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    Diesel delivery today

    Received 322 gallons of farm diesel and wrote the check for $968. Red dye-no road tax,no sales tax. Much better than last year! We like the summer blend and wait it for it for the higher BTU content. We're careful to make sure it's treated for winter. Lots more snow blown with summer diesel than...
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    Kubota Grand L filters from WIX.

    Retired from auto parts sales several years ago. At that time,I never saw any major aftermarket brands offering the hydraulic and HST filters for the Grand L filters. You know,those two expensive filters on either side of the tractor. Thinking about heading to the dealer to buy for the year for...
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    Illustrated Parts Lists

    I recently noticed the format of Kubota's illustrated parts lists have changed. They are at,and are the same ones Messicks takes you to,as well as other dealer's websites. So far,I've found them much more difficult to use. If I don't get the hang of the new lists,I'll be tempted to...
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    I'm use to seeing him here,but he seems to be silently absent? Best Wishes to everyone1
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    Floor mat for L2501?

    Has anyone added a floor mat of some kind on an L2501? I'd like to put something over the metal flooring,and I'm not sure how much I would like the bedliner treatment. Thanks in advance for your comments!
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    Grapple for new L2501

    Getting a new L2501 before months end. Will be grapple ready. What does everybody like for smaller grapples? I see MTL grapples seem to be the price leader. Everything Attachments and Landpride also out there. Thank you in advance for your comments!
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    I know TBN members come and go,but I've not seen any posts from super member TripleR for some time. I surely hope things are well for him.
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    Super Clean vs. soot

    Some time back I picked up a spray bottle of Super Clean after seeing an ad on TV. When I removed my front snowblower this spring,the left side was covered in soot as usual. Well,I sprayed some Super Clean on it and tried to rinse it off with the water hose. No dice! So I wiped it off with a...
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    Oil change with Form-a-Funnel

    I occasionally see B3030 owners wondering how to do a neater oil change. The loader mount is directly under the oil pan drain plugs. There are two access holes in the mount for socket clearance,but no way will the oil flow through them! Enter the Form-a-Funnel. It's a 6 1/2" x 14 1/2" flexible...
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    B3030 Front Axle pivot adjustment

    Howdy:About a month ago I decided it was time to make the 400 hour front axle pivot adjustment on our B3030 tractor. So,I followed the operators manual procedure which calls for loosening the pivot adjusting screw locknut(17mm wrench),tighten the adjusting screw to 15 lb/ft(14mm socket),back...
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    B2782 snowblower lubrication question

    Just installed the B2782 blower today in preparation for winter. I've always fought greasing the front universal joint on the front mid-PTO driveshaft.The very front one,at the input to the blower,surrounded by the metal guard and the driveshaft safety guard.I usually manage to get the grease...
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    L3540HST service question-short

    This weekend I'm doing the 50 hour service on my neighbors one year old L3540HST before we put on his front blower.I'm very familar with Kubota servicing,but have a question.We're going to do a quick filter change on the HST and hydraulic systems,not changing the fluid.I have fluid on hand,but...
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    L3010HST Service question

    A good friend and neighbor passed on last year.He was "roadtrash" here on TBN.Anyhow,his widow(nice people)needs his tractor serviced-another friend keeps her snow handled and I feel like I should handle the maintenance end.I've been going through the operators manual and all their receipts to...
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    Grading  B7610 Rear Blade Size

    My friends father was admiring my 6' rear blade,a Woods RB72.I like it and it works well for me on my B3030HSDC.Anyhow,he has a B7610 and we're wondering if the same blade would work on his tractor.I'm sure it would mount up,but it sure is nice to be able to turn it around while attached.We live...
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    FORD 4000 Not Charging

    A friends Ford 1966 4000(actually a 4101 model) has the charging system warning lamp on and a voltage check at the battery shows 12.5 volts at 1500 RPM-obviously not charging. I'm hoping someone could help me with troubleshooting suggestions. It's been just too long since I've worked with a...
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    FORD 4000 Valve Adjustment

    Greetings-A friends neighbor dropped off his !966 Ford 4000 diesel for a general service job,which I can do this winter in my spare(?) time. I owe my friend big time,so I'll make the time for it. The usual-oil change,coolant exchange,grease,fuel filters,new tie rod end,new lower radiator hose...
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    Turf Saver for B2782 Snowblower

    My friend finally dropped off my new Turf-Saver pipe for my new snowblower. I've been tearing up the driveway and blowing gravel,scratching up the new blower,skid shoes just don't cut it. I've finally got it on and will find out tomorrow how well it works. He made me one for my old B2660 blower...
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    B2782 Blower Chain Lubrication

    I've got 3 hours on my new B2782 snowblower. I see in the manual it calls for chain lubrication every 4 hours. I've been wondering what to use and how to apply it. On my previous B2660 blower,I was able to remove the chain cover by removing 2 screws,giving access to the top of the chain...
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    Been thinking about posing this question for some time-Is there anything wrong with using older fuel additives with ULSD fuel? I have several jugs of Power Service as well as some OTR and some other stuff as well. People give me the stuff because they know I'm a diesel nut. Well,I've...
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    Been meaning to join since getting the new B3030HSDC just before the Good Friday snowstorm. Just now got the prerequisite photos to post. Thought about the B3030HSDCC,but couldn't see almost $400 for the rear wiper,defogger,and 60 amp alternator. Traded off a 1992 B17540HST with FEL,MMM,and 60"...