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    Easier Maintenance Options?

    40 hp up or down a few hp.
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    Easier Maintenance Options?

    Thinking about selling my Toolcat and replacing with a small to medium sized wheel loader with SSQA. My big hands, frame and poor health are not good qualities for fixing and maintaining a Toolcat. Who makes a simple to access and maintain wheel loader? TIA Yooper Dave
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    Replacement Windshield For Toolcat 5600

    How did you form on your own? I am breaking over and over again as well. Very interested. Yooper Dave
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    I take delivery of an Avant 528 tomorrow

    Is it possible to provide dual rear wheels to add stability on hills? I know the wheels can already be extended away from the frame as well. Duals in both the front and back will most likely not work. Yooper Dave
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    GFCI Wiring Issue

    Is there someone who can explain how to correct a GFCI outlet in a bathroom which was initially wired to ALSO remove power from the adjacent overhead light if tripped? Home inspector noted as a non-conformance and a safety issue. The overhead lights need to remain energized if the GFCI trips...
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    Newcomer to the forum

    How do you like your mower? Have you tried it on any steep hills? Yooper Dave
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    TITAN Skid Steer Bucket

    I bought a heavy-duty 60" Titan skid steer bucket. It is very heavy and robust. The problem is that the SSQA portion of the bucket does NOT align with both SSQA pins on my Branson Tractor Loader. The Branson tractor has had another 60" bucket and a 72" bucket on it with no alignment or...
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    Lifting a 85" TV over Fireplace

    The builder from down the street sent over 2 of his boys. They were part of the construction crew for my house 2 years earlier. 5-10 minutes later, the deed was done. I made sure I know what beer to buy them.
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    Lifting a 85" TV over Fireplace

    The house builder is coming over for another unrelated reason. I asked him if he had a couple buff workers who could lift the TV into place. He said of course. Monday should be a special day.
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    Lifting a 85" TV over Fireplace

    Here it is
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    Weight capacity of my concrete/steel bridge?

    I would limit the yield strength of the steel to 15 ksi. This will at least address some degree of degradation and lower material strength due to age. Steel has come a long way during the past few decades.
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    Weight capacity of my concrete/steel bridge?

    The main concern I would have is the condition of the concrete and steel. If the concrete and steel are in good shape, I would not be concerned with 15,000#. The bridge is short and stout. Do not park the truck on the bridge and see what a few days of intended support will do. If the...
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    Lifting a 85" TV over Fireplace

    I am new to the neighborhood. I handed out Halloween candy yesterday and noticed the Dads walking with their kids were all in their 30's, but were not very sturdy. A local TV shop will come over for $200 to perform the 30 second evolution.
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    Weight capacity of my concrete/steel bridge?

    The bridge is required to have a load rating plaque posted in clear view. You should not have to reverse engineer as too many assumptions would be needed. BTW I was involved in a forensic analysis of an old railroad bridge deck that collapsed. There was a load rating sign, but the driver...
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    XJ 2025H Leaking Oil

    Already spoke with the dealer. He liked my various modifications to the tractor and the bucket. My significant leak is well over a pint pooled under each general area in question. No leaks for the first few years, and now I hate to park the tractor to see what will be below after sitting for a...
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    XJ 2025H Leaking Oil

    My XJ 2025H is nearly 5 years old with around 160 hours on it. It has always performed well regardless of task. This year there are significant oil leaks under the front axle, back axle, and under the engine. I finally took it into the dealer for repairs - hopefully before the snow flies...
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    Lifting a 85" TV over Fireplace

    Agreed. Natural gas FP - smaller than most. Use only on rare occasions. The mantle will also provide some protection. Bottom of TV will be at least 6' above the floor.
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    Exposed Aggregate concrete help

    Can you turn the power level up to 11? Or rent a bigger power washer? Yooper Dave
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    Lifting a 85" TV over Fireplace

    Thinking about bringing over my drywall lift to position a 110#, 85" TV over my fireplace. Other than being big and strong, or hiring a contractor, any other suggestions? Wifey and I were able to lift the 65" TV onto its bracket in the Bed Room. Not able to lift any bigger. TIA Yooper Dave
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    Bad Luck!

    Just got my Kubota lawn tractor fixed so I can mow the way overgrown cottage lawn. My worst fear used to be running over a big limb or stick or similar. Somehow after 5 minutes of run time, I ran over a short and stout piece of leaf covered structural steel which should not have existed on the...
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    How to Move a Large Tool Box

    I got somewhat lucky. The movers came with a truck and a trailer. The bed of the trailer was much lower, and we just pushed the tool boxes on with no complications. Yooper Dave
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    Towing Safely

    I am moving 60 miles away. Part of the move includes me with my truck and trailers to haul most of the smaller stuff. The trip is pretty flat with well-paved roads everywhere. Intending to use all back roads and no highway travel while loaded. I have a 2015 Chevy 2500 HD which I bought new...
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    Note: Glulam beams are not like steel or concrete beams. The best material is used in the tension lams at the bottom for a simply supported beam. The junk is in the middle. Do not assume the loss of the bottom couple lams results in a linear reduction of strength. It is much more...
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    How to Move a Large Tool Box

    I still have a cottage in the U.P. about 90 minutes away. Been in the family for 3 generations. I am a half yooper, as my Dad was from Detroit. People still ask which half?, and I reply 'Front Half'.
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    How to Move a Large Tool Box

    I have forks. However, I had to remove my 3-pt hitch PHD to haul away as my new place does not have a shed yet. I miss the ballast. Yooper Dave
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    How to Move a Large Tool Box

    I used more than a dozen 5 gallon pails to load up the contents of the tool box. I can separate the upper and lower with the understanding the crew will need to restack at the new location as I do not have the resource to restore. Big reason for moving is due to deteriorating health and ADA...
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    How to Move a Large Tool Box

