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    LX Series Oversized Tires

    Here is quantitative data straight from the Titan Catalog, so everyone can make their own decisions on what is appropriate. R1's are not included in the table. Hope this helps.
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    Stock headlights vs Cheap 36 Watt LED Lights

    Starting this thread as LED light addition is a popular project and there is always some question on what wattage lights to buy. I'm including a few recent night photos to give some comparison how much light the lower wattage lamps put out compared to the stock halogen headlights. The tractor...
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    Glow Plugs...

    Recording this info in the event it helps anyone down the line. Summary: Glow Plugs: 19077-65512, 19077-65511, 19077-65510, 1J860-65510, 1J860-65510, 1J860-65511, 1J860-65512 are all linked as similar using Kubota's Illustrated Parts and Messick's. GP price is different depending on PN...
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    Help! L3240 won't start when cold

    Bferris01, To test the temperature sensor you'll need to know the exact coolant temperature and resistance value of the sensor. It is best if you can do this at two known temperatures. Since you're unlikely to have the exact temperatures referenced in the WSM, I've calculated the equation...
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    Mowing Travel Speed: What range is everyone using?

    About a year ago, I purchased a used B3030 Cab tractor with 72" mid mower, FEL and front snowblower for my 77 year old Dad to replace his BX2200. The B3030 has 3 speed ranges while the BX2200 only had 2. According to the published travel speeds, High range on the BX2200 is very close to the...
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    Fuel Remaining after No bars showing

    For owners of L4740, L5040, L5240 and L5740 tractors. Recently ran my tractor until no bars were showing on the fuel gauge and was a bit anxious as I was 1.5 miles from home mowing a field. Ran the tractor about 15 minutes mowing and took about 10 mintues to get home after it first hit zero...
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    Tie-Rods: Poor Quality

    Noticed a good bit of play in the front right tire/wheel when going down the road and confirmed the tie-rod was bad by lifting the tire off the ground and moving the tire left and right. Ordered a new Tie-Rod for a bit over $110 with tax, so it must be some super deluxe part that will last into...
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    Hydraulic Coupler Rebuild or O-Ring Size

    Reference: Hydraulic Coupler HNV38NP Kubota PN: 7J417-66320 Two couplers have developed a leak after putting the FEL back on after sitting for the winter while the front snowblower was on. I believe the o-ring visible inside the coupler is the root cause. Does anyone know the o-ring size or...
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    Help - Snowblower Electric Chute Linkage

    Reference Snowblowers such as L2173, L2174, L2175, L2185, L2194 etc... with optional electric chute actuator L2179 Help: Looking for guidance on how the linkage shown in the attachments should be positioned with respect to the stationary Chute bracket and how tight the bolt should be torqued...
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    B2650 Alternator Output for LED Lights?

    You might be drawing less than the rated watts suggest. I went through the trouble of measuring the current draw on a variety of the smaller LED lights (18, 27 and 36 watt units). The 18 watts either come in a 1x6 LED arrangement (row x # of LEDs) or 2x3 Led like you have. Both styles consumed...
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    Adding aux lights

    CMV, After measuring 3 different styles of LED work lamps, I found the rated watts to be overstated. If you disconnected your headlights, you'll have plenty of current to work with. I've bypassed the headlights in several applications without altering the wiring by using an equivalent plug...
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    Question for owners of L4600, L3560 and L4060 w/Turf tires

    For those who own a L4600, L3560 or L4060 with 27x8.50-15 Turf tires. Could you tell me what brand/model and ply rating the front tires are? Why I am asking? Thinking of replacing the front tires on my L3130 and it uses the same size turf tires as the models listed above. I called the local...
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    Self Leveling Valve for Kubota LA Loaders

    MrC. Perhaps to reduce confusion with what the OP is looking for, you should have started a new thread as the two applications appear to be different. If you search on Kubota's web site under Illustrated Parts List, you're likely to find what you're looking for. Not knowing your Serial number...
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    Canopy LED light replacement for cab M7040 of other

