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    Everything Attachments poll

    Poll on Everything Attachments. TBN doesn't have a way to do a poll like this yet so just reply and add comments if you want. Put a number down if you can. 1) When bought and when delivered? 2) Date ordered but never got it 3) Did a chargeback and was repaid by CC company 4) Did chargeback...
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    What do you drive for a truck?

    I'm typical rural and need a new truck. I tow a little, get groceries at times and do rural stuff with it. It stays pretty clean. What do you drive? And what do you do with it?
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    How to multi-quote correctly in a post reply?

    I know how to add someone's post to my reply in a post. I can also multi quote, meaning add two quotes to a replay but those quotes have to be from the same page. However, I am not able to add two replies to a reply when one is from one page and one from another page. Does anyone know if we can...
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    Anyone go back to a flip phone?

    I just read an article that a number of people are returning to the flip phone to simplify their life and the demands on. Anyone here do it? We would love to find a flip phone that takes a good photo because that, and a few calls, is all we use it for. Flip phone are easier to carry, cheaper...
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    Is there such a thing as very thin battery heated gloves?

    Does anyone make a very thin pair of battery heated gloves that will allow me to work for three hours outside in the cold with hand tools and smaller sized parts? I need to help with an outside tool job and that means I have to have a degree of dexterity to handle tools and parts. I used to use...
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    Watts needed for generator to run a 1/2 HP sump pump?

    I have a 10K/12K surge generator but there are times when I might only want to run my Wayne 1/2 HP sump pump off a smaller generator. I'm not sure if I can do this with a smaller portable Honda. In searching the net, one site says a 1/2 hp sump pump needs 1050 watts to run and 3200 to start. I...
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    Need help with Super C sun shade

    My Super C is used for tractor rides in the summer with a local group and some of the rides are two hours in the hot sun. I use a big hat now but it's not enough. There are two other choices and I can't decide which is more functional and practical in the wind of driving on the road at 11 mph...
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    What about a section for threads that should be repeated again?

    In searching recently, I discovered a wealth of information that, once done and finished, is done and finished forever unless you stumble on it, despite its usefulness and relevance to why people come to this site. Few will ever see it again. In the magazine business, I've read that people...
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    Is a fully discharged battery now junk?

    I mistakenly fully discharged the battery in my MX 5100 Kubota. It was a replacement likely made by Interstate. The battery was so dead it even tripped the 50 amp main fuse and I didn't know it could do that. Anyway, I've been slow charging that battery but I have the feeling it's no good after...
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    Need help filing rakers on a "low-kickback" chain.

    When I lived in Maine I cut a lot of wood and like to think I know what I'm doing and stay as safe as I can. That's how I wound up with low-kickback chain in two saws that I haven't used in a long time. There are few trees where I live. In getting ready to use them, I can hand file the teeth...
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    Kubota "L" shop made weight bracket, grille guard and weights in Ohio

    For sale is my (Amish) shop made weight bracket, grille guard and five weights. I needed a shortened version for my application of fitting on trailer with other things and standard Kubota weights were too long. This is built like a tank and would fit all or most Kubota "L's. Mine is an L4300...
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    Bought a portable oxy/acy setup and need help understanding

    I wound up with this oxy/acy setup and know nothing about them. I was hoping others could fill me in. I already have a large acy/oxy setup so I am slightly clued it but I just use it for heating and cutting. My use is strictly ag equipment repairs and rebuild. In the pictures below I can see...
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    Let's see your rebuild and restore projects...

    Restoring old farm equipment is it's own reward. Most is perfectly usable, and valuable after the TLC. Let's see any restores or rebuilds you've done, have in progress or are thinking of doing. Tractor, implement or whatever. It all counts.. Here's some ideas from prior threads of mine. There...
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    How to initially oil new roller chain on equipment

    I'm going to replace my #50 roller chain on a PTO snowblower. After it's on, a cover bolts on over it. What is the initial way to oil it before installation? I know after it's installed I'll spray with chain lube but what about before installation? Do I soak in oil first? What kind? Motor oil...
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    Grasshopper mower tire pressure

    Grasshopper is pretty adament at 8 psi for their mower tire pressure for the large tire. But why? Street talk is that you have to keep such a low and exact pressure because more will screw up the trans hydro motors. That sounds plausible but than again might only be beer talk. But is this true...
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    Grasshopper snowblower

    Does anyone know if a Grasshopper snowblower from a 721D will fit on a Grasshopper 725D?
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    When hauling a cab tractor, what's the chance a rock breaks a cab window?

    I'm involved in hauling a cab tractor 1000 miles over interstate roads. What are the chances a rock will pick up and break a window?
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    How much should I ask for my Grasshopper 61" mulching kit--used once

    I bought a new GH 725DT 61" mower last year with a 61" mulching kit but traded the deck for a 72" one after once use. I forgot I had the mulch kit so I have one to sell. It's metal baffles, end chute and blades in almost mint condition. It rally works great. How much should I ask for it? New...
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    Need a radiator for a Super C Farmall

    The radiator on my Super C Farmall is in bad shape and I'm looking for a replacement. A re-core is expensive so I looked around on-line and there isn't much that I can find. Is there a place where I can buy a new radiator for a Super C? There are a lot of aluminum radiators on EBAY but none...
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    Pics of why OEM is better than farm store paint for repairs

    Here is a visual comparison of OEM red paint and green farm store paint to see which has weathered the test of time better. The red I think is OEM IH Red and the green is likely Oliver green from a farm store. The red was sprayed around 10 years ago and the green maybe six years ago. Both faced...
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    Is it safe to weld my wife's turkey roaster pan that we use for cooking?

    The handle let go on my wife's turkey roaster pan today on a ham. The wire handle was just spot welded into the pan and then ceramic coated. I could easily clean that up and just tack the handle back into the pan but the wife isn't sure it would then be safe to eat out of. I don't see any...
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    OK to use 85W140 rather than 80W90 gear oil in a Super C parade tractor?

    I know 80W90 is spec gear oil for my 1947 Super C Farmall but that was then and this is now. The tractor only gets used in summer parades for maybe 100 miles a year in the heat of summer. I'd like to use 85-140 to slow down leaks but not sure if I should and if it's a good or bad idea. Do...
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    What motor oil for '47 Deere model A? Non-detergent?

    My neighbor is helping someone get there '47 model A started and back into parade form after a 10 year nap in the shed. What type of engine oil to put in it? Note that he's very old school and says the owner's manual says non-detergent so that what should be used. I said that's a 75 year old...
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    Left my inch lb torque wrench on setting for two months. Is it ruined now?

    When I needed to torque something yesterday I was shocked to learn I left my inch lb torque wrench set on 108 inch lbs from it's last use of two months ago. It's a Husky brand I got it at Lowe's. Did I screw up my torque wrench by leaving it set?
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    Please tell me this is not the way oil filters are made...

    What? This can't be so, can it? I recently saw a tractor filter made in India or maybe Pakistan. It says car filters but a lot of guys shop for crossover deals for tractors and the cheapest price so who knows what you get?
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    Any problem using T6 5W40 syn in my Grasshopper w/25HP Kubota?