    Wifey and I are moving 1 hour south of our current location. We are moving the boxes and clutter ourselves with our 3/4 ton pickup truck and 2 trailers. We are hiring a local moving Company to move the Furniture and large heavy items - like 4 tool boxes. 1 tool box in particular is a 6' x 6'...
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    How did you meet your better half? Our first date was May, 2010. We are still happy to be together. I love dogs, and that was the deciding factor I just found out! Her dog loved me, and the rest is history.
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    T1760 Lawn Tractor Mower Problem

    Sorry - cottage is out of town and I am in the middle of moving. I do think I have the model number correct though. Thanks Yooper Dave
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    T1760 Lawn Tractor Mower Problem

    I might have the lawn tractor model number wrong, but is my best recollection. My lawn tractor at my cottage has worked well for decades. The grass has not been mowed in a couple of weeks and is now significantly overdue. Today when I tried to engage the mowing lever, the mower would not...
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    Shear Pin Question

    ASTM A307 (structural) is nearly identical in strength to SAE Grade 2 (mechanical). The top is clean with no marks. This is the cheap grade you can buy at nearly any hardware store. Yooper Dave
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    I would not have had a job if I were oversizing structural members such as headers. Ensure all code issues are followed and not anymore. Some homeowners like to know they are not spending any more on structure than necessary - as the structure is expensive to begin with already. If the beam...
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    Do NOT toenail. Predrill lead holes from the bottom and screw-up like a good politician. The epoxy should transfer shear. The screws will hold it together while the epoxy cures. Toe nails may not draw up and close the crack as intended. Yooper Dave
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    The glue transfers horizontal shear between the laminations so the member acts compositely. The new screw needs to now transfer the shear (if no epoxy). The shear can be calculated and compared to the allowable shear capacity of the screw. And yes, the beam should be shot up with epoxy...
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    Buying Advice Cab or no cab?

    My Branson has the same transmission noise as noted for the TYM.
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    The tension lams are the best material and put on the bottom for maximum strength. As noted earlier, the capacity of the beam is cut in half if installed upside down, as the compression lams do not have the strength. The use of LVL and PSL eliminates this issue.
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    Simple Slope Mower

    The Cub is a nice-looking mower. They specify a maximum slope angle of 20 degrees. My slope may exceed 30 degrees. Thanks! Yooper Dave
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    Nothing is pre-tensioned. Glued and clamped as noted. Sometimes the glue is not applied as hoped and delamination can occur.
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    Keep a close eye on the deflection. The beams should be shored with a camber up prior to reinforcing. Lag screws need to extend well beyond the neutral axis of the beam. Try not to compromise the tension lams or they will crack as well. The beams should have had a low moisture content to...
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    Buying Advice Cab or no cab?

    Marinette, WI 54143 Far NE corner of WI.
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    Buying Advice Cab or no cab?

    I am selling my newer 42 hp 4 cylinder Cab tractor. It is too hard to get into and out of for me with my larger size and in my physical condition. I love my 25hp LG. No cab to get in my way. Had a bigger step fabricated to help me on & off. Good Luck Yooper Dave
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    Simple Slope Mower

    I am going to buy a newer house on 1+ acres of grass. There is a small area on my side yard (1/8 to 1/4 acre) with a steep angle sloping into a pond. My current ztr does not have a chance to mow on this slope without fear of ending up in the pond. Riders with dual tires front and back can...
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    Did you get a balanced lamination - tension lams on both top & bottom? Otherwise did you make sure the beam was not installed upside down? Upside down has half the bending capacity - unlike LVL and PSL. Assuming your beams are not yet fully loaded. I would not accept the beam as installed. You...
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    JD model 80 steel dump cart.

    I have a white JD 1970 model 80 steel dump cart S/N 031242M. It has lots of surface rust, but is rock solid and always stored in a shed. My dad was the original owner. What is something like this worth? TIA Yooper Dave
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    Did you get a chance to check out Winter Carnival at MTU? Yooper Dave
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    No Turf Tires?

    Looking at buying a new LS compact tractor. Their web site indicated choice of Ag, Turf or Industrial. The dealer said only Industrial were available. I then looked at the TYM website where turf tires were not even mentioned. Why the challenge of no turf tires? TIA Yooper Dave
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    Step & Receiver Hitch Modifications

    Had the step modified so I could put both feet on it at the same time. This is required until my left leg heals from a rare nerve disorder (DA) up to a year or so from now. Also, had a receiver hitch welded to the bucket so I can put various attachments in it including but not limited to a...
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    Maintenance Filter Pack for 2021 Branson 4215HC

    Finding it more difficult than I was expecting to buy a Filter Pack to maintain my Branson. Some sites omit my specific model which concerns me. Anyone have good luck with a vendor selling a filter pack for a 4215HC? TIA Yooper Dave
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    Price vs Quality for PTO Driven Snowblowers

    I am looking at several 3 point hitch mounted, pto driven snowblowers for my 25hp LS XJ2025H. Tractor is HST and 48" wide. Thinking of a 54" to 64" wide blower after I install a back up camera and more mirrors. I have seen huge price differences between brands and their offerings. Looking at...
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    Branson Dealer in Marinette County WI Destroyed This is my inherited Dealer from a month ago and now destroyed by fire. Yooper Dave
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    6' Bucket on LS XJ2025H

    My LS XJ2025H tractor is 48" wide and came with a 50" light-duty bucket - about 200#. I upgraded to a 60" heavy-duty bucket for snow removal - about 400#. Very robust but way heavy. This worked well for a number of years for clearing snow from my 150' long concrete and asphalt driveway...
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    My Grandpa the Dairy Farmer would say: "Cats are either licking their butts or thinking about it."
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    Comparison Whats the best non turbo 40Hp tractor for small farming?

    My Branson is 42hp 4 cylinder with no turbo. Yooper Dave
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    New Step for XJ2025H

    I love my turf tires. Lots of traction in the snow and without chains.
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    New Step for XJ2025H

    I am 6'-2", 320 pounds with size 12 boots. The new step works as intended.
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    Fact or BS?

