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  1. shooterdon

    DeWalt 20V Saw

    Been looking for a small saw for light work. I have some DeWalt tools now so staying with the same battery system would be a plus. I see some poor reviews on this saw. Oil leaking and saw "stops working". Has anyone here tried them and willing to share their experience? I have a decent...
  2. shooterdon

    Ratchet Straps

    I would like to get some good quality ratchet straps to hold down totes of wood that will weigh about 2500 pounds. Any recommendations?
  3. shooterdon

    Ideas for tipping pallets

    I have bulk bags that hold a face cord of wood and sit on standard 40x48 pallets. The bags have four straps at each top corner and two straps on the bottom. Pallets with bags will be lifted into the bed of the pickup truck for delivery Looking for ideas to dump the bags at customer location...
  4. shooterdon

    XR4140 Fuse Box

    I went through the manual and could not find where the fuse box is located. I want to wire in a camera system on a switched circuit. Anyone know where the fuse box is located?
  5. shooterdon

    Gooseneck or bumper pull?

    Which one is safer and more forgiving with respect to trailer load balancing? Which one is easier to back up? Looking at a 14-16k GVWR trailer.
  6. shooterdon

    Loading and unloading pallets on an Equipment Trailer

    I need advice on doing this safely. I want to load and unload pallets carrying 1/3 of a cord of firewood on an equipment trailer. Approximate weight of pallets is 1800 lbs. Is it safe to go up and down the ramps carrying the load on the front FEL? Would it be safer to have a loaded pallet...
  7. shooterdon

    Mini Skid Steer

    Is there a unit that will lift 1700 lbs 12” and move that much safely. I do not need to lift the load very high. Just high enough to move it on flat ground.
  8. shooterdon

    Mini Skid Steer

    Is there a unit that will lift 1700 lbs 12” and move that much safely. I do not need to lift the load very high. Just high enough to move it on flat ground.
  9. shooterdon

    What am I missing? Saw this and wondered....Who would spend over $100 on...
  10. shooterdon

    Filter for diesel storage tank

    I have a 50 gal tank from a reefer that I have been using as a storage tank. I bought a pump similar to this to transfer fuel from a downpipe in the tank. The pipe is about 3" from the bottom to prevent sucking up any crud...
  11. shooterdon

    Saving money by not raising critters

    Did it again this weekend. Saved a bunch of $$$ with no effort. Bought 30 Smithfield pork lions. These are 23 oz packs that sell for over $7 each at Walmart. Got them at the bargain grocery store for $1.99 ea. Plus used our “discount card”. We bought $1200 of discount cards for $1000...
  12. shooterdon

    Best Chainsaw Sharpener under $300

    Looking to sharpen 5-6 chains at a time off the saw. What would you recommend?
  13. shooterdon

    PTO Hydraulic Power Pack

    Looking to add one to my LS 4140 to power a Halverson wood processor. Need 15.5 gpm at 2850 psi. Anyone have a supplier they would recommend.
  14. shooterdon

    Stump bucket

    My friend is planning to purchase an LS MT4 tractor and would like opinions on a decent stump bucket.
  15. shooterdon

    Anyone have Leaf Filter issues?

    I had their gutter guards installed 4 years ago. They started to give me problems about two years ago and are next to useless now. The fine mesh screen has gotten plugged with pollen so water will not go through it. I added a metal rood\f after the filters were installed and now it is next...
  16. shooterdon

    Have given up on my Land Plane

    I bought a unit last year to try to level my driveway. I have gentle rolling humps I call "whoopity-dos". It feels like riding a little roller coaster. I created most of the problem trying to initially use a back blade. Once a hump is introduced, it just makes the problem worse with each...
  17. shooterdon

    Why I do not garden

    This week there was a sale on canned vegetables. $.20 a can. We bought a bunch last year at $.19 but decided to get another 20 cases...240 cans. A little voice told me our temporary inflation may not be over for a while. I have all this crappy stuff that is so inferior to home grown to...
  18. shooterdon

