the price quoted for the Yanmar YM342 I would be leaning very heavily that way IMO.
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    King Cutter professional rear blade

    I have a King Kutter Pro series rear blade. Just like the OP pictured It is curved, They a not a flat face blade
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    Are tractors and equipment a good investment right now?

    I know we were doing better financially a few ago than we are now. Fact.. Inflation has FAR exceeded my slight pay increase
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    atv and utv year-around use (and in snow)

    I put an enclosed cab, windshield wipers and heater on my RZR 900s so I can ride year round and be warm and dry. 826983
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    King Cutter professional rear blade

    I've had a 7' Pro series blade for years and like it. I have top and tilt on my tractor 3 point so I've never needed to use the blades tilt or side shift , so I can't comment how those work. Stick with the King Kutter Pro series back blade, their standard duty blades are junk.
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    Tractor decision

    I've worked outside the past 3 decades. The one thing I wish my tractor had is a cab.
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    JD Zero Turn Reviews

    Thought most of their Zero turn models used Kawasaki engines. The same engines that are available to most all the other zero turn brands
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    Finish Mower on steep terrain

    And a barn to house them, and 6 acres of fencing, a food for the winter months. Sounds easier/cheaper to me !!
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    Floor jack

    Years ago I bought a HF Pittsburg HD 4 ton jack to replace the POS Sears jack I had. Been the best jack I ever owned so far. I liked it so much compared to my previous jacks I recently bought a HF Daytona 3 ton low profile, long reach jack. I really like it so far, hope it holds up over time...
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    Kioti CK20 Engine Problem

    And it was the 2005-2008 model years.
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    Kioti rx7320 brakes?

    The brakes do stop the tractor. But you do need to disengage it from being in gear with the clutch or the shuttle lever neutral just like nearly all gear drive machines for the past 100+ years
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    Kioti rx7320 brakes?

    Is this a power shuttle ? To stop you would need to put the shuttle lever in neutral and/or step on the clutch to stop/brake
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    Liquid in tire

    I went with winter blend windshield washer fluid, 75% full. No tube. Been in there with 0 issues for 22 years
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    Questions about Kioti tractors

    Like said above. Kioti uses metric bolts, they are not colored to grades. I have owned my Kioti 22 years, never had an issue with broken or loose bolts
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    Market Watch

    Our electric company increased its prices 45% last June, and our water increased 25% last June. We just got another notice from the water company that there is going to be another huge increase beginning in January. The economy SUCKS.
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    Market Watch

    And here is ours
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    Market Watch

    Slice it however you want. Our gas, water, propane, groceries, electric, and other expenses have risen that much the past 2-3 years yet our usage rate has remained the same Sure as hell not seeing only a 5% increase anywhere around this area
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    Market Watch

    What are you talking about. The price increases I listed are what our expenses have gone up the last couple years. Not someone else's skewed math. Our personal household expense increases
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    Market Watch

    87 octane is $3.76 here
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    Market Watch

    Inflation is up only 5% ??? I don't know where you live but our cost of living has gone WAY up over the past 3 years Gasoline up 40% Groceries up 25% -30% Water up 25% Electric went up 45% Propane heating up 50% Ext. Ect. our cost of living has skyrocketed
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    CK4010, w/ 6' Bush Hog??

    I run a 6' King Kutter brush mower on my DK 35 with no problem
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    Out for a spin after work.

    We bought our 2016 RZR 900s in December of 2016. Currently has 11,500 miles on it
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    Out for a spin after work.

    Piano hinge at the bottom. I paid $498 for that windshield in 2016. No idea what they cost today It had a manual windshield wiper originally, I added an SUV rear wiper motor to make it a powered wiper. Here's an older picture when the thing was newer and cleaner 495818
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    Out for a spin after work.

