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  1. deputy11

    Dalton HTL

    We sometimes complain about products or service but when we get good service it should be mentioned, especially if the business helps sponsor this forum. Last Monday which was a holiday, I ordered a Cat 1 HTL from Dalton online. Got an immediate confirmation email, it was shipped the next day...
  2. deputy11

    Top Link Nut Size

    Anybody know what size wrench it is for the nut on the top link in the 3x20? Metric? Hate using adjustable monkey wrench, over time things start getting rounded. Got a 1 3/8" today thinking that was it but nope. A hair too small. Thanks in advance!
  3. deputy11

    Tiller  PTO Shaft Overlap

    Did a search and found good discussion on how far a pto shaft needs to overlap. I liked the idea of 1/3 the length of either end, makes it easy to figure but some people had various thoughts on exact inches. Here's the deal. Traded tractors, old one had a tire footprint of about 48" which meant...
  4. deputy11

    3520 Arrived!!!

    :):) 8 weeks to wait was a long time but the fun begins! I have heeded the advice of others on this forum and included the picture of me with the serious-time-for-work face so that the wife will no way think that I might enjoy the seat time to come. I'll have lots of questions for you all but...
  5. deputy11

    Tire pressure guage

    Is a low pressure tire guage a good idea for CUTs? The cost is not the issue but rather is there a big difference from using the regular old cheap car type?
  6. deputy11

    Box Scraper  Box Blade model?

    Does anybody know what model (if there is one) that the JD/Frontier box blade is with hyd scarifier in around 6' wide?
  7. deputy11

    Delivery lead time?

    I have been reading the discussions on TBN for a few weeks, decided to join up because most answers to questions make good, common sense. Anyway, I have a JD 4100 that I'm trading on a cab 3520. The cold and mountains of snow have finally gotten to me. My question is, why does it take so long to...