    I ended buying 2.5 gallons of T6 Rotella full synthetic 5W-40 Diesel rated oil at Tractors Supply. There were many empty shelves so the selection was very limited. Just happy to still get something good - regardless of initial cost. Yooper Dave
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    New Step for XJ2025H

    Had a local shop fabricate a new wider and deeper step so I can bear both feet on the step at the same time. My health has deteriorated significantly over the past 4 months due to an adverse reaction to my covid vax. The new step will keep me mobile. Yooper Dave
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    Fact or BS?

    I heard you should NOT use synthetic oil for Tier 4 Engines. Is this true? Sounds like BS to me. TIA Yooper Dave
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    Snow blower purchase

    Maybe learning to use the tractor is not such a bad idea after all.
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    Snow blower purchase

    Can you get one with tracks that you can stand on? I have had several higher end walk behinds years ago. The amount of effort to turn them around wore me out. Let the machine do as much work as possible especially if the wife will be using it. Good Luck Yooper Dave
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    Snow Blowing in Reverse

    I used to own a 36hp LG loader tractor with shuttle shift and a 6' rear mounted snowblower. When I used the snowblower, I would simply stand up and turn around so I could see what I was blowing. The tractor never had a seat sensor, so it kept running while I was standing up. Steering was not...
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    Service manuals for Branson Tractors

    Unable to access the current 15 series. Please see what can be done to access. Thanks
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    Parts & Service Manuals for 2019 XJ2025H

    Can someone provide insight as how to get a .pdf for the 1999 XJ 2025H parts and service manuals? TIA Yooper Dave
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    Grooving Industrial Tires

    How hard is it to groove Industrial Tires? What tools, how wide, how deep, unit of measure? Assuming this will not decrease the life of the tire? Might be a good summer project as a proactive measure. TIA Yooper Dave
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    Snow Chain Recommendation

    Lets try this again - Light Truck, Ladder Style, every 4th link. Cut and paste into browser if needed. Yooper Dave
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    Bought a Branson

    I took the step off the LS and am getting a new one fabricated. The old was like 8" wide which made for a very challenged mount and dismount due to my lame leg. The new step will be close to 12" wide so I can get both feet on the step at the same time - which is required for me currently.
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    Snow Chain Recommendation

    I FINALLY found some snow chains to fit my front tires. Though I have a tractor, the only chains that would fit are under the Truck Category. Truck Tire Chains V Bar 28-8.50-15 w/Cam Reinforced V-Bar semi/commercial truck chains provide an excellent choice. The reinforced cross members...
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    Snow Chain Recommendation

    Is there ever a concern that a stud could come out and pose a hazzard in the drive way?
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    Cable for Tires in lieu of Snow Chain?

    Anyone know first hand using snow cables instead of snow chains? The ad stated they are lighter, cheaper, and easier to install than chains. TIA Yooper Dave
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    Snow Chain Recommendation

    Top portion is concrete slab. Middle portion is sloped gravel. Bottom portion is gravel but less slope. Bottoms out on asphalt road. I posted a picture of my front tire 28 x 8.5 - 15. Is this a difficult size to obtain chains?
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    Snow Chain Recommendation

    I now have a CUT with industrial tires which I am aware provide lousy traction in the snow. I plan on installing chains to the front wheels only so I can confidently plow my sloped driveway. What do you recommend as an economical solution? TIA Yooper Dave
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    Bought a Branson

    Thanks! Been here for over 20 years. My First Branson though!
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    Bought a Branson

    Paid cash. 42hp I might sell my 25hp LS now.
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    Bought a Branson

    Thanks - posts like this are the best!
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    Bought a Branson

    48' x 56' x 12' with (2) 16' x 10' Overhead Doors in the front and (1) 12' x 10' Overhead door in the back. Ridge light and eave lights.
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    Bought a Branson

    I ended up buying a 1 year old Branson 4215 with 45 hours on it. It has the 3rd hydraulic remote function, engine block heater, CAB with air, heat & radio, 4 cylinder engine, 62" bucket with a cutting edge, loaded rear tires for $31,000 delivered to my door. The loader is rated for more than...
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    I ended up buying a 1 year old Branson 4215 with 45 hours on it. It has the 3rd hydraulic remote function, engine block heater, CAB with air, heat & radio, 4 cylinder engine, 62" bucket with a cutting edge, loaded rear tires for $31,000 delivered to my door. The loader is rated for more than...
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    I looked at small loaders from several vendors including Kubota and Bobcat - they are double the price. I have a Toolcat that excels at this task. I thought I was going to buy another Toolcat to find out it was sold only a couple of days prior. It is a tough market out there.
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    Considering a smaller tractor to avoid Tier 4 emissions difficulties

    Have you considered buying an older - pre tier 4 tractor?
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    I like JCB. They offer one of the few skid steers that I could attempt to get into. A bum leg does not allow me many options with a cab.
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    Tried out the used L4701 in person - 3 years old. The bumper to bumper warranty is gone. There was a 4' x 4' pallet with 1,500# on it. Forks must have weighed another 200# min. The tractor picked up the pallet about 6' with zero hesitation and no tipping. I noticed how basic the tractor was -...
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    Little to NO Tractors

    I have been shopping for 6 months. I also run into some dealers not updating their websites in a timely manner.
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    Little to NO Tractors