    Is there any problem to run Rotella T6, 5W40 synthetic in my Grasshopper mower that has a 25HP Kubota diesel? I can't imagine any issue but the Kubota engine booklet with it calls for 10W30, 10W40 or 15W40. So, is 5W40 oil OK to use? Thank you in advance.
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    Has anyone split a Farmall Super C?

    I think I need to change the ring gear on the flywheel that the starter engages on my Super C with wide front end. If so, the tractor will need to be split. Has anyone split an old Farmall like the Super C and is it easy or difficult?
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    Finding a reasonably priced 6V tractor battery?

    My Farmall needs a 6 volt battery and finding one is not as easy at it seems. Rural King doesn't have any, nothing at Sam's or Costco and nothing on-line. I can go to NAPA as a last resort but they are around $150. Since I've seen them around before it must be supply chain issues. Anyone have a...
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    Need advice how to remove broken fuel bowl stub from Farmall gas tank

    I have a Farmall C tractor with a leaking fuel bowl on the gas tank. It's just pot metal and when I tried to tighten it, the metal unit broke into pieces. No big deal but the threaded pot metal stub is broken off into the tank and I'm not sure how to remove it. I tried an easy out but not even...
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    Need help with purchase of weight distribution hitch

    I need help buying a weight distribution hitch. I don't tow much anymore but do tow 10,000 lbs every now and then with a 10,200 lb max rated vehicle. Usually I haul 7500 lbs for trips up to 50 miles. My neighbor has convinced me I should have a weight distributing hitch but, which one? After...
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    You really can hear corn growing

    You really can hear corn growing, especially during it's growth spurt around this time of year. Lots of people don't know this so here it is on tape.
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    Here's the inflation-adjusted price of gasoline every years since 1978 to 2021.

    To show how much prices have grown over the years, here's data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on the average price of a gallon of gas for every year between 1978 and 2021, as well as what the inflation-adjusted cost would be. 1978: $0.65 ($2.99 inflation-adjusted) 1979: $0.88 ($3.70...
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    A solar powered generator?

    Does anyone know anything about solar powered generators? Do these work? I don't know how to even begin to ask questions but the concept is intriguing in that I could run one right in the house. No gas or oil. Heck, I could put a big one in the garage and run the whole house. That's after they...
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    What's your weather today?

    What's your weather right now? Pictures very welcome. Here in central south Ohio it's 45 degrees, heavy damp air and overcast. No snow and green grass. Yesterday was 1 1/4" of rain and it's puddles on the flat ground of Ohio.
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    Want to add flood lights to Grasshopper mower

    I have a newer 725D Grasshopper front mower and want to add a little extra light to mow when it's dusk or dark in the summer. Has anyone done this or does anyone know of a live or switched pigtail under a fender or somewhere that I could tap into for power?
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    Did The Farmer's Almanac predict any of this warmer weather?

    I didn't buy a copy this year and wonder if The Farmer's Almanac predicted any of this warmer weather? If you have a copy, what's up for the next few months?
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    Is a spike in tractor prices coming?

    With shortages on all kinds of things, it seems logical to expect some degree of price hikes on tractors and related. A good guess is that the first of the year will see tractor prices rise. What do others think?
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    Any idea what's causing these circles in my gravel driveway?

    Attached are two pics of circular clean spots in my gravel driveway. I have about seven of them. All that happens is the gravel is brushed away from the base material. Almost all are nearly round and I've seen them for a couple years and almost always in the fall. These two areas in the...
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    Why do we keep driving to far away stores that are understocked, understaffed and don't care?

    I recently spent 40 minutes driving to a big box store to get some auto parts, filters, household goods and supplies. I came back with only a headache. The big name store is in a smallish town so the auto parts were marked up higher than what I expected, but hey, I was already there. It was...
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    Check the air in your tires when it turns colder

    Cold air contracts and the perfectly fine air pressure of the summer can drop low enough to cause problems in cooler weather. Cold air contracts and warm air expands; you can look it up. You can actually slip a bead off the rim and I once did just that on a 12 ply ag tire. The bead/cord was so...
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    In central south Ohio we start in mid-late March and end around Thanksgiving This year it's been a banner time for grass to grow and need to be cut. We didn't even have a brownout in August and it's just been mow, mow and mow some more. I'm tuckered out. When do other parts of the country start...
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    Need Kubota B7800 Kubota decal location

    Can someone tell me where this decal goes on my B7800? I blew it off with my pressure washer and have no clue where it should go. Any help appreciated and a picture would be nice. Thank you in advance.
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    Understanding draft control

    Here's what draft control on a tractor is, what it does and why it does it. It's easy but there is a lot of confusion because the instructions are often poorly written. 1. "Draft control" merely causes the three point arms to maintain a constant amount of resistance, or "draft" as farm people...
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    Great Yanmar rebuild thread from days of yore (2011) Domush nailed the shade tree mechanic thing...
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    70 yearly man build a tiny cabin for his granddaughter out of recycled pallet wood

    Great granddaughter project and coolest grandpa around. Maybe skip the slate roof. Heck, I'd like a cabin like that.
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    Wheel bearing grease for small trailers?

    What is a good, commonly available grease for the wheel bearings on smaller trailers? It's been years since I've greased one. I want to do the wheels bearings on my 7'x10' trailer with a HD axle and 205/75-15 tires that often travels the Interstate. I tried to search but our search is...
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    Need spray to kill these woody plants

    Along my spruce treelines are these woody type plants that grow right through the spruce branches. They would eventually grow pretty tall. If I can catch them away from the spruce, repeated sprays with a 2% glyphosate concentrate mix will kill them. So will 2,4-D. I don't mind occasionally...
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    Leather boot got soaked in diesel fuel. Will it be OK?

    One of my beautiful and fairly new (oil resistant) leather Redwing boots got diesel fuel poured all over it by mistake. I've spilled lots of fuel on boots and it seemed to work out Ok but never as much as went on the toe and front part of this boot. I went inside and saddle soaped it and set...
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    Sweet corn growing tip

    Here's a growing tip for sweet corn I discovered by accident. Note that sweet corn gets some fertilizer at planting and more a few weeks later as it's demand for nitrogen (N) increases. This year, I didn't have any of that high N second dose so I put down what was leftover from the lawn, It was...
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    What's the future of auto and ag 12V batteries?

    Seems to me that the lead-acid 12V car battery is giving way to something else. I don't know beans about batteries but there must be something out there that will last far longer and contain much more power. In my ag use now I use AGM batteries whenever possible. What's next? Here's an ad I...
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    All kidding aside; any chance Bigfoot is out there?

    It seems there are more and more reports by highly credible people that saw something they can't explain but say Bigfoot comes to mind. Looking at a plot of sightings across the USA, all these people can't be wrong. Something is going on. Any chance Bigfoot is out there?
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    Should I replace my 2" trailer hitch?