    Here's a quick test of the stock bulb versus the LED module described in earlier posts. The light cover was not in place for any of the photos. Stock Light LED With the way camera phones try to adjust the picture given the ambient lighting, I feel the photos understate the...
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    Canopy LED light replacement for cab M7040 of other

    I bought the same LED for the dome and was wondering how you mounted the LED inside the housing? There isn't a flat spot to mount using the 2-Sided tape. Did you just lay it inside the dome cover? Perhaps the photos will help describe the situation. Sorry for the flipped picture below.
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    Self Leveling Valve for Kubota LA Loaders

    bdhsfz6, The option is $599 and can be purchased through wholegoods under order code L2271. Here's the detail from the Wholegoods listing... Hydraulic Spill Guard for LA1055 Loader L2271 Hydraulic Spill Guard, anti-spill feature for buckets 38lbs $599.00 Perhaps if you search on L2271...
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    Snowblower Wings Homemade

    Thanks guys! I was hoping others would benefit from the concept and perhaps improved the design. I forgot to mention in the original post how the holes were created in the 3/8" conveyor belting. Chucked up a spent 380 shell in the drill press and slowly applied downward pressure as it rotated...
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    Snowblower Wings Homemade

    Moving the 72" front mounted snowblower from the L3130 to the L4740 cab was easy enough, but unhappy how the blower barely covers the rear tracks of the R4's. Looked at purchasing wings from Kubota, but unfortunately the wings only add an additional 5" of overall width (2.5" per side) at a cost...
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    Block Heater Installation on B3030 Cab Tractor

    Installed Kubota Block Heater 7000-73274 on a B3030 Cab tractor and thought I would document in the event it helps anyone. The installation was very straight forward requiring minimal skills. Before attempting to remove the pipe plug, applied penetrating fluid to threads starting 24 hours in...
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    Toggle Switch Location and Power Source

    Looking for suggestions from the community. In the process of attaching a snowblower to a new-to-me L4740-3 Cab tractor. A DPDT toggle switch is needed to control chute deflection and was wondering if anyone had some good ideas where to mount the toggle switch and if a spare 12 volt supply is...
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    Cab work lights changed over to LED units

    Just thought I'd share with the group in the event it helps any one. Like some folks, I have been changing over most halogen applications to LED as I simply like the extra light output and coverage. Currently changing the front and rear Kubota cab work lights on a L4740 to LEDs. For the front...
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    Mowing B3030 rear PTO slipping

    Here's the exploded view in the event it helps your understanding.
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    Kubota B2782 Front Mounted Snowblower

    I am looking for a Kubota B2782 63" front mounted snowblower. The more complete the package to fit on a Kubota B3030 Cab the better, but I'm also willing to purchase this snowblower if it came from other B-Series tractors. Typically there are minimum of four items needed to make the snowblower...
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    which loader for L4240

    Here's what I found in one of the Wholegoods catalogs.
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    Price Check Used 2015 25D with about 100 hours

    Tractordog, Attached you'll find the price form the March 2014 Wholegoods pricing. Sorry, but I don't have a 2015 guide. In any case, it should give you a good idea what the list price was in 2014.
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    Backhoe BH90 on L3940-3. Why not?

    I'm considering upgrading my tractor to a cab tractor, but hate to get rid of the BH90 backhoe I already have. According to what I have found using the Wholegoods documents from the last few years, only the BH92 is compatible with L3x40 cabs. While the BH90 will fit non- cab GL 40's, there...
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    Fuel to injector pump, but won't start. Solenoid and injector questions

    Besides the ice, what are the yellow chunks in the 1st photo and possibly the 3rd photo? I'd be a bit worried where they came from and why they are in this location. Reference the circled area:
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    Kubota L-45 Intellipanel indicator not working

    hydrori, Here's what I found, but please confirm for yourself... Item #30, PN: T1060-30270 Description: Bulb, Monitor From parts look up at Messick's Kubota: BULB Part Number: T1060-30270 Vendor: Kubota Messick's Price: $6.40 Stock Quantity: 0 Weight: 0.00 lbs Days to Order: 5-7...
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    Snow Frozen joystick in my L5030