    Ryfab folding glass windshield. You can open the vent on the bottom for more airflow or fold the whole windshield down
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    Shaft driven vs belt driven mower decks - Worth extra cash? And Kubota transmission vs Hyrdo-drive 3600. SG222 v Z412

    I bought a 1978 Wheel Horse garden tractor used in 1986. Never an issue with the belt drive on it. (In the 37 years I've owned it I think I changed the belt once a decade or 2 ago due to dry rotting) 10 years with zero issues on my belt driven Hustler Super Z zero turn. Belt looks like new to me.
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    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    1 tractor (Kioti DK 35) Does everything I need, Don't need any more 1 Wheel Horse garden tractor 2 zero turn mowers (Hustler Super z and Snapper Pro s200xt)
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    Add this to the list of reasons I’m going to sell my Kioti

    I think Kioti should discontinue the NX series I believe I read about more problems on the NX series that all the other models combined
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    New $10,000 Toyota pickup

    My 32 year old Ford f-250 has all the bells and whistles I would ever need or want
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    Lawn Tractor vs Zero Turn

    I thought Stihl bought the rights to Simplicity
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    Backhoe vs Tractor with backhoe

    $9,800 for a backhoe on a little 17 HP JD 650 in 1998 ?? Good grief. I paid $5,200 for an 8 1/2' digging depth, 11' reach w/subframe and 18" bucket backhoe for my 35 HP tractor in 2003. I've done lots of work around here with it the past 20 years and its still working great. Available within...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Inflation and energy prices are beating the HELL out of us.
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    The new mess. Exmark Laser HP 23hp with weak hydraulic drive.

    I have Hydro Gear pumps and Parker wheel motors on my Hustler Super Z and my manual calls for 20w-50 motor oil.
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    Out for a spin after work.

    My wife and I ride our UTV (side by side) year round and often. I sometimes snow plow with it instead of the tractor because my side by side has enclosed cab and heater. My tractor doesn't. I'm getting older and like the heat when plowing snow.
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    Lawn Tractor vs Zero Turn

    I spent a lot of time smoothing our yard with the tractor/tiller/box blade, lawn roller, Etc. I mow much of my yard at full speed. Full speed on our Snapper Pro is 10 MPH. Full speed on our Hustler Super Z is 14 MPH. (both have 72" decks)
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    Lawn Tractor vs Zero Turn

    From what I have seen, the commercial model zero turns have ROPS. Most residential models do not.
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    Is a fully discharged battery now junk?

    I did that once to a new battery in my truck. Completely discharged the battery (totally dead). Jump started the truck. Ended up being the longest lasting battery I ever had. Got 13 years from that battery.
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    Will UAW Strike?

    My truck has been paid for since 1996. In 1996 I bought a used 1991 Ford F-250 for $4,000 I'm still driving that truck
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    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    Regular here $3.96 Diesel $4.80
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    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    And I do my neighbor across the streets driveway for free because she's 90 and her son and husband passed away. What does that have to do with a snow plowing contractors price to plow a mile of drive.
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    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    We generally get 4" to 12" snows like the OP. Often wet and heavy. I run chains on all 4 tires and don't have that issue, and I'm running a 9' loader mounted plow on a 35 HP tractor
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    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    Nobody anywhere is plowing 1 mile of road for $100
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    Lawn Tractor vs Zero Turn

    Changing to bar tires on my zero turn solved the problem I was having mowing our hill. Does my Wheel Horse garden tractor with ag type tires work better on that same hill? In my opinion = No. I think my zero turn with bar tires works better mowing on a hills than my garden tractor.
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    Lawn Tractor vs Zero Turn

    I did the same. My zero turns were useless on hills. I replaced the rear turf tires with Carlise AT101 bar tires. Made a world of difference, I can now mow the hill behind the house no problem at all, that I struggled to mow or couldn't mow parts of it at all with the stock turf tires.
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    Just found out people are paying $30K for L2502

    22 years and my Korean tractor has never been back to the dealer. Still working like new.
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    Quick-attach hydraulic plows - Artillian or Land Pride?

    Thats what I did. Found a used 9' Western truck plow and adapted it to my tractor. I'd estimate I have around $500 in it total.
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    Buying Advice Are TYM tractors junk?

    Then why comment ???
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    Should I consider a diesel for residential?

    5 gallon of gas per week to mow 2-3 acres? I burn around 5 gallon of gas per mow with my gas zero turn, but I'm mowing 8 acres.
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    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    +1 I have a bucket, a rear blade, rear mount snow blower. I chose to use the front mount snow plow 99% of the time.
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    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    Its a 9' plow. I run chains on all 4 tires, we rarely get more than 12" snows at a time. Handles any snows we ever get no problem at all.
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    Bucket work with clutch /shuttle Vs hydro.

