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    Backhoe valves leaking

    Yes oldnslo the hoe itself seemed to be working but it seemed slow but then I only had it iddeling, and yes I should have tried to move tractor over with hoe to free up outrigger, that would have been the smart thing to do but didn’t think of that at the moment so I popped the pin out of the...
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    Backhoe valves leaking

    Thank you gentlemen for all your input , I did get the outrigger freed up , I took off the foot pad and now I can ratchet it up and secure it for travel.Once I get the cover off the joystick and valve I can hopefully find a bad hose or o ring, I am fairly mechanical so l hope I can repair...
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    Backhoe valves leaking

    Good morning,think I messed up, I keep my 2018 2400 locked up in
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    HELP! WANTED Left Cab Glass Door for 2015 Branson 6640c

    Hey Asteral , maybe I didn’t understand your answer but do you mean a 2015 is considered an older model ? I know it’s early to ask but is it going to get hard to find parts for our tractors ?
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    2400H Valve adjustment

    Thank you that is excellent information 👍
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    ‘15 3520h

    I am not a welder or very knowledgeable about steel but doesn’t that broken piece look like lower quality steel , looks like cast iron water mains I used to repair , just askin.
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    Branson 2515H heads to the shop for oil leak !!

    That is a great dealer , could have been a long stretch to get it back , splitting a tractor is a big job , I am very fortunate to have a great dealer in Daves Tractor in Red Bluff Ca . Good 4 u
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    3510i Steering Cylinder Leaking

    Yes I got burned twice at a local experts shop ,took it to Daves tractor in Red Bluff and never had any problems , they have the expert mechanics.
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    Using And Abusing Your Front End Loader. What is the difference?

    Not everyone has a hoe but when I know it’s hard compacted soil or base or road grinding I just loosen it up with my hoe then it digs easy
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    Have you built a pole building with Graber Post?

    Me too lol and many years ago I used to build them, I thought it was a legit question
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    Post your Branson at work. Picture thread

    I don’t think that’s cheating at all , that’s smart because I popped a hyd cylinder on my hoe trying to force it , that old beater chain is much cheaper than a hyd cylinder, smart thinkin
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    new to me 03 century 2535

    Just curious, how much for the re-built alternator
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    Post your Branson at work. Picture thread

    Boy that is a beautiful field , you must have put some hours in to make it look like that, awesome
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    E break noise I think?

    Update , Found out what I thought was a left rear e - brake noise on my 2400h, had my tractor at Daves Tractor in Red Bluff “ nor Cal” Ca for a warrenty issue , Jarred in the shop stood by my tractor while I ran it in reverse , he picked up the noise right off , he grinned and said Dan that...
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    Branson Red paint Match?

    Had good luck with Dupli - color bright red from who ever carries it in your area ,Worked good for me
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    Roof removal

    Anytime 450 , Good time to hook up led rear lights too , I hooked mine up to the front work lights switch , upper left side “on mine” , works slick , Dan
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    Roof removal

    Hey 450 , Mine is a 2018 cab , I had a heater hose leaking and I just unbolted it from top- side, they are bolts with a shoulder on them and about a 1” or so SS washer and a rubber grommet with shoulder on it , I hooked up my rear led’s for my BH also was an easy way to access above headliner...
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    Rounded off drain plug

    LOL, That’s funny as h—- , I didn’t even notice this was first posted in 2018,Dan
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    Rounded off drain plug

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    Rounded off drain plug

    Grind a slot in it , use a big standard screw driver with 6 or 8 sided shank then use pipe wrench or vice grips has saved me on occasion, good luck
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    So Proud of my Grand-daughter

    Alien, Bet your very proud ,congrats to her, that is a monumental accomplishment, both of my daughter in laws went through that program and it takes dedication , drive and hard work, Dan
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    Drive train warrenty

    Thanks Asteral , I was incorrect, the oil leaks looks like the main seal off the bottom pulley, off the crank shaft , I had a flashlight and looked up in there and it’s dripping a drop about every 30 seconds , I called my dealer and they said if that’s indeed the problem then the warranty will...
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    Drive train warrenty

    Hey guys , I have 2 issues , I have a small oil leak where my drive line connects to front end , also I have a odd noise only in reverse at left rear wheel , is this considered a drive train issue, covered by warranty? I'm not sure but it appease to be a seal issue , I'm no tractor mechanic by...
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    Kukje A1100N2 emissions recall

