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    Victory Motorcycle closing

    Just saw this and didn't know about it. Victory Motorcycles Closing Down - Cycle News
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    2015-2016 Polaris RZR 900s

    Any one have one of these. 2015 or 2016 RZR 900s EPS. Considering one in the next year or so, how do you like it? How is the reliability ?
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    Yet another Kioti injector pump failure.

    A friend of mine purchased a Kioti DK 35 se HST in 2008. Mainly because I have had such good luck with my 2001 model. His injector pump failed (stripped gears) like so many others made from 2005-08. He has always been very pleased with the tractor till now. Very disappointed because it never...
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    What ATV, side by side or UTV do you have.

    What off road vehicle do you have? I'd like to hear about it. I'm running 2005 Kawaski Brute Force 750. Nice machine. My wife rides with me often, so I put a backrest/utilty box on the back.
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    Getting ready for snow

    Put on tire chains and rear blade today. And mounted a new to me Western 9' snow plow. Found this truck plow cheap. Tore it a apart, cleaned it up and painted. Then changed it around adding a QA plate to attach to the loader. I need to finish running hoses from the rear remotes to run the power...
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    DK 35-the first 600 hours

    An update on how my DK 35 has worked out the first 600 hours. The tractor so far has been FLAWLESS . No warrenty issues, no down time, no loose bolts, has never hessitated to start ( even in single digit temperatures). Power is good, controls work well, comfort is good, overall very nice...
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    Backhoe  36" backhoe bucket

    36\" backhoe bucket Got to try out my new 36" backhoe bucket on my Rhino 85 hoe today. Big bucket I like it
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    Added some new lights to my ROPS.. Mowing in the dark shouldn't be a problem next year (at least I hope)
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    My little helpers

    Finally got photos of my tractors together I thought I would post. My John Deere 850 and my Kioti DK 35.
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    First 400 hours on DK 35

    I now have 400 hours on my DK 35 and thought I'd give an update on how it is working so far. KL 1450 loader Had a small tilt cylinder leak when new - dealer repaired it right away - no problems since. Original grease fittings fall out - replace with grease fittings with longer threads - no...
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    I pickup and mounted my new Kioti sunshade on my DK 35. I like the sunshade, but noticed a significant increase in the noise level echoing off the sunshade. This is something that never crossed my mind, but there is a definate increase in the noise level. Anyone else notice this ?
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    Utility line digging begins

    The utility line digging for the new house began today.
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    CK 25/30 MMM ?

    Are the CK 25 and 30 availible with MMM. I don't see them listed on the website. I may be considering selling my JD 850 and 1 of my Wheel horse tractors towards a new tractor early next year with turfs and a MMM. A CK 30 with 72" belly mower would be one of my first choices if a MMM is...
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    JD 850 photos

    I just took a few photos of my 1978 John Deere 850 with 72" MMM I wanted to share.
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    Canopy  Canopy

    I'm considering a canopy (sunshade) for my DK 35. One concern is trailering the tractor at high speed. Does anyone trailer their tractor with a sunshade and will the wind tear it up.
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    Backhoe  Backhoe shots

    I didn't have much for pictures of my backhoe. I dug the backhoe out of winter storage for a few photos.
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    New linkage for 1450 loader

    I have pictures of my new loader linkage, which I like better than my original design
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    Remotes and top/tilt

    I have a few photos on the rear remotes on a DK 35 to give new buyers an idea how they can be usefull and why I recommend them when buying. This is the controls for the remote valves.( The small control levers just in front of the position and draft control levers)
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    Drove my dream machine today.

    I went to visit my dealer today, haven't been there for 2 years since he is 1 1/2 hours away. I have an excellant dealer by the way and recommend him highly. Pete Roman Sat on a CK 20 for the first time. I liked it . I mentioned I wanted to take a few pictures of a DK 55c...
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    KL 1450 loader

    In previuos posts I mentioned I was dissapointed with the tilt power for my bucket. I have been doing a few changes to hopefully help. I made longer bracket where the cylinders attach and moved the pins on my quick attach up 3". I still need to dissasemble and paint the new pieces.
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    2 years with my DK 35

    Some photos of my DK 35 after 2 very satisfied years .
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    Loader question

    I have mentioned in other posts the poor bucket roll back power on my KL1450 loader . The Kl1450 tilt cylinder specs are 1.75"x14.00" The KL1470 tilt cylinder specs are 2.00x14.00" My question is Will the larger cylinders from the 1470 loader fit my 1450 loader ? Would this cure my weak roll...
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    DK 35 and top/tilt

    Finally finished the tilt cylinder, I now have top and tilt on my DK 35. 2 sets of rear remotes-$450. Hydraulic top link made from a 2 1/2" tie rod cylinder including all hoses and fittings around $120. Hydraulic side link made from a 2" tie rod cylinder including all hoses and fittings around...
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    Backhoe  backhoe finally

    After over a month of waiting for my backhoe subframe, I finally got everything I needed and tryed out my new Rhino 85 backhoe. Works NICE. Lots of digging lined up for the weekend to put it to the test !!
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    Backhoe  ? on the KB 2085 backhoe

    On the Kioti KB 2085 backhoe on a DK 35. Does the subframe remain on the tractor when the hoe is removed ? Do you loose the tow bar ? If the subframe remains with the tractor does it stick back from the machine any farther than the tow hitch ( my brush cutter comes very close to the tow hitch) ...
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    Hydraulic remotes

    I just recieved and installed my second set of remotes on my DK 35. The first set was used for a hydraulic top link,this set will be for tilt. Now I just need a tilt cylinder and hoses. Just curious if any other Kioti owners added top and tilt to their machine ?
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    DK 35 first 100 hours

    Well I have my first 100 hours on my DK 35 and am very happy with it. The only problems I have had was the loader tilt cylinder leak which I mentioned here before,and a couple of grease fittings in my loader fell out(couple minute fix).And I stripped one wheel stud when tightening a front wheel...
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    CK20 photo

    Here is a photo of the new CK20. More pictures at
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    Kioti price list

    I saw a price list of what owners in the Kubota section payed for their tractors and attachments. I thought it would be interesting to see it here ..
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    Backhoe  Kioti backhoe

    Does anyone have a Kioti backhoe. I am interested in how they work,how are they for putting on and removing. I am considering a backhoe with a subframe ,and would like some input.
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    dk35 pics.

    pictures of new dk.
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    Tilling with a DK

    I got to do some tilling the last couple of weekends with the DK35. Finnished tilling the garden and was working on smoothing up a few rough areas where i mow,when the tiller found what looks like an old metal fence post around 3' long. It got rapped around the shaft and tines and around one of...
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    kioti filter crossover

    I have a dk'35 and kioti paints the grey right over the OIL and HYDRAULIC filters so i cannot read the mfg. name and filter #'s. Can anyone tell me what they are??? I have a Napa parts store very close to me,and i would like to cross the filters over.
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    dk 35

    just ordered my dk 35 with FEL and quick attach bucket,r-4 tires,remotes and grill will be delivered in about a week. I hope i made the right chose.I guess time will tell.