    I have a small 6'x10' trailer that I was using to pick up an awkward piece of farm equipment. During unloading, I pushed down on the back of the trailer with my loader forks pretty hard and the result was I popped the trailer off of the ball upfront. It was snapped on tight so my question is...
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    Location of 12V outlet wire on MX5100 and M7040

    I need to find the electrical wire for a 12V connection on an MX5100 or M7040. I know there's one under the fender on the M7040 but used those for work lights. Not sure on the MX. I'm hoping there's one under the seat but don't remember any. Tractors aren't here right now and any heads up would...
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    Anyone own a Woods or Land Pride stump grinder?

    For years I've been thinking about a 3PT stump grinder but never had enough stumps. Now, I do and am thinking about either a Woods TSG50 or Land Pride GR1525. Does anyone own either or can comment on them or stump grinders in general? My plan is to use for a couple years and then sell it.
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    Anyone use an electric mower blade sharpener?

    Anyone have an electric mower blade sharpening machine and if so, how do you like it? What kind do you have and are they worth the price of $400 to over $1,000? How often do you sharpen blades? Would you buy one again?
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    Anyone own a Ford F250 Super Duty with the 7.3 gas engine and 10 speed?

    The new Ford F250 with the gas 7.3 looks like a great truck. Does anyone own one or able to comment on one? My plan is just a general pickup but sometimes I tow maybe 12,000-14,000 lbs, need something beefy and don't want a diesel. Any issues?
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    Northern Tool?

    This is news to me but I just discovered Northern tool when I ordered a Kubota tractor seat from them. Duh on my part. The catalog looks great and the buying experience, if you call it that, was pleasant. They do have a lot of HF looking stuff but also some real quality name brand things. HF...
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    Does floor jack stop leak oil work?

    I have a leak in a Chinese made floor jack. Does stop leak floor jack oil work or am I wasting my time?
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    Aftermarket Kubota and other brand parts

    I posted this in the parts section as well but since by search was for a Kubota tie rod part and since they have a lot of Kubota aftermarket parts, I posted here as well. It's tough to find much aftermarket for Kubota so this was a good find. I've never bought anything from them and know nothing...
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    Found great site for aftermarket tractor and related parts

    I needed a Kubota tie rod damper that I bought for well over $300 at Kubota and then found this place. FYI. I haven't bought anything from them and only found it after-the-fact of my purchase...
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    Possible way to stop sliding-slipping down in Kubota "B" seat.

    Many of us "slide" down, or "slip", in these small tractor seats and it sure is annoying. My B7800 has done that since new and even a factory recall and new seat didn't help much. When I mow the lawn pulling a 7' mower, I slide down and have to pull myself up multiple times. Well, I might have...
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    Anyone have a mulching kit or just mulching blades on a zero turn?

    I bought a 61" Grasshopper mower with a side discharge, out-front deck. Presently I mow with a 7' rear discharge Woods finish mower. The question regards the side discharge and windowing of grass clippings. Over the years I've read comments here on the desirability of a mulching kit that forces...
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    Are Harbor Freight discount coupons gone for good?

    A search for this gave me no clues and I can't find the Google search we used to have so I may out of the loop so bear with me. I know the Harbor Freight 20% discount coupons dropped a few months back and have even seen one or two since then but nothing since. Anyone know anything or are they...
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    What to seal concrete patio with after pressure washing?

    I'm going to pressure wash our concrete patio and want to seal it with something so that it stays cleaner looking longer. I figure it was easy to find a "concrete sealer" but am overwhelmed by the choices and brand names of the products that are out there. Has anyone sealed cleaned concrete with...
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    How to pick up a Wallenstein BX60 chipper with a chain?

    I need to load a Wallenstein BX60 3PT chipper on a trailer with sides and can't use forks. Anyone ever picked one up with the hook shown in the attached photo? It seems it's really to help opening the inspection cover and chute but sort of looks strong enough to lift. Anyone ever lift with a...
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    Can I post a video to TBN off of my cell phone?

    Can I post a video to TBN directly off of my cell phone? Or do I have to use a video sharing thing like Youtube?
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    Laura Farms on YouTube

    There is an interesting set of videos on line that are so good it's worth mention here to the rural set. Laura Farms is a 21-ish woman involved in her families' 2000 acre Nebraska corn and soybean farm with added 150 cows and some pigs. Her desire in life is to farm and she videos it first hand...
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    Anyone waiting for the new Toyota Tundra pickup?

    Is anyone else waiting for the new redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra pickup? It's been a long time coming but I hear details should be released soon. Does anyone know anything? It's supposed to tow more, be beefier and yet maintain Toyota quality control and reliability.
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    Stumbled onto reliable rural internet access

    We live in the middle of nowhere and my somewhat slow internet access was bounced off a dish on a neighbors grain elevator to a dish by my house and then a 500ft underground cable to the house. Internet was often down and a tree distorted my signal. But, by chance, I was talking with Verizon...
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    Chart of weights of many Deere loaders, frames and buckets

    Not sure where I got this but it's chart of how much Deere loaders weigh. That's in total and broken down by frame, mounting brackets and buckets. I needed to know weights for towing capacity and weight distribution.
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    Search doesn't seem to be working right. Where is Google search as before?

    I can't seem to find things I used to commonly search for and can't seem to find Google search in the new format. What am I missing? I used to use Google search and could find anything. Recently, I searched to find "cultimulcher" under my name but nothing showed up despite knowing I have posted...
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    Anyone ever change the knives on a Wallenstein chipper?

    Anyone ever change or reverse the knives on a Wallenstein chipper? Was it easy or difficult? I have a BX-60 and would like to reverse the knives.
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    Rebuilding an old metal bed to fit modern mattress--Part two

    Part two of two-- After rehabbing the old metal bed to modern dimensions, the box spring was next. Modern ones don't work for me because they aren't firm enough. The trend today is to either a bed with no box spring or maybe just a wooden box spring so that's what I did. In making a wooden...
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    Rebuilding old metal bed to fit modern mattress--Part one

    The wife loves two old metal beds we have but I have struggled for years making mattresses fit beds designed for springs of 100 years ago. Nothing fit, was always the wrong height never worked. So, here's how I fixed that and have the firm bed I've always wanted. This is part one of two since I...
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    How come gas vehicle engines don't burn oil?

    If gas engines need oil on the cylinder walls to lubricate, why doesn't residual oil get burned off and in time show up as a loss on the dipstick? Seems like it should. I can run my newer gas truck for 6,000 miles and when I check just before I change it, the oil level is the same as when I...
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    Can a pile of fresh wood chips spontaneously combust?

    Can a pile of fresh wood chips spontaneously combust? Pile would be maybe 5 ft high by 10 ft diameter and be mostly all spruce branches with maybe 15% greenery. I can't imagine it happenning but I plan to leave the piles deep in a row of shelter trees and get them out in the spring and don't...
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    Anyone own a Diamond C or Big Tex dump trailer?

