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  1. pokey1416

    Backhoe vs Tractor with backhoe

    I have the tractor with a BH and once the BH is mounted in June - it stays on until October. I don’t have a brush hog so I finish my drive grading and spring tilling then install BH. In the fall I finish digging projects, do fall grading and tilling then set up for snow plowing. I’m fortunate I...
  2. pokey1416

    Just bought an l4060

    Same as Rj. Once in awhile the dream-o-meter reads 17 on flat ground. I too have the factory 3rd function. Don’t have anything to use it with yet. How many rear remotes did you get? I went to hydraulic top link a year or so ago, really like it. I have the BH92 backhoe so I can’t do TnT (or so...
  3. pokey1416

    Tiller Tiller size

    Yes, pretty easy ground too. We have a lot of clay but it’s buried below the depth that you can till.
  4. pokey1416

    Price Check Grand L6060HSTC 4x4 ordered two days ago - hope I made the right call!

    Home - Werk-Brau Yes, my fab guy did it and said it was a little bit of a PITA. Werk Brau used to make buckets for Kubota (I heard) and they may have a flat face already. The 16” tooth bucket from Kubota is around $1,100. I got it for $900 a couple years ago. Don’t go less than 16” or you’ll...
  5. pokey1416

    Tiller Tiller size

    I have a 6’ Dirt Dog and 34hp at the PTO. I kind of wish I’d have gone to 7’ as this one matches my tire width so it’s a little hard to till up close to things. Here it is in operation.
  6. pokey1416

    Who Listens to a Stereo in their Cab'd Tractor?

    I went with recommendations here and put a Jensen head unit and Kickers speakers in, use it all the time. I’m interested in the sub idea and might put that in next time I pull the top. Maybe leave the sub up above headliner, strapped down?
  7. pokey1416

    Price Check Grand L6060HSTC 4x4 ordered two days ago - hope I made the right call!

    I don’t have an answer for you on that but you’re gonna like that BH. Check your subframe bolts after awhile of use, I had a few that needed to be torqued up. I have the QA bucket and have the 18” toothed bucket and I ordered a 16” and removed the teeth, for a flat face. The thumb tines still...
  8. pokey1416

    kubota backhoe hydraulics

    And, don’t let anyone move your 3PH lever when BH is attached or you’ll blow a cylinder. I made this to remind me.
  9. pokey1416

    Backhoe attachments

    I leave my hoe on all summer and taking it off is fast but, with Kubotas installing the 3PH linkage takes me a bit. You’ll get all kinds of thoughts on a dedicated BH (TLB) versus a BH on a subframe on your tractor. However, most agree - stay away from 3PH backhoe.
  10. pokey1416

    Backhoe Owners - How do you cover the outrigger feet?

    Install the backhoe shoes to eliminate catching on sharp edges. I use a chain to keep stabilizers from creep, same with bucket.
  11. pokey1416

    MX6000 Air Conditioning

    Next time you have your roof off will you take a pic for us?
  12. pokey1416

    MX6000 Air Conditioning

    2nd on the rivnuts my last one at the back I was in a hurry and cross threaded. It spins so I had to take off filter and hold it with vice grips while I threaded it in. I’ll epoxy them next time roof is off. Taking it off is ok but putting those long bolts in and getting them started was a PITA...
  13. pokey1416


    I have the Dirt Dog 206, 6’ and my 40 hp (34 hp at PTO) has no trouble with it. It barely covers my tracks so I think a 7’ would be ok for you.
  14. pokey1416

    MX6000 Air Conditioning

    Follow this post for a bit. Installing Reflectix might help. I’ve heard window tinting helps too. What did you do to or on your Kubota today?
  15. pokey1416


    Thought I’d extend chains for stabilizers flipped, and transport mode, actually went ok. Been wanting to pull off BH plate and lube everything, went ok until I put plate back on. Stripped the threads on 1 bolt (of 4). Geez, seems like I’m always fixing something! Wife says “you like to tinker...
  16. pokey1416

    Three point not dropping all the way

    You’ve probably checked this but depending on the depth that the tiller shoes are set might be allowing the tines (depending on rest/off rotation) to contact the ground and leave the shoes up a little. Maybe the shoes were a little loose and that is throwing you off.
  17. pokey1416

    New 3 stall shop suggestion requests

    Go with raised center bay truss and you can keep sidewall heights lower and still have center bay for higher door and your lift.
  18. pokey1416

    Power tiller strip tilling for row crops

    Your tractor should have no problem with a 6’ if you decide to widen your beds. I have a 40hp (34 @ PTO) and run a 6’. Covering your tracks is handy for everything except your raised bed plan.
  19. pokey1416

    Is Anyone Making a High Quality 7k Trailer?

    I have a Diamond C 7k, 5x10 dump that has ramps and I use for equipment. It was $5,100 a couple years ago. Having a dump is really nice.
  20. pokey1416

    Taking delivery on new CK2610 loader backhoe tomorrow

    Congrats and enjoy. Welcome to TBN!
  21. pokey1416

    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    I advance back or forward or side to side with the BH push or pull method - but whatever works. I don’t have enough ingenuity to invent your solution 🤔
  22. pokey1416

    Air Seat Upgrade for my M59 TLB

    Yes, here's a photo of the Kubota offering that dealer installed. Not had much time on it but it's wonderful!
  23. pokey1416

    Looking For Spike Harrow, 3 Point.

