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  1. Wagtail

    North American Red Wine?

    I have a friend who lives in Washington DC (her husband (RAAF Squadron Leader) is on exchange) who is trying to find good red wine, especially Shiraz, in the U.S. She would like to experience good North American red wine but has, so far, been disappointed in the quality of 'local' North American...
  2. Wagtail

    Bought a new JD Z355E Z-Turn

    (I needed a new ball-cap :)) There was nothing wrong with my JD D110. It did everything I needed it to do and I'd put 240hrs. on it, but those z-turns I was seeing looked like a lot of fun. So I 'dropped by' my JD Dealership to see & price what they had on offer. Settled on the Z355E with a...
  3. Wagtail

    L3800 Right Hand Fender 'Grip'?

    What the heck am I doing in a Kubota thread? Well I've got a Mate, outside of Canberra (Gundaroo, to be exact), who asked me to ask the august members [that's you lot :)] of TBN if there is a part number for a (2018) L3800, open station, right-hand fender grip/hand-hold. Apparently his...
  4. Wagtail

    Lamb Spit Roast... I need a LOT of advice.

    The short story is that, for the first time, I'll be roasting a 'cut up' lamb on my barbeque spit roaster this Sunday. (I'm experienced with a pig) The lamb is being 'donated' and delivered Sunday morning for a 1pm carving so I haven't seen the critter. I plan on starting the...
  5. Wagtail

    Christmas present - First Aid Kit

    We've discussed having a fire extinguisher on our tractor, in our 'shop' and around the house (kitchen, fireplace, etc...) but I'm wondering about First Aid Kits. Good ones. The type of kits sold by "St. John Ambulance" or the Red Cross. I've got a few 'ready use' kits around the property, one...
  6. Wagtail

    Third Function Fault - Missing 'CLUNK'

    I rarely require my FEL 3rd function as I typically have my bale spears mounted. When I shut the tractor down and lower both my 3PH and FEL (a 300CX) I ensure that the hydraulic pressure is released by moving the joystick in all four quadrants and then depress the 3rd function button (joystick)...
  7. Wagtail

    Wood Chipper Death... alleged lack of Warning Signs

    Lawsuit says man would have lived if only the wood chipper he was using had warning signs saying it was dangerous... Family sues over death of Missouri worker in wood chipper I guess that I'm doomed as the dealership installed third function block is over some 'Red Warning Label' on my 4105...
  8. Wagtail

    Tractor On Patrol

    It's not a 'photoshop'. It's an actual Police Tractor! Dumfries and Galloway police use tractor in crime fight - BBC News
  9. Wagtail

    What's in a "foot"? (Surveying)

    The rest of the world uses metric, but in the US there are two measurements of a 'foot'... until now: US finally giving boot to official foot measurement This should be fun! :laughing: (unknown how many Smoots that is.)
  10. Wagtail

    Jupiter & moons

    I heard over the weekend that Monday, 10 June '19, plus the days leading up to and after, would be an excellent time to see Jupiter and up to 4 of its moons using just a pair of binoculars. Especially if you can view from a rural environment = less light pollution. Well, it's true! I looked...
  11. Wagtail

    Messicks Christmas Light Show 2018

    Oi! Where's this years Messicks Christmas Light show? We're a fortnight away from Christmas Day and nothing's been OFFICIALLY posted. I did go to YouTube and there's one there but it says "Part One". (Yes, I could've linked to that video but Messicks themselves should have the other parts and...
  12. Wagtail

    Meteor Shower/Space Stuff Coming

    Just a reminder to all the 'stargazers' out there that the annual meteor shower will be happening this December. Optimum time is on the 14th (Australia) at around 2330 AEST (an hour earlier for you Queenslanders who didn't 'spring forward' ;)). North America will also be a good location for the...
  13. Wagtail

    What's the latest SPAM game?

    Could Muhammed, Ibrahim or anyone else give an explanation regarding the latest wave of SPAM that TBN is receiving? It makes no sense... sometimes it's an in-active https link, others are simple chunks of text or three 'posts' of text and, now, I'm beginning to seriously doubt a couple of...
  14. Wagtail

    Dangerous times ahead!

    ... for my wallet! It's time for the annual Tasmanian "AGFEST" Field Day/Agricultural Show. This means discovering things that 'I never knew that I needed'. I've gone every year for the past 4 years and (bar the first year) always reckon that there couldn't possibly be anything more that I...
  15. Wagtail

    Hummingbirds - One weird trick...

    I know that it's Winter up there in the Northern Hemisphere, but Spring will return (after you're more than sick of the snow & cold). With Spring will come the hummingbirds and this interesting article suggests a way to attract more of them: Will hanging a Canadian flag in your backyard...
  16. Wagtail

    JD Tour for 11yo Cancer 'Fighter'.