    Jayhawk, When S219 talks about "Cans", I believe he is referring to items circled in the attachment below. (Just thought a picture might help some folks referencing this thread) Regards
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    Tires finding wheels for an L225

    Beaverplt, Did you consult your local Kubota dealership? It looks like the wheels are still available, but at a significant cost. Looking at the parts listing on, it looks like there are different p/n's for left and right hand side. Not certain why, but that is the way they are...
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    G5200 (4200 or 3200) Fan Alternator Belt Replacement

    I am trying to repair an old G5200 Kubota Diesel with a fan/Alternator belt that is beyond its useful life. The problem is it looks like the lower (motor) pulley also drives the shaft to the hydrostatic transmission, so the belt is captured. Something has to come off, but what? Anybody have...
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    BX2200 seat replacement

    gsganzer, I found the original paperwork in the event it helps in your search for a replacement seat. Please note the price listed in the earlier posting was with 10% off due to a sale that was going on. Can't find the paperwork for the arms that go with this seat.
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    Turf Tires

    Here's the picture of the Wholegoods pricing:
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    L3750 Hydraulic Filter. Need expert help!

    Using Messick's it is fairly easy to check part numbers. Please keep in mind I'm not certain if this is a L3750, L3750DT or L3750F. Using the "frequently used parts" L3750DT the following appear. It indicates 36330-82630 is the correct part number. and If you're interested in the WIX...
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    Filter for MX4800

    From the link provided by horse2, use the "Advance Search" option under "Search Filter". This will bring up another screen. Use the "Vehicle" option and select "Off-Highway Equipment". In the new screen select "Kubota", "Tractors", Enter your model MX4800? where the ? is DT, F or H. If...
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    L3240 Filter delima

    orangeandgreen, I've used several small rare earth (neodymium) magnets in place of the stock Kubota magnet. They are much stronger and take up less space. I thought I had pictures to describe, but couldn't find them. Along those lines here is a link showing how the same type of magnets were...
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    L60 with front snowblower - pavement scraping

    Sandalwood, I realize I don't have the same setup, but perhaps this will help anyway... My front mounted snow blower doesn't leave scrape marks and it has metal shoes. The front of them are angled upward slightly. I tried looking on line for your snow blower to check out the shoe design but...
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    Where to buy a new Kubpta tire?

    Below is an example from the Wholegoods price list for a 8.3-16 tire/wheel assembly albeit for a B series tractor. As you can see, the price list is from March 2014, so it should be fairly accurate. (see wholegoods picture below) Wholegoods: If a tire and wheel assembly was...
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    L2195 Shear Bolt, PN 70060-04440

    Can someone verify if the shear pin, PN 70060-04440 used in a L2195 snow blower is a conventional 5/16" grade 5 bolt or one with a reduced diameter to control the shear point. I called Messick's and they don't have any in stock to confirm the design and the closest one is located in TX and I'm...
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    Snowblower Ever heard of an Inland SA-60?

    I don't have mine any more, but was very satisfied how it performed over the years. It tossed the snow a fair distance and my PTO was driving it at 540 RPMs.
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    B7500 wheel lockup

    Perhaps this attachment will help in determining how to remove the driveshaft. Part drawings can be obtained by going to Enter the information and it will be sent within a minute or two. Curious... Does the problem occur in both 2 and 4 wheel drive?
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    Big Difference on M7060

    Not certain the 1 gallon is going much for freeze protection. Here's a chart for the OP to reference to see if he feels comfortable with his ratio.
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    512High, Kubota has an "Overfender Kit", L8365 (Cab Fender Extensions) Not certain of the price.
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    How many gallons of fluid will my tires hold?

    K0ua, I wasn't trying to contradict your post. You'll noticed that we posted at the same time, so I was not aware of your reply. I was simply posting what Firestone published. For what it is worth, Titan lists 29 gallons at 75% fill. Depending on the tire construction I could see where this...
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    BH92 bucket same as BH90?

