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    Hoye Tractor

    Thank you all for your kind words. I am still here and I still visit TBN at least once a week but I’m not really able to post much right now. I am no longer working for ASAP. I am currently taking some time off to hang out with the family and enjoy some hobbies that I was not able to do before...
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    Yanmar Grease Fittings

    The most common Yanmar grease zerk is a M6x1.0 thread.
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    Hoye Tractor

    The new owners are actually a lot more invested in the used parts side than I was. The YM1500 brake cover that someone was asking about is a popular part and we sold all of the used pieces that we had.
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    Hoye Tractor

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    Hoye Tractor

    Oh yes! They are all still there wrapping around the driveway and more are arriving all of the time.
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    Improved front axle for loader.

    We originally made some heavy duty replacement spindles but, since they had to fit in the factory hubs, there was only so much we could do and they were still a weak(ish) link. So... we decided to start from scratch and offer a complete axle assembly. Those axle assemblies were made from almost...
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    PTO and Powershift tranny question

    It will not. Slipping the powershift into neutral will prevent the mower from pushing the tractor.
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    Hoye Tractor

    I am still here! :) I still read this site almost every day but I have been busy with other stuff so I haven't posted lately. I do really appreciate all of your comments as well as all of your business over the years! I did, indeed, sell the company to ASAP in 2021. I stayed on as the store...
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    Covered My Tractor

    I'm a little late with my reply but the canopy is still holding up great. I have hit plenty of branches and, other than a few deep scratches on the top, the canopy still looks like new. The tractor stays parked inside a shipping container (mice are nasty little creatures) so it has not really...
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    Having a blast with our new M62

    Ours has done that since new also. I assume it is normal but I'm curious to see if anyone knows the actual reason. I just assumed it was some sort of engine warmup parameter changing.
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    Shipping container for tractor storage

    We just finished getting a roof installed on our 40' high cube containers with doors on each end. I keep my Kubota M62TLB , MX5800, and my F2690 mower in them as well as a sprayer & spreader. They fit perfectly and I don't have to worry about mice eating all of my wires again any more. With the...
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    MX5800 - Removing Steering Wheel?

    Went to use the MX5800 yesterday and as soon as it started up there was an explosion of cattle cubes coming out from under the hood. A rat had stuffed pretty close to a 5 gallon bucket full of cubes up under the dash and all on top of the engine. :mad: He also chewed through a fuel gauge wire...
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    55 gallon drum transfer system ideas wanted

    I have a FillRite FR112 hand crank pump in a 50 gallon barrel in my shop. When I need to pump more than I feel like cranking I just take my Dewalt cordless drill and stick a socket on the nut holding on the crank. Let the drill do the work. Works like a charm and one battery will easily pump a...
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    Covered My Tractor

    I just installed a new HDPE canopy from and could not be happier. The difference in comfort that little shade makes is amazing! I installed the kit by myself in about an hour and everything fit perfectly. All of the brackets are very well made and nicely painted (or...
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    Our New 'Bare Bones' MX5800

    We picked up a new 'bare bones' MX5800 this weekend for a pasture mowing tractor. I have seen a lot of MX's on here but most had loaders and other options so I thought I'd post this one. I bought it with zero options. I found a used weight bracket on ebay and added some aftermarket weights from...
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    M62 Boom Swing Bushing

    My M62 upper backhoe swing bushing has never really taken grease like it should. I only have 50 hours on it and very little backhoe use so far. I could eventually force a very tiny bit of grease out of that area but I knew something was not right. The swing movement made a little groaning...
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    New M62 Thumb Install

    I finally convinced myself that it was time to add a thumb to the M62. After getting a quote from my local Kubota dealer (which is great but... ouch!) I decided to see what else was out there. I sent out several inquiries to various thumb manufacturers to see what was available. All but one...
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    New M62 Finally On The Farm!

    So I have spent months trying to reason with that little voice in my head telling me that the M62 was too much money for the expected usage. "You're not a commercial landscaper what do you need this for?"... "Why not just rent a backhoe when you need one?"... "Just hire someone to come out and...