    Yeah, it's a local 'feel good' news story and a nice PR piece for John Deere... but a story like this is a pleasant change from all of the doom-and-gloom we see on the news each night. Boy battling cancer receives red carpet treatment at John Deere |
  17. Wagtail

    Deer Hunting Season '17... + 1 woman, + 1 truck

    It seems that things have gone a wee bit wrong in one Upper New York county. So far this season, a woman who was walking her dog and, now, a pick-up truck have been shot (and killed... yes the PU is dead) within a matter of days. Hunter Shoots Pickup Truck After Mistaking It for Deer: Upstate...
  18. Wagtail

    Having to jump-start my D110

    Recently I've been forced to jump-start my D110 lawn tractor. It was bought in May of '13 and gets run at least every 10 days. 160+ hrs on the clock and it's due for an oil change. Spark plug changed (because 'they' said to in the manual) at 100hrs. Prior to this it would fire up (cold engine)...
  19. Wagtail

    Roadside "harvesting"

    Interesting article regarding roadside harvesting... thieves taking a farmer's crop, whether it's from the field or the 'honesty' booth. Roadside ‘harvesting’ is still stealing — Homestead — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
  20. Wagtail

    Unique Place Names

    I recently discovered a map listing unusual and unique place names, here in Tasmania. They're all true... I, myself live 20km West of "Granny's Gut" and have travelled up & down Bust-Me-Gut (or Gall) Hill and Break-Me-Neck Hill; which are two sides of a very steep ridge. So, what have you got...
  21. Wagtail

    Where do all the Owners Manuals go?

    It's a conundrum that I see constantly here on TBN... missing Owners Manuals. Presumably every new tractor had one when they were first delivered to their owner, yet the moment (it seems) the tractor is sold the Owners Manual (and the meticulous maintenance records that the previous owner kept...
  22. Wagtail

    Kerfuffle in Washington State

    Dragoneggs, or indeed, anyone else from the State of Washington... would you be so kind as to explain to me what's transpiring in your rural communities? Sheriff: Argument over dead raccoon led to rural Mason Co. shooting | KOMO Was this a 'kerfuffle', 'hubbub' or something else? A...
  23. Wagtail

    Lyme Disease - US NE

    Surge In Mice Is A Harbinger For Lyme Disease : Goats and Soda : NPR Interesting that the disease stops at the Canadian border. What are they doing that's different?
  24. Wagtail

    Community Christmas Traditions

    Well, it's that time of the year again; the tree is going up, house decorated (maybe), etc... But what traditional events happen in your community? Tonight the annual 'Carols on the Foreshore' takes place, here in St Helens. The Australian Army Band comes up from Hobart, sets up a mobile...
  25. Wagtail

    Garden City, KS Trail Cam

    What the heck is going on in Kansas!?! Pranksters caught on trail cameras in Gardner - KCTV5
  26. Wagtail

    Experiencing Intermittent Shut-down

    Intermittent faults/problems are the worst! 6 months ago (my Autumn) I was happily chain harrowing a fairly flat paddock, HST in Low, revs at 2000 and I'd been at it for about 30 minutes. I'd filled the diesel in the tractor prior to the task. The FEL was raised for visibility. About 380 hours...
  27. Wagtail

    'Woolly Worms' predict a Severe NA Winter

    Crikey! And you thought that last year's (N.A.) Winter was long & hard... Woolly worms predict a severe winter with snowstorms in January and February | But I guess you can't argue with the 'Woolly Worm' prognosis as it's obviously SCIENCE! Ladies and Gentlemen... Prepare...
  28. Wagtail

    Burn Barrel design

    It seems pretty simple; get yourself a 55 gallon metal drum, drill some air-holes and light'er up! Of course things are not so simple and the intertubes have many suggestions on setting one up... so I'll turn to the collective wisdom and experience of TBN. I've got a 55 gallon metal drum (no...
  29. Wagtail

    Bluegrass version of "Cold Water". ENJOY!

    I love this 'band' Postmodern Jukebox, who take 'today's music' and arranges it in 'yesterdays' styles. I recently saw them in concert down in Hobart, during their NZ/Australian tour. This song... well, I can't stop bopping along to so I thought that I'd share: Cold Water - Vintage Bluegrass /...
  30. Wagtail

    California to Regulate Cow Far*... er... Gas Emissions

    Dairy groups blast methane reductions: ‘Cows expel gas so they don’t explode’ | Environment | The Guardian And here I thought termites were the worst offenders. (What's next? Eliminate Mexican food?)
  31. Wagtail

    "A good tractor can transform a village"

    An interesting article from the BBC: Is this the world's favourite second-hand tractor? - BBC News
  32. Wagtail

    Why, oh WHY, do I go to the Agricultural Show!?

