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    Titan subsoiler

    They usually have a few in their seconds lot that is open to the public but Tarter was sold to another firm and has been closing up in Casey. Dont know how long or what will remain if anything.
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    Im back after several years...

    Shenanigans. Havent heard that word in awhile. Welcome back. Looking forward to your shenanigans. [emoji12] Sharp tractor.
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    What happened here to my tire?

    Colonel Mertz von Quirnheim: Any problem on Earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives. The trick is not to be around when they go off.[emoji16] Thats why I gave no instructions in my reply. But it works very well.
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    What happened here to my tire?

    If ya know ya know[emoji849]
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    Stop closing threads

    I guess unfortunately we are all human except for the bots n trolls[emoji849][emoji16] But the things one finds funny another person will be traumatized by. Yes the truth can be one of those controversial subjects. I had a thread removed for who knows why. I had simply posted a link to the...
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    Everything Attachments poll

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    Tube Frame Metal Buildings--I need a new goat barn

    The building is 30 x 30 with a 10 shed on the side.
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    Tube Frame Metal Buildings--I need a new goat barn

    Heres a few pics of my neighbors building. Dont hold the blue tractor against him[emoji12] he’s a pretty good guy.
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    Tube Frame Metal Buildings--I need a new goat barn

    Friend of mine just had a 30 x 40 with two 10 x 10 rollup doors for $12,000. This was just the building installed on the base you provide. I recently got an estimate of $11,000 for a 30 x 36 vertical metal with wainscoting and 1 - 10 x 10 rollup plus an entrance door. This was to be installed...
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    Neighbor's cattle in yard

    Someone hit a cow on the main hwy at 2:30 Wed morn. Right in front of my MIL’s house. Neighbor has the only herd in that area and he says it wasnt his. Sheriff was out there today looking around. Curious to see what happens.
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    Puppies and Tractor

    Hes got that what are you doing look in his eyes [emoji16] Live pups and old iron. [emoji1303]
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    Forklift Train the Trainer certification?

    Hitachi sent me to a class given by the forklift dealership. Dont know the cost or if they had people in house or they farmed it out to do the training. I wrote our training programs for our forklifts and other equipment. Lots of help and materials online. I would go with whatever online...
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    Is there a way to keep rats from nesting in my engine?

    My two are rescues also. Have a couple of stray Toms come around occasionally. Mine arent too receptive of them or any other cats.
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    Is there a way to keep rats from nesting in my engine?

    This mornings sacrifice left at the basement door altar. They always leave their kills there for me to find.
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    Is there a way to keep rats from nesting in my engine?

    Cats are the best answer. My two are well fed. They rarely eat what they kill. It seems they kill for the pleasure of it. They are very sadistic when they catch something usually letting it run between them as they take turns torturing it to death. No rodent problems since they came here.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    You mean “Overlord”[emoji12]
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    Banning a member

    So what Im hearing is that when the cloak of anonymity is gone and the reality of the person or persons your engaging in conversation with is in front of you that behavior is different. [emoji848]
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    Now thats funny[emoji12]
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    Banning a member

    Maybe spayed would be a better term since most trolls are obvious pu**ies. [emoji848]
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    Banning a member

    We can no more stop the inevitable than the night becoming day. But still we try. I commend you. [emoji1303]
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    2024 garden season

    Thanks. A buddy of mine gets all of his seeds from them.
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    Mud Mess Jobsite

    Structural Engineer. Of course we had good clay to work with. Had one builder mess up and dig a basement on a lot that the home was sold with a crawl space. We put it back in with that same skid steer I have now, everything else I had at the time was committed, and the compaction passed so they...
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    At one time Tarter was making a lot of Frontier Implements. Remember seeing truckloads pull out of Liberty. Of course Tarter is about gone from our area now since the family sold the business.
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    2024 garden season

    Have been wanting to try the clay on plants. Where did your get it.
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    Mud Mess Jobsite

    Just repeating what the engineer told us on lift depth.
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    Cat pic(s)

    Spicy was thrilled with herself when she realized she could jump from the Bobcat to the beam in the tractor shed. They would sit on the grill waiting to see when I was up. When I moved the grill they would take turns climbing the screen to see if I was up. I learned fast to open the...
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    Mud Mess Jobsite

    I think the main problem was the soil wasn’t or wouldn’t compact on the initial fill. I haven’t done any commercial work in a few years. To get good compaction with smaller equipment you need to spread no more than a 8 to 10 inch lift of fill then with a full bucket run back and forth compacting...
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    Mud Mess Jobsite

    Hard to tell from the pics but there appears to be a lot of organic matter in that soil. You can never build a pad out of that material. To build a pad that an engineer would sign off on I had to cut all the organic matter from the site then build the pad up with clay. If you dont take the...
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    Banning a member