    According to the Wholegoods 2013 the buckets are different p/n's between BH90 and BH92.
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    First Modification of the Year: Air Horn Install

    Added a cheap air horn to the tractor today and thought I would share the experience. Bill of Materials: 1) 135 dB Super-Loud Air Horn from Harbor Freight (item#40134, $14.99) 12 Volt Super-Loud Air Horn 2) Momentary Switch purchased from Tractor Supply ($2.99) 3) Miscellaneous wire (12 and 18...
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    Trail Cam Surprize

    Looking at various pictures on the internet, I agree the Mouflon is more representative of what we have lurking the neighborhood. The white patch on its side matches that found on web pictures of the Mouflon. Here's a picture my neighbor captured.
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    Home Made Front Fenders for L3130

    I was tired of getting covered with snow slush and water spray when out snow blowing, so I decided to make a set of front fenders. After contacting a few folks who tried installing them to pivot with the wheels, I decided to take the easier route and mount them stationary using the FEL...
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    Trail Cam Surprize

    Thanks for sharing Rwork. It's crazy what shows up. The other week I had a ram show-up on my trail cam which is almost unbelievable as they are not native to PA or anywhere close to here.
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    Buying Advice Snowblower price

    lobsterman1, Consider asking for the owners manual. It can be invaluable in procuring replacement parts and identifying the recommended shear pins (auger, fan, pto, etc...). It might also be worth asking the seller to ID all the shear pins and make certain the PTO shaft is complete. I like to...
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    F250 6.2 V8 vs F150 Ecoboost

    Took the liberty to look at the 2014 Ford Towing Specifications. Below are the maximum capacities possible with the configurations shown below. Please note these are maximums and are heavily dependent on cab style, wheelbase, 4x2 vs 4x4, gear ratio, etc. (One must really be careful how the truck...
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    Kubota grand l 3130 battery

    Where is the confusion coming from? I believe it is very clear that I cross-referenced to a group 24 and the link I provided for the one I purchased (It fits!) is a Group 24. Battery Dimensions: Dimensions were gathered from these locations...
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    Kubota grand l 3130 battery

    My original battery finally gave up on the L3130 (after 9 yeas). The 75D26R DIN size original was replaced with Group 24 which was the closest match. Be careful as there are several Group 24's depending on which side the positive terminal is located. This is the one I went with AutoCraft Gold...
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    L3940 ROPS - Design Change?

    I have a much older tractor (L3130) and it has the ROPS with the cross bar. I'm only adding this as it might help the OP track down the desired P/N.
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    what kind of repair will this be to my bush hog? :(

    fandelem, Attached you'll find a couple of exploded views of the PTO clutch. While these are not your exact part, they should aid in understanding the basic components. It might be possible to buy the broken part versus an new PTO clutch assembly, but it might not be much cheaper. Then again it...
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    kubota bh 92 backhoe price

    Alaskakubota, Here's the wholegood prices from earlier in the year. Perhaps you'll find some value in the info.
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    lifting capacity JD 750 with Model 67 loader

    Maybe this will help. They might be available from your JD dealer. Or course you can always search ebay. John Deere Ag - New Equipment: Technical Publications - Publications Search FYI... If you push the control lever that moves the loader arms downward forward enough it will go into...
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    power steering gone

    Perhaps these will help...
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    Oil & Fuel Kubota B3300SUHSD Maintenance

    It's a bit overkill, but I modified all of the drain plugs with neodymium magnets. Also added o-ring type drain plug gaskets. Below are a few pictures to help with the modifications. Milled the center of the drain plug to accept the magnet. Neodymium or rare earth magnets are very powerful...
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    LA524 Loader

    Perhaps you'll find this info from the March 2013 Wholegoods price list useful.
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    The blower must be the right size (that's what he said)

    I had a 60" rear facing blower on a JD 750 with 18 pto HP and manual transmission. Not once did I have a problem due to lack of HP or felt a smaller blower was needed. The few extra inches in width will aid clearance when turning.
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    Tires 2013 wholegoods price list for kubota bx industrial tires, front and rear bx2360

    Here's the price from the March 2013 Price List. Hope it meets your needs.
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    lifting capacity JD 750 with Model 67 loader

    Here's the info from the old manual I had on it. Hope this helps. Mine wouldn't lift the backend off the ground, but it would lift the front.
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    Price Check 2013 Kubota L3800HST

    I've attached the pricelist for tractor only for the OP to judge the deal. Since the date of manufacture was not given, two pricelist are shown below. 1st is from August, 2011 and the other March 2013. FEL with Quick Attach bucket adds another $4,805 list (March 2013) Enjoy your new tractor!!!
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    Bolt Thread ID???