    Re call, Mine is a 2018 model 2400 and I did get a letter, I will leave it as is , I don’t push it but I was lifting some good size logs with my EA 50” grapple this summer clearing my property. My 2400h w/bh did an awesome job installing water lines , septic system,road and clearing brush, very...
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    Branson backhoe & loader cylinders

    Thanks guys, appreciate the info , Dan
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    Branson backhoe & loader cylinders

    Did anyone ever get contact info .?
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    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    Thanks guys, I will definitely try some of these options ,I do appreciate all the input, thanks Dan , and yes I do have the type of coupler with the little popit on the end,
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    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    Hey guys , I know it’s not the tractor and it’s not the grapple , I must be doing something wrong . When I first got my Grapple and third function put on I could switch back and forth the bucket and grapple no problem,and yes I do move the joystick all 4 ways and the buttons on the 3rd function...
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    Add a cab

    Moak, Yes I do have the float position , plenty of room , DAN LAMB
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    Add a cab

    Hey Moak , K5 was correct about the cable loader set up on the loader it’s what is on my 2400h w/cab, it has a bracket off the cab to anchor it, Dan
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    Add a cab

    Hey Bob , I thought he ment tweek,Dan
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    What have you done to your Branson today?

    Hey fever, That artillery is classic, I think it's awsome , appears you have a great sense of humor and imagination I salute you , Dan
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    Branson 2400h air filter

    Anytime oldnslo , I didn't know they existed till a month or so ago , this volcanic ash I'm working in is real bad , I will opt to use them ,glad I could help ,Dan
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    Branson 2400h air filter

    Hey guys, Finally got back up to my property , and want to let you know both filters fit perfectly, wished I had known this 3 years ago when I bought my tractor , will be using them from here on out , thanks guys , Dan
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    Piranha tooth bar build time

    Hey Chief , I got mine in April , after 6 weeks but it was worth the wait , it cuts through native soil like a knife and rips small sapilings and under growth out you'll be glad you waited ,regards Dan
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    Branson 2400h air filter

    Hey guys, There were no stickers on my air box but like I said I just went off the Donaldson filter ,when I get it and check for fit I will report back , Dan
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    Recommendation, Bolt on Bucket Tooth bar

    I have the Bxpanded Piranha tooth bar , it cuts dirt very good , I leave it on all the time, I can grade , dig and back drag my driveway, the step bit they send wit it worked good, cut easy
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    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    Good choice , I have the EA 50” with the removable tines on the bottom , makes it 254 lbs , with tines installed 274 lbs can’t see any way I will ever damage it at 26 hp and don’t see how much more hp would ever damage it either it’s built like a tank , it will get a lot of work done for you ...
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    Branson 2400h air filter

    Hey guys , From my research I found that the original Box or as they call it the “G042544 Donaldson Original Fpg Radial “ takes a P822686 outer air filter , inner or secondary filter is 535396 , this comes in a set I ordered on Amazon for $ 26.49 , this is very cheap insurance and protection for...
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    2610H Cab

    Hey Moa , No problem, I will be back at my tractor Tuesday and Wednesday, I can take some pictures with tape measure for reference, can I get your cell # because I don't have computer way up in the mountains off grid but my phone works ok most of the time , Dan
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    Branson 2400h air filter

    Ptsg , that info is awesome I appreciate it very much , I am going to research that when I get home, now I know how to start the process , again thank you , Dan
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    2610H Cab

    Hey Moak , I have the 2400h , I can take some measurements on the cab and tractor if you want but I agree the size of the tractors don’t match ,Dan
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    Branson 2400h air filter

    Good afternoon all, My 2018 2400h comes with a single air filter and I was wondering if anyone has or knows of a way I could get a double filter with an outer and inner or a secondary filter set up , Reason for my asking is because I am working in a very dusty environment on my property, the...
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    $50 DIY Backhoe Dolly Video

    Awesome idea , I have the 2400 Branson and ok welding skills but the idea and concept are great and thanks for the video , Dan
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    E break noise I think?

    Dang I pad ,to continue- move it for a couple days then fired it up ! No noise , l still think dust was the culprit and hope I dodged a bullet, thanks, Dan
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    E break noise I think?