    Had a friend that ran equipment for me. When one of us started complaining we would say. Well why dont we just write that down in our big book of feelings.
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    Tractor backhoe digs up some pavement and blows a tire

    Thats never good. And now I know why I always carry vice grips.
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    Rant on shipping

    Apparently I owe the USPS an apology after looking at the latest shipping info. It would appear that the Postal Service has not received the package from Amazon. Which is weird since I ordered it from Walmart. At least now the package is back where it started from.
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    Rant on shipping

    I like the membership. We get it free on our phone plan.
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    Rant on shipping

    Made an order on last week. Said it would be here Wed. of this week. Im ok with that, no urgent need. Got an email saying it had shipped Fri. Out of curiosity I checked the progress and who it was being shipped by today. USPS is the carrier. It left Hebron KY on Fri. Went to...
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    Unfortunately my son has told me that he is selling all of his beekeeping equipment. Last fall he got stung once while checking his hives. No biggie he gets stung usually once during a hive check. But this time he had a bad reaction to the sting and swelled up. I gave him Benadryl and took him...
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    Banning a member

    Bird is one of the ones I can remember when I first came on.
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    Banning a member

    All of this talk about making someone go away got me to thinking about the ones who have gone away. Members slip away all the time and mostly go unnoticed. Death or physically unable to continue will come to all. A lot of the ones I interacted with when I first came to the forum are gone New...
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    Cat pic(s)

    Sorry, its never easy letting one go.
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    Banning a member

    Well I guess it was inevitable. Started out wanting to lynch someone now everybody is drinking. [emoji16] I think I’ll join ya but it will hafta be something diet from my Sodastream. [emoji30]
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    Banning a member

    What if this thread is a setup meant to draw us out. Sorta like when the cops send out prize winner notifications to people with warrants. Then bust them when they show up. [emoji849][emoji848]
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    Banning a member

    Same here on the not posting something. I have no one on ignore. Dont post a lot but do enjoy reading others. If I have something to add I will. Yes occasionally I get off my leash and sarcasm is usually the answer.
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    Cat pic(s)

    Thankfully they have never used the gravel. They have always went to the woods or backyard. Packed DGA may be a bit tough for their liking. [emoji16]
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    Cat pic(s)

    What changed my attitude towards the little critters was the realization that we had no vermin anymore. They never ate their kills just left them where it died. The first couple of weeks it smelled like road kill around the place. I leave my chicken feed sitting under the carport and have...
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    Banning a member

    Ive had been quietly following this thread but now you’ve triggered a morbid curiosity of mine. [emoji848] Since we couldn’t literally execute them, or is shouldn’t the correct term. [emoji16] Then I assume we use their avatar as a proxy for the virtual execution. Maybe a hanging, firing squad...
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    Hammer drill

    I understand completely. [emoji30]
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    Branson 4815r power shuttle stuck in reverse

    Thats what I was thinking. Its an expensive lesson in how not to do things.
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    Hammer drill

    Thats a dangerous road your going down. “Justify we dont need no stinkin Justify”. [emoji849][emoji16]
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    Cat pic(s)

    My wife says my black cat has anger issues. When she is eating honey ham, that I tear into bite size pieces for her, she will growl and kill each piece before eating it. The thing is I hated cats. I got our two for my daughter in law. But they hang with me now.
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    Hammer drill

    I also have the Makitas in sds and sds max. My max is an older version of Eddies. Purchased it to install step rungs in manhole risers. Oh and the max are the bomb for driving ground rods with the attachment.
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    Cat pic(s)

    Yes they are.
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    Branson 4815r power shuttle stuck in reverse

    If its like the manual shuttle in my L3650 then it can mess the gears up it its shifted incorrectly. I had an employee use my tractor and he treated it like a hydraulic shuttle. It would stick in forward or reverse until I had it split and repaired
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    Cat pic(s)

    Spicy and Goldie. They are both rescues. They stay in the tractor shed and sleep in the wheelbarrow with a pet heat pad and their blanky. Plus when it gets really cold I hang a heat lamp over them. Spicy was a feral that had been trapped, its been a real challenge with her and I am the only...
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    Massey Ferguson steering cylinder repair

    From the pic looks like the rod end is swaged to the piston. A hydraulic shop could chuck it in a lathe and take the swag off then undercut the piston to accept a lock nut this would allow a new rod to be made.
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    My sis

    Prayers for you and your family. So sorry.
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    Michelin CrossClimate2

    Just put a set on my wife’s CX9. We had about 6” of snow after the install. They are an excellent tire in the snow and ice. The snow is melting now and we have areas of water puddling and they do not hydroplane. Well worth the $1300. My son is going to put a set on his CX5 when Walmart gets his...
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    Racing the weather for a <$600 "garage"