    Recommendation for Kawasaki Mule SX Battery

    Yesterday I pulled the battery on my 2020 in order to top it off. What a PITA that was. Impossible to see the water level so seemed easier to remove the battery. There was about 2" of water in the battery. Looks like my Battery Tender is boiling it off. I would like to replace the OEM...
  19. shooterdon

    Auto Connect on 2 series JD

    A buddy called for help trying to get the MMM deck attached. He is doing some caretaking and the owner of the property is gone for a couple months. When we drove over the deck, we were about 1" shy of fully seating the PTO and the rear "latches" would not make. I assume to auto connect, the...
  20. shooterdon

    Propane costs up

    One downside to living remotely is the lack of natural gas supply. I have a line running through my property but it runs from the wells to the compressor close and yet so far. Got my pre-buy contract yesterday. Last year we were at $1.20/gal and this year we are at $1.60. 33%...
  21. shooterdon

    Editing Signature

    How do I edit my signature so there is a line break between equipment listings? Thanks,
  22. shooterdon

    Dealing with whipty-doos using a chain top link on a landscape grader.

    I spent about 2 hours yesterday trying to level my 250 yard drive using a landscape grader. I have an Afton stone (21 AA crushed limestone) drive. I know it is the wrong attachment to plane off the high spots and move stone to the low spots but I do not want to invest in a box blade for a one...
  23. shooterdon

    Cylinder Safety Stops

    I want to use my FEL to lift stuff like a mower and Kawasaki Mule to perform maintenance. I have searched for cylinder stops and they cost about $100 which seems a bit expensive for a couple of lengths of steel and pins. The ones I found were on Tractor Mikes and was wondering if there are...
  24. shooterdon

    Grass or Clover Recommendation.

    I live in Northern Michigan and have about an acre I need to establish some kind of cover on. It is too far from my house to water. The soil is sand and acidic. I can add lime, potash etc but would prefer not to add a couple of inches of topsoil unless I must. I called a hydro seed company...
  25. shooterdon

    Do I wait???

    Ordered a Bad Boy ZT Elite a few weeks ago. Got a call from the dealer and they got a shipment in yesterday. But they only engine available was the Kohler and I ordered a Kawasaki. Seems Kawasaki is backed up and no idea when I can get one. I have a mower I can use so no urgency. It is...
  26. shooterdon

    “Disappearing” Lynch Pins

    I am inexperienced but it seems to me a lynch pin should not pop out if installed correctly. Two guys were running tractors at deer camp this weekend and had a spreader and rototiller come off the 3PH. One swears he had the lynch pin installed and it must have broken off....that seems...
  27. shooterdon

    Anyone have opinions on the Bad Boy ZTs

    I was close to getting a Country Clipper. This week walked into my LS dealer to see about a land grader and he is handling Bad Boy mowers. For the same price $5000, I can get a Bad Boy Elite that has a pivoting front suspension and 7ga deck instead of a 12 ga deck. The BB weighs 125lbs...
  28. shooterdon

    Want to kill grass....not trees

    My goal is to eliminate using a trimmer around the fence line and trees. Is there something I can use to kill grass and not harm trees. Trees are oaks, maples, spruce, birch.
  29. shooterdon

    Would you buy a 54" or 60" deck?

    I got no response on my last post so will try this. I am buying a ZT. Two acres, two dozen trees and a few other items to trim around. There is only a $200 difference in price between a 54" and 60" deck. Which one would you get and why? Thanks,
  30. shooterdon

    Buying a Country Clipper ZT and have questions

    Been looking at a ZT for a few years and it looks like I will be pulling the trigger this month. There are two reasons we have decided on the Country Clipper. First is the joy stick fiancé loved the test drive and found it much easier to use than the steering bars. The...
  31. shooterdon

    New Blade for 40 HP Tractor

    Here is my wish list: Blade will be used for road grading and snow removal Must have: 84"...I have about 72" track width and want a minimum of 30* angle ability. Hydraulic the winter the blade will be mounted on a SSQA plate on the FEL for snow removal Nice to have but not a...
  32. shooterdon

    Want to use logs to frame a carport type structure

    I have a number of oak logs for the project. Dimensional lumber would be easier to work with but prices are high right now and the logs are cheap. It would be easier if I do not need to notch logs to get a good fit. Can I use those long log screws to screw the logs together? In some...
  33. shooterdon