    My dad has a 40 hp Kubota HST. I have a 35 hp shuttle. If you dumped a truck load of gravel on the ground and needed it spread and put to grade I could do it twice as fast as my dad and his hst. Why. Experience. I do loader and grade work for my job nearly every day. My dad doesn't. Even though...
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    Bucket work with clutch /shuttle Vs hydro.

    What's a skid steer have to do with a tractor. I run a skid steer nearly every day. I can run circles around a hydro tractor for loader work
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    Bucket work with clutch /shuttle Vs hydro.

    Hydrostat is a bit faster at loader work. I'll give you that, but if someone knows how to use a loader and shuttle. No way in hell is a hydro tractor half the size of a shuttle tractor but twice as fast. No way.
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    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    Hands down a power angle front snow plow. 634826
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    Advice on 6' mower to replace King Kutter

    I've been running an 84" First Choice (made by Sicma/ Italy) finish mower for 20 years. Been a great mower. Pheonix mowers are the same mower, different name.
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    Back dragging with bucket

    Once you set the bucket on the ground at the angle you want, hold over on the loader joystick a bit longer till you get tension on the bucket (see/feel the bucket start to angle slightly more) Then backdrag.
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    Bucket size for backhoe

    A 12" and an 18"
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    Dealers Not Accepting Some Brands on Trade

    Yet when I see used Kioti DK 35 listed on Tractor house in good condition they are listed at or near what I paid for mine new 22 years ago
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    Grasshopper mower tire pressure

    I run 8 PSI in my zero turn tires for the better ride
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    Advice on 6' mower to replace King Kutter

    Also look at Phoenix finish mowers. (Made by Sicma) I've had a Sicma made mower for 20+ years and its been a very good mower.
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    Dealers Not Accepting Some Brands on Trade

    I sold my John Deere and bought a Kioti. Under your theory, what does that mean ?
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    Kioti DK45SE parts

    Nolt's power equipment is another good place to get parts online.
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    Tiller Tiller size

    My tractor has 35HP 28.3 PTO HP. (gear drive) Runs a 6' King Kutter II tiller with no problem.
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    Having a tuff time installing implements on my CK3510

    Exactly why I installed an overrun clutch on my DK 35 PTO...
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    STIHL Zero-Turn

    Some are. I know my 2013 Kawasaki 1000v has the jam nut/set screw setup.
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    Grading Tightening Kubota Mower Blade Bolts

    I've been using an impact wrench to remove/install my mower blades for decades. Takes minutes Never an issue. (no wood block needed)
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    Backhoe attachments

    Takes me 10-15 minutes to install my tractor mounted backhoe. Usually around 5-10 minutes to remove
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    Vehicle Tire Pressure Sensors

    I've never owned a vehicle that has it.
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    UTV tire pressure?

    10 psi front and rear
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    Anyone used a tiller to remove topsoil for driveway?

    Works great. I dug our driveway and my sons driveway tilling it first.
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    Kioti CK30

    It looks like the pins may be there. They are just in the holes where they do no good (need to be moved farther forward where they actually function)
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    DS4110 HYD OIL

    That will work fine
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    DS4110 HYD OIL

    heavy duty tractor hydraulic transmission fluid.
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Snow plow vs snow bucket for a tractor

    Most shuttle shift or power reverser gear drives have just as many reverse gears as forward gears.
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    Used 3pt Harley T-6 value??

    You certainly can't around here. They are $12,000+ new and sell for close to half that for used from what I've seen on craigslist and other sites the past few years.
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    06 dk45se PTO keeps stopping after warmed up

    What are you mowing with ? Finish mower slipping the belts ? Brush mower slip clutch not set tight enough ? The DK 45 has independant PTO. It is either on or off with a switch. I always turn my PTO on at idle so the startup isn't so abrupt.
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    KIOTI CK3510se PTO Output Shaft Not Free Wheeling/Free Spinning

    It will solve your problem hooking up attachments. (did on mine) I did have to shorten a couple of my attachment PTO shafts, but worth it IMO
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    KIOTI CK3510se PTO Output Shaft Not Free Wheeling/Free Spinning

    Thats what I did on my DK. Installed an override clutch. (been on there for 2 + decades now) Works fine and solves the implement hookup problem. Tractor supply generally carries them.
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    4WD and loader work

    My tractor is in 4 WD 80% of the time
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    Kioti CK35 brakes sticking.