    Does anyone know what size bolt and threads work in the tapped hole shown in the photo? Your looking at the support structure for a 723 FEL on a Grand L 30 Series tractor (L3130). The threads look to be fine pitch. I bought what I could at Lowes and Tractor Supply but their metric bolt...
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    Cost of a new dpf filter for an L60? Just curious.

    DPF Filter Kit (DPF) P/N: 1J804-18910 is $659.64 on Messick's web site. Catalyst, Kit (DOC) P/N: 1J804-18910 is $1,729.60 How long is the emissions warranty on the new tractors? On automobiles the emission warranty is much longer than normal vehicle warranty as this is dictated by the federal...
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    21HP CUT and a blower... am I dreaming?

    For what it is worth I had a JD tractor with 18HP at the PTO and an Inland 60" snow blower that performed flawlessly over the years. I can't imagine 1 less HP will making that big of a difference.
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    Biggest Kubota L cab 4wd with 72" mmm

    Here's info implements info for the Grand L40 series from the wholegoods price list.
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    Buying Advice Mid pto question

    1. Mid PTO: On some of the Grand L's the mid PTO can be added by simply draining all the hydraulic fluid, removing the cover plate and installing mid PTO subassembly. It's a fairly simple job to do at home including connecting the linkage and interlock switches. I did this on my L3130 and the...
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    Kubota B3200HST 50 Hour Service

    I bought them at a local hardware store, but it is more like hardware stores of 20 years ago when they actually carried useful items. Below is a picture of the ones I bought. They can be had in a variety of diameters and thickness. Perhaps a local hobby or craft store might carry them. These...
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    Kubota B3200HST 50 Hour Service

    Sorry I didn't provide an answer to your question, but Jim_wilson has it covered. There are times when the machining chips are not adequately cleaned during manufacturing and resulted in some ugly contamination issues. Below are several pictures I copied from this site to give you an idea what...
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    Kubota B3200HST 50 Hour Service

    Kozman, Besides the normal items here are a few items I did to mine while servicing it for the first time. 1. Painted all the drain plugs using Kubota orange paint to make them easier to see. 2. Added "rare earth" (neodymium) magnets to the all the drain plugs. Rare earth magnets are much...
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    3-Point Hitch Overrunning clutch options

    Is this what you are looking for? Overrunning PTO Coupler, 1-1/8 in. x 6 Female Spline - Tractor Supply Online Store
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    Turkey Vulture Pictures

    Not flying, but thought I'd share...
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    B20 3-pt arms

    I thought a few weeks ago someone was looking for 3-pt arms for a B-Series TLB (B20). Someone is selling a set on Craigslist Harrisburg PA. I haven nothing to do with it... Just wanted to pass along in case someone might be looking for them.
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    alternator bearing and hydraulic noise on JD 750 tractor

    JD 750 have a screen that is accessed from the side (Remove one of the rear wheels and it is there). The hydraulic filter was an add-on when the optional PS was added. It's simple enough to verify the screen is there and clean. Other than draining the hydraulic fluid again and your time it...
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    Snow Is a 60"wide rear mount PTO SB too big?

    Tinman236, For reference I had a JD 750 with manual transmission that put out 18 hp to the PTO and I used a 60" snowblower with success. Your tractor puts out considerable less at the PTO, but then you have to consider how much snow you get and if you have HST or manual. HST allows more control...
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    Oil & Fuel Where to buy Oil and Hydraulic Filters at a discount

    AlaskaKubota, Balwin makes filters for the hydraulic and HST filters for your tractor. Searching by application doesn't show any, but if the cross-reference option is used the following are found. (Used Keller Kubota to locate the p/n's for your tractor) Part Number Manufacturer Baldwin...
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    John Deere 650 utility tractor front mount snowblower

    I used a rear mouned snowblower for 10+ years on a 750 and it worked well. I believe the front mount snow blower requires an add-on electric clutch belt driven off the front pully. I don't believe it is available any longer from JD although it sometimes is available on ebay. The rear blower I...
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    Buying Advice What size snow blower?