    I'm looking to buy either a 5' x 8' or 5' x 10' dump trailer for general farm use. The two brands nearest me are Diamond C and Big Tex. Does anyone own either that can comment? Either or neither?
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    Golden rules to live by

    Any golden rules come to mind that helped you through life and may help others? I just used one with: "Rich man up, poor man down, they are still not equal" It's how I was taught to pick up a penny on the ground and why not to leave one. "It won't make me poor or you rich" How I learned to...
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    Daylight Savings Time---yes or no?

    Yes for me and make it year round. I know it's the same number of hours but it's discouraging to get home from work in the dark. In the summer, it's light when you're sleeping in the morning and dark when you still have things to do at night. For me, DST all year long.
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    How does an HST compare in pulling power with the same tractor and a gear trans?

    I just watched a video that compared results from two tractors. One with an HST; the other an 8 speed gear transmission. The results were a surprise in that the gear transmission seriously out-pulled the HST transmission in a tillage example. I could see the gear trans a little better but it...
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    Cultvator sweep to hill potatoes, etc. Also potato digger middle buster.

    For sale are some cultivator hiller sweeps used for hilling potatoes or other crops. There are two sets (4 total) and they clamp onto most any cultivators that will take this type of round shank. $50 for all. Also a potato digger/planter middle buster that will clamp to any toolbar. This makes...
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    Ford 101 plow parts for sale

    For sale are some Ford plow parts. They were intended to rebuild a Ford 101 plow but it never happened. They fit all General Purpose plows and I think the #151 as well. Probably every plow from the 1960's to today. The part numbers are written on the sides. Two new 14" moldboards. New. One 16"...
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    Need to remove tapered tie rod end on Kubota M7040

    I need to remove the tie rod end on a new-to-me M7040 Kubota so I can replace the "knuckle" joint on the tie rod shaft. I do have a pickle fork that would remove the tapered end but the fork is too small. Kubota shows some exotic spreader thing in the service manual but don't have one of those...
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    ThreeBond 1372 sealant for Kubota?

    Anyone know about this or a substitute product? I For a tie rod repair on a FWA M7040, Kubota requires putting some threaded parts together with "ThreeBond 1372" and I can't find it anywhere. It appears to be more than just blue Loctite but I'm not sure. This is a description of 1372 from the...
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    Generic stone boat pics

    Over the years, I've seen many thread questions on how to build a stone boat and what they look like. That's how you get rocks out of fields the easy way. These are off the 'net and if you don't know how a stone boat looks, here they are. I'm no expert but picked lots in the glacial till of...
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    Any owners of the new MX5400 or MX6000?

    What's your impression of it? Anyone with a cab version?
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    How's the new and used tractor market doing in your area?

    After the past few months, how is the new and used tractor market doing in your area? That would be for new and used as well as availability? Prices strong or weak? Lots empty or full? Sales up or down? In my area of the Midwest, the farm economy has taken a real hit with prices low and rain...
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    Squirt extra bar oil on chain when cutting?

    For decades, I squirt extra bar oil on my chain and bar when the saw's working hard on bigger wood. I have an oil can with me and squirt some on every now and then. It's not that I cut a lot of wood it's just that I that I thought it helps the chain. Is adding oil a good idea or am I wasting...
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    Need M7040 top link or to know what thread size is

    Somehow, the thread on one end of my 3PT top link got damaged. I was chisel plowing pretty hard and must have damaged the threads. Does anyone have a top link for sale or maybe know the thread size of the stub ends? Thank you.
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    Easy way to get rid of tree stumps in the yard

    Easy way to get rid of tree stumps in the yard. Just cut it flatter-than-flat to the ground, keep saw out of the dirt and coat stump with Roundup to kill it. Paint stump black so it's not so obvious to the eye and a year later burn it with a hardwood fire and a leaf blower. Low to the ground...
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    Is 12 year old K-1 kerosene ok in barn heater?

    I discovered some 5 gallons containers I filled with K-1 kerosene about 12 years ago. I used good, clean containers that were filled full and stored in a good environment off the floor. Any problem using in my salamander type barn heaters?
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    Anyone know if heavy pruning an Arborvitae will extend it's life in Midwest?

    Does anyone know if heavily pruning an American Arborvitae (Northern White Cedar) will prolong it's life in the heat and heavy soil of the Midwest? Ours are 20 years old and have started to shrink their branches and look like it's the end of the line. I think the tops outgrow what the root...
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    Anyone understand Hypro type PTO sprayer pumps?

    Over the winter my Hypro PTO sprayer pump must have frozen because it now leaks out of the weep hole in the side of it whether running or not. I put anti-freeze in last fall but for some reason the pump didn't get it. Anyway, I have a backup pump so I'm good but wonder what happened to the...
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    OK to use 40-1 oil gas mix if out of 50-1 mix?

    I have several saws with 50-1 and 40-1 oil/gas mix requirements, etc and ran out of my 50-1 fuel mix. Any issue with me running my 40-1 mix in the 50-1 saws? Doesn't seem to be any problem but I'm not up on these things. Is it OK?
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    Misc ag books.

    Retiring and thinning out. These ag books, manuals, etc for sale. $5 to $10 to $20. Plus USPS book rate shipping. Send a PM if interested.
  97. S

    Looking for 40-50 HP Kubota with cab

    I'm looking for a 40-45-50 +/- HP 4WD Kubota garage queen with a cab and pre emission. That means 2013 or earlier mfg and probably an "L" series. PM is best for me.
  98. S

    Apple computers

    People tell me that Apple computers are really wonderful and that I should ditch my Dell with Internet Explorer and Windows 10. I'm pretty computer savvy. What do people with Apples think?
  99. S

    Wider wheels/radials for M7040/M7060 Kubota now easier. FYI

    Just surfing around this morning, I discovered that Miller Tire in Ohio now has an in-stock replacement front wheel for the M7040/M7060 Kubota that will allow the easy mounting of a wider front tire, preferably radial. Here it is and it's $360. This would make mounting the 360/70R20 radials...
  100. S

    Anyone have a Deere 3520 with a cab?

    There are two questions I would like to ask. The first is to ask if you are happy with it? The second question is how much weight the rear links will comfortably lift? The books say 2500 lbs and I will want to lift a 1200 lb seeder with it. Can I do it, assuming front ballast, etc. The...
  101. S

    What's a good tabletop bandsaw to buy for wood?

    I want to buy a tabletop bandsaw to use for sawing out small pieces of fancy wood and things like that. I've had bigger floor models before and don't want that. Just something for the table top. The trouble is, there are too many choices with confusing and questionable reviews. After a few...
  102. S

    An Amish tractor? Say what?

    It looks to be true. Some bishops in Ohio apparently have let their flock use tractors :eek: under certain conditions. The local bishop (think elder) is the head of a local group of Amish followers and his word is law--but for his people only. This is not popular with other Amish and most are...
  103. S

    Anyone mow with a 6' out-front mower like a Grasshopper?