    Here’s my LP in action if that helps.
  24. pokey1416

    Looking For Spike Harrow, 3 Point.

    Not cheap but I have one of these in 8’ width.
  25. pokey1416

    Seat upgrade L40

    If you’re referring to the GL4060 the seat sucks IMO for anyone over 225 lbs. Bite the bullet and install an air ride seat. There’s lots of posts here on Grammer seats who I’ve heard, makes Kubota’s “OEM” seat.
  26. pokey1416

    Biodegradable hydraulic fluid

    I was part of a dam removal and river restoration team several years ago. The GC regularly does river work and all the CAT equipment used bio hydraulic oil. I remember him saying it was expensive, I can find out what they use if you want..
  27. pokey1416

    Best headphones - Bluetooth and walkie talkie?

    Don't think you'll find hearing protection with the walkie-talkie but I might be wrong. I have ISO Tunes and am very happy with them for BT and hearing protection. Hearing Protection
  28. pokey1416

    new member

    Welcome from SW MI
  29. pokey1416


    I use the heck out of my BH92. Get the mechanical thumb. It’s not anywhere near a mini X in capabilities but most of us aren’t digging to 10’. You’ll find all kinds of useful projects. My BH stays on from June-Sept. and it’s a beast! On the 92 you can relocate the seat back a little to gain some...
  30. pokey1416

    recommendations on new air compressor, pancake Y or N ?

    I bought this one last year on sale for $326. It is very quiet and replaced a 40 year old Craftsman that was sooooo loud.
  31. pokey1416

    Bomb Cyclone!!!

    Yesterday mornings cleanup. Same with today! Maybe we’ll get a break tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone!
  32. pokey1416

    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    You can do the top just not the tilt w/ BH. My dealer takes the OEM TnT Kit and sells just the T.
  33. pokey1416

    Portable Soil Screener

    I built this to drop into my dump trailer and clean river rock. It worked ok but wow what a mess! Luckily I had the wife on the power washer so she got most of it. I gave up after awhile - took to much time.
  34. pokey1416

    Tractor Forestry Mulcher - Any good?

    Agree, rent one of these. The abuse these mulchers place on the machine is pretty severe.
  35. pokey1416

    Plowing County Road??

    I agree on a nice heavy back blade. It can be expensive to invest in front snow blades. I have a pusher but I can only push so far before, I have to unload off the shoulder somewhere. Sounds like you’re just plowing to get your wife out!
  36. pokey1416

    Rear 3pt arms drop quick

    Disregard my last it’s if the tractor is running. :rolleyes:
  37. pokey1416

    Rear 3pt arms drop quick

    Isn’t there an adjustment knob or lever under the seat that controls 3PH drop speed?
  38. pokey1416

    Snow pusher for a gravel driveway

    When the pusher fills up the snow starts coming over the top, you’ll have to angle off to the side and empty. Do you have room to do that? I have a pusher and the backdrag kit and like it but I only have hard surface clients so I can’t answer on gravel. It has no parts to break which is nice...
  39. pokey1416

    Where to buy rear suitcase weights for L3560

    If you have a Speeco ehitch there’s this option. GWT Hitch Hanger for Suitcase Weights
  40. pokey1416

    Does Anyone Still Make the FEL SSQA-to-3PT Adapters?

    I bought this one and it was delivered a couple weeks ago. Fitment on my Kubota was very tight and lock pins protruded an 1-1/2” or so - very positive lock up. Came naked w/ no packaging but was not beat up. Looked to me as though the horizontal cross tube that the 2” receiver is mounted to, is...
  41. pokey1416

    Golf Carts

    2012 Yamaha Drive. I like the idea of upgrading to Lithium battery.
  42. pokey1416

    Golf Carts

    Good info, we bought an electric one from a golf course auction this summer and I'd like to clean up the batteries and cables - I'll keep this thread bookmarked.
  43. pokey1416

    Backhoe Vs. 12000 LB Mini EX

    Skip the mini and don’t worry about trailering. Pull a dump trailer behind you with attachments. Hire out the trucking if it’s a bigger job. Not many people in your area will be competing at this level. Of course I’m biased and at work spend almost all my time on streets and roads. This thing...
  44. pokey1416

    Ballast box questions

    Wow sounds great. Take a pic please.
  45. pokey1416

    Ballast box questions

    Old tainter gate chains, broken hydraulic breaker, rebar, some gym weights - pretty much anything steel. Heavier than concrete but doesn’t fit in as well.
  46. pokey1416

    Kubota wheel and loader nut torque.

    Zero Turn mower. Sorry about the initialism.
  47. pokey1416

    Time to sell my JD 2320, Considering a 3039R or 4052R

    R4’s are relatively easy on your lawn. Keep the bigger tractor.
  48. pokey1416

    Kubota wheel and loader nut torque.

    FYI check your ZT lug nuts also - found mine to be below torque specs.
  49. pokey1416

    What part of 'Quick Disconnect' does Kubota not understand !

    Oh….the things we haven’t shared with our better half’s! Your secret is safe with us ;)
  50. pokey1416

    What part of 'Quick Disconnect' does Kubota not understand !