    I live in NE Wisconsin and am close to 2 Mahindra dealers. Neither of them have very little to no 40 hp tractors to sell. I really wanted to give Mahindra a try but will need to buy elsewhere. My local LS dealer seems to be the best stocked to sell. The Kubota dealer also sells Case and New...
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    Current tractor is an LS XJ2025H. It is only 4' wide and came with a 50" bucket. Lots of power for 25hp. Lift capacity is north of 1,300#. Bought a heavy 60" bucket used for snow removal. Some items around my camp an hour away are 2,000# which I plan on selling, but need to load onto a...
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    Where in Wisconsin are you? I believe Village Tractor has them in stock. They have 4 locations in NE Wisconsin. Yooper Dave
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    I have no formal lift or reach requirements. I clear lots of snow, move lots of fill, and lift heavy items in and out of my truck and trailer.
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    The rated load is at the pins. The center of mass is ~ 18" away which SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the lift capacity. My Dealer lost several pounds in his shorts when he saw my configuration. I just saw him last week and he still brings this memory back - nearly 4 years ago.
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    The budget is $30,000. The LS MT342H with rim guard delivered is $28,500.
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    The Branson Dealer is very close to the Kubota Dealer. I loved the Branson Tractors - very VERY nice. The Dealer was difficult. He bad mouthed LS every chance he could. He also raised the price of his offerings due to the Supply shortage. I question his integrity and my ability to buy a...
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    The 'M' or 'MX' is simply too big for me. If the loader test fails I will give the LS MT342H dealer a call. His tractor has a load rating of 2,680#. The price would be less as well. Regards, Yooper Dave
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    Floor Options For Pole Barn (Not Concrete)

    Crushed Limestone - crusher fines - limestone screenings are exceptional.
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    My local Kubota Dealer (30 min. away) has a 2019 L4701 with rim guard and a few hundred hours on it. He is going to set up some pallets with known loads on them so we can see how much can actually be lifted. Due to the industrial treads on the tires, chains will be added to the front tires so...
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    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    Hoping to buy a new HST Loader Tractor - full sized compact frame. Kubota has always been at or near the top of my list. However while researching, the lift capacity posted for the various Kubota CUT's are significantly LESS than most of the competition. Trying to get at least 2,000# lift...
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    Price of 3620H vs LS MT342H

    There is no Cab - I need an open station to get in and out due to my health. Thanks
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    TIER 4 Questions

    I am just about ready to buy an MT342H. Would like to keep it as my retirement tractor. Will most likely put 100 to 150 hours per year on it & always stored in a shed. However, I am more than concerned with regens / tier 4 issues. Current understanding is to use road grade diesel and not...
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    Price of 3620H vs LS MT342H

    The local Branson dealer (30 min away) is selling a new 3620H (36 hp) with rim guard delivered for $30,860. The local LS dealer (40 min away) is selling their MT342H (42 hp) with rim guard delivered for $28,500. I like the Branson, but the Dealer can be challenging while talking to. He rips...
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    Tires  Winter use Tires

    I have been using turf tires without chains to plow my driveways for a number of years. My driveways are pitched at least 10' over a couple of hundred feet of run. I usually plow down hill, stay in 4wd, and try to not push my luck (no pun). Do industrial tires offer less traction in the snow? I...
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    2007 Toolcat Price

    A misc. used equipment dealer near my retirement house has a 2007 Toolcat with high flow hydraulics, turf tires and nearly 3000 hours. It seems like quite an upgrade from my series 'A' which I keep at my camp an hour away. Rust appears to be at a minimum. The bucket must have been replaced...
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    Help Choosing Machine for First Timer- Big Lawn, Long Driveway

    I have had my Toolcat since 2005 and would highly recommend. It does many things well. The attachments connect in seconds or maybe a couple minutes. Very tough and well built. Buy a used one if budget is a challenge. Yooper Dave
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    A Series Radiator Fan

    After fixing the air in the fuel line problem via accessing under the passenger seat, it was noticed that the fan for the radiator was dead. This would explain why I could never use the A/C very long in the dead of summer, as the Engine would get too hot and I would need to shut down to cool...
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    Price of 2021 - 2638 HST with Loader & 50 Hrs

    50 hours like new no more bumper to bumper warranty - only powertrain is left Yooper Dave
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    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    I used to live < 5 min. away from Village Tractor in Sobieski. They recently upgraded their facility. I bought one of their first XJ2025H tractors at their newly rented Suamico location - before they moved to Sobieski. They wanted $50 to trailer my Tractor a few miles so they could then...
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    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    Hi Pete, What price were you quoted? I just got a quote for $32k for the same 42hp HST tractor with loaded tires and delivered. Where is your LS dealer located? Yooper Dave
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    What size snow bucket?

    Looks good on a toolcat. I tried it on my 25hp compact LS which was not a good idea.
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    What size snow bucket?

    Berlon makes some great (& expensive) buckets. I bought a 1 cy bucket which was too big for my little tractor! Now it sits under my lean to. Yooper Dave
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    Price of 2021 - 2638 HST with Loader & 50 Hrs

    Is $23,000 a fair price from a private sale? Does the warranty transfer? Is this a good tractor? Maintaining a 6 acre camp in the woods. TIA Yooper Dave
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    Price of 2019 TYM T454 tractor 70 hours

    Hi Larry, It is an HST and being sold by the original owner who now wants to sell so he can buy a skid steer. The dealer is about an hour away. Regards, Dave
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    Price of 2019 TYM T454 tractor 70 hours

    Is $23,000 a fair price for a nearly new 2019 TYM T454 tractor with loader and bucket? It has a Yanmar Engine and no regen is required I am told. TIA Yooper Dave
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    Fuel Filter Issues - Model A Toolcat

    I ran over a moss covered rock and really screwed up my fuel filter - see attached. I knew something was wrong when my full fuel tank went empty in a half hour with an alarm to notify. Was able to get the Toolcat in the shed and jacked it up to remove the damaged fuel filter. The auto parts guy...
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    Made a trip to Power Trac

    Was a couple hours away and thought I would pay a visit. Was hoping to see a few models parked in the lot and maybe get to try them out. They had a beautiful new facility with a full show room. The receptionist said she would get someone but no one came. They had a hall with dozens of...
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    Rigging out a ToolBox

    Could not get a very heavy 5' long toolbox out of the cottage basement. Decided to build a ramp, attached a chain to the Toolcat and backed up. Everything worked as hoped. Good thing the basement stair aligns with the front door. Yooper Dave
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    Delivered Post Hole Digger Issues