    We have been using the backside of a push broom to cause the snow to slide off.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Cant say about current production but the 3/4” set I bought in the early 80s is still going strong. No breakage even when I used them on impact guns. Had a 6’ cheater pipe on the ratchet trying to get a bushhog blade bolt loose without a problem.
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    Racing the weather for a <$600 "garage"

    When I checked last week 36” 5 rib painted was $2.86 foot around here. We have had a couple of days with high winds and no damage yet. But it is inevitable with the plastic tarp. I will probably only do the roof with metal and maybe one run on the sides. When the time comes.
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    Can I add anti-gel to my tractor

    Double dose wont hurt a thing. Have helped start a lot of equipment for others that never got the fuel treated properly. Dumped a bottle of PS in the tank and filled the filter housing with PS they will start and run fine. Have never used the 911 bottle but always kept a supply of the white...
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    Racing the weather for a <$600 "garage"

    That is my plan also. I figure the cover will maybe last a year then I will purchase the metal to replace it. We are lucky that there is 3 metal panel manufacturers within 30 minutes of us and they are way cheaper than the box stores.
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    Racing the weather for a <$600 "garage"

    Put one up for my daughter in law over Christmas. I used gravel to level the pad area. Counting the rock and all Ive got about $250 in it. Purchased the carport on sale.
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    Vaping, wow!

    At least you can tractor shop while you pick up more vape stuff or whatever ya call it
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    New Dealership[emoji849]

    Saw today in Somerset that we have a new Solis dealer. This is a bit crazy but who knows. The white buildings to the left are not part of the Vape Shop.
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    Vented non fuel jugs.

    The ones sold at RuralKing hold up well to gas. Like all things depends on who makes them.
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    Getting an annual physical at the doctors

    When I was in grade school I got strep and my Dr realized it was causing kidney problems. After a few days in the local hospital I was moved to the University Hospital. It being a teaching hospital meant that twice a day a group of people would come in to examine me To this day I dont know why...
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    Stumbled onto reliable rural internet access

    We go thru this company. No data limits or slow downs when we signed up. Wife works from home one day a week no problems. Can easily stream movies or youtube.
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    bar oil test

    Harvest King is what I purchased last year at the Glasgow Rural King. Have used it for years since Rural King came to KY. I think it was on sale for $6 last summer so I bought a few. Dont know if they have it now.
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    Stumbled onto reliable rural internet access

    I am on Verizon but through a third party since Verizon doesnt offer it in our rural area. Go figure. Heres my speeds this morn.
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    Fed Ex - A Lazy Bunch

    No gate here but Fedex drives up to the house and will leave it on the carport. We are usually his last stop. He was here at 6:30 last night.
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    Getting an annual physical at the doctors

    My grandfather had mini strokes according to his Dr. But the end result was almost the same as dementia. He could function fine and take care of himself but in his mind there were people in the woods behind his house trying to shoot him. Took his guns” to have them repaired “. He would call me...
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    "Elect e fried" lady bugs

    Buddy of mine called this week saying his heat pump was working fine but the outside fan would never shut off. I had him check to see if the thermostat had gone bad by pulling it. Fan was still on. Told him the contacts were probably stuck on the outside unit. Turns out a mud dauber had built...
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    Getting an annual physical at the doctors

    Went for my every 6 month check up urinalysis, drug test and blood work yesterday. Have some health issues that are not only painful but require monitoring. Hopefully catch anything early. Luckily I have an excellent Dr. His nurse lives about a mile from me and she is the sweetest most...
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    Sometimes you have to spend money to save money

    Yes he has been and will be missed. Thanks for telling us.
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    Getting an annual physical at the doctors

    Sorry for the loss of your neighbor. My Great Aunt passed away on Dec 31 also from complications of stage 4 lung cancer 4 years ago. We never know how or when we will go out. The time is approaching for all of us eventually.
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    Outdoor dog house heater?

    I have heated pads for my lab and my cats. The lab is about 12 or 13 years old so I cater to her. The cats enjoy theirs plus it keeps them in the tractor shed protecting my ride. [emoji16] The heat mats work great are adjustable for the temp. They come in different sizes. The only problem or...
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    Strange Symbols Painted on Ground

    I remember my grandfather came up to my house, he lived within sight of me, and saw a case of orange marking paint in my truck. He asked about it and I gave him a couple of cans. He left really tickled Wife came home later that day and asked me what they were going to do on the road. I asked...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    Remember well the day I saw two college girls walking up to me. With my gut sucked in I said can I help ya. They smiled and said, sir do you know what time it is. You could literally hear my gut and jaw drop. [emoji24] Now yes I was getting gray hair while in high school but come on. Had my son...
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    Merry Christmas 2023

    Merry Christmas to all. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.
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    Playing bill collector

    Local hospital went from doing their own billing to outsourcing it a few years ago. I was my Great Aunts power of attorney when she passed. She was a poor woman who was on Medicare and Medicaid and due to her income status never had to pay anything for medical services the last three years of...
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    If you are living in a rural area and have trouble getting high-quality internet but 5g At&t service available, try to find att internet air.