    Don't feel bad we've all been there. My kid called me last week all frustrated and ready to give his JD rep the "what to" when he couldn't get his 3PH implement to lower. He was glad that I told him about the adjustment knob under the seat for 3PH - he must have thanked me 20 times.....I said...
  51. pokey1416

    Exactly how tall is your tractor

    93-1/2” ish - including the beacon ;)
  52. pokey1416

    Right size disk

    Jeff is our TBN technical guy. I have probably a size up or so CUT than yours and found a EA 66” 18” pans disc harrow. It feels and pulls too small for me so I would say you’d be ok up to somewhere in the low 60’s inches. And, welcome to TBN!
  53. pokey1416

    Grease Zerk size

    This has come in handy for me when I've had to figure out sizes. Grease Fitting Thread Tester
  54. pokey1416

    6x12 Tandem vs 6x14 Tandem?

    I have a 5’x10’ dump that is “about right”, I wish it was 6’x12’. I have a 6’x12’ enclosed utility trailer that I swear is 2’ too short. Go with the 14’
  55. pokey1416

    Hello from Raleigh NC!

    Welcome from Michigan.
  56. pokey1416

    L6060 HSTC Gear Clatter

    Here's a video that Paul Short did on clatter in the cab, probably not same thing but thought I'd pass it on.
  57. pokey1416

    Yellow Jackets under deck enclosed by ceiling.

    A poster uses this for carpenter bees and I tried it, worked great for quite awhile. Bought it at Lowe’s. He said the cyfluthrin is the key ingredient. They have other products under this label.
  58. pokey1416

    Tar River Manufacturing

    GWT had them for awhile I think. Good Works Tractors | Tractor Attachments & Accessories
  59. pokey1416

    Considering Upgrading.... Looking for the Goldilock's Bucket Size

    I don't know if a Grand L is on your radar but the features of HST+, the dual speed, ability to set HST response, and the auto throttle - are really nice when you're doing a lot of loader work. The throttle up button on the joystick is great too, especially if you're using auto throttle to keep...
  60. pokey1416

    Question regarding disc harrow.

    I have an EA 66” and it’s pretty light (580 lbs). I paid $1,500 for it new last year from neighbor that never uncrated it. It works good to run over grass before tilling. It also works good to disc in leaves in farm field. I’m going to add more weight someday. It needs some heft to it to...
  61. pokey1416

    L6060 HSTC Gear Clatter

    I haven’t noticed that but I do think the diesel clatter is more noticeable at various times. I’m partially deaf though :oops:
  62. pokey1416

    ID this tractor

    With LA10 series loader it’s in that size range. My guess is MX???? The gas cap is in wrong place to be a Grand L, as is joystick and throttle.
  63. pokey1416

    Wacko Kioti Issue

    Maybe a little dielectric grease on those plug connections might help?
  64. pokey1416

    Digging bucket smooth edge

    Bought a toothed bucket and had the teeth cut off.
  65. pokey1416

    Grapple Recommendations

    Not sure if these are at all heavy duty enough for your application, price is right though. Not a very well known brand.
  66. pokey1416

    Welded on bucket tooth. Kubota bucket

    I can't help you with getting the teeth off but I, like you, wanted a flat faced bucket. None to be had, so ordered a toothed bucket and had fab shop cut off the sub-tooth? after removing the teeth. Advantage was it was a new bucket so easy to see everything.
  67. pokey1416

    LS or Kubota

    I was thinking it's the higher priced item(s) not being able to use "price point" as a sales item? So, (sometimes) they have to downplay everyone else instead of pointing out advantages to their brand. Geez - this sounds like politics! 🤔
  68. pokey1416

    LS or Kubota

    The same reason some S&W/Colt owners bad mouth Ruger IMO.
  69. pokey1416

    What tires should you get on a new Tractor, R1, R4, or Turf?

    I ended up spending a lot more time at heavy construction sites and the industrial R-4 has held up exceptionally well in concrete demo sites and road building. I haven’t read enough reviews of using the R-14’s for construction activities. I originally wanted them because of the advertised...
  70. pokey1416

    What tires should you get on a new Tractor, R1, R4, or Turf?

    I have R-4’s on mine but I would have opted for R-14’s if they would have been available. Turns out I would have possibly made a mistake. I spend a lot of time on construction sites, and I grooved my R-4’s for snow work. The R-4’s are tough IMO. I can’t comment on turf experience but, I would...
  71. pokey1416

    Carpenter Bee Wars

    Here it is I think Lowes has it.
  72. pokey1416

    LS or Kubota

    I’m biased 🤔 Kubota’s HST+ is wonderful, especially for loader work. The throttle up on Grand L’s is nice and I like the response variables on the HST (mine I set to -2). From what I’ve read and comments on this forum, LS makes a great tractor. Oh, the seat sucks on the Kubota IMO.
  73. pokey1416

    new guy

    Welcome from upper Midwest!
  74. pokey1416

    MX Cab Question

    I don’t have an MX but it’s usually cheaper to have dealer do it when you purchase. I have 1 remote and wish I had gotten 2. Air ride seat. I’ll repeat…air ride seat. 3rd function.
  75. pokey1416

    Cleaning Landscape Rock in Flower Beds

    I was in your spot last year. Built a homemade screen that fit on dump trailer. What a mess and took too long. Removed the river rock, installed retaining wall block edging, put down cardboard and new 2-3” limestone. The edging has stood up fine through our MI winter. Here’s a link on it...
  76. pokey1416