    DABSGT, I had a JD 750 with 60" rear blower that served me well for many years. The PTO HP on this tractor is 18 versus 19 for the 855. With the 855 hydrostatic drive you'll be better off than with manual I had. Deep snow wasn't a problem! Just make certain it is wider than your rear tires.
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    L48 3pt linkage

    I don't directly know the answer to your question, but I downloaded the 3-pt drawings from With the P/N's in hand you can check the other L-models to see what works. Good luck!
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    kubota electrical connectors

    Perhas it is a Packard 56 Series Connector use on cars during the 60's, 70's and 80's. This is just one of several different types that fall under this category (Packard 56 Series): Delphi 2973781 Packard 56 series female connector - 2 cavity There are a number of cross references given on this...
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    Kubata BX2200 4-way valve hydralics don't work properly

    If the BX2200 is anything like my Dad's there is a joystick lock that prevents the handle from being moved if desired. It is located near the base of the lever and flips down from the cover. It has a U-shaped detail that limits joystick travel. His spool valve and hose set-up did not use quick...
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    Service Light on L3130

    I reviewed the workshop manual and couldn't find anything related to the display not resetting. As someone stated above the wrench is only for the Service Interval and does not indicate a sensor problem or other issue that would occur like in any modern car. This is a fairly dumb pannel. Given...
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    Service Light on L3130

    To reset the service indicator requres the menu to be in "Hour Meter" display. Push both the DIsplay Mode Switch and Travel Speed Switch. In the event you didn't get the glossy document on the IntelliPanel. Standard Display: Service Interval Alert: Good luck wit the new tractor. I really...
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    Help with Snow Blower QA/Sub-Frame L-2180 on L-Series

    Would someone be so kind to verify my subframe is assembled correctly for use on a L3130? Some history on why I'm asking for help. The L-2180 quick attach (subframe) was purchased used and originally configured for a L4x30 tractor. Setting the length was easy enough to work on my shorter...
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    Help with BX2200 and Hydraulic Hose for FEL and Snow Blower Setup

    The tractor end and snow blower have been modified to work with the repositioned joy stick/spool valve assembly. The FEL hydraulic hoses need to have quick connects added along with color coding the hoses. As with any project I'd probably do a number of things over, but it can be reverted back...
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    Re: Another Tractor, need advice

    Re: Another Tractor, need advice MacTractor, I wanted to add pictures to my post above, but couldn't find them at first. Here's a couple of photos to show what 18 pto hp will do for reference. The blower was in Inland SA-60 with a fan of approximately 20" diameter.
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    How much rear ballast on L3130 with LA723 loader?

    I have always left the backhoe on, but have a need to use the tractor without and thus need some rear ballast. Neither the FEL Operating Manual or Assembly Manual details the recommended weight when using a 3-pt ballast box. I have the opportunity to buy a used JD ballast box (with extensions)...
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    Kubota L3130 Hydraulic accessory block

    I don't know if it will help, but attached are a few photos from my 723 loader instructions. (Not one of the photos below)In Section 3.2 Checking Parts they show item 9 as a Hydraulic Block [L2203, L2213, L2223, L2213A, L2223A] Item 1 in the 2nd photo below is the Hydraulic Block referenced...
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    Need plastic PTO shields

    Pineridge, PaulB's has this helpful chart to determine which PTO series you have. The shape and dimensions of the inner tubes will go a long way in determining what you have. Also look for any type of writing or codes...
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    3-point PTO snowblower

    WinterDeere, I owned a JD 750 with about the same PTO HP as yours with a 60" snowblower and never had any problems or disappointed with it over a 15 year span. It was an Inland SA-60" with a 20" impeller (20" is a best estimate guess) and was purchased used. Even during the years when the...
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    Rotary Cutter Selection Assistance

