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    Mid mount mower deck shortages

    I come from a 3 generation Massey family but made the jump to orange because of the dealer. Never thought supply chain would be such an issue.
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    Mid mount mower deck shortages

    I bought a new B2601 last September with a mid mount deck in addition to loader and third function with grapple. The tractor has been great but the dealer tells me the mid mount mower is still on back order. I downsized from a B2501 to get the mowing deck and the quick attach. Anyone else having...
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    Loader  B2601 third function alternative control.

    I have the factory third function with the two buttons on the front side of the loader joystick where I hit them all the time. I thought I would get used to them but I don’t seem to be getting any smarter. Has anyone seen a thumb switch third function?
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    Mowing  Comparison between Belly and 3 point mount mowers for B2601

    I have used both belly and 3 point mowers on other tractors. I get the annoyances and benefits of the two types. My question is this: I have a really soft yard. Which is less likely to tear up the turf when turning? Has anyone tried both on the B2601?
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    Anyone built a 3 point implement shed?

    PJRAM, That is perfect. Never occurred to me to put my quick attach forks etc on the second level. The roll up tarp curtain is a nice touch too. I knew this was the right place to ask. Thank you!
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    Anyone built a 3 point implement shed?

    I don’t like leaving implements outside if I can help it. My too small tractor shed is full of tractor. I am envisioning a low slant roof on the outside that I can just drive up to. Any suggestions would be welcome!
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    Buying Advice No MMM on B2601 with factory spacers?

    To me the salesperson is the dealer’s representative. I don’t distinguish.
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    B2150 parts unavailable?

    Does this sound right? The dealer service manager is telling me that he cannot get a new B2150 steering box or rebuild the existing one to stop the leaking. He further tells me that he cannot repair the gear box on the mowing deck which had a catastrophic failure also because parts are not...
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    Buying Advice  No MMM on B2601 with factory spacers?

    Getting ready to sign the paperwork for new B2601 and suddenly I get an “Oh by the way” you cannot use the mid mount mower with the factory wheel spacers. In the original online build it prevented me from having both but the dealer initially said Kubota only does that because you cannot use...
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    Buying Advice  Have I lost my mind buying a new tractor? (B2150 vs B2601)

    I have a 1100 hr B2150 that other than a slight oil leak from the steering seal runs flawlessly. I do also need a new gearbox on the mowing deck. But other than that she starts every time and does what I ask without fail. I have been eyeing a B2601 with QA and third function and a rear...
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    Buying Advice  Left sided brake pedals

    I am not trying to rehash an old topic. Everyone is different but my preference is to have split brakes on the left. Anyone know what brands/models have left sided split brakes? I am looking in the 24-35 hp range. My wife has approved a new tractor so I want to move quickly before she changes...
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    Mowing  Yanmar YRM 48 finishing mower manual help

    I have a finishing mower YRM 48 (206-500-48) that came with my 165D. I need to find a service manual to do the maintenance on the gear box. Anyone have one or a have a resource for one? Thanks!
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    Woods rotary cutter shear bolt stuck

    Nope. It came that way new but I think it was an option. I remember because it is the first completely new piece of equipment I ever bought.
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    Woods rotary cutter shear bolt stuck

    Yup. It has both. Probably just for this reason. Problem solved itself. One good hidden stump and it failed completely.
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    Woods rotary cutter shear bolt stuck

    I took an air hammer with a punch to it without success. Guess I run it until it breaks.
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    Woods rotary cutter shear bolt stuck

    My son was mowing the pasture and hit something that made enough noise that he stopped to look. The cutter still ran but on inspection he found the slip cutch did not slip (or did not slip enough) and the shear bolt took a hit. It sheared off the end right where it comes through the collar but...
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    New Owner of a YM165

    I have not signed on in years apparently. Sorry to be so slow. By now you know more about the tractor than I do. My 165D is a little beast that never lets me down. I use it to mow with a rear finish mower and to grade with a blade and a York rake. No bucket loader. (That’s on my Kubota). The...
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    Anybody used concrete mastic in sub freezing weather?