    Up Date on e brake or left rear tire - hub noise, I checked wheel nuts all tight , jacked tractor up spun wheel and could hear noise a little , I lowered to ground to pull wheel off to get better look , I put my socket with breaker bar couldn’t budge any of them , so I saw a void where casing...
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    Kukje A1100N2 emissions recall

    Asteral, Thank you for the info , I ‘m not real knowledgeable on Diesel engines but is the procedure mean they de-tune the engine which I have read some guys discussing, thanks ,Dan
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    Completely homemade excavator

    That thing is sweet , I can’t believe what thought and engineering went into that , I wouldn’t even know where to start , nice build, Dan
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    E break noise I think?

    Sorry about that guys doing this on my phone , thanks I will check all those issues , now I know what to look for , awesome thanks
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    E break noise I think?

    Thanks guys, Now I know what to look for ,I am 88 miles away from my job but will bri
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    E break noise I think?

    Hey guys, That darn squeek is back , it is a wet break system , I looked in my book and it is very vague on explaining, can anyone with any experience with this please explain what I'm iooking for , thanks guys any help would be greatly appreciated, Dan
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    E break noise I think?

    Ptsg, I believe that they are wet break system but I will look that up in my book when I get home , I know this seems odd but it quit making that noise today when I was working my tractor ,odd deal ????? Thanks guys for responding, Dan
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    E break noise I think?

    Hey guys , I am hearing a noise coming from my L rear tire wheel area , when I first got my tractor I left the E break on more than I would admit but it the noise is in sync with wheel rotation and I am working in a very dusty environment. Should I take wheel off for inspection and cleaning ...
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    My new baby and first tractor 3620H

    Congrats, nice new toy I have the 2400h w/backhoe and I am clearing my 2.5 acres with hundreds of trees I’m thinning , I bought the EA 50” grapple 255lbs it is a back saver as I did see lots of trees in your pictures, I also got the bxpanded piranha tooth bar that makes a huge difference doing...
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    EA wicked grapple on 2400h

    Got the wicked 55 grapple 2 weeks ago 255 lbs and it goes to Daves Tractor Thursday to get 3rd function valve installed , Jarred in the shop said they will install a Ansung. Do any of you guys have one - comments ? My son and I have decided to purchase a Woodland Mills saw mill , grapple should...
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    EA 50 waiting 2 years

    Finally after reading hundreds of posts I ordered a EA Wicked 50 single lid , it has removable slats on bottom to bring weight down to 255lbs , 274 lbs with slats , there are many good grapples but the weight was my main concern . I have the Branson 2400H w/backhoe , I have literally looked at...
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    Dealer support top notch

    Hey guys , So many of you have said Dealer Support is very important, yes it is and I know why I chose Daves Tractor in Red Bluff Ca and a Branson , long story short . Had a hydraulic cylinder leaking bad . Called Daves they said around $ 200 , called local shop $120- $130 whow huge difference...
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    Backhoe crowd cylinder spraying

    Hey guys, I have the BH66 backhoe on my 2400h Branson , I was digging up a stump and was pushing it to itç—´ limits at about 2300 RPM and the crowd cylinder started spraying hydraulic fluid , it has a small bulge of rubber where it was spraying so I immediately shut tractor off , and I know I...
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    Tree grubbed

    Tree grubber , Any of you guys ever use one of these ? Looks like it would just rip the bark off the tree , only bad thing is I would be on and off the tractor dozens of times in a short while because I always work by myself . I have hundreds of 2” & 3 “saplings on new property , anyone have...
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    Backhoe slow,sluggish and loss of power

    Hey guys , I was running backhoe today and noticed it was a lot slower and a noticeable loss of power , I usually run about 18-1900 rpm and it reacts good , was at 22-2300 today and not good power or responsiveness, I am about 20 hrs over on my hydraulic oil and filters change could this be the...
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    Insurance  Inland Marine no more Quarterly Payments

    Hey Guys, I have been making Quarterly payments to Inland Marine CHUBB for 2 years , now they want $465.00 in one chunk , no more Quarterly payments . Was hoping to get some names of companies that would cover my tractor only , my homeowners will not cover tractors , thanks gentlemen any...
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    ADD-A-Grapple ??????

