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    MX5800 - Removing Steering Wheel?

    Went to use the MX5800 yesterday and as soon as it started up there was an explosion of cattle cubes coming out from under the hood. A rat had stuffed pretty close to a 5 gallon bucket full of cubes up under the dash and all on top of the engine. :mad: He also chewed through a fuel gauge wire...
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    Covered My Tractor

    I just installed a new HDPE canopy from and could not be happier. The difference in comfort that little shade makes is amazing! I installed the kit by myself in about an hour and everything fit perfectly. All of the brackets are very well made and nicely painted (or...
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    Our New 'Bare Bones' MX5800

    We picked up a new 'bare bones' MX5800 this weekend for a pasture mowing tractor. I have seen a lot of MX's on here but most had loaders and other options so I thought I'd post this one. I bought it with zero options. I found a used weight bracket on ebay and added some aftermarket weights from...
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    M62 Boom Swing Bushing

    My M62 upper backhoe swing bushing has never really taken grease like it should. I only have 50 hours on it and very little backhoe use so far. I could eventually force a very tiny bit of grease out of that area but I knew something was not right. The swing movement made a little groaning...
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    New M62 Thumb Install

    I finally convinced myself that it was time to add a thumb to the M62. After getting a quote from my local Kubota dealer (which is great but... ouch!) I decided to see what else was out there. I sent out several inquiries to various thumb manufacturers to see what was available. All but one...
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    New M62 Finally On The Farm!

    So I have spent months trying to reason with that little voice in my head telling me that the M62 was too much money for the expected usage. "You're not a commercial landscaper what do you need this for?"... "Why not just rent a backhoe when you need one?"... "Just hire someone to come out and...