    I hate my PTO

    Today I hooked up my FarmKing 74 inverted blower. Winter is still a number of weeks away but I like being prepared. Today was cool so it seemed like a good day to get弾r done. After struggling with the PTO for over 20 minutes I finally got it connected. I was drenched in sweat. I store the...
  34. shooterdon

    3 PH fork attachment

    I am planning to modify my firewood processing method next year. I will need a grapple on the FEL for loading logs onto the feed rack of the processor and a set of forks on the 3PH to handle bins of wood that will weigh 1500-2000 lbs. The bins are modified IBC totes. I currently use a TSC...
  35. shooterdon

    Why I did not upgrade to a better splitter

    A while back I started a thread on upgrading my DR Dual Action splitter. I wanted less than a 10 second cycle. Prices were high for a quality unit. There was no way I was spending $4000 to work my butt off and split wood!!! Part of the rationale was that I am getting old...70 in a few...
  36. shooterdon

    Was looking for a golf cart...bought a Mule

    With the addition of a 200 yard range, I was looking for a cheap vehicle to run back and forth. I was shocked to see used golf carts in decent condition going for $4000+ Stopped at the local Kawasaki dealer last Friday and they had a sale on SX 4x4 FI Mules...under $7000. Liked having a dump...
  37. shooterdon

    200 Yard Range in the woods with no backhoe

    I have a 100 yard range setup off the back porch. It is on the trail that runs 135 yards into the woods. This year I planned to use my LS 4140 to extend the range another 80 yards into the woods. One of neighbors does backhoe work and when I was shopping for a tractor he had advised me not...
  38. shooterdon

    Root cellar

    With the success of Covid-19, I fear their could be another accident next fall as we start to pull ourselves out of this current challenge. I would like to put away foods that do not require canning. Please let know if there are any books or other resources that would guide me to building a...
  39. shooterdon

    Banned or suspended members.

    Is there a way to know if a member has been banned or suspended? I am trying to contact a member who has not posted in a week and has not responded to a PM I sent. Thanks
  40. shooterdon

    Oil & Fuel  Am I reading the manual right?

    LS 2019 4140 My manual says second oil change at 300 Hrs. Am I reading this right? Seems like a long time (250 hr) from first change. Then change every 300 hrs? I am estimating about 125 hours a year on the tractor and wonder if changing the oil once a year would be prudent. Or am I just...
  41. shooterdon

    Idea for an ice scarifier

    I have been looking at a home made scarifier using snowmobile carbide tips or self tapping screws . I do not have a huge area to address...maybe an acre total. Using the full 72" FEL width may not get enough pressure on the studs. Considering using 1/4x20 self tapping screws about 2-3" apart...
  42. shooterdon

    Anyone a member of the Cast Boolit Forum

    I have been unable to sign in on either my Ipad or laptop for a few days. Keep getting the error meesage below' Is there a problem with the site or at my end? Thanks for any help. [] operator not supported for strings on line 8 in...
  43. shooterdon

    Delo 400 XLE

    Any opinions on this oil for a diesel tractor that requires 10W-30 CJ-4 spec oil? It is about $5/gal less than Mobile 1
  44. shooterdon

    A good quality Log Splitter

    Moderators, it this is should be posted in a different forum please move. Any recommendations for a splitter that has these features: - detent on valve and/or auto retract so I do not have to hold the lever constantly - push through design (stationary wedge) - 20T capacity - 10 second or...
  45. shooterdon

    Added a front camera to my LS4140 Cab I had originally purchased this to mount on my JD855 to aid in using a rear blower. Never installed it as I upgraded to the LS this year, so it was just sitting there. I find it difficult to use the...
  46. shooterdon

    Why buy one?

    I cannot figure it out. For those who have both a tractor and pickup, what do you use the SxS for?
  47. shooterdon

    Converting gas generator to Propane

    I cannot justify the capital cost and operating cost of a whole house standby propane generator. I no longer wish to store 200+ gallons of gas and cycle through it every year to keep it "fresh". I have a Honda EB11000 and I am considering converting it to propane. Has anyone done something...
  48. shooterdon

    Want a machine that will mulch leaves...lots of leaves.