    Both ATT and Verizon do not offer their wireless internet in our area but you can get it from third parties easily. We have been on it for a few years now. Hugesnet sucked. Cable is suppose to come into our area next year. We have no data caps and the speeds are usually 40-60 down and 10-20...
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    Harbor Freight String trimmer repair.

    I gave my old Lynxx weed whacker and blower to mom because she wanted something light to help dad. That was years ago and they are still using them. They held up better than I would have thought.
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    Amazon rant...

    If we have a USPS package he will bring it up to the house and leave it in the covered carport. The FedEx and UPS drivers do the same. Out of sight and the weather. Ordered two tailgate cables for the ranger. They came the same day from the same Amazon warehouse but each one was in a long 6x6...
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    Disposable lithium battery

    The cardboard recylers do not like the Chinese cardboard. They told us, at the last place I worked, it did not recycle as good.
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    Trailer question - skid steer

    I bought a 14000 lb Gatormade this year. Hauls my skid steer and tractor fine. They are built about 30 miles from where I live so I went to the factory and bought mine.
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    Veteran Appreciation Thread

    Grandfather was in the Pacific aboard the USS Halloran during WW II. Did a lot of sub chasing and got hit by a kamikaze. I remember him telling me how it took the top of the head off a machine gunner he was buds with. He saved a piece of the plane. My uncle served in Nam. Not sure exactly what...
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    Improvised gravy

    I was gonna have cereal for breakfast but after reading this the biscuits are in the oven and bacon is frying. Gravy will be next. My cholesterol count thanks you [emoji16]
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    Trashy Ads

    Apparently I am the only one still using the app. Anyone else still use the app.
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    Do you have a thermal expansion tank on your water heater?

    Ive never had one in my home that I built in 98 but they are required now by code. My system hasn’t had any leaks due to thermal expansion. My fathers house built in 63 never had one but when I changed out his water heater last year the relief valve would drip overnight or during the day if...
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    Trashy Ads

    Just got on the TBN website to see how the ads were. Its pitiful the amount of popups. I will ride the app till it dies. No popups on here.
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    Trashy Ads

    Still using the old app to view TBN never have ads. But those looked interesting[emoji849]
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    Property Dispute Leaves 3 Dead, 1 Injured and 2 In Prison, Maybe For Life

    Buddy is in the process of selling some acreage that he bought about 6 years ago. The neighbors that he purchased the acreage from are also selling their adjoining land. One day he finds his gate opened and a real estate agent with a client coming out his drive. They have been looking at the...
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    Had a Snap on 1/2” ratchet that had been my Grandfathers. The square shaft was shattered. Caught a Snap on truck at one of the local garages and showed it to him. Told me that this model was only sold to Industries, not to garages or private individuals. He then proceeded to repair it free of...
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    Funeral Costs

    At my great aunts funeral which I arranged according to her wishes she sprang a leak. The funeral home quickly shut the casket and the service was abbreviated. That funeral didnt cost much at all after our talk. The very old cemetery at our church has lots of gravesites marked with sandstone...
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    What did you buy this week?

    I had one years ago. It was turned up a bit. Lots of power and no whine like the 953s. Congrats.
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    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    My old Kubota L3650, Bobcat 763G and my Craftsman DGS6500. Yes I could use more but maybe next year.
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    Bobcat Loader upgrade.

    What kinda material do you use it for.
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    Where Does Your "Handle" Come From?

    Dont use one, sorry. But if I did it would probably have to be A**hole. Buddy of mine was building a house. He hired a young contractor from my area. When my buddy found out he was from my area he asked him if he knew me. The young man immediately said that I was an A**hole to which my buddy...
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    Sprayer Pump Winterization and Storage

    RV antifreeze in mine also. No corrosion problems.
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    I am a New used Tractor Owner

    Congrats on the purchase. I have had a L3650 for the last 23 years. They are excellent basic tractors. Yours appears to have the hood opening for the optional air precleaner. Have fun.
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    LB1914 Replacement Fan Belt is Too Long

    I have always taken my old belt to the auto parts store for replacements. Usually cheaper and a lot of the parts house brands have a better warranty.
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    Any suggestions

    Materials to do that garage would run about $2000, thats speculating on the size. I helped my father replace his hail damaged metal roof on his motorhome garage. It looks to be roughly the same size and it took us two days to remove and replace the metal. I fully understand the height phobia...
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    My A1C was always good until a year and a half ago when mine went to a 6. I get a checkup about every 4-6 months due to other issues. My vitamin d level was about 25% of what it should be at the same time. Dr said the usual lay off the goodies and starches plus take a d supplement. Started...
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    What did you buy this week?

