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    Kubota TG2746 snowblower, TG2754 dozer blade

    For sale a Kubota TG2746 snowblower, TG2754 dozer blade, an the male quick hitch and sub-frame hardware to fit a TG1860 tractor. The snowblower is a 46" two state. Dozer blade is 54" and requires the quick hitch and sub-frame just like the blower. I have the operator's and part manual for all...
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    Dura-weld #106 rod

    Been putting some fence up at my nephew's place and was looking for some rod for him to use. I had given him some 6010+ and was running low so wanted to get some others. I found some 6011 and some dura-weld #106. It 1/8" rod and was in a sealed plastic bag. He started off using it and said...
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    Kubota TG 1860 and snowblower

    I've got a Kubota TG 1860 with a 54" mower deck. Also a TG2746 two stage snowblower, and a TG 2754 dozer blade and sub-frame, and all the manuals I'd like to sell. How do I list it on this site? I tried to call some of the listing of tractors for sale and they weren't even on the lot. So the...
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    Massey 1246 loader valve hookup

    I've got a Massey 1246 loader with a Nimco valve with hoses removed. Nimco seems to keep a REAL low profile. Can someone give a picture of where the ports on the valve should go to the loader? Thanks