    Tried of bagging and blowing. I spend almost as much time removing leaves in the fall as I do mowing all year. My Husqvarna YTH24 with bagger is what I am using now. I want a machine that will cut grass and mulch leaves. I have about 2 acres of lawn to tend. 2 dozen trees in the lawn area...
  49. shooterdon

    Mowing Food Plots

    My neighbor has asked me to help him. He has food plots that he wants to mow to a height of over 6 in. Plots are tilled every year so ground is rough. One large plot has numerous raised sprinkler heads (on pipes about 3 ft off the ground), so a brush hog is a pain to use. A few days ago we...
  50. shooterdon

    Country Clipper

    Looked at some of their machines today. Like the joy stick control and the flip up deck. Anyone using them and have any comments? My goal is to be able to mulch everything including leaves. I get a lot of leaves so that is a concern.
  51. shooterdon

    MTL Post and Tree puller

    Recently received this and thought I would share my experience so far. On the build, one of the zerk fittings requires a 90* fitting to reach. I need to find something to get to it and it will be a minor inconvenience that should not be there. Wish the bar to prevent tree from falling back...
  52. shooterdon

    TM 1360 Technical Manual for JD 655, 755, 855 and 955

    Bought this last year for my 855 that I traded a few months ago. Asking $45 with shipping included. US sales only. Payment by USPS MO.
  53. shooterdon

    Using a pull behind blower

    If there is a 12” snowfall, is there a problem after the first pass when only 50% of the blower width is being used on the second pass. One side of the tractor is close to the ground while the other side is riding on the snow...may be 4” or so higher.
  54. shooterdon

    Any opinions on the Farm King blowers vs Woodmaxx?

    I am looking at purchasing a blower. My dealer has two new 74" Farm King blowers sitting in the yard. He has both a regular 3PH model and the pull behind. Anyone using them? I can get a 72" Woodmaxx blower for about $400 less than the Farm King 3 PH normal model. I get about 150" of snow...
  55. shooterdon

    Connecting male to female coupler

    First time it connected. Accidentally stressed the hose first time using the grapple and now the male end on the Grapple will not snap into either the female connector on the grapple or tractor. Nothing looks bent or deformed. Am I missing something or do I need to replace the fitting? Thanks
  56. shooterdon

    Quick Hitches  Current thinking on 3 pt Quick HItch

    Looking at adding a QH on my new LS 4140. Will also be adding Hydraulic Top Link. 3pt attachments will be a snow thrower, back blade, rake, and carry all. Use of use as well as access to PTO for blower are more important than cost. What are my best options?
  57. shooterdon

    Snowblower  Looking for end of season sales for a Snowblower

    Just got an LS4140 and I am looking for a 3 PH 72" blower. If anyone knows of any sales doing on I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks
  58. shooterdon

    Delivered late yesterday....XR4140

    Finally here. Cab, HST, third function, radio (for SWMBO), extra wide loaded turf tires. With the FEL this thing must weigh close to 5500 lbs. A far cry from the little JD855 I traded. Cost was $31,000 and I got $7000 on trade so $24k for likely my last tractor as I am in my late sixties...
  59. shooterdon

    Removing saplings up to 2" in diameter

    I have hundreds to take out. No desire to bush hog them as I will be working around trees I want to keep, and the BH is too large. Plus I do not want little spikes left sticking up. I am getting a grapple and see plenty of videos of grabbing brush and carrying it off. One video showed a guy...
  60. shooterdon

    Ratchet rake or Piranha bar or both

    Looking to remove hundreds of saplings up to 2". Wondering which one would do a better job. I am leaning towards the RR after seeing a few videos. But I like the increased digging action of the Piranha bar for FEL work. Any opinions? Also, has anyone put both a PB and a RR on a FEL? Is...
  61. shooterdon

    Cannot lift and curl with Boomer 40

    Dealer dropped off a demo unit. I cannot lift the bucket and curl at the same time. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
  62. shooterdon