    Compressor for a shop

    I bought this one last year when on sale for $329 or $349. It runs what I need ok and when the big garage interior is finished I’ll move it there and have my son (sprinkler pipe fitter) plumb it in. It is amazingly quiet. I debated between this one and Harbor Freight quiet model.
  77. pokey1416

    New Purchase

    I am in the BH “yes” group. I’ve got mechanical thumb and QA bucket. 18” bucket w/teeth and 16” (soon to be) flat face. For my uses BH stays on 5-6 months of the year. Removing and installing is easy (on level ground). Removing and installing 3 PH is a PITA. I work a lot with larger boulders...
  78. pokey1416

    Fix'n to get a Tiller

    Flip is that you? Missed you over on OTT, to many serious posts :cool:
  79. pokey1416

    New From San Diego

    Welcome to TBN. Lots of knowledge on this forum. We had 2” of snow on April 1st I would trade for your weather.
  80. pokey1416

    Bucket Capacity

    That number matches my experiences loading my 5’x10’x1.5’ dump trailer. Even struck it can hold 2.7CY but could be overloaded at that volume. I gauge a lot by how hard it has to work on the first dump. 6 good scoops of heavy material seems to be the limit.
  81. pokey1416

    Bucket Capacity

    I used a label maker and put capacities on the FEL and BH buckets. My old mind can’t forget them now. I also have weights on ea. and attachments.
  82. pokey1416

    Quick Hitch Questions

    Only problem I have with Speeco is the rubber handles slide off. I fixed it with some hairspray though. I've had the 6' tiller, the 7' landplane and the disc harrow behind it and have run it pretty hard. No problems so far.
  83. pokey1416

    Quick Hitch Questions

    I have the eSpeeco Cat1 QH. I really like the convenience of being able to immediately hook up to Cat1 implements. I added a hydraulic top link last fall and that really upped the ease of use. ‘Watch this for fitment on your tractor
  84. pokey1416

    What's your experience with a drag harrow?

    If you added some tires or something for weight you may scratch at it. If it’s packed down you’re going to need scarifiers in either a box blade or landscape plane IMO on your first run. A heavy backblade or rake may be ok too.
  85. pokey1416

    backhoe attachment vs a separate machine

    If I had to give up my tractor mounted backhoe there would be no use in owning the tractor. I put the backhoe on in June or earlier and don’t take it off until October. I would guess that almost half of my 400 hrs in the last 1-1/2 yrs has been on the backhoe.
  86. pokey1416

    Greetings from SW MI

    Also from SW MI. Welcome - keep this up we’ll have to start our own sub thread :)
  87. pokey1416

    Land Plane

    Thanks oosik I've perused the Rhino products. I don't think my GL4060 could handle that size blade though? I've bought some implements from GWT as I can drive and pick them up. I bought a Dirt Dog tiller from him and will check on Dirt Dog blades. I'm thinking a 7' would be ok, I've got the 7'...
  88. pokey1416

    Land Plane

    You have the absolute right idea and where I’m missing the mark - getting the gravel back up and onto the road. Backblade is my next purchase ;)
  89. pokey1416

    Land Plane

    I use one at work and like it real well. Little wet on this video, I've broken two ripper tips so far. I haven't tried it yet this year with the new hydraulic top link so I'm thinking I'll like it even better. LPGS try out
  90. pokey1416

    Buying Advice 4052r vs L4760

    Get a couple of rear remotes too. I upgraded to HD bucket with cutting edge and on the BH92, mechanical thumb and QA bucket. I added a Kubota hydraulic top link last fall and it has been a real time saver. I can’t add TnT I’m told because I have the BH kit installed. Maybe something with the...
  91. pokey1416

    Backhoe Thumb

    Get ahold of them and ask about fitment Welcome to BXpanded - Engineered and Built in the USA
  92. pokey1416

    Buying Advice 4052r vs L4760

    The HST+ in each range gives you, L - more torque and less speed, H - more speed and less torque. I’ve never moved out of medium range when working. I’ve had my GL for 1-1/2 yrs and just nearing 400 hours of use. It’s a great tractor, only downside is Kubota seats are terrible. I’m upgrading to...
  93. pokey1416

    JD790 vs Kubota B3350

    Is the Kubota for sale on a dealers lot? IF you’re seriously considering it maybe email the dealer and ask about the lifetime warranty so you have it in writing. Courtney at GWT would tell you to run from that Kubota model I think. Maybe email Neil at Messick‘s and ask him? I think he has a 3350...
  94. pokey1416

    BH Teeth hood

    Crumber bar. Here’s a link to making your own Digging bucket cleanup attachment
  95. pokey1416

    Seat Cover Options

    Durafit fits great on my Kubota. I think you can call them too so you can ask about fitment. Durafit Seat Covers
  96. pokey1416

    Metal building with no gutters?

    A decent energy heel on your trusses will allow you to extend your overhang and still tie the soffit back to sidewall above windows and not block your view.
  97. pokey1416

    Metal building with no gutters?

    These work really well. Kind of expensive and not sure if it will work for you?
  98. pokey1416

    Connex box (shipping container)

    Price doesn't sound bad for a 40'. Here's a quote I received last November. Yard was only 90 miles from my house too.
  99. pokey1416

    Buying Advice SCUT/CUT for a newbie on 2.5 acre 15d slope, what should I think about?