    A neighbor has a 6' wide out-front Grasshopper mower that we might trade for. That's pretty wide and I wonder how an out-front mower like that handles on open ground like a few acres. Is it easy to control and does it mow fast? Does it handle like a zero turn with the mower underneath? Does the...
  104. S

    Any pics of Ken's hooks on an M7040 or similar bucket?

    I have an M7040 that I want to put hooks on but don't want to weld them on in this instance. In looking at things, I can't figure out what I need to go with the hooks or how they mount. Does anyone have any photos of an M7040 or similar bucket with Ken's Hooks on it? I'll add it's a round bucket...
  105. S

    Any easy ideas for a temporary mailbox post?

    My mailbox post finally snapped off and I'm at a loss for a temporary fix. Any easy ideas? The "through rain, snow" or whatever thing apparently doesn't apply to a box and post laying in the ditch. Either a combine hit it, which is most likely, or one of our local honor students figured out...
  106. S

    AZUNO lock-on grase fitting coupler?

    Anyone know about these or have one? Any good? $17 on Amazon...
  107. S

    What happened to Soundguy?

    Anyone know what happened to Soundguy? He hasn't been on the site since early June.
  108. S

    John Deere two row model 71 planter

    For sale is my John Deere two row 71 flexi planter. These are popular for for corn, beans, vegetables and even pumpkins and seed plates are widely available. These planters are a small farm staple. We used it to plant sweet corn and it does a wonderful job. It's in excellent condition and a...
  109. S

    Need advice on heated car seat cushions

    Does anyone know anything about heated car seat cushions such as good brands or things to buy or avoid? We would like some for the trucks but it is very confusing with lots of styles and brands but no front runners. Does anyone know anything about them?
  110. S

    Help identify M7040 trans leak. Shuttle valve?

    I have a cab M7040 Hyd shuttle shift that I bought used with 600 hours. I noticed a trans fluid leak recently and it's coming from underneath and appears to be in the shuttle shift area at the back of engine and start of the "bell housing" area. It's difficult to see because I have to lay on a...
  111. S

    Can most 3pt backhoes be converted to a frame mount?

    Is it possible to buy a factory mounting kit to convert a 3pt backhoe to a frame mount for a specific make and model of tractor? My point is that I see 3pt backhoes sell pretty cheap at auctions but don't trust a 3pt mount.
  112. S

    OK to weld on portable generator frame?

    I have a 20 year old Generac 10K portable generator that's in mint condition and I would like to weld two brackets on the frame for extra wheels. Not sure if this is OK because of possible damage to electricals or generator or whatever. Anyone know if I can weld on my generator frame --MIG--and...
  113. S

    Need owner's manual for Grasshopper 723K

    Does anyone have a PDF of a Grasshopper 723K owner's manual? Bought a mower but seller couldn't find the owner's manual.
  114. S

    Want to buy a used Grasshopper and need advice.

    Any advice on prices that used front deck Grasshoppers sell for at auction or private sale? My first choice is a low hour, front deck, recent mower in excellent condition. 60"? - 72"? I've determined that a Grasshopper fits my needs and is a quality product. Maybe a front deck Kubota pre-TIER...
  115. S

    Can I put a better seat on my B7800?

    Is there a better seat out there for my B7800 I mow the lawn with? Anyone switched seats for a smoother ride? It's killing my back.
  116. S

    What game camera do you have?

    What game camera do you have and do you like it? My goal is critter identification in the yard. Do I buy a $75 Browning that's 12 or 14 MP or spend $150 and go from there?
  117. S

    OK to use brake cleaner to clean around hyd fittings?

    I need to take apart some loader fittings to put a lever quick coupler on a loader tractor. Naturally the fittings are all full of gunk and I would like them to be squeaky clean when I disassemble. My plan is to wire brush the dirt and oil off the connection fittings and clean up that way. But...
  118. S

    Electric razors

    What do you use have for an electric razor? I ask because I'm fed up with my Phillips Norelco electric 5000 series razor. First the body quit and then sent me a new one and now, after three months, the head doesn't cut right. I've used their razors for 40 years and comments on the web lead me...
  119. S

    Sachs-Dolmar 115 "Extra" saw

    My Sachs-Dolmar 115 "Extra" saw always confused me and I wondered what that extra meant. Today I found the original information from when I bought the saw and posted pics below. I'm near certain the "extra" means "I" and that it's a 115i saw. Good, and powerful, firewood saw. FYI
  120. S

    John Deere 5520, 89 HP w/541 SL loader

    For sale is my John Deere 5520, 89 HP with 541SL self levelling loader. 9/3 Synchro shuttle trans. I bought new. 625 +/- hours, 12.4x24 and 18.4x30 100% Firestone DT radials, cast rear centers with two weights per side, front weight block. Dual remotes. No emissions. Weight approx. 8,000 lbs...
  121. S

    Bought a Wallenstein chipper

    I stumbled into a used Wallenstein BX-60 chipper in nearly new condition for a good price and bought it. Good chipper?
  122. S

    How brisk are new tractors selling in your area now?

    How are sales in your area going these days for new Kubota or other brand CUTS and utility models up to maybe 70HP? It's farm country here and lower grain prices have put the squeeze on new tractor sales, including CUTS and utility models. I've seen a couple dealers close or consolidate and...
  123. S

    Used chipper prices?

    Any idea what a used 3pt chipper in nice condition might cost? I've got a lot of mature evergreen bottom branches to cut and chip and a 3 pt chipper would be the right tool to use. No risk from a burn pile fire near the house and I can proceed at my pace rather than a rush job with a rental...
  124. S

    What is correct way to use thread sealant?

    I'm going to use thread sealant for the first time and am looking for pointers. Pic below. With tape, I wrapped three times and left the first two threads with no tape. With thread sealant, how important is to leave the first two threads clean? How much sealant do I use and do I have to put it...
  125. S

    Anyone have the one lever hyd hose hookup for loader M7040, M7060or similar?

    Does anyone have the one lever hydraulic hookup/disconnect lever on a Kubota and if so, how do you like it? Is it worth it and would you do again?
  126. S

    Are WalMart SuperTech oils worth it?

    Are WalMart SuperTech branded oils, synthetic & dino, worth it or not? Same question with their gear oil and tractor trans oil? Yes or no? I've read a lot of favorable comments lately. Seems it might be the same product the big names sell but without the obligatory nosebleed markup?
  127. S

    Anyone adjust engine valve clearance on M 7040 or similar tractor?

    How hard is it to adjust valve lash on an M7040 or similar tractor? I bought a new-to-me M7040 that the valve train is getting a little noisy on. The OM calls for a valve adjustment at 800 hours and, while this one only has 625 hours, I'm thinking of doing it anyway. The adjustment itself is...
  128. S

    What happened to Google search?

    Maybe it's just my computer but I can't find the Google search box any longer. Is it me or is it gone?
  129. S

    Anyone know the thread size of Kubota grease fittings?

    Kubota doesn't list the thread size and I don't feel like ordering one for $2.50. This would be for front axle fittings. Surely it must be some standard metric size? I know, or think I know that most loader fittings are 1/4-28.
  130. S

    Wife spilled tea on laptop keyboard. Is it toast?