    I have to replace the septic tank lid. I have the concrete replacement lid and the mastic but it is rock hard in sub freezing temps. Will the weight of the lid just settle it or do I need to heat it with the torch? Not to excited about having a torch around tank gas. Any help would be...
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    Oil & Fuel  B2150 HST fluid

    My B150 is leaking fluid. Big stain on the garage floor cardboard. Dip stick is dry. Hydro is cavitating just a bit in high. Dealer is closed. Got a quart of JD low viscosity Hy-guard from the JD dealer who was open. Dare I substitute? Just got 16 inches of snow and need to plow but don’t...
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    New to me B2150 with French labels

    Anybody know what this lever does? No owners manual. I am sure it is something obvious but I cannot figure out what it is.
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    Price Check  Price check, Sanity check

    I have a line on a B2150 HST 4x4. Oil is dark but does not smell burnt and has lubricity. No maintenance records. Air filter and oil filter clean and appear recent. Motor very clean. Grease points over-greased if anything. HST oil reportedly changed at 900 hrs. It has a RC60-21B midmount...
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    Loader  I need a loader for my 165D

    I am the other guy with the new to me 165D. I thought I could do without a loader. Wrong. Can I find a loader to fit or do I need to look for a tractor with a loader? I am really impressed with the 165D I would like to make it work for me.
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    How much fluid for tire ballast

    I know this subject has been covered ad nauseum but I cannot find on any of the websites how much fluid to put in a 12.5/80-18 tire. Any guesses?
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    Tire ballast and tubes

    Is it necessary to have a tube with Windshield Wiper filled tires?
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    Christmas Tree Farm Customization

    Hubs are filled with cement.
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    Anyone use Glycerin for tire ballast?

    I was thinking of diluting out glycerin (Bulk Vegetable Glycerin | Bulk Apothecary) and adding a 12 bottle of water pump lubricant to protect the rims (Bar's/Water pump lube and anti-rust (1311) | | ). Based on this patent (Patent CA2643281A1 - Glycerin vehicle tire ballast -...
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    Tires  12.5/80-18 Tube

    Anyone have an idea where to find a tire inner tube for an R4 12.5/80-18? You would not think it would be that hard but I have struck out so far.
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    Price Check  Cab for 1428v

    My original dealer called me. He has new factory cabs that he said originally listed for around $2000 now for 700 plus shipping (less than $150). Apparently MF is giving special rate. Has automotive style glass windshield with 12 windshield wiper and Jeep style removable doors. Seems like a...
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    Do any tractors have true 4wd? Seem like they always call the powered front driveline something else. Is that branding or some other reason? Do any have front and read wheels that spin at the same speed or is that all part of the issue?
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    Mowing  What size finish mower?

    What size finish mower is required to cover the footprint width of the 5055-75 series with the wider R1's?
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    Mowing  What size mower?

    What size mower would be required to cover the tire footprint from side to side for the DK50?
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    Price Check  DK45SE (HST)

    Anyone have any thoughts on a price of $25,000 for a DK40145SE with KL401 FEL with 72" bucket? Comes with Loaded R4's.
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    Comparison  M5040 v. M5140

    What is the difference between a Kubota M5040 and M5140? From what I have looked up I can find little difference but Kubota would not have changed the model number for an identical tractor.
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    Regret buying a JD 5055E?

    please - ignore duplicate
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    Regret buying a JD 5055E?

    Anyone regret buying their JD 5055E (or 5065E or 5075E)? Anyone have maintenance issues or cold start issues?
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    Tractor Sizing  What do you use for logging? Prevent my divorce.

    I am logging about 60 acres in my spare time. My plan is to keep this tractor for a long time (will it to my children long). The property is fairly to very wet otherwise typical New England woods. Most of what I pull is a mix of soft and hardwoods (max DBH of 20 inches) to be milled for my...
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    Buying Advice  Mahindra Quality questions

    I am in the market for a new 50ish hp tractor. I drove two hours to go look at a Mahindra 5035 largely because what I have read here. I drove all three models of the 5035. I found the HST fairly unresponsive but I loved the PST...what a great driving tractor. I liked the dealer even though...
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    Buying Advice  MF 2615

    I am looking for a new tractor to use mainly for mowing, logging and some loader work (mainly loading pickup trucks). One of the tractors I am considering is the MF 2615 with the Syncro Shuttle 8x8 transmission. I am a little gun shy about a mechanical shuttle. On one hand the tractor seems...
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    Local Mechanic thinks he can up my 1428 to a 1433

    A local diesel mechanic thinks that he can get my 1428 to become a 1433 by somehow retuning the engine. His statement is that the displacement is the same but the fuel metering(?) is the difference. I grew up on gas 8Ns and know little about diesels other than basic maintenance. This sounds...
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    Finding a short in buried cable.

    My well is a shallow well 1000 feet from the house. The well guys tell me that there must be a splice in the underground cable that has corroded as they cannot get 220v to the well. The current cable is a high quality 4 wire underground cable that is deeply buried but not in conduit. They say...
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    Case 444 - no spark...and snow on the way!