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    Cost of Classic Tractors

    I like that. Next time some one says I need a newer tractor, Im gonna tell them its a Classic[emoji1303][emoji16]
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    What did you buy this week?

    What brand are those. I keep intending to buy a couple sets of those. We always called them tappet wrenches. My major purchase has been candy for our trunk or treats at church. Twerent cheap[emoji30] I have a friend that has the gas version in the same color. He loves it.
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    Garden erosion

    My garden is on a slope also The hill it is on rises rapidly so there was a large amount of runoff that flowed into the garden. I cut a road above the garden to act like a swale to divert the runoff. No more washouts.
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    ATV advice

    We have a 2015 Kawasaki mule. Its the smaller one a 610 or as my son calls it the jackass version. It has been bulletproof so far. The 02 Honda 300 fourtrax has also been very reliable. We did have to replace the front ball joints. Honda made them one piece with the a arm and they are no...
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    Sometimes your the bug, sometimes the windshield

    County judge negotiated a deal with the local landfill company where each household gets a card with five free dumps at the landfill. This helps with the people who clean up a place. I can also take one large bag a week there without paying. I only do this when I straighten up a mess, because...
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    Good Books.... Well, there are a few.

    I always liked the African professional hunter books. My all time favorites were written by Peter Hathaway Capstick.
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    Fed up with the garden

    Picked the last of our Jade green beans and a few pitiful tomatoes that were still growing. Should have planted some late crops earlier but other projects took my time. Cover crop is up and doing well. Have not had a killing frost yet. Will probably get a hard freeze in the coming days...
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    Need some prayers for a breast cancer fighter

    My wife is a breast cancer survivor but her yearly monitoring is nerve wracking for her because of the what if. We will pray for your family also. No one should go through this.
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    Mouth Taping, Anyone Else Doing It?

    Never had a strap come off. Pulled the hose loose a few times. Yes it does tend to crimp the beard. Hafta comb and fluff mine every morning. [emoji16] I have also noticed that my nose has never been totally stopped up since using the bipap. I guess the pressure keeps at least one open. When...
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    Kubota B3350 tractor regeneration problems

    This is what I remembered. Might help might not.
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    Kubota B3350 tractor regeneration problems

    I thought someone posted a bulletin on the factory covering this known defect for either life or an extended time cant remember.
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    Mouth Taping, Anyone Else Doing It?

    You do t have to use tape. I use a bipap with the nose pillows so I have to keep my mouth closed. To do this there is a head strap that goes over and behind the head and under the chin to keep it shut. Comfortable and they last a long time. If any of you have an Ollies store nearby they have...
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    Sidewall Damage - Chunk Still Attached

    Exactly what I was thinking. Use to be this service was widely available at tire shops. This would be a permanent repair. There is kits online to do this yourself if you are so inclined.
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    Shell Rotella T4 SAE 10W-30 ALERT!

    Local Walmart has 1 gal for $23.48 and I can order 2.5 gal for store pickup or home delivery for $55. Local TSC has 1 gal for $29.99 and 2.5 gal for $69.99. May pick up a couple of 2.5s while they are at this price.
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    Shell Rotella T4 SAE 10W-30 ALERT!

    If you cant find T6 5w-40 at Walmart check TSC. They usually have it because they are a lot higher but they will price match.
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    Dog in the Tractor

    Mine likes to ride on the mule but will follow me all day when Im on the tractor. She also knows I keep dog treats in the mule glovebox.
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    New Member from Kentucky

    Welcome from KY. Im a bit south of ya.
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    Trying to ID thos subsoiler

    Was this what you referred to,%20Model%2010-89,%20Operating%20Instructions.pdf Wild looking top link bracket. The one bolt is probably there to shear.
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    Sharp Again!

    I have a little 5’ King Cutter that the lock washers on the gear box bolts shattered and the bolt head was under the stump jumper. Lower seal was leaking a bit so I pulled it apart and replaced the bolts with grade 8 and used lock nuts. Coated the shaft with never seize and remounted the stump...
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    Diesel fuel

    I know guys who haul fuel. All the same except for the dye. Off road and heating oil is the same just taxed differently. Ive been running heating oil in my tractor and skid steer for the last 3 years because I inherited an old house with a full 250 gal fuel oil tank.
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    Another homemade tractor canopy

    Yep metal in direct sunlight becomes a radiant heater.
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    creating a culvert

    I fully understand the fine line that separates saving some stuff vs hoarding [emoji12] ok its definitely a grey area. 20 years ago I put a road in to my basement garage. In doing so I created a small dam in part of the yard. I had “saved” some 8” sewer pipe from a trailer park I had previously...
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    Another homemade tractor canopy

    The insulation does more than cut down on noise it also helps with radiant heat. I use to have an old backhoe that would cook you under the factory canopy until I put some reflective bubble wrap underneath one day out of desperation.
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    Another homemade tractor canopy

    I told him. They come outta the woodwork [emoji12]
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    Another homemade tractor canopy

    Good job. You may want to glue some sound deadening foam to the underside. I was hoping to have made one for my tractor this year but my time has and us being allocated elsewhere. Oh and you probably already know the safety police are gonna flame you for modifying your bar.
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    Box scrapper lift up on a turn?