    I just bought a Dirty Hand Tools model 110 heavy duty post hole digger from Amazon. I also bought the 24" diameter auger bit so I could quickly plant a whole bunch of trees. I only bought the model 110 as it would work with the 24" auger. There are 2 smaller sizes, but the auger bit selection...
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    Dead HST on XJ2025H

    Dug 7 holes and planted 6 black hills spruce and then just before the 7th tree to plant, the transmission died. No forward no back, no difference between 2WD & 4WD. Tractor has nearly 18 hours on it. Was not expecting a dead drive train with this many hours. The tractor was not pushed beyond...
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    Tree Holes Dug with SSQA Loader

    Is there a CUT sized post hole digger which is SSQA compatible? Was thinking a hydraulic line(s) would go back to the CUT rear remotes. Unlike a skid steer, the CUT would have significantly less down force to provide. Otherwise, a 3 point rear hookup would be the only other post hole digger I...
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    Added a Rear View Mirror

    Bought a 4' piece of L2x2, mirror, longer bolts and spray paint. Drilled holes to fit and matched the paint with your input. Yooper Dave
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    5' Pusher

    Learning how to use a pusher. Tractor is 4' wide and the pusher is 5' wide with a back blade. Yooper Dave
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    60" Berlon Snow Bucket

    This is 1 big bucket. It is the smallest snow bucket Berlon makes. The self weight is around 600# I thought having a loader capacity of around 1,300# would be a good thing. I find myself looking for more lift capacity as I can only curl the bucket to get the snow out and then be able to lift...
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    Very Jumpy Hydraulics

    Tried out the new XJ2025H to clear snow for the first time. Biggest item of note was the not so smooth operation of the loader. I have never had such jumpy hydraulics - even on my older LG. Is there something I can do to minimize the jumpy hydraulics? TIA Yooper Dave
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    Front Mount vs Rear Mount Snowblowers

    Why is there such a premium for front mounted snowblowers over the rear mounted ones for any specific tractor? All I can think of is a lack of competition for the front mounts, as they seem to be brand specific. Otherwise, the rear mount starts off as cost effective until you run into...
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    Replacement Ignition Keys

    Where is a good place to stock up on some ignition keys? A quick internet search pointed me to $22 to $27 per key. The key is simple so I was expecting something much cheaper. TIA Yooper Dave
  121. Y

    Prices on the Rise for 2019

    My Dealer is now adding $1,000 for the 2 smaller 2019 tractor models relative to the 2018 pricing structure. The MT 125 is now $13,900 with loader and filled tires. The XJ 2025 is now $15,900 with loader and filled tires. I think I bought the last 2018 XJ under the former pricing structure -...
  122. Y

    UHMW Bucket Cutting Edge

    Planning on installing an Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Poly bar cutting / wearing edge under the leading edge of a snow bucket. The dealer wants ~ $500 and I think I can do it for a fraction of the price with a piece 3/4" x 5" bolted to the bucket. Anybody else do something like this...
  123. Y

    Who Makes Smaller Snow Buckets?

    Looking for a 60" or maybe 66" snow bucket for an LS XJ2025 with SSQA connection. Some of those heavy duty buckets for skid steers may weigh upwards of 700# which is too heavy for me. The smallest bucket I found so far is 72" which might possibly work - but still on the bigger side. Any help...
  124. Y

    Farmtrac DTC 360 Price

    How much would you pay for an LG 36 hp 4wd loader tractor with 60" bucket, 72" rear pto snow blower, 2 sets of remotes, industrial tires? The year is around the early 2,000's. There are 97 hours on the tractor & ~ 10 hours on the snow blower. There are 3 ranges with 4 gears per range...
  125. Y

    Pulled the Trigger

    Did more research and looking around than ever could have imagined. I liked the XJ2025H at first site. However I had to check out at least 6 other tractors and brands. This one has an extra set of remotes in the back, rim guard, and 6 ply turf tires. I am going to modify the bolt-on step to...
  126. Y

    BX2380V Quote

    My local Kubota dealer is offering a BX2380V HST with a LA344S loader, 1 set of rear remotes, loaded Rim Guard rear turf tires, & 54" bucket delivered for $15k + tax. In addition, the salesman noted I could also use their 0% financing for 60 months. What does the 'V' stand for? Is the loader...
  127. Y

    Used BOBCAT CT225 Price

    A JD dealer an hour away has a nearly new 2014 Bobcat CT225 utility tractor with < 100 hours, 4wd, 60" quick attach bucket, 60" heavy duty snow blower with a hydraulic chute & unloaded turf tires for ~ $19,000. The dealer stated the engine is a Kubota. Is this a good deal, or is there...
  128. Y

    Tier 4 Emissons Confusion

    Are tier 4 emissions exempt for all new tractors 25hp and less? Some mfrs note no pollution filter is needed, but is stlll tier 4 compliant. Any clarification of the issue is appreciated. TIA Yooper Dave
  129. Y

    Used 3032E Price

    Is this an acceptable deal? 2018 Deere 3032E HST with a pinned 55" rock bucket, pinned pallet forks, turf tires, Rim Guard, and a draw bar for $20,000. I am assuming there is no sales tax for a private purchase. The tractor has 3 hours on it and stored in a heated garage. Will get some...
  130. Y

    Lousy Dealer Experience

    Went to my local Branson dealer up the road looking for a new 2510H. After introducing myself, he noted himself as the owner. After some follow up I did finally get a name. While accessing the tractor, I could not help but make contact with a dip stick under the seat and just above the floor...
  131. Y

    Who has the best deal going for a 25 hp tractor?