    Wife spilled a lot of tea on my laptop keys. Four days later I still have to use touch screen to type. Pushing the keys just types gobbledygook like this---- 02s3d. Time for a new laptop? I want to buy one. Any other ideas, since I have none? Maybe Kando could take a look at it? :D
  131. S

    What to use for a level indicator for forks?

    I have a fork attachment for my tractors but need a better way to pick up pallets so I'm level when I slide the forks in. I have a bucket level indicator but don't want to disturb it since I also use for the bucket. I'm tired of damaging pallets and materials. Any ideas that will work?
  132. S

    Can I replace 70W incandescent bulbs with 15W (100W equiv) LED bulbs?

    My wife has a chair lamp that has a maximum rating of two 70W bulbs. Incandescent bulbs. Is there any reason I couldn't use two 15W LED bulbs that are "100W equivalent"? The 15W LED's are 1600 lumen out put and the 70W ones we now have in the lamp are 1140 lumens. Seems I would be fine and...
  133. S

    Add sound insulationg material under hood?

    Would you ever add sound deadening material to the underside of a cab tractor hood? A replacement hood I ordered for a Kubota M7040 has "Heat and sound insulating" material that needs to be added. That makes sense with an under hood muffler. But there's also the sound insulating aspect...
  134. S

    How do I guestimate MPH at PTO speed rather than engine rated speed?

    I need to know my forward MPH travel speed with the PTO at 540 RPM to spread fertilizer. Problem is, Kubota (and probably all) list MPH travel speed in the owner's manual at the engine rated speed and that can often be several hundred RPM faster than the speed at 540 PTO. So, if I used those...
  135. S

    Anyone removed a Kuboata M rear tire and wheel that has a cast center?

    Has anyone done this? if the wheels are set to their narrowest position, the tire, wheel and cast center have to come off as a unit, and a heavy one at that. Has anyone taken their wheel with cast center off and if so, how difficult was it and how did you do it? Mine is an M7040 but others are...
  136. S

    Does anyone have a gas powered hedge trimmer?

    We have lots of American Arborvitae hedges plus evergreen trees that need to be trimmed. By hand is too much work and renting too expensive. Do others have gas powered trimmers and what do you think of them? Do they work and are they worth it? Assuming I go forward, I've narrowed it down to one...
  137. S

    Anti freeze for L or M Kubotas?

    What anti freeze do you use in your L or M series Kubota? In the past, I used Deere anti freeze just because I thought it was better. It's also $35 for 2 1/2 gal pre-mix. After some research, I wonder if WalMart Supertech anti freeze is just as good for much less in price? What do others...
  138. S

    What's my Woods 10 ft, 121 Twin Cadet mower worth?

    How much should I advertise this mower for? I'm helping an older neighbor sell it. It looks good with no serious rust, has recently sharpened blades and cuts from 2" to 12". The cylinder works fine and I didn't see any leakdown. It's a pretty heavy duty unit and was kept in a shed. Any advice...
  139. S

    How much does a Kubota M7040 cab weigh? Just the cab.

    How much does a Kubota M7040 cab weigh? I mean, over the same model without a cab? I have to haul one and know what one weighs without a cab but not how much one weighs with a cab.
  140. S

    Is it OK to weld closed some drilled holes in my 1960's truck frame?

    My 1967 F600 Ford truck has a few 7/16" holes drilled into the top of the frame. It does not appear to be hard steel since they were easily drilled and I drilled them long ago. I have since learned not to drill holes in a truck frame. It's not a HD work truck but a farm vehicle that has limited...
  141. S

    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    We usually get a few or more a day in an average year. This year we typically had 30 to 50 or more a day at or feeders. Is this normal and has anyone else had numbers increase? Think they're coming back next year?
  142. S

    Help me understand WLL requirements for hauling small tractors.

    In plain English, can someone explain or give a link to the working load limits needed to haul smaller farm tractors? Say 5,000lbs or 7,500lbs? I've been reading this afternoon and it's confusing and then some. I know I've seen a simple explanation before but can't find it and need a little...
  143. S

    Can I use this log clevis on a chain for equipment tie down?

    I often haul a 4,500 or 5,000 lb tractor on an 18' equipment trailer and have used one strap at each corner for tie down. It works great and nothing ever moves. I have tow hooks I installed on the front of the tractors and using straps with hooks makes hookup quick and easy. Now I am switching...
  144. S

    How often do you change anti-freeze on Kubotas?

    How often do you change anti freeze on 25 to 70HP Kubotas. I know the book says 2 years but does the advent of extended life anti-freeze change that? Kubota now has extended life A/F too but I have not seen any. Also, what kind of anti-freeze do you use? Since it's not a wet sleeved engine, I...
  145. S

    What's this 3pt drawbar thing worth?

    A friend of a friend wants to buy this 3pt drawbar thing I have but I don't know how much to ask. It's like new and perfect. Any general ideas of value? Thank you in advance.
  146. S

    Eurocan PTO shaft reference and everything about them. PDF attached.

    Eurocardan PTO shafts are on most things Italian and I stumbled onto this reference work trying to get the plastic safety tubing off. It's very informative as to sizes, HP ratings, shear bolts, etc and would be very beneficial to someone who needs to know anything about Eurocardan PTO shafts...
  147. S

    Why would I want or not want a "float" on a rear remote?

    I'm going to add a second rear remote hydraulic valve on a tractor I have and the dealer wanted to know if I wanted a regular valve or a float valve. I do have a loader joystick and my bucket loader floats so I can back drag. I understand that use but how does float help on a rear remote...
  148. S

    What size battery cable for older farm truck?

    What size--thickness-- battery cable do you use for an older 1967 Ford F600 6 cyl farm truck? I never thought about it much but when I went to buy replacement cables saw several sizes of cable. There was 2 gauge, 4 gauge and a heavier gauge. The old cables are old, nasty and not a good...
  149. S

    What's the correct way to sharpen a mower blade?

    New blades don't come with a sharpened but a somewhat dulled edge. Now that I'm sharpening mine, does a sharp edge cut grass better than the slightly rolled edge? It's a 7' pull type mower and I using a hand held grinder and not removing very much material.
  150. S

    Oiling stopped rust on the underside of my mower deck. Pics,

    Sprayed it with Fluid Film oil four years ago and it seems to have stopped the rust. The grass just peeled off and it looks great underneath. It's a 7' Woods. Note here is that I don't let oil hit the ground. I spray on a gravel barn floor with plastic down...
  151. S

    Can I put a solar motion detector light in my barn and run the solar panel outside?

    My machinery storage barn does not have electricity for lights and I never seem to remember the flashlight when I open or close it up. The problem is that it's bumper to bumper and I'm tired of barking my shins. Why can't I get a solar motion detector light ($30) for the inside and run the...
  152. S

    Which woodchipper for strictly evergreen diet?