    Hey Gentlemen , Have been looking at the grapples for a year and have made a choice on a Wildcat grapple , but I see the add-a -grapple advertisements from some company痴 products-attachments do any of you guys have one what痴 your pros - cons have not seen any posts on them , Thanks , Dan
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    Cab door pops open

    Hey gentleman , I know this is very minor but is so annoying, my left door latch will not hold door closed has anybody else had same problem with cab door ,still under warranty,Dan
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    Air Filter microns to high

    Hey guys good evening , Was asking my dealer what the micron count was for my 2400h , he said 4-5. My filter is only a single stage filter, was talking to a friend of mine and he says that痴 not good he uses 1-2 after market air filter on his Kabota single stage filter , but if I use anything...
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    Warrenty work l deliver or they pick up

    Good morning , I own a 2400h , 1 year old , bought IT new . I really like my dealer but I have read that the dealer will come pick up if IT is fault of Branson Factory . One of my tie rod ends was put on with only 3 threads holding IT on and IT stripped out and fell off , the other side was...
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    Remotes or just B-hoe lines

    Good evening I have a Branson 2400h with a frame Mount back hoe , are the two lines feeding the b-hoe just for the hoe or are they remote or auxiliary lines . My hydralic knowledge is limited . Thanks Nor Cal Dan
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    Some one been there and done This

    Hey guys , I will be getting a grapple and a Third function valve but not for a couple months , for now was going to Get 11/4鋳 steel tubing and bolt 3 pieces on my bucket and weld a couple of out riggers for more support to pick up brush piles .I have small piles everywhere on my 2.5 acres...
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    2400h , hope no damage

    Good evening TBN`ers I hope I didn`t mess my Tractor up , I have a 2018 Branson 2400h , The roads are slushy with some dirt showing and the road was on a slight down grade I had hst in Hi with IT in 4wd and IT started makin a pretty bad sound IT was not like a grinding sound hard to...
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    B Hoe controls out of wack ck20

    Good evening , I have a friend that just bought a 2006 Kioti CK20 , We were looking at HIS new to him the other day and he asked me to Get on the b-hoe and SEE how the controls felt because he thought something was out of adjustment, I have a 2018 Branson 2400h TLB and he wanted me...
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    Diesel Generator off grid

    Good afternoon gentlemen, I live off grid in Northern Ca and I am in the prosess of building my Solor System , this is my starter system for now AS we are moving in 2 years, a magnum 4024 lnverter, with magnum mini box ,Outback charge controller to be purchased ...
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    Frozen very worried

    I live in northern California at the base of Mt Shasta completly different world than most of the state , so far this winter we have had about 42 in of snow, my 2018 2400h TLB has done a great job with moving snow , we live off grid and dont have the solor completed yet just have to set the...
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    Branson 2400h oil filter super tight

    Has anyone tired to Get the oil filter off for the first 50 hr oil change ? Branson 2400h There is barley any room to Get any type of wrench on IT .Mine is so tight I broke my oil filter wrench , today I bought 3 different type of oil filter wrenches to try , a strap wrench , a 3 finger wrench...
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    Branson 2400h step

    My Branson2400 TLB w/cab didn’t ome with stock step for the cab so I built one , at 62 and with a tired and beat up body after climbing in and out of the cab many times in a day IT gets to be a bear . I have read a few posts on steps which was very helpful. I got 2 pieces of conveyor belt that...
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    Dwight Clark passing

    I was very saddened to hear of Dwight Clarks passing , he wasen’t a personal friend but he was the same age AS my father . 61 years old is to young , I remember sitting and watching 49’er games with my dad and the day he made ォ the catchï½» we watched that game together Which started the great...
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    Tires  2400h 50 hr fluid change and bolt check

    Good evening TBN members, New tractor ownerhere I have all my filters and fluids for my oil changes and I was going to go all around my 2400h TLB and check all bolts ,my tractor is at our place in MC Cloud Ca and we live in Redding Ca .I have to travel about 100 miles to Get there . I have some...
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    Loader  Grapple Specs look good

    New member here, I have been lokking at grapples and researching them for months and I think I finally found the perfect FIT for my 2400h with BH and cab , Everything Attachments just recently came out with a 50 inche single cylinder open bottom grapple with removeable tines on the bottom for 10...
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    OL guy first tractor

    Awsome Tractor site , I just joined today and feel very Lucky to be able to tap into such a vast amount of knowledge and experiance with tractor repairs , farm and construction experiance . In Feb I bought a Branson 2400h , this is the most expensive work «and play»tool I have ever bought. I...