    My 444 with snowblower decided to die just as the biggest snowstorm of the year rolls in. Gas and battery are good. Engine turns over without problem but I have no spark. The coil is getting power. I replaced the coil with a new one from the Ingersoll dealer last summer. I replaced the...
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    Traction  Brakes

    I have seen some pictures of geared 1400 series with split brakes. My 1428V has a single brake pedal. Growing up on split brakes on 8Ns and old MFs I somehow never realized just how useful they were. Pardon my ignorance but can a 1428V be converted to split brakes or do I need to upgrade my...
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    Bucket Ears

    Anyone know what the specifications are for MF Bucket ears or where to by them. ( I don't know what they are really called but I am referring to the plates welded on to the back of the bucket that allow you to hook up to the MF Pin quick Hitch.)
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    Pin quick mount male end.

    I am adding the Pin quick mount for my 1520 loader. I rarely change implements so the skid steer quick attach is not worth either the $ or the initial headache as I don't weld. I do have an extra implement that I would like to convert. Is there a place to order the MF bucket side brackets?
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    Hydraulic Schematics

    Any one have the hydraulic schematic for the 1428? I am trying to identify the power beyond circuit.
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    Anyone mounted a PTO hydraulic pump on their middle PTO?

    I have a MF 1428 hydro that I want more hydraulic power out of. I do not want to sacrifice my rear PTO. Rear remotes are outrageously expensive for not much output. I never use my mid mount PTO so I thought it might be a solution. It turns 2000 rpm at 2500 rpm where the rear turns the usual...
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    1428 Hydro rear or front remote

    Anybody put a rear remote (or front remote) on a 1428 Hydro? The MF dealer priced out a remote from MF and nearly passed out himself at the cost so I guess I have to go aftermarket. I would love any and all thoughts on this one.
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    1428 Hydro lockout woes

    I have a 1428 hydro that is a great tractor except that if I forget and turn the tractor off in in gear I cannot get it out of gear. I then have to restart it by manually bypassing the safety switch which requires me to be off the tractor and standing in front of the left wheel when I turn the...
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    Aux Hydraulics on my 1428 Hydro

    Can I put aux hydraulics on a 1428 Hydro? I have the 1500 series frontloader and don't want to take it off but I would love a hydraulic top link.
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    Ruining my hayfields

    I am trying to reclaim my hayfields. The conservation agent wants the fields mowed frequently to help dry them out and keep the weeds form going to seed. My problem is that the fields are boggy. Because of the Vermont mud season I never can get an early start mowing and then because the...
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    Please help with mower safety PSA

    We have had four heartbreaking but preventable garden tractor / lawnmower accidents to children here in one week with some pretty devastating injuries. As one of the surgeons involved I have been drafted into doing radio and TV public service announcements / interviews but getting the data...
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    String Trimmer/ Brushcutter Recommendations

    I need a string trimmer / brushcutter. I would like to have a straight shaft, shoulder strap and two handle one like the one I used working for state park 15 years ago. I started looking and the choice now is daunting. If anyone has any input on choices or 2 or 4 cycle, engine size/output...
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    Rotary Cutter  I Need Your Input on Rotary Cutters Please!

    I have twenty acres of relatively wet and hilly overgrown Vermont pasture. I have a 1428 MF compact tractor with FEL. (28 HP) I have been shopping for a rotary cutter and have been steered away from the "disposable units like King Kutter and Rollins" toward a 4ft MF ($1150.00) or 4 ft Woods...
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    HELP ME PLEASE. I am ready to shoot my 1428

    I brought my new MF 1428 with FEL to Vermont where there is no real dealer support. The tractor with the exception of the hydro has been great but if you can't start your tractor it is not a tractor but just a red barn decoration. I cannot start it because I cannot I cannot get the machine...
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    MF 1428 Hydro won't go up hill

    MF 1428 Hydro won\'t go up hill I am new to the hydro world. I was running in the fast "rabbit" setting on my hydro going up the road wide open in the green zone and hit a mild grade. I had too really let off the hydro pedal not to have the rpm drop below 1000. My MF was good and warmed up...
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    I am not very smart!

    I have a MF 1428 with a 1500 series loader that I just moved to my new home in VT (from PA). The tractor runs great but the loader valve suddenly would not float. I had to drive back to PA for business so I took the valve off to take to my old dealer who traded it out. I stupidly but forgot...
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    Ford 1710 engine problem

    Does anyone know of problems with the Ford 1710 diesel engine? I have the opportunity to buy a 1710 with the farm I am buying. As I was doing some research I ask a friend who is a garden tractor service guy about Ford compact tractors. He said had taken a 1710 in trade with a blown motor...