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  1. TripleR

    Insurance  L40 Cab heater repair $2500

    The mice got into my L5740 cab, built nests and chewed up the heater core. Kubota doesn't sell the core separately, only as a whole unit for $2500. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. TripleR


    My brother just put a Grammar air ride in my tractor and "Waxman" steps. Wish I had one of these: An electric driven hydraulic chair. [VIDEO] "I am not handicapped just physically challenged, but I can still hold and love my grand babies. The pain lets me know I am still alive and that beats...
  3. TripleR

    Brush Guard for Cab Tractor

    I wasn't sure where to post this or how to do the photos, so.... After knocking some holes in my cab, my brother repaired it and put brush guards on. It is designed for easy removal and uses steel tubing. I didn't do any of the work, so I don't have specifics. This should work to generate ideas...
  4. TripleR

    Grammar Air Ride Seat 5740

    Thanks to fabrication by Paul (4shorts) and installation by my brother, I finally have my 4shorts air ride conversion seat. Weather hasn't permitted me to try it out yet, but it sure looks good. The craftsmanship on the finished product has to be seen to be believed, Paul is an artist with...
  5. TripleR

    Another Roll Over

    This is pretty self explanatory: Local News: 71-year-old man hurt in tractor rollover (04/07/13) A 71-year-old Fruitland man was injured when the tractor he was driving rolled over into a creek while he was driving along its banks, his wife heard the engine stop and when she...
  6. TripleR

    New Land Pride HR3584

    After using my Land Pride BB2584 for a couple of years, I have decided to buy something heavier with hydraulic rippers, so I just ordered a new Land Pride HR3584; pictures when it arrives.
  7. TripleR

    Buying a new L5740 HSTC?

    I am in the process of looking at a trade in of my beloved L5030 HSTC for a L5740 HSTC -3 Industrial Tires (filled and set wide) Three rear remotes Top and Tilt Rear Wiper Back and Side Window Defoggers Quick Attach HD Round Back Bucket Reversible Bolt On Cutting Edge Work Lights No extended...
  8. TripleR

    Check out this big ole' bad boy!

    We lost a really big Oak a couple of year ago to a storm and it blocked two roads; took two days to clean it up; love trees. We reforested about forty acres of crop land a few years ago.
  9. TripleR

    Tractor Rollover

    Later news reports indicate he succumbed to his injuries. Advance man injured after tractor overturns | News | Stoddard County News
  10. TripleR

    Man Dies while baling hay

    This happened north of here and don't know any details. Man dies in Cape Girardeau County farm accident - KFVS12 News & Weather Cape Girardeau, Carbondale, Poplar Bluff
  11. TripleR

    Another Fatal Incident

    Another farm death:Two teens electrocuted on farm near Okawville, Ill.
  12. TripleR

    Need help! Kuboda b3030 hsd vs challenger mt 295

    In line with LD1, I would let your chores decide the "best" tractor. I would however keep in mind you are looking at a tractor that has been out of production for six years to one still in production. That may not be a problem now, but parts "may" become an issue if you plan on keeping it a long...
  13. TripleR

    New M8540 has arrived

    I got a call this morning they were delivering our new tractor and taking the old one. I took pictures of both, but then had to go out of town for a while, so I haven't gotten to drive it yet.
  14. TripleR

    What the heck is this?

    While changing the oil and dislodging sticks from my L5030, I noticed this. Should it look like that? It is back from the drain plugs in the center of the tractor.
  15. TripleR

    Cleaning Fuel Filters

    My Operators Manual say to use kerosene to clean the fuel filter on my Grand L. Anyone use anything else and if so what. Thanks
  16. TripleR

    Just Bought a New Kubota M8540

    We just bought a new M8540 with cab, 1353 FEL and 7' bucket, Hydraulic Shuttle Shift 12F/12R, Ag tires, two rear remotes, one regular and one self canceling. Will load the tires with windshield washer solution and have them set out. It should be delivered the middle of next week.
  17. TripleR

    Buying New M8540

    We will be writing the check on a new M8540 today to replace our Case CX80. It is a cabbed model with Hydraulic Shuttle Shift 12F/12R with 1353 FEL and 7' bucket, two rear remotes, 12.4-24 Front and 18.4-30 Rear Ag tires loaded with windshield wiper fluid, and suspension seat. I would like to...
  18. TripleR

    No Serious Injuries

    Yesterday my daughter in law was mowing when a dead limb fell after she bumped it with the ROPS. She received scrapes, bumps etc, but nothing serious. Be careful out there.
  19. TripleR

    New Stuff

    New Land Pride cutter and BB delivered.
  20. TripleR

    Buying Advice  L5030 To Buy or Not to Buy

    I am going to buy yet another tractor and while looking at the L3240 then L3940 and L4240 open station tractors I found a 2003 L5030 HST with a cab, FEL and rear remote. I am interested in the differences between the Lxx30 and Lxx40 series and how significant. I have bigger tractors if needed...
  21. TripleR

    BX Tail Light Protectors

    Does anyone know of a vendor that makes guards for the tail lights on the BX Series? I use mine in the woods a lot and seem to manage to break the lenses out on a pretty regular basis. I have been blaming my wife, but I think she is catching on.