    Price might be a little high but these little machines are amazing, especially on slopes. VENTRAC AUSTRALIA NEW WEBSITE |
  100. pokey1416

    Can I just pour cement in ballast box and add water.

    If you have access to scrap steel, or old chains, the steel is significantly heavier per cu ft than concrete. Lots of demolition projects going on and your box on a small trailer and a little cash, bingo box full of steel @ 475-490 lbs/CF. Concrete is 150 lbs/CF. When the kids moved out and left...
  101. pokey1416

    2021 L4060 HSTC Limited Edition Tilt and Trim Help!

    I missread you then. If you're thinking a box blade (which I was), that doesn't angle may or may not have rippers. If you're thinking a rear angle blade, you should consider a 7' or wider, so you cover your tire tracks when angled. Sorry if I got you confused.
  102. pokey1416

    2021 L4060 HSTC Limited Edition Tilt and Trim Help!

    I pull a 7' landplane grade scraper and you know it's back there. The box blade loads up way more material - go with a 6' as Rj said.
  103. pokey1416

    2021 L4060 HSTC Limited Edition Tilt and Trim Help!

    I have 1 factory installed rear remote, wish I had 2. Here's in installation on an L6060 ROPS if that helps. Ryan's channel is all about his work at a Kubota dealership and I learn a lot watching him work.
  104. pokey1416

    L3650 quick connects

    Yes it is wonderful. RJ is correct on the couplers.
  105. pokey1416

    What tires should you get on a new Tractor, R1, R4, or Turf?

    I’m ok with the R4’s they sure are tough and easy on the lawn. Ride pretty rough when roading especially when it’s cold outside. I’d consider R14’s I think there’s some YT videos on the comparison.
  106. pokey1416

    Getting ready for 20 inches

    I don’t know about all of your snow “weapons” but the first day at more than 12” of very wet and heavy snow on long driveways was a real “push” for my 40hp tractor and 7’ snow box. With the box full it looked like I was pushing snow 6’ or more in front of the box. In these conditions I can see...
  107. pokey1416

    Getting ready for 20 inches

    13“ so far in SW MI. It was raining yesterday - go figure!
  108. pokey1416

    The Ice Storm Cometh!

    13” in SW MI so far. Don‘t think I’m going to hot tub tonight. Have to plow some yard for the pugs, what a mess after yesterdays rain!
  109. pokey1416

    Grooving Industrial Tires

    Works great IMO, haven't had to use 4WD yet unless I'm on ice. Of course, haven't really had a good snow year so far. Ask again on Friday as we might get a good amount Wed and Thursday. Here's my posting on it in OTT Does tire grooving really work?
  110. pokey1416

    Pallet Fork Length

    Have 42”. Hard to see tips without stretching up on the seat. If you can see the tips noticeably better with 48’s, that’s what I would recommend. Had 42’s for my skid steer and assumed they’d be fine on tractor.
  111. pokey1416

    Branson Alterative. and I'm I going over Board?

    If you’re looking for a tractor that you want to feel comfortable in, consider a cab IMO. Nice price and availability - no 4WD. Maybe manual transmission and no 4WD is why it’s available? I have a big tractor and live in a subdivision. Do your research and when you get it nailed down - look...
  112. pokey1416

    B2301 or ???

    M1 is spot on but, I do a lot of residential snow plowing and the auto throttle along with UHMW on the edge of pusher keeps clients happy.
  113. pokey1416

    B2301 or ???

    I think you’re out of luck on old style engines, even in sub 26hp, although you wouldn‘t have to worry about emissions. Our Kubota dealer also sells Branson at their Case location. Old mechanical engines in them...
  114. pokey1416

    Tires Winter use Tires

    Grooved R-4’s for me. Don’t need 4WD unless I’m slipping on ice underneath and tired of using the diff lock. Last winter I wasn’t grooved - I’m a firm believer! You’ll get opinions on the value of grooving.
  115. pokey1416

    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    I’m with Jeff on this one. If you want 2,000 lbs go with MX or an M. GL with bigger loader should do it too, but expensive. Here‘s the CA specs for the 1154E
  116. pokey1416

    TIER 4 Questions

    340 hours and 7 regens in the last 17 months. All on road diesel treated with Power Service products year-round. Mix of auto throttle and PTO along with full throttle with BH. I watch the DPF % when getting into the 90’s. High throttle definitely lowers the DPF %. I’d have less regens if...
  117. pokey1416

    L6060 Hard Starting In Cold Weather

    Glad you got it working Would you post the service memo?
  118. pokey1416

    Fix'n to get a Tiller

    Dirt Dog RT206 at 72” from GWT Dirt Dog Rotary Tiller - Good Works Tractors Video in action
  119. pokey1416

    asphalt milling cost

    Last summer I paid $15/ton delivered. It was screened millings. Single tri axle brought 20+ tons. I watched neighbor try to spread some "free" millings and it had a lot of dirt and large chunks in it FYI.
  120. pokey1416

    Looking at Bad Boy Tractors, thoughts?

    Kudos to you for taking care of your customers! I bought my CUT based upon dealer location to my property. IMO that has worked out best for me. At Christmas these last many years I bought gift cards for my salesman, mechanic and parts manager - nothing for the wifey 🤓. My kids tell me I’m a...
  121. pokey1416

    Anybody use Paypal ?

