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  1. terryknight

    f150 3.5 ecoboost towing MPGs

    i tow 16-24' enclosed trailer fairly often, i'm thinking of adding a 150 and using it for the smaller/lighter loads and using it as a daily driver when not towing. i am curious what MPGs other people are getting towing trailers with lots of surface area/drag. it needs to make sense towing...
  2. terryknight

    life with a B2650

    Just picked up a B2650 today. Open station, FEL, SSQA, 60" bucket, Turf tires, One rear remote, quick hitch. Bought it from Burke Equipment in DE for 18600. I thought this was a pretty good deal. I was looking to replace John Deere 750 2wd, gear, no loader, no power steering, without go...
  3. terryknight

    used chainsaw prices/saw worth fixing

    i'm going to be a bit long winded i was gifted a Echo CS-510 from a landscapers widow. 50cc saw 20" bar 3/8 chain. after cleaning it and looking it over i got it running. the chain was loose and i couldn't get it to tighten. oh well deal with that later. set the brake and start it up. saw...
  4. terryknight

    winch mount

    looking to get a portable winch mount to fit a 2" receiver. something along these lines Winch Mounting Plate for Hitch Receiver Mount Bracket for Truck Trailer SUV 4WD | eBay anyone have an experience with this brand or any others. I have no desire to send 250 for the WARN brand one. I have...
  5. terryknight

    750 JD boken tach cable?

    Hello all - I have a mid 80s 750. been a great tractor and everything works, except for the tach/hour meter. they worked when i got it, but broke sometime last year. it's not a huge deal except for my OCD. I assume that this model has a cable driven tach and that it has broken, but i have no...
  6. terryknight

    dad wants a cab

    my father was out cutting the fields (15 acres of old horse pasture) when he came in to the shop he said he's getting too old and thinks he'd like a cab tractor. So here we go looking for a tractor. The tractor will be used for the basic, cutting the pastures, maintaining the driveway (1/2...
  7. terryknight

    boomer 35/ls3039H

    I was volunteering at the St Michael's Concours 2014 St. Michaels Concours d' Elegance - Official Site . a local tractor dealer (Kioti and NH) donated the use of two tractors, a Boomer 30 and a Boomer 35. I got the opportunity to drive the Boomer 35 (same as the LS 3039H I believe, correct me...
  8. terryknight

    so you need a truck

  9. terryknight

    John Deere 440 Loader Specs

    I'm looking for the specs on the JD 440 loader. can't find anything. anyone have the info. Thanks
  10. terryknight

    bx 1850 hydraulics

    just acquired an 09 bx1850 with 250 ish hours. the hydraulic do not operate at idle. is this normal? as soon as you rev the motor up they work normally.
  11. terryknight

    route 66 tires

    Has anyone ever heard of them? Supposedly they have been around since 2011. Does anyone have any experience with them, good or bad? I just found out about the today while looking for new tires. they offer a trailer tire in 235/85-16 load range G which would be perfect for the GN. it needs at...
  12. terryknight

    dream house rant

    I just need to vent my frustrations. I found out today a house I have been working on purchasing for 6 months now will not get the third party agreement from the bank to sell it to me. Greedy fing banks. I found a great house what I've wanted, two lots one with a 3br/2ba house and 4 acres and...
  13. terryknight

    Rotary Cutter  what's a bush hog worth?

    The answer what you are willing to pay comes to mind. I'd like to find one, however I'm not willing to spend alot for one. I know someone with a Befco RMD 272 can't find much online about them there is a RMD 372 which I'm assuming is the new version. It is a medium duty (though not quite as...
  14. terryknight

    ursus tractors

    hoping for some help here, i haven't had much luck on google or searching on here. the local ritchie brothers auction has an ursus 4824 4wd cab tractor coming up for auction. if it is cheap enough it would make a good tractor for my uncles farm and then i wouldn't need to drag mine up and down...
  15. terryknight

    what's it worth, JD 2350?

    This tractor (pics at the bottom) belongs to my friend. He is looking to sell it. I may wind up being asked to sell it. It is a very nice, clean, low hour 1986 John Deere 2350. It has 838 hours, 8/4 gear trans, one set of rear remotes, everything works, new front tires, rear at 70-75%. My...
  16. terryknight

    where to get filters

    I have a 5055E. I am looking for the best/cheapest place to get filters engine oil and hydraulic oil? dealer prices were 19.xx and 43xx respectively.
  17. terryknight

    so who hunts.

    i know there are hunters here (just read the bow hunting thread), but who else hunts, what do you hunt? and post pics I love to hunt always have. I am lucky enough to live on the eastern shore of MD and have access to to deer and waterfowl. love it all. anyway. went early duck season got...
  18. terryknight


    so i have a question, maybe it's a dumb question. what is a grey market tractor? i had never heard of it before i joined TBN
  19. terryknight

    new guy with a 5055E

    hello all - i'm new here. got a 1 JD 5055E bought it in june got a FEL with a SSQA took 4 weeks for that to show up, but it was worth it to me. have a 78" general purpose bucket, a set of pallet forks and a grapple rake running off the rear remotes. put about 64 hour on it so far cutting...
  20. terryknight

    Hello FNG here

    It was recommended by a member on another forum I am on to join here, so after a little stalking I did. My name is Terry I live in Easton MD. Ive grown up loving the outdoors, hunting hiking, working outside, and playing with mechanical things trucks, cars, boats, tractors. So hello, I've...