    Brake peddle return spring broken or weak ? Did you lube up the shaft where it goes into the case (may be corroded) I doubt the brakes needing replaced are causing your sticking issue. Your tractor has wet brakes (brakes ride in oil in the transmission case) Replacing the brakes requires pulling...
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    Bobcat CT 235 rear wheel hub seal leak

    I have never called them. I order online with parts finder.
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    Kioti Dk55 slow drive

    I always use my foot throttle and throttle up/down as needed when doing loader work or forward/reversing. 2450 hours and I haven't needed the first clutch adjustment yet.
  126. D

    stuck clutch

    My Kioti DK came with a hook
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    Tractor lots are full

    Your not kidding. I need some 3" PVC schedule 40 pipe. I'm still in sticker shock. Prices of everything here has gone through the roof. Everything !! Post all the 8% inflation numbers you want. That is FAR, FAR from what I'm seeing here the past 2+ years. Our electric rates increased 45% last...
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    Bobcat CT 235 rear wheel hub seal leak

    I replaced my left rear axle seal back in 2018. No leaks on my axle case using the Permatex grey. (I did follow the directions on the gasket maker tube)
  129. D

    Bobcat CT 235 rear wheel hub seal leak

    M My axle case had no gasket. I used Permatex Ultra Grey (maximum torque) gasket maker I ordered my Oring and axle seal from Michigan Iron. Isn't the Kioti CK 35 basically the same machine as the CT 235 ?
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    Subaru Automobiles

    I had the water pump, timing belt, belt tensioner and idler pulleys replaced on our 2005 Subaru Forester in 2018 at a local shop. Cost was $650
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    Bobcat CT 235 rear wheel hub seal leak

    Yes, The axle nut and gear need to be removed to pull the axle. 721932
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    Tractor lots are full

    We had a 45% increase last June
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    Bobcat CT 235 rear wheel hub seal leak

    You need to pull the axle assembly to get the axle out to replace the seal. Its not that bad of a job. 721930,721931,721933
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    Sealed or serviceable bearing: your choice?

    Yes, I've had a Hustler Super Z (commercial zero turn) for 10 years now with sealer spindle bearings. Never an issue. I'm expecting many more years from them.
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    How to clean up a gooey gross diesel engine

    I've been pressure washing engines for decades. (My tractor and mowers, SxS. Also engines on company equipment I operate or maintain, tractor trailer engine, skid loaders, asphalt pavers, road chippers , Etc) Never an issue
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    Side by Side for yard work 2x4 ok?

    Except the Kubota Sidekick, its CVT (belt drive)
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    Side by Side for yard work 2x4 ok?

    Ageed. I have 10,700 miles on my RZR 900s. Never had a belt issue, but I have replaced the belt a couple times just for piece of mind. The belts I replaced still looked really good with around 4500 miles. (I carry them for spare). But my wife and I ride to have fun and enjoy the scenery, not to...
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    Side by Side for yard work 2x4 ok?

    Likely because many Maverick and RZRs get flogged pretty hard and some can have double or triple the HP of many utility machines
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    death of regular cab pickups

    Still running my 1991 Ford F-250 (bought it used in 1996.) 4x4, 5 speed, 460 CI
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    Understanding Curb Weight, GVWR, Towing and CDL requirements

    Class A is truck (tractor) with trailer Class B is straight truck (single axle over 26,000 GVW, tandem axle, tri axle, etc.)
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    Understanding Curb Weight, GVWR, Towing and CDL requirements

    The pre trip tests are like that in Pa. now also. (a couple co workers recently took the CDL test) You need to describe everything your looking for on the pre trip test. From springs, tires, lights, and everything in between to the power steering pump and what drives the pump (gear or belt...
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    Understanding Curb Weight, GVWR, Towing and CDL requirements

    Maybe where you live. Random DOT checkpoints happen often around here. The chances of being checked are high.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Where are you living ??
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    Thats exactly what they do.
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    Mow 8 acres of lawn, 25 mows per year and let me know how long that MTD mower lasted. My zero turn will mow our 8 acre lawn in just over 2 hours, try that with that MTD (likely take closer to 6 hours) My zero turn cost me over $11,000 and I expecting it to last decades mowing our 8 acre lawn
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    New (to me) 2019 XJ2025H