    Here's a picture to complete the thread. I don't think I mentioned this earlier. It has a PTO slip clutch.
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    Help with BX2200 and Hydraulic Hose for FEL and Snow Blower Setup

    Background: I am trying to help my Dad out with his BX2200 to make it easier to swap out the FEL and front mounted snow blower. He originally purchased the BX2200 used with a mid-mounted mower deck and LA211 FEL. After some time he purchased a used Kubota front mounted snow blower, and the...
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    L3130 fuse box diagram worn away

    I hope this is what you need.
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    Rotary Cutter Selection Assistance

    I am looking to buy a rotary cutter (RC) for my tractor (see below) and would like advice from those with similar sized tractors. It will be used to clear/clean local trails and perhaps on my hunting property. Both places have brush, saplings and plenty of rocks. It will NOT be used to cut...
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    Older Woods Rotarty Cutter

    I'm looking to buy a used rotary cutter and just looked at an older (perhaps very old) Woods 60" cutter. The guy said he bought it 3 years ago from a dealer, but failed to tell me that it was used prior to that. That's OK, but I was expecting it to be much newer. There is no way of telling how...
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    Fuel Filters - Cost Difference

    I am only posting this as awareness for those purchasing fuel filters. When pulling up parts for my tractor on the popular web sites I noticed two fuel filters are called out. One is 3x more expensive. The good thing is the least expensive one appears to be the latest revision. Cross...
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    L2185 Snow Blower Works!

    I just wanted to update everyone who offered advice and assistance on installing a used L2185 72 snow blower on a L3130HST tractor. In a word the blower is awesome! After going in reverse for many years it is really nice snow blowing moving forward. The hydraulic chute rotation and electric...
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    Oil drain plug size?

    Can someone tell me what size threads the motor oil drain plugs are on L3x30 tractors? I want to pick up a couple of seal washers prior to the next oil change. I am probably going to switch from what looks like copper washers to ones with rubber o-rings built in. Currently there is a slow drip...
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    Need Help. Front Mount Snow Blower Question

    Those with front mounted snow blowers on L Series tractors. Reference L3130tractor and quick hitch L2180. Do you still have the Grill Guard attached when mounting the Quick Hitch? I have seen pictures with the grill guard in place, but on my tractor there is interference (see photo). My grill...
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    Help w/Fixed Driveline Shaft (mid PTO)

    I am in the process of mounting a used snow blower to my L3130 and need help with the fixed drive line shaft as shown in the attachment (item 4). Why? The used quick hitch and driveline came off of a L4330 which is physically longer than my L3130. The only difference between the quick...
  103. M

    Mid PTO Installation on L3130

    Reference: L3130 HST In the very near future I am going to be installing a mid PTO. The instructions look pretty straight forward, but I am wondering if anyone has any tips to make it easier or things to look out for? Any estimates on how much hydraulic fluid will come out? I want to make...
  104. M

    Switch Location?

    Switch Location for Electic Chute Deflector (Snow Blower) Reference Tractor: L3130 For those of you with the L2179 Electric Chute Deflector option on a front mounted snow blower, such as L2174A or L2185 snow blower. Can you provide pictures on where you mounted the switch, and if you had to do...
  105. M

    Help with L2180 Quick Hitch Assembly

    I recently purchased a new-to-me front mounted snow blower for my L3130 and I am just starting the process of uncrating and reassembling the blower assembly. 1. Can someone provide instructions on how the L2180 quick hitch connects to the tractor? I have never seen one attached to a tractor and...
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    Snowblower size on Grand 30 series

    I am considering purchasing a front snow blower for a L3130. There are two models listed. One is 60 inches wide and the other 72 wide. The tractor has turf tires and the overall width is just over 60 wide, so I thought a 72 wide unit would be the way to go. My local dealer insists 72 is too big...
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    L3130 w/Turf Tires - Chain clearance

    Before purchasing a set of chains for the winter, does anyone have any experience running chains on a L3130 with turf tires (355/80-20)? If so, is there enough clearance for the heavy duty chains that are typically made from 3/8" chain?