    Any too good to be true end of year deals going on? SSQA is a requirement. TIA Yooper Dave
  132. Y

    Max 26XL vs LS XJ2025

    I can get a brand new LS XJ2025H for $14,900 with loader and loaded tires. The XJ has a SSQA loader & mid-pto. Dealer is < 10 minutes away. It is my recent understanding that the MAX 26XL also has SSQA loader. The 26XL HST also seems to have a bigger platform and a tilt steering wheel which...
  133. Y

    Front Mount Snowblowers

    Looking at purchasing an LS XJ2025H. The front mount snowblower is only 50" wide with no options for $4,000. The hand crank to rotate the chute also challenges entry into the Drivers seat. Are other brands and/or sizes of snowblowers available which would also fit and possibly offer a better...
  134. Y

    Snow Bucket vs Snow Pusher

    I have a 50' wide x 130' long concrete and paved driveway on a moderate grade. I was looking to get a LS XJ2025H CUT with a front snowblower option, but the snowblower is only 50" wide and $4,000 with a manual chute. The crank to operate the chute is also in the way to access the seat and...
  135. Y

    Got STUCK in the Cab

    New LS Dealer opened up shop only 10 minutes from my house. Thought I would stop by and check out the offerings. I liked the CAB on the XG3025 so I sat down inside after a minute of squeezing in. Trying to leave took more time and head banging on the cab roof in order to exit. Assuming the...
  136. Y

    MT 125 Loader Attachments

    If you do not get the SSQA option for the loader, how difficult is it to find a 3rd party snow bucket, snow plow, snow pusher, etc to align with the pins? The loader has great capacity until the SSQA is installed. TIA Yooper Dave
  137. Y

    Electrical Question

    Do the smaller MT or XJ tractors have a 12 volt outlet? I am wondering if I could plug in a coat to keep warm - similar to a motorcycle. TIA Yooper Dave
  138. Y

    sc 2450 Price

    What would you pay for a SC 2450 with hoe & loader & 60" mower? It has 105 hours with shift on the go. Do not know the year but it looks to be in good shape. They are asking $16,000. TIA Yooper Dave
  139. Y

    CUT - Front Power Beyond

    Other than Yanmar, who offers a compact utility tractor with SSQA AND aux hydraulics in the front? TIA Yooper Dave
  140. Y

    MT125 Front Snowthrower

    Does anyone have a front mounted snowblower for their MT125? My dealer said he could use the same one as the next larger XJ. Does it take long to hook up and remove? TIA Yooper Dave
  141. Y

    How Hard to Convert?

    I have a 15 year old LG 36 hp 4WD loader tractor with < 100 hours on it. How hard would it be to convert the loader to a SSQA? Is this kind of conversion common and cost efficient? TIA Yooper Dave
  142. Y

    Compact Price Check

    Ran into my local dealer at a founders day social function. He quoted me a price of $14,900 for an XJ 2025H with loader, and $1,500 less for the smaller MT with the quick attach bucket. The front mount snow blower was quoted at $3,500. Both tractors use the same attachments. Thought the XJ...
  143. Y

    PEX Piping Newby

    I just bought a house and wanted to change out a sink only to find no water supply line shut off valves were installed under the sink. I therefore need to turn off the water to the entire house and install some shut off valves. The plumber used 1/2" PEX tubing, and I have never worked with...
  144. Y

    MF vs Kubota Sub Compacts

    I saw some MF subcompact prices and financing options which looked more attractive than Kubota BX's. What are the major differences between the 2 mfrs? Is the BX worth paying more for? I am shopping for 24 to 25 hp, quick attach loader & bucket, snow plow, and 54" to 60" mmm. TIA Yooper Dave
  145. Y

    Why Such a Difference?

    Looking at Zero Turn mowers and tractors with the same width mowing deck. The tractors were usually priced significantly lower and designed for several attachments that a zero turn would not handle. Why such a price difference? TIA Yooper Dave
  146. Y

    XJ 2025 Attachments

    How hard is it to hook up the mid mount mower and front mount snowblower? I like to see the quick attach bucket. TIA Yooper Dave
  147. Y

    Used Yanmar SC2400

    Is this a good deal: 200 hours 4WD Loader 60" MMM Extra set of front wheels with turf tread Do not yet know the year. Looks like brand new for $10,000. Thanks Yooper Dave
  148. Y

    CAN-AM Commander Ltd Drive Belt Wear Issue

    I have a 1000 cc CAN-AM Commander Limited. The previous owner warned me of belt wear, but I still am unable to understand how the Belt warning comes on after < 80 miles on a brand new belt. My wife and I are gentle on the dirt and gravel roads, so how does the belt wear so fast? When the old...
  149. Y

    Differences Between PT-422 & PT-425

    Will be eventually moving from a 1/4 acre lot to a 1.5 acre lot with new construction for a retirement house out in the country - 10 minutes from town. I will most likely buy a Power-Trac in some form to take care of our various needs. I plan on adding a mower, forks, bucket and maybe a hoe or...
  150. Y

    Broken Belt

    The Toolcat was overheating after 5 minutes of light use and shutting down on its own. I was lucky enough to get the Toolcat back inside the shed after letting it cool down. The next morning a small belt was laying on the ground under the engine. I was able to get a replacement belt, but was...
  151. Y

    Anyone have a wiring harness?