    Have it linked to bank debit card. It shows to PP as a VISA.
  122. pokey1416

    Wingfield ED3PT57 (TPH/Framed/Lift) --- CHAIN HARROW ---

    I don’t know as Chris Wingfield delivered it assembled on his way to pick up chains in Holland MI. He showed me how to swap stuff around and said attach the mat at 3 links in the front and 4 links at the rear. He left instructions but I haven’t read them.
  123. pokey1416

    Wingfield ED3PT57 (TPH/Framed/Lift) --- CHAIN HARROW ---

    They are painted red now Jeff. I’ve had a problem with the rear stand getting pinched by the mat bar so I have to reverse it when using the harrow. I’m with you I really like the quality. I use the most aggressive when going over mulch and flipped it other way over gravel parking lots. I’m...
  124. pokey1416

    Howdy from Northern Utah

    Welcome to TBN and congrats from Michigan on the new tractor. You’ll find all kinds of uses for the backhoe.
  125. pokey1416

    Should we upgrade for 5 HP? Same model same options ... Hmmmm....

    I was in your place awhile ago albeit one model up, with my GL4060. It was the disappointment in loader lift capacity and loader lift height. I thought about upgrading and in the end decided I have personalized my tractor so much that I don't want to start over - so I load a little less in the...
  126. pokey1416

    looking to buy a 3 pt tiller

    I purchased a Dirt Dog from GWT Dirt Dog Rotary Tiller - Good Works Tractors Seems to be very well built. I got the 6’ model. It’s a beast and GWT ships all over.
  127. pokey1416

    Ballast Box

    Rick I’m not familiar with the “n” designation. I’ve only dealt with CAT 1, CAT 2, and CAT 3.
  128. pokey1416

    Ballast Box

    Check Amazon. I bought a Titan box last year for around $300. It’s what it is for quality. The top link pin ears were welded skewed but I can hookup ok. It definitely takes the weight as I filled up with steel. I’ve added QH and hydraulic top link since this pic - and grooved my R4’s.
  129. pokey1416

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Yeah real mess. Here’s a news update from yesterday. UPDATED: Electrical Poles Snapped in Half along Hagadorn Road Because of Train “Caught Up” in Downed Lines
  130. pokey1416

    Grandson Certified Welder

    That sir is a beautiful weld 😳. Kudos to the smart decisions these young people are making to forgo 4-years of college and instead, go the vocational route. Our youngest at 22 will finish his 5 year apprenticeship next year as a fire sprinkler fitter, kid already makes 80% of my current wage.
  131. pokey1416

    Harrow for pasture use

    I use this one for parking lot and driveway maintenance. It’s very well built and they should offer a size for your intended use. Wingfield American Harrow - American Steel. American Labor. American Quality.
  132. pokey1416

    Backhoe Thumb

    Thumb is a must - dragged this tree across that fell in creek from the other side. Hydraulic would really be nice but I’m getting by ok. It’s really easy to pull stumps and shrubs with the thumb, after digging around them.
  133. pokey1416

    Tire Groover; borrow/rent/sell me one?

    I’m over in SW MI if you want to try mine. It does use up blades which cost around $25 for a package. Email me at if interested. Here’s my link at OTT when I grooved in September. Does tire grooving really work? Jeff
  134. pokey1416

    Kubota M7040 with grooved R4's

    Here’s my post at OTT and I have this groover. I’m willing to share it for the cost of shipping + $25. That would be enough to keep ordering blades. I have a PayPal account, wife does Venmo. PM me if interested or better yet email me at Jeff Does tire grooving really work?
  135. pokey1416

    Snow Pusher

    Agree w amhicks21, front pushing with float will only work for a short distance but I have found that I can feel when I’m about to lose steering and bump it out of float. Pushing uphill works better for me than downhill. Sometimes the loader arms won’t drop down far enough to keep the pusher...
  136. pokey1416

    L3301 or similar

    I’m ok with HST whine - it’s less than the wife’s banter😍. I run the 7’ LPGS and the 6’ tiller at full throttle. Vary my speed with that dreaded treadle or I set cruise control.
  137. pokey1416

    45-50hp Help

    The TYM line is really coming on strong. S Korea I think? I chose Kubota because my dealer has 3 locations within 25 miles. Closest is 3 miles down the road. I live on state line and I think they do a heck of a business with our Hoosier friends to the south.
  138. pokey1416

    45-50hp Help

    I have a Kubota a little below the hp your looking at. Really happy with it. Not sure if Messicks is close but they have a lot of respect amongst us Kubota owners.
  139. pokey1416

    Hi all, first tractor and a few questions

    Great find. Here’s a short thread on OTT about the M7040. Make sure to join OTT you’ll find a lot of info there along with here on TBN. M7040 vs M7060 AND, welcome fellow Michigander! That area you live in is beautiful.
  140. pokey1416

    What to buy?