    Narrowing the search

    Getting close. The JD dealer closest to me is a joke and they think they have the best tractors in the world. Way overpriced. The Kubota dealer, is better, but prices are also steep. Plus they want to charge $300 to pick up and return the tractor for warranty or maintenance work. 50 miles...
  63. shooterdon

    Anyone using a hydraulic front blade in areas with 120 or more of snow

    I Visited the New Holland dealer on a whim. He is a bit far away but wanted to check out a Boomer. Told him I need to clear snow but I cannot drive backward and the front blowers have issues with ground clearance if I leave the sub frame on. He suggested using a SSQA hydraulic blade...
  64. shooterdon

    Kubota LA534 Loader

    My dealer is telling me that I need to go to an L series to lift my pallets of firewood. I cannot afford an L series and I hate the massive subframe the L uses to mount the front snow blower. I plan to have about 1400 lbs of firewood on a pallets 40" wide and 32" deep. That should put the...
  65. shooterdon

    Using a blade and blower

    I live in an area that requires a blower to keep the snow banks from "taking over". I was talking to salesman at the Kubota dealer and he has in interesting thought. He suggested using the back blade to move snow from the edge of the driveway to the center, On the return pass, use the blower...
  66. shooterdon

    Fair price for a JD855

    I have found an old JD855 without a FEL but it has a snowblower I could use. It comes with the 72" MMM that I do not need. The machine has less than 400 hours on it. I am driving over to look at it tomorrow. Has anyone used the 855 with the factory blower? How does it handle deep snow...say...
  67. shooterdon

    XR3135HC with front blower

    Looked at the XR today. Looking at getting the front blower. The dealer showed me how simple it is to remove the FEL frame. Is there anyone who has the blower? How easy is it to connect and disconnect the blower? Does the LS blower work well? Thanks.
  68. shooterdon

    Upgrading and some questions.

    I looking at getting a cab tractor with a front mounted snow blower (60-70" width). Tractor size about 3500 lbs and about 40 HP (but not stuck on either parameter). It will be a new machine. The videos I have seen on YouTube are all done on asphalted or cement surfaces....easy/peasy. I...
  69. shooterdon

    Heating Costs

    I set up a spreadsheet yesterday to run the numbers. I estimated 150 million BTU's of heat for the year. In my situation, using realistic burning efficiencies and the cost to process firewood (gas, oil, chains maintenance) came out as follows: "Free" wood costs me about $35/cord to find, haul...
  70. shooterdon

    Small pull behind snowblower

    I only have 19 PTO HP. I have not been able to find a unit small enough to work on my JD. Is anyone aware of one? Today I tried operating the tractor by moving in reverse and I cannot do it safely so a conventional rear blower is not going to work for me. I can put a JD front blower on...
  71. shooterdon

    Additive to keep plow from freezing

    I have an old Western plow. With the sub zero and zero temperatures we have been getting, the pump freezes. Once it warms up into the 20痴 it works. Is there an additive that can be added to prevent freezing? I realize that draining the fluid and adding new will cure the issue, but I...
  72. shooterdon

    Advice please

    I have about 1.5 acres of grass to mow. I currently use a Husqvarna 48" rider and it takes me 1.5 hrs to complete the job, I have about 2 dozen trees, a 55x75 pond, and a short fence line to deal with. I believe with a ZT I could cut my mowing time in half. I mow about 16 times a year. I am...
  73. shooterdon

    Need a pump for deisel fuel

    I was given a fuel tank from a reefer. I plan on mounting it on a cheap Harbor Freight trailer and use it as a fueling station. I would prefer a 12v pump to get the fuel into the tractor, but don稚 want to spend a lot of money. Some are over $300. Does anyone have experience with the economy...
  74. shooterdon

    Bolt on Bucket Grapple

    I have an old JD 855 with pin on bucket. Adding a quick attach and grapple is more than I wish to spend. I saw the Thumb bolt on unit and was wondering if anyone here has experience with it, or another device that will work for me. My plan is to add a diverter valve off the curl circuit to...
  75. shooterdon