    Looking at buying a nice used Bobcat snowblower, but lacking a wiring harness. Anyone add a wiring harness to their Toolcat? Is it a big deal? TIA Yooper Dave
  152. Y


    Been using the Toolcat quite a bit lately in the woods with no problems. While backing up just outside of the woods, a noise was heard underneath with several loud beeps given before shutting down on its own. No error codes were given, and unable to start. While trying to start, the...
  153. Y

    Old TORO Utility Vehicle

    These were the days. Yooper Dave
  154. Y

    Corn vs Wood Pellet vs Gel Stoves

    I am looking into converting a conventional log fueled fireplace into a more efficient insert unit. The cottage is far away from civilization. What are the pros and cons for wood pellet, corn, and gel fuels? Which are usually cheapest to operate? I have a CO-OP nearby in the next town, and...
  155. Y

    F2400 Starting Problems

    I love plowing snow with my F2400. Just recently, the ignition will not activate what so ever. It was 12 degrees in the shed. I acticated the glow plugs for 20-30 seconds, and nothing happened when I tried to start. I put a new battery in the tractor last fall, and I know there is lots of...
  156. Y

    Latest & Greatest

    What is a new 2010 5600 going for these days? What model letter number are they up now? TIA Yooper Dave
  157. Y


    Anybody seen or heard about these: HuntVe - The all Electric 4x4 Hunting UTV With a $6,000 tax credit, it might be an option. Yooper Dave
  158. Y

    Delta Car Hauler

    I can get a new 9,990# 18' delta car hauler for $3,000 with choice of ramps. Does delta make a good trailer? Brakes are on both axles. Tires are new. Is this a good deal? Are flip up ramps better then pull out ramps or vice-versa? I need to make a decision soon. TIA Yooper Dave
  159. Y

    UTV Roominess for Elderly

    If you were to provide someone in their 80's a UTV so they could get around hilly property in the Midwest all 12 months of the year, what would you get? A golf car would be somewhat acceptable for 6-7 months of the year, and would be easy to get into and out of, but the intent is to have...
  160. Y

    It wimped out - err

    The snow storm from Wednesday morning was too much for the Tool Cat. I almost got stuck just trying to get out of the shed and going down hill. 18" with 36" drifts of wet snow requires a payloader to remove. We had lots of hours of 40-50 mph winds afterwards. I am thinking that should have...
  161. Y

    7,000# vs 10,000# Trailer

    A trailer dealer was advertising a nice 7,000# trailer near me. I asked how much more for the same in a 10,000# version? He indicated about $250 more, as all they would do is increase the axle capacity. I thought a 10,000# trailer was built heavier than a 7,000# trailer in several respects...
  162. Y

    Price Info on a Steel Roof

    Attached is a progress picture of a new shed in the U.P. I wanted to put the same color sheet steel over the existing adjacent garage to kind of tie them in together. The 2 car garage is around 1,100 square feet in area. The contractor wants to screw in new 2x4's laid flat on 24" o.c. over...
  163. Y

    Fuel Oil Tank Level Indicator

    Can someone tell me where a (new) fuel oil tank level indicator can be purchased? It is one of those simple screw it in from the top (of tank) indicators with a float attached to it. I tried several places - including Fleet/Farm and my fuel oil supplier but to no avail. TIA Yooper Dave
  164. Y

    Generator  12.5 Kw PTO Generator

    Will a 12.5 Kw generator supply enough electricity to power an average house? I can buy one which is around 9 years old, but with few hours, and looks like new for $1,500. Is this a good deal? TIA Yooper Dave
  165. Y

    Hauling with a Pontoon Trailer

    I just bought a 20' pontoon boat that came with a tandem axle trailer rated for 2,500#. Does anyone see a concern if I were to haul a 30' long x 2000# steel beam on top of the trailer over the interstate? The beam is 10.5" high x 10.5" wide - very stout. I could cantilever the front of the...
  166. Y

    8,000# x 18' Car Hauler

    Who makes a good 8,000# x 18' car hauler? What should something like this cost new? Will its self weight approach 2,000#? TIA Yooper Dave
  167. Y

    Ford 3910

    Does the Ford 3910 have a good track record? Is this a good deal? FORD TRACTOR 3910 I am trying to get more of the specifics. TIA Yooper Dave
  168. Y

    Ford Dealer & the Wrath of Yooper Dave

    I bought a new 2008 F150 4x4 from one of the local Ford dealers in Green Bay last December. It took 5-6 months of pestering to finally get my registration. I paid in full when purchased. The salesman was eventually taken out of service - as he made many people mad. The manager finally made...
  169. Y

    Fuel Oil vs #1 or #2 Diesel

    What are the specific differences between fuel oil, #1 & #2 diesel? Can a diesel engine run on fuel oil? Can #1 or #2 diesel be used as fuel oil? TIA Yooper Dave
  170. Y

    Used Zetor 3340

    What is a used 1999 4wd Zetor 3340 with loader worth? It has less than 500 hours on it, and in excellent condition. I looked on machinery finder and I could not locate one. Any help would be appreciated. TIA Yooper Dave
  171. Y

    Radar Detectors

    Are radar detectors legal in Wisconsin and Michigan? If so, what features should one be looking for? Who offers the best value for the money? TIA Yooper Dave
  172. Y

    Pintle Hitch vs. Ball Hitch

    Are their distinct advantages and disadvantages regarding pintle hitches and ball hitches? Is one type quite a bit better than the other? My 2008 F150 4x4 I think is limited to towing less than 10,000#. TIA Yooper Dave
  173. Y

    Price Check  M59 Used Pricing

    What should I expect to pay for a 2008 M59 with less than 100 hours on it? It is the full TLB package. Is this the larger Ag framed tractor? Is this a good tractor? TIA Yooper Dave
  174. Y

    Driving in 4WD High

    How fast (with duration) is it acceptable to drive in 4wd high while driving? I catch myself going 55-60 sometimes on partially snow covered roads for many miles at a time. I do not want to hurt the truck, and wanted some guidance. TIA Yooper Dave
  175. Y

    Anybody use Back Up Balls?

