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    Woods TPR72 3-Pt. Power Rake Overview.

    Ok, I have too many pieces of equipment. This is a Woods TPR72 power rake. Oops. :D I searched and didn't find much on 3 pt. power rakes so I thought I would share in case anyone is looking at one. I am new to power rakes and still learning every time out. I was looking to buy a new one and...
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    Prototype Mahindra 8100 shake down

    I'm not sure where to put this so move it if there is a better place. I guess a blind sow does find an acorn every now and then after all. I am not usually this lucky. Here is a quick background. I have mentioned before that my buddy works at the local Mahindra dealership. He knows I run a...
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    Dougherty Turbo Saw Review

    I was looking for a cost effective way to reclaim some old pasture with tons and tons of cedars. The goal is to be able to cut hay off the pasture. Here is a representative shot of the cedars. After reading everything I could find a tree saw looked like the best option so I picked up this...
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    Putting a 336D back in service.

    I traded for a 336D with a FEL yesterday. It is supposed to be about a 1986 model. The hour meter showes 1050 hrs and wasn't working when the po first got it. The story is the po was brush hogging last summer and overheated the tractor. He came to the barn and let it cool off then refilled...
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    Bush hoggin: How many hours?

    Check my math. 26.4 acres. 13.6 hours @ 2 mph. The 2 mph is due to a gopher infested field. I checked the mph today on GPS during a test run. Nothing in the field even comes close to bogging the tractor, its just the gopher mounds. The tool of grass destruction is a LS4155HC (55hp)...
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    THINK! Just lost a neighbor last evening.

    An older gentleman and a good neighbor that was around farm equipment all his life. Got his truck stuck in the creek and went and got his tractor to pull it out and turned the tractor over on himself. He will be missed. I live just around the corner and have all kinds of equipment and would...
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    Help me pick a tractor for my BIL

    My BIL (brother in law) is shopping for a tractor. Here's the info. He has about 4 acers. Budget is $20k. Requirements are a tractor with loader and a 60" mid mower. About 25hp min. We will craigslist any other implements or attachments like a box blade and probably a flail mower. He...
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    OTD Pricing on the CK3510SE HC?

    Whats everyone paying for the new cabbed HST Kioti's? Plus a few questions. Does it come standard with a FEL(front end loader)? What does the mid mount mower cost? How is it working out? Enough power to run the a/c and a mower? My BIL (brother in law) is looking. Thanks in advance.
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    A Good Cover for a JD 8000 Grain Drill

    I scored this Drill but the shed it sets in doesn't go with it. I'm looking for the best way to preserve it until I can get a shed built for it. Maybe a couple of years at the most. I've seen some with yellow vinyl covers over the boxes sitting around so maybe that's an option and where is a...
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    New XR4155HC on its way!

    Just got word this afternoon that my new tractor is supposed to arrive at the dealer tomorrow afternoon! He said it shouldn't take too long to prep it out so maybe I can play. . . I mean work it this weekend[emoji1]