    Ive always used my box blade in reverse, when needed, with numerous tractors over the years and have never bent or destroyed anything. I have seen where damage has been done by others doing this though. Traction has always been my limiting factor when using a box blade when turning or backing...
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    creating a culvert

    20’ - 18” double wall $320 at the feed mill and Southern States had them for the same price. We just purchased this for my sons entrance where he us building his home. Hwy Dept will install if you purchase the pipe. Only pipe they approve is the double wall plastic. They will not install CMP...
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    Help !!! Fire Ants !!!

    Was curious if bifen hurts the earthworm population. I spray it around the house and buildings perimeter. Im hoping the fire ants stay south of us, but who knows. I have started seeing dead armadillos on the Cumberland Parkway. We dont need those its bad enough we have possums. With the rise...
  131. A

    Clearing ground for pasture

    We get bulk lime at the quarry around here. Dont know if you have any close to you.
  132. A

    Mirrors for the JD Ztrak Z930m

    I like that. Never thought of having my son print me some mirror mounts. I too have restricted looking back abilities.
  133. A

    Found 33 acres... wow

    Beautiful property. You said there was some 100 year floodplain on the property, how much more is under a 500 year flood. The reason I ask is in KY we have had a large number of 500 year floods lately. As for goldenrod honey, yuck. My son’s bees have at times went crazy on the goldenrod and...
  134. A

    Lighting upgrade?

    Contraband. [emoji848]
  135. A

    How much trailer weight can my tractor tow?

    My little L3650 is rated for 5000 lb trailer per Kubota and thats way more than it weighs soaking wet.
  136. A

    Which wheel bearing grease???

    Ive always heard this about moly but have been using Ford wheel bearing grease for many years and it has moly without any trouble. Just my results. Others may have had different endings.
  137. A

    Where do These Chains on my Bush Hog go?

    Those are limiter chains. They would mount on the top link pin at the tractor. They do not replace the top link. Use to see these in use a lot on the older ford 8 and 9 n’s They limit how low the implement will go down.
  138. A

    Rebuild kit for hydralic pump Chevy C65 dump

    Yeah. In a younger life I worked at the hydraulic shop rebuilding components. Some things can be a fun diy project. But others no.
  139. A

    Rebuild kit for hydralic pump Chevy C65 dump

    The easiest way is to locate a hydraulic repair shop. They will have or can get any pieces you need. Most heavy duty pump rebuilds are beyond diy unless you have access to a surface grinder to set clearances. Dont know where your located but if you were in KY I would recommend that you contact...
  140. A

    AZ ranch

    Nice setup. I have slushed,as we called it, many a basement. We used a pump truck. He would follow your progress with the boom while you walked the top of the wall. Trick was to learn the sound change as that section filled. If you moved your hose a bit slow you got splattered bad.
  141. A

    Ripper teeth

    Saw a youtube vid where these points were changed. I think he used a cutoff wheel to remove them. Then he used a press to dimple the new ones on.
  142. A

    Are people lazy, don’t know how to help or scared of liability.

    Probably all the above. Society today wants everything done for them. Doesnt seem to be that way around here. Someone will usually have a tree gone from the road before the Hwy Dept gets there. Of course most everybody knows each other around here.
  143. A

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome. Just jump right in and ask what you want to know. Plus share what you do know. Enjoy.
  144. A

    Any Other Suggestions Before I Get the Saw-Zall?

    Mine was locked up on the L3650. I sprayed it heavily with penetrating oil and a few raps with a dead blow hammer loosened it up.
  145. A

    Fed up with the garden

    I have attempted to thin them out but that just makes them produce more suckers. If you top them production suffers. Don’t know the variety but they were ordered from a magazine ad years ago and were suppose to be 5 different low bush varieties that grew to about 5 feet. Usually there are so...
  146. A

    Rear Lift Stuck, Front Loader Works, Hair Is Falling Out

    I thought maybe that lever was to raise or lower the lift arms when you were connecting an implement.
  147. A

    Rear Lift Stuck, Front Loader Works, Hair Is Falling Out

    What does the valve on the back in the last picture operate.
  148. A

    Fed up with the garden

    Our Blueberries have about did their do for the season. With some of the plants reaching 11 feet it was use the ladder.
  149. A