    I have had lots of fun trying to hook up a heavy trailer by myself. Has anyone used this product? Receiver Hitch: About Backup Balls, Trailer Hitch Receiver, Single Person Trailer Loader TIA Yooper Dave
  176. Y

    Acceptable Cantilevers

    I have a bed extender for my pick up which lets me haul 16' long lumber routinely. The lumber cantilevers about 4' beyond the bed extender support. As long as I put a red flag on the end of the load, I have never been pulled over. If hauling a load on a trailer, what is the maximum...
  177. Y

    Aluminum Trailers

    I am looking at a 10,000# 18' tandum axle aluminum trailer. I think it weighs less than 2,000# It is a car hauler style. Does the aluminum fatigue over time? Does aluminum hold up as well as steel? Any insights or reasons why this is not the way to go? TIA Yooper Dave
  178. Y

    Tandem Trailer Geometry

    I was wondering why it appears that often the dual axles are located at or near the back of the trailer? Specifically, whith a ball hitch hookup. It seems to me that the load on top of the trailer should be near centered over the axles. This would mean that the axles should be moved forward...
  179. Y

    Tool Cat Competition

    Has any other major manufacturer developed anything similar to a Tool Cat? Power Trac is somewhat similar - but no cabs or dual seating or nation wide dealer network. Some of the utility vehicles offer a cab and dual seating, but nothing much for implements in the front. Yooper Dave
  180. Y

    Ford Buyer Survey

    When I bought my F150 the dealer made a HUGE deal out of expecting a 'perfect' score from me when Ford sent out their survey. Does the salesman get a bonus from Ford if he gets a perfect score? I learned today that the dealer never sent in my title paperwork to the state so I could transfer...
  181. Y

    Is this Tractor worth Buying?

    With the FarmTrack woes going on, would you still buy this tractor? Sylvester Repair Incorporated I already have a Long 360 DTC with a FEL but would like to get something bigger. The 360 tractor is ok, but I feel the loader could use some serious beefing up. Does anyone else own a similar...
  182. Y

    New Transponder Keys

    I had a great experience obtaining additional transponder keys for my F150 thru the internet. I do not know if mentioning the specific website is acceptable here or not. Ford has a chip inside the key for security reasons which makes obtaining additional copies harder now than what it used to...
  183. Y

    Dead ToolCat

    For no apparent reason, my 2003 toolcat is dead with ZERO electrical getting to the various systems. The ToolCat has been used almost daily for several years, and this has never happened. I will say the battery is almost new, and the battery charger indicated that the battery is fully charged...
  184. Y

    What would You Do?

    I was watching Sunday NFL on TV today with Ford being a major advertiser for the event. The ad explained that the 2008 F150 currently has a $6,000 rebate. My local dealer explained that the rebate was $5,000 (last week) and negotiated the purchase price of my new 2008 F150 accordingly. I...
  185. Y

    Trailer Brake Controller

    Can anyone recommend a third party trailer brake controller to install in my 2008 F150? The dealer let me know that the installation is just plugging the controller cable into the receptacle. Should not hopefully be a big deal. This might be a good time of year to get one. TIA Yooper Dave
  186. Y

    Trailer Weight

    What would you expect a dual axle 16' steel trailer with a 2x treated wood plank deck to weigh? I have one of these, and it seems heavy - but how heavy? I was initially thinking 1,000 to 1,500 pounds? TIA Yooper Dave
  187. Y

    Tire Question

    My girl friend has a 2004 Chevy TrailBlazer SUV. It has AWD & 4wd which is rarely used in the winter - no serious off roading of any kind. One of her tires lost air pressure and she drove on it with very low pressure low for a short distance and wrecked the tire. The tires are pretty new and...
  188. Y

    New Pick em up Trucks

    I am thinking about selling my 2001 F150 4x4 off road for something newer and maybe bigger. I would like opinions of what is good out there in the market place now. I like Toyota, Nissan and Ford. Ford's employee pricing is looking pretty good right now. I am leaning towards a 2008 F250 XLT...
  189. Y

    Vinyl Siding Overlay

    I want to install new vinyl siding over my existing wood clap board siding. How is this easily done? Do I have to remove my existing wood clap board siding or is there an easier way? Thanks Yooper Dave
  190. Y

    I got a new Beep

    I just got my Toolcat back from the local Bobcat dealer. I noticed that the engine and machine operate differently than I was always used to. Not a bad thing, just different. It seems smoother and quieter. I now get 5 or 6 quick beeps from the passenger side every time I shut off the...
  191. Y

    I Sprung a LEAK

    I had the forks on the front of the Toolcat transporting large hay bales - as I have done in the past. Driving into the shed, someone is screaming at me to check out what I am leaking all over the floor. I noticed that I have a large hydraulic leak from under the ToolCat and centered between...
  192. Y


    Does anyone know anything about used Case 446 garden tractors (or similar)? I think it has a 16 hp engine. It has very large rear wheels. I thought I heard that Case made a solid unit. I am trying to get the year and how many hours are on it. Condition seems pretty good. Thanks Yooper Dave
  193. Y

    Skid Steer Forks

    Are all skid steer forks created equal? I have a $650 quote for 42" Bobcat forks, $680 for John Deere forks, and $780 for CAT forks. Are CAT forks worth the extra money? Is there a brand that is truly better? Is there a brand I should stay away from? Thanks in Advance. Yooper Dave
  194. Y

    Hand Controls

    Do any of the ATV mfr's offer hand controls for throttle and brake - similar to a motorcycle (as an option)? Which ATV offers the most room to enter and exit the driver's seat? Thanks Yooper Dave
  195. Y

    Fuel Usage

    My Toolcat is thirsty for fuel ALL THE TIME. I seem to go thru at least a gallon per hour even while taking it very easy. The fuel tank is not too big so I am refueling quite often. Are others experiencing something similar? Thanks Yooper Dave
  196. Y

    Toolcat Manuals

    I am ordering a parts & service manual from this guy. Seems like a good thing. Yooper Dave
  197. Y

    How much load have you tried?

    I was moving pallets of shingles last weekend. I know I was moving more than 2000# with the forks, as I had to put many bundles of shingles in the back to keep most of the rear wheels on the ground . I also thought one of the front tires was going to blow. The front lift has some kind of...
  198. Y

    What the Heck???

    I went to look at a 2002 John Deere GX 345 garden tractor. I tried out the mower and was happy cutting some grass UNTIL I BACKED UP. When I backed up, the mower turned off, and would not turn back on again until I manually turned the mower back on. This seems like a design flaw more than a...