    We're thinking of buying a chipper that would be used almost exclusively with evergreen--Norway Spruce branches. Some branches are pretty long. Anyway, I've owned PTO chippers in the past and all of them plugged up when used with evergreens since the pitch that would gum up the works and cause...
  153. S

    Why is my Shindawa leaf blower hard starting?

    I have an 8 or so year old Shindawa two stroke gas leaf blower that is hard starting and I don't know where to look. This started late last summer so I replaced the plug with the same kind. It still starts hard, especially when it's cold. Where it used to start on the second pull, it now takes...
  154. S

    Is there such thing as an electric cylinder to replace a hydraulic one?

    I have a 6' snowblower with hydraulic chute and angle control and would like to use on a B7800 that has no remote valves. I'm not going t put them on it, either . I have other tractors with remotes but they don't work best with this snowblower. Electric would work on the B7800 and wish I could...
  155. S

    Do motion detector solar security lights actually work?

    Local advertisements from a big box store have solar powered motion detector security lights for $20. The idea of no wiring and free power is appealing but I don't know a thing about them and wonder if they work. I don't even know what you have to do to install. Do you just screw them to the...
  156. S

    Has anyone heard that Toyota is coming out with a Tundra dually?

    This rumor has been around a while but I heard from a reliable source that there is now something to it. Of course that would mean a diesel and would we could two 18,000 lbs or more, give or take. I mean, I love my Tundra but need to tow more. Some of us have actually been considering a GMC...
  157. S

    Can I weld an extension on a toolbar?

    I have a toolbar like the one shown here and want to add an extension on each side: The above photo is off the net. It's 2 1/4" tubing that's 1/4" thick and mine is 42" wide. I would like it to be 14" wider on each side. Since I'm not a regular welder, can I weld a 14" piece of the same...
  158. S

    Here's how deep to plant or transplant a tree

    Here are some photos of how deep to plant or transplant a tree. It can be in a pot from a nursery or a transplant or whatever but here is what looks best. Most people plant trees too deep when a few inches above grade looks the best. This spruce I transplanted last fall just happened to come out...
  159. S

    How much would a 7' or 8' HD disk harrow cost, either new or used?

    I'm thinking of buying a used 7' or 8' medium or heavy duty 3PT disk harrow and wonder what others think they might cost. I'm looking for one that's fairly heavy duty with larger, maybe 20" notched blades and enough weight so it will cut into dry, short mowed sod a little bit. My purpose would...
  160. S

    What about the new Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W-40 synthetic engine oil?

    Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W-40 is a new full synthetic engine oil and I happened to get a great deal on some recently and I love synthetic. Here's the spec sheet: Mobil Delvac 1™ ESP 5W-3 & 5W-4 | Mobil Delvac™ Engine Oils Normally I use T-6 Rotella or Deere full synthetic 5W40 in newer Kubotas and...
  161. S

    Why not put the date in your photos?

    I've lived long enough to know that if you live long enough and take photos over the years, you'll wish you put the date imprint in the photo so you know when it was taken. I've been doing just that for 10 hears now and never have to guess when it was taken. Yes, we remember when we are young...
  162. S

    Can anyone compare the quality of Chippewa boots to Red Wing?

    Normally, I buy a Red Wing farmer type 6" leather work boot but recently I saw a similar pair of Chippewa work boots that looked really nice and well made. Comments on their site were excellent but they are excellent for Red Wing as well. The Chippewa costs about $100 more per pair but a good...
  163. S

    Do chimney cleaning logs work?

    We have a small woodstove snaked into the fireplace opening with stainless tubing and we burn about a quarter cord of wood a year, That wood is kiln dried hardwood cutoffs plus those pressed hardwood blocks commercially available. We burn the stove hot and I have burned wood for decades at a...
  164. S

    Ever pick through someone's weekly trash?

    Picked up a great kid's metal ride-on, pedal farm tractor in excellent condition. Ford TW series. Probably got a new one for Christmas. I didn't want to stop but how could I let it go? Once, I found some bedding bushes that had been ripped up and thrown out. They were never planted right and...
  165. S

    Screen shrinks to half size. Why?

    When I first open the page to link to the site, my screen shrinks to half size, or less, widthways. I have tried all sorts of things to delete or fix this and have had no luck. In fact, right now I am typing right through the right edge of the now shrunken site and am typing into a plain white...
  166. S

    Anyone familiar with "Mountain" brand direct drive barn fans?

    I need a barn fan and see one of these for sale. It's a Mountain brand "barrel" or "direct drive" fan. This is what it looks like. It's new and the price is right but it's made in China. What isn't? Sill, I'd like to see if I can find anyone that owns one for an opinion. I need one for the...
  167. S

    Need B7800 owner to tell me where this decal goes.

    I was pressure washing equipment recently and blew off a decal. I'm pretty sure it came off the B7800. Unfortunately, I don't have the whole decal. Here's what I have. What I need is for someone to tell me where it came from and, if possible, the number printed on it so I can order...
  168. S

    Is anyone familiar with the Landpride "Spiked Pulverizer" implement?

    Is anyone familiar with the Landpride single or double spiked pulverizer? Preferably double spiked? This is what they look like. What I would like to do with this is go over short mowed, dry August lawn grass stubble to scuff existing ground and add a little seed with my Brillion seeder. I...
  169. S

    Smart phone or basic phone?

    Big article recently on how people are ditching their smart phone in favor of the basic phone. Heck, I was there first.
  170. S

    Who makes a synthetic trans fluid like Kubota's SUDT2?

    I just love Kubota SUDT2 in my Kubota with a hydrostat and other one with a hydraulic shuttle. It performs well, warms up quick and is just perfect. Surely, Kubota doesn't make oil so there must be a refiner that makes this or some other branded product that I can buy. I can't seem to find one...
  171. S

    Can I use a slip clevis on transport chain for tie down?

    In learning about hauling small farm tractors, I can't find out if it's Ok to use a slip clevis on the end of a binder chain to tie down a corner of a farm tractor. I never thought it was but in watching YouTube videos have seen guys just hooking the slip clevis hook into a factory OEM tie down...
  172. S

    Do you charge your battery before winter?

    They seem to last a lot longer that way. 12 years out of my 2005 B7800 battery.
  173. S

    Shoud I trust Chinese chain and ratchet binders for hauling?

    I need to buy some chain and binders to haul a couple of tractors. One is 5500 lbs and the other 8000 lbs. I need chain but have a couple of Chinese ratchet binders as well as two USA made lever binders. There are two concerns for me. One, is Chinese grade 70, 5/16" chain OK or should I pony up...
  174. S

    Does the M7040 have a sump screen to clean?

    Trans oil is due for a change and in getting ready thought to see if there is a sump screen I need to clean. Nothing turned up but I thought it was important enough to ask of the collected wisdom of the TBN. Anybody know?o
  175. S

    How do you chain down your 50 HP tractor for transport?

    I haul farm stuff using four straps with one on each corner and extras on implements. Have done it for years and it's no big deal for a few miles on the back roads with an 18' trailer. I have hooks (clevis) on tractors so it's easy to hook up. Now I need to make some longer trips and am...
  176. S

    I think there was a ghost in the garage last night.