    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    Never used those in construction. We always used LVL beams, which are constructed more like plywood. But that beam is severely compromised. Without seeing the load span calculations I cant comment on whether it is about to fail. As others have said contact an engineer. Dont waste your time...
  150. A

    Kubota Oil Sight Gauge Broke, Ahhhh

    I was moving creek rock and it being wet was leaving a drip trail. So I was a bit slow noticing that some of the drips weren’t water. Finally noticed an oil sheen on some of the water. Yep my plastic sight glass was cracking and in the process of falling out. May be an item that after a few...
  151. A


    When I was a younger man I signed up for Starlink. Now in my golden years I got an email saying they are prepared to grant me the privilege of sending them more money. [emoji12] We have a cellular internet service that allows me to stream easily but it fails miserably when my wife tries zoom...
  152. A


    We have one in Richmond. Cant really see the fascination with it. Went to see it. Solid line of traffic in and out. This was after it had been open for some time. I prefer a 5 Star.
  153. A

    What could have caused this ???

    The nightmares will start occurring in a few weeks and over time he will come to remember what really happened that day. Just hope he doesnt end up like Randy Quaid in Independence Day. [emoji30]
  154. A

    Dump Truck Telescoping Lift Leak

    Brand of cylinder doesnt matter. Rebuilt a bunch of them years ago, when I worked in a hydraulic shop, and dont ever remember checking the brand. Just pulled it apart and measured the size packing needed to replace. Almost all of the older telescopic cylinders used v packing. Easy to replace...
  155. A

    Dehumidifier Suggestions...

    Hisense sucks out loud. They die quickly and usually with the E9 code and a new humidity sensor usually doesnt fix it. Had two die recently same E9 code. They usually last till the warranty is out. Looking for good stand alone units myself. Will probably check out Consumer Reports.
  156. A

    Interesting conversation with a Ram technician at dealer service dept.

    The local Ford Dealers has a program that warrants power train for life if serviced at a Ford dealership. They even offer this on most of their used vehicles.
  157. A

    Old hay wagon

    I pulled this out of the weeds last year. It was my great grandfathers and great uncles. Has old 8 lug hubs on the rear and 5 lug on the front. Definately cobbled together. Appears that the front was a wagon at one time. Dont have a clue what happened to the rear. Has a hoist on it. Cylinder...
  158. A

    reading a dial caliper

    I have two of the HF calipers. The older one still has its original battery. Probably 5 years or better. The newer one eats them like candy.
  159. A

    Electric Fence Charger Died I believe from Lightening thru the Ground

    Are you assuming that lightning was the cause or does the charger show evidence of a hit. The reason I ask is I have had that brand go bad twice for no reason. Bought another brand with no problems since.
  160. A

    2004 Scag TT 27hp Kaw- Randomly dying

    I am trying to troubleshoot my BIL’s new Exmark with a Kawasaki. Seems to run out of gas. If you choke it then it wont die. Very random when this happens. Not a vent issue. Not the fuel shut off solenoid. Clean fuel no water. Thought maybe fuel pump so I put an electric one on it. Still dies...
  161. A

    2135 Leaking Steering Valve

    Cant help with the steering but the 2135 was an industrial model and to my knowledge didnt come with ground speed pto. I had a later model 2135 and it was geared way too high for farm work.
  162. A

    Source for 1/2"x72" cutting blade for Land Plane Build

    You can look on
  163. A

    Narcissistic peronality quiz

    I think I may have issues[emoji848]
  164. A

    Top Battery Co

    Ive used with good results. Dont know if they have what your looking for.
  165. A

    FYI: Mobil 1 Delvac ESP rebate - $7/gal or $17.50 rebate on 2.5 gal - exp 5/31/23

    I need to look and see when I bought mine. Walmart here closed out their 2.5 gal jugs for $13 per and I got all they had. I would make money on this deal.
  166. A

    Stone/Aggregate Sizing and terminology in your state

    This is what the different sizes are called in Danville KY.
  167. A

    Infested with UTVs?

    A lot of people here own atv’s and utv’s. For some it is their mode of transportation. No real problem with them being operated at high speeds. But you will see quite a few being operated by underage and most with no helmets and riding tandem on four wheelers. Have even seen four wheelers with...
  168. A

    Back to watching black and white TV

    The old b&w movies on TCM are the best. My wife and I watch them all the time.
  169. A

    Cost to connect to the grid?

    Local RECC quoted my neighbor $8 a foot to run to his remote cabin. This did not include tree clearing in the 60’ required easement just labor n materials for overhead service.
  170. A

    Miller Thunderbolt AC only stick welder refurb questions

    I have one of the miller buzz boxes. Bought new many years ago. Was told by the welding shop I bought it from not to weld below 150 on the high side. That it would not work right and they had no idea why miller didnt blackout the range below 150 on the high side. If I dont follow this the arc...
  171. A


    Our area was well know for many large diamondbacks. Its rare to see one now. The only thing that has changed is the turkeys and coyotes are in abundance. My cat was playing with a small rat snake tonight about 1 1/2 foot.
  172. A

    Legal question on trees on property line that could cause damage...