    Grading with a Back Blade

    I have been having problems using my back blade to grade my gravel drive. It is a bit of a roller coaster with dips every 10-15 yards or so. When I use the position control to raise the blade as I go up a dip, I leave ridges that look like washboards. When I go down a dip, I wind up leaving...
  76. shooterdon

    Using a 2000 lb winch to tilt Carry All

    First, my objective.... I plan on using a carry all on the 3pt hitch to move firewood stacked on pallets that have been cut down to 32". That will allow me to move about 1/3 of a cord (1500 lbs) of firewood at a time. My storage area is not flat so it would be advantageous to be able to tilt...
  77. shooterdon

    Ballast  Ballast for JD855 with 52 FEL

    The owners manual advises that proper ballasting for the 855 with the Model 52 FEL and turf tires requires 75% calcium chloride (I figure 250 lbs per tire), 3 rear weights per tire (no idea what they weigh), and 225 lbs in the ballast box. I have turf tires and loaded them with WW fluid - 23...
  78. shooterdon

    Jacking up JD 855 to add ballast

    Bought WW fluid and wondering how to safely jack up the rear end safely. I have a 1 1/2 ton floor jack. It would be nice to jack both wheels up at once but I am ok with doing each side separately. Any advice on jacking points and where to place axle stands would be appreciated.
  79. shooterdon

    Adjusting Parking Brake on JD 855

    I have a copy of TM-1360 but cannot find instructions of how to adjust the parking brake. If the information is in the manual, would someone please point me to the correct section? If I need another resource, could someone recommend where I may obtain the information? Thank you in advance
  80. shooterdon

    Hydraulic Top link installation on JD855

    I posted about adding an linear actuator on another thread and got beat up about doing such a silly thing...but it was good advice in the end, so no feelings hurt. As a newbie to working with hydraulics, I need a bit of hand holding as I know doing something ignorant can get me hurt. I have...
  81. shooterdon

    Using a linear actuator to control the top link

    Has anyone tried using a linear actuator to control the top link? It seems it would be easier to run 12V power to a switch than adding a hydraulic circuit, lines and a valve. My applications would be to adjust the angle of rear mounted pallet forks and a box blade. Something like this...
  82. shooterdon

    Carter EZ Hitch vs Quick HItch or Pats Hitch

    Forgive the ignorance but I am a new tractor owner trying to make my experience less frustrating. The reading I have done on the site does not shed a lot of light on the impact of adding a quick hitch and its effect of the length of the PTO shaft. Both the Quick hitch and Pat's seem to add...
  83. shooterdon

    JD 855 will not shift out of 4WD

    The title says it all. Tried shifting while in neutral as well as when tractor moving slowly in forward or reverse.
  84. shooterdon

    Filling tires with WW fluid

    Done watching the YouTube videos but not trusting some of the yahoos there. My dealer wants $250 to fill the rear tires on my JD 855 with RimGuard. I can fill them with WW fluid for about $100. So my interest in doing this myself. Some questions Should I use tubes? Any detrimental effect...
  85. shooterdon

    Using a synthetic engine oil?

    Just bought a JD 855 made in 1988. I was wondering if a synthetic oil is a good idea or should I stay with an oil for deisel engines? I live in northern Michigan where temperatures can swing between -35 and 100. 哲ormal temperatures that I would be using the machine are 15-85. I was thinking...
  86. shooterdon

    Need a source for front wheels for JD 855

    My new to me and first tractor needs a lot of work. Both front rims are toast....elongated mounting holes. I doubt they can be repaired. As title says....where can I get a set...either new or used Thanks
  87. shooterdon

    Carter and Sons EZ Hitch

    Anyone used one or seen one? It seems to have the advantages of the Pat’s hitch without adding 4” to the lower link length. Thanks for any feedback or opinions
  88. shooterdon

    Finially a tractor owner! JD855

    Just purchased my first tractor. An old (1988) JD 855 compact with 1100 hrs on it. It comes with a FEL, rototiller, a King Kutter brushhog, 60" mow deck, York rake and back blade. One of the attachments is some kind of "boom" that is supposed to be used to pull logs so I need to research...