    If you don’t mind a 2 hr trip I bought my Kubota from Ausra. Their Kubota dealerships are in Niles and new store being built in Stevensville. Maybe they can sell and service from Wayland location? Family owned operation and sales and service have been great...
  141. pokey1416

    Got a 2012 M7040 for my first tractor.....couple questions

    If the exhaust outlet is low maybe stuff a piece of steel wool in it to keep mice out. Did this with snowmobiles during off season.
  142. pokey1416

    Man I need front fenders

    Ah hah here’s the screenshot I took.
  143. pokey1416

    Man I need front fenders

    Not any longer. Paul Short gave me his dealer contact info and the sales manager responded to me and said the front fenders were no longer available for the L60’s. He said customers were having problems and they were getting torn up. Huckabones did a short video of a limited edition winter...
  144. pokey1416


    Use this product for your cell phone. Works great. CAW.CAR Accessories - Top Quality Car, Motorcycle & Bicycle Phone Mounts
  145. pokey1416

    Snow Pusher

    I have the 7' HLA 1800 on my 40 hp Kubota. As PILOON said it's great at pushing straight. I used 4WD a few times last winter and grooved my R4's this summer to see how that works. I think the 40 hp tractor could actually handle an 8' pusher with no problem. Here's a link to some snow I was...
  146. pokey1416

    Where to Run Battery Minder Quick-Connect Cable

    Just peaks out of drivers side cowl. I can maintain with hood open or closed. JD stool with maintainer on it and plugged in, always sits in front or near drivers door.
  147. pokey1416

    Making switch from Green to Orange

    My only comment is you’ll love the BH w thumb 😍
  148. pokey1416

    Backhoe Stand

    Follow the instructions and it’s easy. Before I disconnect the hydraulic line I raise and chain the stabilizers to each other, takes up less room in the garage. Putting the 3PH takes the longest.
  149. pokey1416

    Backhoe Stand

    Here, watch this before you get to creative 😎 Yesterday was not my day!
  150. pokey1416

    Diesel Additive - which one, and how much?

    Using Power Service products. Power Service
  151. pokey1416

    Opinion on previous owner's rationale for welding 3PH lever

    Here’s what I did to prevent inadvertently raising 3PH lever when BH is installed. 3PH Lever Safety Stop
  152. pokey1416

    New tractor suggestions for snow removal

    I’m with Rj. We have the same tractor. Here’s a short video from this last season. I use a 7’ HLA pusher.
  153. pokey1416

    Looking at the L4060 have some Questions

    I have a GL4060hstc and loader lift capacity has been the limiting factor for me. I come from the skid steer world and have had to adjust to lighter loads. Couldn’t lift this 4BT Cummins with transmission and frame rails off the trailer, had to remove transmission. The engine alone weighs about...
  154. pokey1416

    Hello from Michigan!

    Welcome fellow Michigander!
  155. pokey1416

    Kubota or mahindra

    IMO the Kubota dealer in town was the driving factor. Been very happy with my choice. Great dealer=happy customer!
  156. pokey1416

    Wheel bearing grease for small trailers?

    I’ve had good luck with this Lucas product.
  157. pokey1416

    If I Only Buy One Piece of Equiptment...

    Wingfield American Harrow - American Steel. American Labor. American Quality.
  158. pokey1416

    Rpms for backhoe

    Can't beat the BH for placing landscape boulders!
  159. pokey1416

    If I Only Buy One Piece of Equiptment...

    Tractor + this + chain harrow when you don't need the LPGS.
  160. pokey1416

    L3560le vs L4060le

    I like my GL4060HSTC and find it does very well with the attachments I have used. How big of boulders do you want to move? As you can see from my photo that size is about the maximum. I didn’t have any trouble pulling the 7’ LPGS although 4WD helped considerably. I use a 7’ HLA snow pusher in...
  161. pokey1416

    Rpms for backhoe

    My manual said no less than 70% or 75% of rated full throttle. I’ve spent enough hours on it that I just operate the BH at WOT. the more time you spend on it the better you’ll get.
  162. pokey1416

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    Well I told the wife we needed a new pressure washer to try this out :sneaky:
  163. pokey1416

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    Finally finished and tried it out. Trailer loaded with dirt and rocks and drove a few of our fine Michigan roads, this bounced some of the dirt out. Here’s a before and after power washing. My problem is I have way too much dirt (clay) mixed in with very few rocks. Makes quite a mess of...
  164. pokey1416

    Replacement radio for cab tractors

    I think this place sells harnesses along with radios. SALE! Farm Tractor Radios, Speakers, Harnesses. Antennas PLUG - PLAY TRACTOR RADIO
  165. pokey1416

    Can Anybody Recommend A Mahindra Dealer In Southern MI Or North Indiana?

    I think my Kubota dealer also handles Branson in the Dowagiac location. They are first rate, family owned for decades. We’re about 100 miles from GR. In SW MI. They also have a Wayland dealership which is a lot closer to you.
  166. pokey1416

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    I ended up doubling strut on both sides to close the gap. Each screen section has an underlying frame and the frames are simply bolted together with two bolts that can easily be removed for disassembly.
  167. pokey1416

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    Picked up a couple of these today at RK. Strategically placed :ROFLMAO: and should give me good tie down points. $3.99 ea.
  168. pokey1416

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    Didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend but am ready to cut last screen. I checked to make sure the tailgate could still open either way. Now I’m trying to figure out how to keep it from sliding off the back when I raise dump bed. Got a couple ideas but I want to be able to take this in and...
  169. pokey1416