    Dont know if there was any zoning or setbacks in place when the trailer was placed. We are very lax zoning wise but even ag use has a 25’ setback from property line.
  173. A

    I couldn't find the exact forum to post this...

    Sorry that you had that experience but con artist exist everywhere these days. I hope the new part fixed your problem.
  174. A

    Hello from North Central Louisiana!

    Glad ya joined. [emoji1303]
  175. A

    2023 Mule Pro MX EPS?

    Nice rides. Looks like its time to build another garage. [emoji12]
  176. A

    Rant on shipping

    Sometimes you have to report the positives. Placed an order with on Thursday afternoon. Mailman delivered the package this Saturday morn Will continue to do business with this company. Good service by the USPS also.
  177. A

    Strange egg

    Had one of my hens lay an egg the size of a quail egg yesterday. Shes not a young hen either. Sometimes they just lay freaky eggs.
  178. A

    New SA425 owner in TN

    Sharp tractor and welcome to the forum. My neighbor has one similar to yours and works it every day weather permitting.
  179. A

    Minnesota to try and ban gas powered equipment

    I hope the 26 hp push mowers will be self propelled.
  180. A

    hello from North Alabama

    We usually go there a few days a year. Stay at Joe Wheeler
  181. A

    Farmers helping fellow farmers

    Remember a trooper getting pissed because my hands were too rough and dry to give readable prints on his scanner. Thought he was gonna pistol whip me when I told him had I known I would have moisturized. [emoji56]
  182. A

    Tractor By Net iPhone app

    Its starting to have glitches. As I scroll down it will have the same forums repeatedly and your posting count doesnt always go up with your post. I wish it was fixed and made available again.
  183. A

    hello from North Alabama

    Welcome to the club. Love the Florence - Rogersville area dont know if your close by.
  184. A

    M&Ms to contain WHAT???

    Man. Next you will be telling me reality tv is scripted[emoji12]
  185. A

    My father has fallen and can't get up

    You have my condolences, prayers and sympathy.
  186. A

    Local Hydraulic Shops?

    If the rods are good rebuilding is fairly easy. You may need to purchase a tool or two but no biggie price wise. Most gland nuts are thread in but there are a few different types. One uses a wire as a retainer. Be sure to use loctite on the piston nut. I saw a lot of cylinders ruined by the...
  187. A

    Free Oil

    All of the oil is new. Two containers were sealed unused. I have some friends that may want the 5 gal of 30 w and the jug of rotella. I am going to drain and refill the bobcat drive chain case with some of it. The rest will probably sit until something comes up to use it for.
  188. A

    Kubota GST problem

    Glad you figured it out. My 1993 L3650 GST doesnt have any sensors. I hope[emoji849]. I did have the shifter get stiff and hang between gears. Apparently some water had made its way into the housing and cable. I had to store my tractor outside until I built a shed. I took the cable off where...
  189. A

    new member

    Welcome and enjoy.
  190. A

    Free Oil

    May try that.
  191. A

    Free Oil

    Funny thing is I can’t use any of it. Its either the wrong weight or something that I have no need of. May use some of it to change out the chain case in the Bobcat. The bucket of 30 w delo is unopened.
  192. A

    Washing Potatoes in a Dishwasher....or....Another Fine Mess I'm In !!

    My grandfather had a tire pump just like that.
  193. A

    Free Oil

    My sons boss had a new McMansion built and the contractors left an assortment of oil. He knew that we had equipment so he gave it to my son. The oil had been sitting there for a couple of months and they never would come and get it. All of them are half to full. I am wondering if they used...
  194. A

    Country Clipper?

    My father has had one for long time. It had the Briggs with the leaky air cleaner that destroyed the motor. Briggs replaced the 21 hp with a new 26 hp unit. His has the joystick steering also. Other than the bad motor its been trouble free.
  195. A

    dozer security?

    Hopefully you rewarded the good man. [emoji12]
  196. A

    dozer security?

    What if you came out of Walmart and someone was in your truck or you look outside one night and there is a person taking pictures inside of your vehicle on the street. The majority of us would be pissed and most times the law would be called. No difference.
  197. A

    dozer security?

    Having had equipment that was left on job sites I was always amazed at how people thought it was ok to enter them without permission. In most areas this is a crime. You could possibly be charged with breaking and entering or trespass.
  198. A

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    That is weird. I searched Paris, MO also and he wasnt listed. Go figure. Thats the good thing about competition it drives prices down.
  199. A

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    Tried to look him up on the registry and couldnt find him.
  200. A


    That sounds like corn pudding.