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  1. Imold

    Skid plate

    I received my skid plate today and I must say it is a well made 3 piece add on, can稚 wait to get out to the property and install it, no more worries about tearing the fan or filter up.
  2. Imold

    GC1705 hit 52 hours and I知 back.

    Howdy folks, my 1705 hit 52 hours while I was spreading out 12 yards of class five for my shop project and now I need to change oils, I知 not taking it back to the dealer for the 50 hour first service I figured I would do filters and oil then go through all the nuts and bolts, it has been...
  3. Imold

    Howdy folks, I知 back from my winter nap.

    Being I don稚 have a shop to work in during the winter and I don稚 use the GC1705 for snow removal so it gets parked for the winter but now it痴 spring and time to get back to using the GC for projects around the 12 acres.
  4. Imold

    Massey 35

    Not sure if this is right place but I came across this Massey 35 for sale not to far from me and it looks like it would be a interesting project to buy maybe, I know nothing about Massey tractors except that I have a 1705 scut. What do you folks think about this?
  5. Imold

    Not another HFPB topic!

    Well yes it is a thread about the HF Portable Backhoe. I also did a search before posting. Anyway I turned 59 today and my health is not the best due to a bad heart and a couple other major issues so digging with a shovel is not really a option and renting is a issue due to living rural I would...
  6. Imold

    It痴 time for change, weather that is so hows your weekend looking?

    Just popped up for us in west central Mn, is this effecting anyone else on TBN?
  7. Imold

    Landscape Rake XB 60 nice rake but.

    I bought a XB 60 King Kutter landscaped Rake and it did not fit my country time quick hitch, it was to narrow so I took off the QH and mounted it the standard way and went out to try it out a bit, it will definitely be a asset to my other 3 point accessories but now I need to go back to the city...
  8. Imold

    Land Rake Owners Need Help!

    Ok so I have cut down a area of sumac with the Piranha bar and I have run over the area with my box blade using teeth to rip up as much as possible but still need to do some more cleaning before I dump class 5 gravel, here is how it looks now. I will also be prepping two more areas, one will...
  9. Imold

    Thieves are out there keep your equipment secure..

    Just got a call tonight from my neighbor and late last night someone or persons broke into his shop and stole his Honda Fourtrax ATV and a utility wagon with his chainsaw,ax,shovels,rakes and other tools in it and the whole kicker is they were so quite that their dog did not even bark and they...
  10. Imold

    GC1705 with Piranha bar.

    I recived the Piranha bar and installed it this afternoon, took about 5 minutes from start to finish and it fits perfectly I also put the Edge Tamers on and they fit without any modifications to the bar, just wanted to show some pics, I have a big area of brush I will try it on tomorrow. Bar...
  11. Imold

    GC1705 MMM deck!

    So I have owned my 1705 for about 4 weeks and all I have been reading is how bad it is to disconnect the pto for the deck is and well I finally got the nerve to try and do it today with my son there just incase something happened to me(health issues). Well to start off it took me longer to get...
  12. Imold

    Finding lose bolts on new GC1700!

    I致e been finding lose bolts my latest was today, all eight of my loader arm pin bolts were only finger tight, I noticed two pins sticking out a bit, surprisingly non fell out when mowing the other day.
  13. Imold

    Made Bucket Level Indicator.

    So I went to the hardware store and bought a 4 foot 1/4 inch rod for 3.50 and a 2 foot plastic tube for 1.58 for a total of 5.08 plus a bit of tax, took and bent the end of the rod in about a 2 inch circle or best I could then fitted it on the bucket pin and after a bit of adjustment I now have...
  14. Imold

    Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion

    Reliving the past. Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion - Rollag, MN
  15. Imold

    Hydraulic top and side link?

    Howdy, I am new to owning a sub compact GC1705 and I have been reading a lot about adding a valve for operating the top and side link when using a back blade or box blade. Now my question is, if I remove my FEL and my FEL controller is still on my tractor what is keeping a person from getting...
  16. Imold

    What diesel fuel you using?

    This is my first diesel tractor but I do have two diesel pickups and my question is what fuel are you folks using year round where it gets down to -30* in the winter and 95* in the summer ? Are you folks just using number 1 or 2 OTR diesel or Non OTR diesel with die being itç—´ cheaper. I get...
  17. Imold


    What aftermarket Sunshades are folks using, I think I will try this one out and see how it is, anyone else have this style and make of sunshade. Jim.
  18. Imold

    New MF GC1705 on the way!

    Well I went back and after a lot of talking I bought a GC1705 with FEL and 60 inch MMM and then I bought a 60inch back blade and a 48inch box blade, all said and done it was just under 16k for it all. They had a 1715 on the lot but I decided the 22.5 hp would be fine and the salesman figured it...
  19. Imold

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Howdy, names Jim and I知 new to the sub/compact tractor seen and have been lurking in this forum for awhile now and decided to join. Now about me. I live on a lake but decided to purchase 12.7 acres away from the lake for a retirement home, the land was all hay area and woods, in the last 3 years...