    What is your wheel offset. Can simply pulling the rear wheels, flipping them around so the valve stem is out widen the stance
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    Kubota or John Deer

    He's been doing it for years and it gets old. If I need a bigger tractor I'll buy one. But I don't !! My weinie tractor does everything I need it to do.
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    Kioti NS6010 HST Vs. Kubota MX6000

    From what I,ve seen as far as dropping prices, instead of selling way over list, dealers selling at list price
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    Kubota or John Deer

    Good for you. But many of us don't farm, nor do I want to so our weinie tractors do exactly what we need I could go buy a big cumbersome tractor, but it would just sit there. I have no use for one.
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    Is country line stuff any good compared to land pride?

    I had the same happen. I had a light duty King Kutter rear blade, had it twisted up in 2 years. Replaced it with a King Kutter professional series blade. Its been great for decades
  151. D

    Why hasn't Yanmar been more active in the USA?

    Yes, For whatever reason the early LK3054, 2554, 2552, 1914, Etc. never did have very good parts support IMO. Even service and parts manuals have always been harder to find on those models. Never had any of those issues with my DK
  152. D

    Kubota or John Deer

    Gee You mean just like the CUT and SCUT models many members use that do just what they want and need that you continually call weinie tractors I have the perfect size tractor for anything I need to do on my property.
  153. D

    Why hasn't Yanmar been more active in the USA?

    Don't worry. I've had a DK 35 for 22 years and parts for it have always been very easy to get.
  154. D

    Have to crank DK 45 SE longer to start

    Same as mine (DK 35)
  155. D

    Have to crank DK 45 SE longer to start

    And the seller was Perrypower (Nolt's Power Equipment) I've ordered parts from them in the past with very good results.
  156. D

    Have to crank DK 45 SE longer to start

    Is it Kioti part #T4620-69054 Ebay lists one
  157. D

    Have to crank DK 45 SE longer to start

    Many years ago I had the same issue with my DK 35. (no power to the glow plug buss bar) It was my preheat control box. Replaced it and no problems since
  158. D

    Land Pride DH1572

    Around this area on Craigslist would probably be in the $1500 area from I have been seeing listed for square tube, adjustable angle 6 1/2' discs
  159. D

    Plowing Mishap

    Sounds like QA isn't latching into to plate properly. (maybe the snow blade QA plate needs modified to latch better) The blade should never fall off or be able to be knocked off if its latching/mating properly.
  160. D

    Buying Advice on Hydraulic links

    Same here. I've had top and tilt cylinders with check valves on my tractor for 22 years. Never had chatter, and they stay where I put them (no drifting off)
  161. D

    Drive issues w/ John Deere Z-track Z535M

    According to Tractordata they are Tuff Torque
  162. D

    Rear Finish Mower Need a 7’ finish mower

    Specs say 898 lbs
  163. D

    Dk50C with Woodmaxx Blower

    If you take that center cap off will the fan just slide of the shaft?
  164. D

    Side by Side or 4x4

    OK. Thanks
  165. D

    Rear Finish Mower Please help me identify my finish mower!

    WAC GM-RD-60 maybe. Photos of that model do look like a Sicma made mower. Sicma also made mowers for Pheonix and First Choice I've had a First Choice 84" finish mower for 20 years, been a great mower.
  166. D

    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Thats your opinion. What I see is Early adopters generally replace their vehicles more often than those that don't. Early adopters generally don't do all their own vehicle maintenance. They pay someone else to do it for them.
  167. D

    New rules for ethanol in gasoline

    The fuel cap on my Kawasaki powered zero turn says on it. "Higher than E10 fuel voids warranty"
  168. D

    Side by Side or 4x4

    ??? Hill what.
  169. D

    Kubota l4701 Gear Speeds,%2028.2%20kW%20%203%20more%20rows%20
  170. D

    Cylinder sizing for TNT

    I've been running 2" TNT cylinders on my 35HP tractor for 22 years with never an issue
  171. D

    Side by Side or 4x4

    Yes, and from my experience its not even close. My rzr 900s will run around 70 mph
  172. D

    Side by Side or 4x4

    I've owned pickup trucks and tractors for decades. Could my pickup trucks tow more and haul more than my side by side= yes. Could any my 4x4 trucks go where my sxs will go= no way in hell. Can my tractor go where my side by side goes = no way in hell.
  173. D