    Every year I go to my State Field Day (AGFEST) and every year I come home with stuff & gadgets that I never knew I needed until I saw them being demonstrated. So this year I was smart and brought a Mate along with me to be my wallet-minder. Well, a fat lot of good that did me as he encouraged...
  33. Wagtail


    I'm just glad to know that there's a store/farm out there named 'Yaks and Things.' You know, just in case... I need a Yak. Yakzz - Yak farm located in Clintonville, Wisconsin owned by Kyle & Wendy Jorgensen. What other 'unusual' things/services/critters do you know of? (Just in case... :))
  34. Wagtail

    One 'flue' down the chimney

    Fun morning today as my peace & quiet was disturbed by a rattling in my wood-heater's chimney. Fortunately, it's not cold enough to start a fire but winter is coming soon enough. The chimney was swept in January in preparation. I thought the bird was perhaps thinking of building a nest, so I...
  35. Wagtail

    The Good Dealership

    I just got back from a trip into 'the big smoke', a 4 hour round trip. As I do, when in the area, I stopped by my Dealership... this time I did pick up some grease canisters and a replacement PTO shaft, but other times I will just stop in for a yarn & a cup of coffee. When I did stop by today I...
  36. Wagtail

    Bat in the House

    As I sat down in my favourite chair to watch the evening news (6pm, cloudy outside) a little bat flew out from behind the TV, as quiet as, well, a bat. [He/she? I'll call 'him' Barry. Which means he automatically gets the Aussie nickname "Bazza"] The house has cathedral ceilings, so wee Bazza...
  37. Wagtail

    Advice needed - lifting pillars with my FEL

    Right, here's the situation; my neighbour has built himself a shed on a reinforced pad. He has purchased a 2-pillar vehicle hoist which he wants to set into position this weekend, using my tractor to assist. I, with my trusty 4105 & its 300cx FEL (using my pallet forks), individually moved each...
  38. Wagtail

    You Guys are DOOOOOMED!

    Apparently the Old Farmers Almanac is predicting a more than harsh Winter for North America. Old Farmer's Almanac predicts a White Christmas for millions | Daily Mail Online So how are you going to prepare for it now, during your halcyon Summer days?
  39. Wagtail

    Dowsing, Devining, 'Witching' for Water

    I can 'do it' and have admitted so in a couple of threads here on TBN, most recently in the septic tank thread. There appears to be some off-shoot interest in the subject so I reckoned I'd start a thread about it [did a thread search and nothing about this showed up]. I use 2x 18" copper rods...
  40. Wagtail

    She thinks my tractor's sexy

    Looks like there could be a run on SCUTs... More women finding passion as farmers :thumbsup:
  41. Wagtail

    Ballast Roller - How much weight + any advice

    G'day fellow TBN Members! I attempted to search previous threads but there are a fair number of alternative names for this implement so I've provided a picture of what I've bought: It's advertised as a FIBR1500 Ballast Roller. My question is (what with your combined experience) how much...
  42. Wagtail

    Complacency - It doesn't take much.

    Well, today I had my first 'arse puckering' near roll-over and it didn't take many factors to add up to what I should've seen coming... at least in hindsight. :o I was side on to a paltry/gentle 2 degree slope, using my FEL/bale spikes to position a new roll of hay for the horses. I didn't have...
  43. Wagtail

    DIY Hay Ring

    Horses (& other domestic critters) being horses will blissfully tear a roll of hay down & defecate/urinate over 1/5th of their food. At the cost of a roll, there had to be a way to stop this. Of course there were commercial hay rings but, Australia having a smaller supply & demand base, to...
  44. Wagtail

    First Tractor Advice = What do I need in my maintenance shed?

    G'day all. As background information (not to boast) I've just bought a JD4105 CUT. Goodies include 300CX loader with 4in1 bucket & pallet fork/bale spike combo, 655 rotary tiller, 1200 slasher and a chain harrow. Nothing has been delivered yet as, living in Tassie, everything has to come from...
  45. Wagtail

    DIY horse manure breaker-upper(er) - suggestions request

    G'day all. I've got a couple of horses who's main job in life is to make manure. And they're darn good at it too. Instead of purchasing some fancy vacuum/chopper device that I've seen advertised, a friend has suggested that I make something to drag the paddock & break up the balls. The most...
  46. Wagtail

    G'day from way down south in Tasmania

    G'day all. I'm currently dickering over the price of a new JD 4105. I've never owned a tractor before but I've recently retired from the Navy to my 6 acre property here in St Helens, Tasmania. I've owned (me & the bank) the place for over 15 years but have rented it out all these long years...