    We live in the middle of nowhere and before dark we heard a distinct and unique sound in the garage. We couldn't figure it out so dismissed it. We have a locked garage, deadbolts, multiple dogs, way off the road; you name it. Dogs bark at everything but never moved. The next morning, we...
  177. S

    Why are there so few rear discharge F Kubota mowers around?

    After John Thomas explained things, I'm convinced I would rather have a rear discharge F2680 as opposed to a side discharge one. Trouble is, I can't find one for sale. It's not that I have to have a rear discharge. It won't be a primary mower but one to go under evergreen trees and into corners...
  178. S

    How long to wait before towing with a new truck?

    How many miles to wait before you tow a trailer with a new truck? The manufacturers used to say 500 miles but I've heard everything from nothing to more. We might get a new Toyota Tundra V8 and just trying to guestimate things. Load would be 7000 lbs.
  179. S

    Should I swap my airchucks from general ones to auto ones?

    I have a few air tools and have the general use air connections for everything. Now I have learned you get a much better air flow from the larger diameter "automobile sized" air chucks and wonder if I should switch over to those. It's a pretty simple process to replace. The benefit I'm looking...
  180. S

    Pics of a Case IH 125 with monster flotation tires

    Saw this at a farm show. Look at these incredibly wide flotation tires. Probably not welcome if you're behind it in traffic but I'll bet great in a wet field. Wow . .
  181. S

    How to measure the width of a truck frame?

    I have a Ford farm truck I want to get a flatbed body for and most beds are for frames of 32" or 34". How is that measured? My frame is 33 3/4" outside edge to outside edge of the frame and 31" center to center. Do I have a 32", 34" or neither? Thanks in advance.
  182. S

    Kubota mudder and high crop videos

    Found by accident, It's a minute long Kubota "mudder" sales video from Australia. Kubota MS Series - YouTube Also found this Kubota 9540 "high crop" which is different from a mudder. I think cultivating broccoli. M954DTH-MEX HIGH CLEARANCE MEXICO - YouTube And, I'm on a roll. Here's an...
  183. S

    Problem---cannot see a post referenced in "My Home" section

    In "My Home" section for new posts that I am subscribed to, I cannot see the post referenced as the last one. I see that has been written about before but do not understand if that is a part of that problem because it also just keeps posting that there is a new post in that thread when no such...
  184. S

    Pictures how I touch up the paint after adding bucket hooks.

    . Here's my way to touch up the paint after the grinding and addition of bucket hooks. These are on a Kubota and I had a shop weld them on for me. The welds look way better in person, without paint and no 5X magnification. Since I like a support plate welded to the bucket and then the hook...
  185. S

    Mowed 28 times so far this year. Uncle!

    Normally, it's 21 times for the year but it just keeps raining.
  186. S

    Need help on building a flatbed stake bed

    I have an old F600 Ford "hobby truck" that I want to have a short--8'--metal stake body built for it. I could weld it myself but don't have the capability to cut the metal and assure straightness. Plus, I don't want to make any dumb errors. It's not a complex project, and I understand the...
  187. S

    New Firestone radials on M7040.

    Here on some pics of new radials on the rear of my M7040. I would have bought front as well but can't get the 9.5x24 in radial. Maybe later. These are Firestone "All Traction DT" and I like that pattern better than the "Performer 85" radial series that has a slightly shallower tread and...
  188. S

    We've had enough of television programming.

    We've about had it with broadcast television. $125 a month for satellite TV and 95% is cr@p but we watch it anyway out of inertia. Worse, I'm forced to pay for programming that I detest funding and yet it's part of a forced package that insults anyone's intelligence. Our Internet speed is fast...
  189. S

    Will an M6800-M7040-etc fit on a 14' trailer with the bucket off?

    A friend wants to know and I'll bet someone here knows the length of an M6800--M7040 or similar with a loader on. He figures to put the bucket in the back of the truck so that should make it within a few inches. He also thinks he could hang the loader arms off the edge a few inches. I wish he...
  190. S

    Ethanol gas, Seafoam additive and storage or starting issues.

    I may have accidentally discovered something using Seafoam additive and ethanol gasoline fuel problems. First, my farm truck wouldn't stay running this spring-- 1967 F600, 6cyl--despite Stabil in the fall and running it out of fuel. A couple hours effort, fresh fuel and no dice. Anyway, in...
  191. S

    Does anyone have or understand "Sling TV?

    Sling TV. Pretty appealing to pick and choose the channels you want at $20 or $25 a month. Anyone know anything about it?
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    What is the oil level in the front hubs of M7040 or similar size Kubota?.

    In filling the front hubs of my M7040, what is the oil level you should fill the front hubs to? The owner's manual is fuzzy and just says to fill until you can see it but the wheel is in the way and you can't see anything. Would it work just to open the check hole on the axle and since the axle...
  193. S

    Anyone ever use "Rusty Metal Primer" as a final finish?

    Wife wants her small metal porch table painted the exact same color as Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer. How about I just use that primer as a final finish? Has anyone ever done that to know how well it will hold up?
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    "Lawn World" keeps showing up when I search for things

    This has happened occasionally and I just presumed it was a sister site confiusion. Lately, a search in the Google box comes back as a "Lawn World" thread. It shows a TBN address in the url but is Lawn World. Today it was a search for the "favorite quote or saying" thread. Beats me.
  195. S

    Stupid headline (and things in printed form)

    Maybe it's just me but who writes this stuff? There is a headline here about killer whales killing things. It read: Killer Whales Kill Things Well, they're "Killer Whales", right? They aren't "Hug and Kiss Whales" And I got ripped off on a bottle of wine that went through the usual...
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    How do you eat with chopsticks?

    This is on my bucket list and something I've wanted to try for years. Some say you just scoop food out like a shovel but I've seen people pick food up with them. Anyone know?
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    How to know MPH travel speed with B7800 hydro?

    I need to use a B7800 hydro trans Kubota to spread some fertilizer and I need to know my MPH travel speed to spread the correct amount. It's not that I need to a specific number, I just need to know a number and then can adjust the rate of spread to work with the ground speed. Anything in the 5...
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    First mowing of the year. 3-25-2017

    Actually, the first lawn mowing in central-south Ohio was March 25th and about 10 days ahead of last year. We mow about 24 times and it's "fun" for maybe the first 15 times. When do others mow in their location?
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    2017 Hummingbird Migration Map

    Here' the map for when hummingbirds how up in your area. The map populates as new sightings are reported. Seems I heard that the same hummingbirds return to the same areas each year. We will have our feeders up before they arrive. Spring 2017 Migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds
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    Why do my pictures show sideways on TBN?

    More than that, is it my fault or TBN's fault? I have some nice pics I would like to post but since I originally held the camera sideways, they will post sideways. No, I can't fix it and no, I don't understand it. Regular pics are no problem. Hold the camera sideways and problem. Whose fault...