    Dk50C with Woodmaxx Blower

    Good luck Hope it works
  174. D

    Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

    I've seen the costs of having tier IV diesels repaired where I work. I will keep the tractor I have. (Pre emission)
  175. D

    Side by Side or 4x4

    How hard is it to put one in a side by side. I put a heater in mine.
  176. D

    Side by Side or 4x4

    I have a Polaris RZR 900s and a Ford F-250 4x4 truck. My side by side will go places with ease I would never try to go with my truck and the side by side rides nice and smooth offroad. My truck will beat the hell out of you offroad.
  177. D

    Just bought 6 acre of land. Now what???

    Its the same here. Manufactured homes are by far the most popular in our area.
  178. D

    buying old or new question

    If that's the case that's exactly why he is looking at pre teir IV tractors. If was forced to do that every time I use my tractor to keep it working right I would be looking to unload it too.
  179. D

    Post COVID CUT tractoring “truths”

    I have no plans to ever replace this tractor for reasons you mention above. Simple and reliable. I do not a want tier IV machine. I work for a small paving company and we have multiple pieces of diesel equipment with the pollution junk on them, and I've seen first hand what a PITA and $$ to...
  180. D

    Post COVID CUT tractoring “truths”

    My 35 HP tractor has done everything I've needed on our 15 acres for the past 2+ decades Runs an 8 1/2' backhoe, 6' tiller, 6' brushmower, 7' rearblade, 7' sickle mower, 6' boxblade, 9' power angle snowplow,Etc.
  181. D

    Hydraulic Top Link?

    I've had a hydraulic top link on my tractor for 22 years. I would never have another tractor without it. I use it on every 3 point implement I have every time I use them.
  182. D

    Post COVID CUT tractoring “truths”

    I know 2+ decades ago when I was buying my DK 35, I had multiple members saying. Kioti doesn't hold up Kioti probably won't be around long Can't get parts, bla, bla ,bla. I still own that machine 22 years later and NONE of it was true. Tractor has been great, still works as nice and smooth as it...
  183. D

    Kioti Nx issues

    Personally I would go with the NS model vs nx
  184. D

    Bent SSQA plates/hands - what are my options?

    Still don't get it. We have 7 skid loaders at work. Ranging from 1500 to 5000+ hours. Number of times we have twisted a QA = zero
  185. D

    Snow removal and dead tractor - looking for manuals CK4010chse

    KL4020 is the loader model, not the tractor model
  186. D

    Tractor Brands Market Share

    Maybe helpfull/accurate nearly 2 decades ago when it was posted
  187. D

    Dual element filtration. How much dust gets past? Yup…,filter%20is%20removed%20from%20the%20air%20cleaner%20housing.
  188. D

    New to owning a tractor and looking for a tiller!

    I run a 6' King Kutter II tiller on my 28.3 HP tractor (gear drive/shuttle.) Runs it fine.
  189. D

    Loader 1025r loader arms not working together

    You likely have a higher lift capacity than I do also 22 years with this machine and I have never twisted it.
  190. D

    Loader 1025r loader arms not working together

    If that ever happens I will beef it up stronger, not the other way round
  191. D

    Loader 1025r loader arms not working together

    My loaders QA is heavy enough between the plates it never gets twisted in the first place vs a small bar or shear pin. 586623
  192. D

    Favorite Subcompact Color? 😁

    And homeowners with a few acres have no use for a full size farm tractor. Subcompacts work fine for that
  193. D

    Loader 1025r loader arms not working together

    Exactly. If the cross tube/timing bar has a shear pin that's the first thing I would check.
  194. D

    New Kubota ZT Smoking on Start-Up.

    Wrong again I just went down and looked, and YES there is a valve cover gasket from the factory. (I bought this machine new in 2020.) Repete, it did come with a valve cover gasket. The Vanguard series is their commercial grade engine that they use on commercial grade zero turn mowers My Vanguard...
  195. D

    Loader 1025r loader arms not working together

    Just sounds like a timing bar/tube on QA issue to me. (tube between you loaders QA plates bent or moving)
  196. D

    New Kubota ZT Smoking on Start-Up.

    If you say so. Yet the Vangaurd parts manual shows parts # 809732 for OEM replacement valve cover gasket