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    In my perfect world (ha) I’ll be able to keep tailgate closed and clean stones will roll off top above tailgate. If mud seeps out of tailgate I’ll try and park tractor bucket under and stones can roll into bucket. If velocity is to high and stones bouncing up onto hood I plan to have a partial...
  170. pokey1416

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    Yep, didn’t have this problem with mulch.
  171. pokey1416


    I don’t necessarily thinks so IMO. I’m from the construction side and overgreasing is not in our vocabulary. :cool:
  172. pokey1416

    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    Started building my "mobile screener" in the dump trailer yesterday. It all started with the wife wanting her landscaping rocks "cleaned". When I objected she reminded me that I have a rather expensive tool (tractor) in the garage that I had previously said would work for this project. I asked...
  173. pokey1416

    Fueling tractor

    Flofast 10 gallon and the rotary hand crank. I can still lift full jugs into and out of wife’s SUV.
  174. pokey1416

    kUBOTA Lock lever for quick connect attachments

    I think I copied this right. Start at post #91. SSQA mod
  175. pokey1416

    Tractor HP

    You’re right weight is probably more important than hp. Look at your weight with what you have now and spec out the weight of a new tractor - make sure your increasing weight otherwise you’ll be going backwards in capability. Here’s how I spec’d my weight.
  176. pokey1416

    Tractor HP

    I have the GL4060 and it does fine for my needs. The Grand series has some extra features that really make my jobs easier. Here’s a video using a 7’ LPGS. If that’s the width you want I would be hesitant going with less than 40hp. With rippers down partway I definitely knew it was back there at...
  177. pokey1416

    backhoe stabilizers backward

    This was my solution.
  178. pokey1416

    Should I get a skid steer or a tractor

    Rustyiron hit it well. I had a Bobcat 763 which is longer WB than 753, definitely less “bucking”. I had a construction business and needed the additional hydraulic capability for breakers etc. Fast forward 20 years and I opted for a tractor. My needs have changed and getting in and out of the...
  179. pokey1416

    My new L 4060 is coming

    I could be wrong but bring up the HST response display and hold down the menu display button. Should highlight and you can keep pushing to increase or decrease the response.
  180. pokey1416

    My new L 4060 is coming

    I have my HST set to -2. Seems to work very good for me at that setting. I set throttle up to 2,000 rpm.
  181. pokey1416

    New LX3310HSDC arrived...

    Nice send some pics our way when you get a chance.
  182. pokey1416

    My new L 4060 is coming

    I’ve got the HLA 1800 in 84” and it is fine with the 4060 so far.
  183. pokey1416

    My new L 4060 is coming

    For those following front fender posts for Grand L series tractors here’s the answer from a Canadian dealer.
  184. pokey1416

    Opinions On This Dump Trailer?

    Picked up a Diamond C, tandem axle, 7,000 lb in December. Dealer had it listed for $5,195 and last one of these in stock. Like you I needed something I can tow with my Toyota Tacoma and this loaded is at the max tow capability. Has ramps and tarp. Haven’t loaded it yet so can’t tell you how that...
  185. pokey1416

    My new L 4060 is coming

    Hey can you do us a favor? Since you're in Canada you can get front fenders for the Grand L 60 series, we can't here in US. Can you check on price and availability of the front fenders, and an order number if possible. My US dealer is trying to work with a Canadian dealer to get them but so far...
  186. pokey1416

    Miter Saws

    I bought this last year when it was labeled as Hitachi. It’s a nice little single bevel saw for the money. I have a very heavy old Craftsman I carry in tool trailer and hoping to upgrade to Milwaukee cordless someday. This was the price at Lowe’s
  187. pokey1416

    What did you do with your Power Trac today?

    These IBC totes work too.
  188. pokey1416

    L6060 Cab Questions

    If I have to see forks I raise the steering wheel all the way up and sit on the forward edge of seat. I put seat cover on my stock seat.
  189. pokey1416

    How tall is an L or MX with a cab

    Cab top on Grand L 4060 with R-4’s.
  190. pokey1416

    Ballast Box questions

    Ditto on the Titan but you are getting what you pay for I think. It works..... the top link attachment on mine was welded crooked - still works but a little annoying. Filled mine with steel scrap from local demolition project. I carry a broom and shovel during the winter in the tool holders.
  191. pokey1416

    Buying Kubota MX6000 today. Buying New Tractor/Pricing help

    I put seat cover on mine and really like it. Ordered from Amazon. If your seat is same as grand L this is the code that works for covers.
  192. pokey1416

    L60 grand series block heater

    I went with battery maintainer instead of block heater. Parked in unheated garage. Not as cold as you’re going to see.
  193. pokey1416

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Pusher works great. Only had 7” last night another 6” or more yet this morning. I really like the rubber edge as it doesn’t dig into the yards. I was able to plow some of the back yard for the pugs and no damage. Backdragging worked great and as advertised, both edges are quiet compared to steel.
  194. pokey1416

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    We've had such little snow so far I had to put the battery maintainer on it!
  195. pokey1416

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Installed the poly edge on backdrag.
  196. pokey1416

    Winter is coming

    Ready here too. SW MI so we probably share lake effect snow.
  197. pokey1416

    Pumpkin pie

    Kids line up at the door for my pumpkin pie. Try it! Here’s recipe.
  198. pokey1416

    Didn't "build it," but definitely DIY Man Basket...

    "Trust me honey - I work for the government" :laughing: