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    Has anyone built a sprayer for dispensing chemicals 30-40ft into trees?

    It is PTO powered. He lives a ways away, and I'd have to go by his place to get details.
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    Every lawyer is going to say whatever they have to, to protect their paying client. That's their job. Try to make every point they can to make someone think they meant well and good. Both sides sling enough mud on the wall and hope enough folks buy their bait and side with them. That's why...
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    Has anyone built a sprayer for dispensing chemicals 30-40ft into trees?

    If your interested in an orchard sprayer I have a friend who has a brand new on setting on the original pallet in his barn he'd sell. Bet it's been there for 15 years. It came with his farm and he's never used it. He's at zip code 66072.
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    Probably all of them. ;)
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    In the western movies it was called thievery!
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    I think I understand what you're trying to get across. Your statement about most can't handle money has a condition that determines if they can handle money. Folks who earned the money through their hard work and ingenuity know nearly always know how to "handle" manage their gain! Those who...
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    Comparing various online business practices I don't think defines the problems EA experienced. Look at some of the legal battles he's apparently facing and it seems he may have been spending a lot of money on activities not approved by anyone buy him.
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    If they had issues with payment up front they wouldn't be customers (of yours)!
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    Did you forget there are many manufactures of tractor implements? Simple economics, more competition, lower prices. EA fans think they need to pay the premium price for a grapple to use on a low HP tractor. You could easily purchase a less quality grapple and never damage it on your 55HP...
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    How is it, "We all suffer if they don't find a way back (with or without Ted)."? Bit of an overstatement isn't it? I can not imagine how I will suffer from this situation.
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    That's 7 years old news.
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    When a supplier is paid 100% up front the buyer forfeits all leverage if there is any kind of problem/disagreement. All solutions are then determined by the integrity of the company.
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    Gas Zero Turn Ran on Diesel

    Silly question, has the engine oil been checked lately?
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    You found some bargains then!
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    Deere5420, curious what material cost was?
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    Brush hog accident(s)

    Does this mean you were born so intelligent and all knowing you didn't have to learn anything?
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    It's not a job if that is what you needed to do to stay healthy!
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    Plowing Mishap

    In your one picture you can see where the pin scraped the paint off near the rectangular slot. Be sure that bottom plate is not too far down so the beveled pin stays latched, it may be different than the other side. Might want to add a piece of steel to the out side of the slot to help keep...
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    Removing hydraulic hose

    You may be able to fabricate a wrench to make the removal without removing other hoses. Determine the size of wrench needed and get a box end wrench that size. Then cut a piece out of the far end of the wrench to fit over the fitting. The end would end up looking the the end in the specialty...
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    Older Massey vs b7100?

    A mid mount mower in a B7100 is a fun deck to maintain! Changing/sharpening blades requires the dexterity of a monkey. Need a loader to pick up the tractor to work on it. ;)
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    Radiator hose "snapped"

    A good radiator shop should be able to fabricate a complete radiator for WAY less then 1K. They can order all the components and put the top and bottom tanks on the core, and it would be all metal.
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    Looking at Bad Boy Tractors, thoughts?

    By your definition I'm a sucker! Do you feel better now? I'm sure there are other brands that make buyers suckers also, isn't there like Ford, Case, Cat...... even Massey.
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    Painting The INSIDE Of A Steel Building

    It's been that way 23 years. Leave it alone!
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    Kubota hoses

    Be sure to blow air through the new hoses to get all small hose bits from the cutoff saw removed. Be sure to have the ends capped to keep them clean while installing.
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    My Brothers Estate

    Have the aunt put everything in a trust with your wife as the executor. When the aunt passes no one will know her business except the executor and the ones the aunt wants to gift with something.
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    The glycemic index gives numbers to how various foods effect BS.
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    Who/where is it said someone with type 1 is born with it?
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    Here's what you said that indicates you are uninformed. "People with diabetes already face a medical community that treats them as though they have an incurable disease, a disease they brought upon themselves. Your dietitian/master degree MD/whatever was taught that diabetes is an incurable...
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    I understand this post is 6 years old, but I am responding because the poster seems to think all diabetics can self cure. He did, and wants to find a dietitian who has done so with their advise and has an outspoken rebellion against their education. Folks with type 2 diabetes have a pancreas...
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    My Brothers Estate

    That is a foolish statement! When does a will mean something? You sure can't write one if your heart isn't beating. Perhaps you mean it has no effect, but it sure does mean something. Anyone with a will had desires of handling affairs after passing!
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    Tip of the day.

    I made reference to wrong link. Here's what I was referring to. Unisal Gas Can Spout Replacement, 3 Pack Flexible Pour Nozzles Gasket Kit withI7 4894875534588 | eBay
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    Tip of the day.

    I bought a set of those fill spouts and I think they are junk. The plastic broke right above the threaded cap at the base of the container within the first couple of uses.
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    3 Point PTO Trencher

    Be aware a typical full size trencher will cut a ditch about 6" wide, however you can get spacers that bolt to the existing teeth bolts and widen the cutting width up to at least 12". When using a bar that cuts 36-40" deep you only need about three sets of spacers. A note to anyone burying a...
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    Small grapple

    To keep the hyd lines out of the way I built a stand off to attach to the bar between the quick connect latches. Cut off a piece of pipe about 3" long and split it length ways to fit over the tractor tubing. Welded half of an old hyd quick connect to the pipe piece. Welded the other half of...
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    3 Point PTO Trencher

    Might keep an eye open for an older trencher. I have a Ditch Witch R40 with backhoe and 6 way blade. Had a boom that would dig 6' but I shortened it because it wasn't needed. Too handy to ever part with.
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    Ordering a new engine through Alibaba

    A couple year back I bought a Bobcat skid steer with a bad Perkins engine. The man sold it because he ordered an engine and it got hung up in customs on the east coast. The engine came from New Zealand. It did not meet the EPA specs. and it became stuck in a port when it got into the US. I...
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    I've had their 60" grapple on my L4240 for three years and used it for various projects. Excellent product, service and price.
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    weld shop clean out job and other Keweenaw sites

    Since you didn't read the background of why he was there and you wanted to know, why not just end the question with a period after the word liquidation? Much less confrontational.
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    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    To each his own. I bought a B8200 new in 1985 and it never had loaded tires and it was never a problem for me. Had a loader and used it for everything I needed it for! Sold it about 5 years ago and the guy who bought it used it for a couple of months before bought it. He didn't/hasn't loaded...
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    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    Beet juice is also used for dust control or gravel roads in some areas. But then 30 years ago we use to dump drained engine oil on gravel roads!
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    Best truck under $10k?

    Here's a couple of pictures of the Dakota.
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    Best truck under $10k?

    The reason the selection is slim, and what you find is often beat up and rusted is because they quit making them in 2011. That is why I was looking for the latest model. I had a couple of them before and knew in insides fit my butt, legs and head room requirements. In fact, when wanting parts...
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    Best truck under $10k?

    Three months ago I found/bought a 2011 Dakota, 4x4, crew cab, no rust, like new interior, new tires, new battery, 99,820 miles. Underneath looks like it's a year old, Line-X bed liner. Guy had a 28% loan at a buy here pay here place and wanted to sell it because he had improved his credit and...
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    Mowing Fence Mow

    How do you get the bar under the fence wire, on the ground, go 10-16 feet and get it back up and around the next post, and start over? I think the answer is why all these other ideas have been considered.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Those grease fitting work fine. They have barbs on them and grab the metal tightly. It's an interference fit and don't come out easily. Do you dislike hoses on barb fittings also?
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    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    I recon I'm pretty lucky. A couple of months ago I drove down I-35 for 3 hours or so with 10K in my car. Went into Wichita driving around for a while before I handed the money to someone I didn't know and received a title in return. No arrest or confiscation of funds! ;)
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    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    By your previous post you say cash can be detected while it's in your pocket as you drive by the scanner, and it's in tires to be detected. How can "hiding" cash in your vehicle keep it from authorities?
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    How have you adjusted your bar lube since you started using the saw? How much have you added to your tractor?
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    Why do you feel you need a reason (or excuse)? Why not just say "No" when someone ask? You feel better, and they know where you stand on the subject. There is no come back from them with that reply.
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    I had a brother-in- law would go to an auction with me and openly say, "You buy it, I'll borrow it!" When I realized he was serious I parted company. I have seen him one time in 35 years!
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    I haven't read but the first couple of post. I agree with your wife!!!! The story is so pathetic it's disgusting. You're way too passive with the control of your equipment. Need to grow a pair. Keep loaning to his character and he'll soon be in a law suit because you loaned him something...
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    Smokeydog, you have the skills and shop to flatten that out and tack it back for another round!! ;)
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    NH 1920 stuck clutch

    If you seldom use the tractor get a block of wood and make it so the clutch peddle is pressed down as the tractor sets. Some tractors have a clip that you can hook to the clutch peddle for that purpose. This will help to keep the pressure plate free of the flywheel.
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    Small trencher

    Looks like you have a high spot where that lane is. Need to cut it a bit lower there. Should be able to take your loader bucket and put the cutting edge down where you want the water to run and simply roll you bucket. Might take a couple of times to make it low enough for water to drain. Or...
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    To those with cattle

    So your saying to be successful you have to have a sales department!
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    Looks can be deceiving!
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    Kubota fwd grinding in front axle and not pulling

    The benefit of the roll pin is it will stay in the hole. A cotter key, if it doesn't stay in place could possibly rub against nearby metal and then what?
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    Various saw designs use a nylon strap to keep the hinged saw part from flopping down while getting the saw in position on a limb. There is a preferred angle and it's adjustable by the strap ratchet. When the saw is on top of the limb the boom is lowered until the nylon strap has a bit of...
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    Kubota fwd grinding in front axle and not pulling

    Sometimes the rear roll pin is a bit difficult to get out because you don't have much room. I remove the flux coating on a 5/32 welding rod and use it as a punch.
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    How often should you grease a tractor for light duty?

    That's probably why you don't have one! You really don't need air conditioning in your home, car or work either. Relax, let folks spend their money however it suits them.;)
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    Smokey, for storage it would be easy to weld a couple of links from a chain to the top of the beam. Have them positioned so they balance the entire length. Then use a rope and pulley to pull it up out of the way in the barn. You could pick it up right out of the mounting pocket. When needing...
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    Do you have access to both pieces of equipment, or is this you opinion from ads?
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    Hydraulic limb saw project.

    That's an amazing project! I appreciate the detail you show and explain. Any idea of total cost of materials? What size of tractor are you going to use this on? Thanks.
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    FEL Hydraulics Just Died

    I'd suggest disconnecting and re-connecting all the hydraulic quick connects. Probably have one that is not seated.
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    Should you trade in your tractor when you buy a new one.

    Are you sure all that is true?:(
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    Starting over - the allure of country!

    I live in Miami co. and have 50 acre farm in Linn co.
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    Planning on dropping Health Insurance. Change my mind.

    About 8 years back I got a ride from my farm to the local hospital (14 miles) and the cost was 5K. Bet it's WAY up from that now. My wife got a covid shot last year March 31. Since then her ins. co has spend over 35K trying to get her health back to what it was, and still going on. If one...
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    Kubota B8200D -- am I giving it away?

    It's all history now, but I sold a B8200 I bought new in 1985 five years ago (with loader, not HST) for $5500. Today's prices would be higher. I sold a B7100 a year ago. It was HST with belly mower, no loader. Nice machine but not as nice as the B8200 and it brought 4K, second caller. It's...
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    Starting a tractor in extreme cold temperatures

    If you're really uptown, you'd have it on a timer. Then when you went out you could start doing something, instead of waiting!
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    Starting a tractor in extreme cold temperatures

    Just take a heat gun or blow dryer and heat up the intake manifold for a few minutes. It'll fire right off.
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    PTO driven leaf blower

    What size of engine? If it's the 5HP you can pick up a pressure washer that the owner didn't winterize and get a 5HP for $50. A lot of those engines are Hondas, and good low hour engines.
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    Price Check Price check on a L3240HSTC

    The Lxx40 series tractors are Grand L tractors. They are also the last series before the tier 4 tractors the govt. required. Because of this these tractors are going up in value, even faster then other models.
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    Old Fuel in Diesel Tractor

    You can often solve rust in a metal tank by tying a good heavy string like baler twine around an old horse shoe magnet and putting in down on the bottom of the tank. As fuel moves round any rust it will attach. From time to time pull it up and clean it off and reinstall. Do this after you...
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    Old Fuel in Diesel Tractor

    I've started diesel engines that had fuel in them so long it smelled like paint thinner! I never drained that old fuel, just added new. Just lucky maybe. As described in this thread, drain any fuel you can from the tank, install new fuel filter and fuel, check for air leaks, use your manual...
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    Which oil is better??

    Let me re-state the facts that got a couple of folks talking out their ...... I had a 1983 Nissan Maxima in 1985. Had a diesel engine. I installed a Frantz bypass filter. Never changed to factory oil filter after the first time. Sold the car with 365K miles to a friend who drove it a few...
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    Which oil is better??

    Buddy, the more you post the more foolish you get. Wait until the alcohol you've consumed wears off. Then re-read what was posted. If you can't figure it out that's ok just go back to telling about your $1000 chain saw!
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    Which oil is better??

    When you get on your keyboard lately you're demonstrating your ignorance. Look up a Frantz filter.
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    Which oil is better??

    Well, change the 9 to an 8 in the date making it 1983. How hiiiillaarous is that?
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    Steel prices ...again!

    Do you guys every take a look at FB marketplace, or CL to find something someone no longer needs or is moving and doesn't want to move? I see carry-alls, sup-soilers, plows, etc frequently and at bargain prices.
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    Which oil is better??

    I figured it would get your dander up! All that is true. The rest of the story is it had a diesel engine. I installed a Frantz bypass filter on the inner fender. Changed the filter ( a roll of toilet paper purchased at a restaurant supply by the case) every other weekend, which took about 5...
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    Which oil is better??

    Who's engine has lasted the longest without using a "so called" premium oil? I bought a 1993 Nissan Maxima in 1985 with about 13K miles on it. I changed the oil filter one time and discovered it took a contortionist monkey to do. I bought a new filter from the dealer and that filter was on...
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    Which oil is better??

    But Bob, I just love listening to a guy who is dead set he know it all and can prove it because he keeps telling his audience he has a 1000 dollar chain saw he uses the product in! And....has to respond to every comment.
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    Why do I want to buy a pre-Tier4 tractor?

    Because your friend found one does not mean they aren't hard to find! If you actually started looking, you'd be at it for a while to find one.
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    L39 is it a good buy ?

    To the original poster, you came asking if you got a good deal AFTER the purchase. Did you get a return policy if you didn't get a good deal?;)
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    Starting over - the allure of country!

    Whatever you purchase make sure it has a flat platform (without a hump at the transmission) and a HST transmission.
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    Just discovered my Kubota has skid steer front tires.

    I don't see how a 7 year old 10 ply tire on an L3410 could be ready for replacement! That is a lot of tire for that size tractor. Ought to last 30 years.
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    Starting over - the allure of country!

    If I had 30 acres to play on I'd want an L because it would set a bit higher and get around a bit better. Where is your acreage, I might come and help!!
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    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    Your blanket statement is not true. You ever owned a Kubota gas engined machine? The Kubota engines in Grasshopper mowers are the same block as diesels, just carburated instead of diesel.
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    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    I don't think water in the tires act like a shop absorber. The water takes up space. It does not compress. There is now less air in the tire, and only the air can compress to lower the shock. So the shock is greater the more fluid in a tire. Making a rougher ride!
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    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    How does....."the rear tires have at least 100 gallons in each tire, in other words, it rides REAL nice." translate to making it ride real nice?
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    ISO Advice on buying a used M4900

    How many hours on the tractor? Does it look like the owner took care of it? How does everything else around his place look? If it's in shambles it give you an idea of what's normal there! If he appears to take care of thing and hours are reasonable you will more than likely never have a...
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    Flail mower

    Or just don't take the full width for a cut! After the first lap you can take as much as your tractor can handle.
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    Price Check L3240HST w/FEL and Ballast Box - Value?

    The tractor is the last version (xx40) series before the government tier 4 mandate happened. That tractor is an L series and as mentioned is a premium model. As mentioned by varmit start at the $19,500 and I'll be you won't have to come down much....but will have many interested buyers...
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    Filling a Hundred Holes (6-feet across, 4-feet deep)

    If you're in farming country find a farm that has a pile of "processed hay" that they've had piled for a while. Often times you can find a dirt pile that has been there for 4-5 years. Get it moved to your problem area and spread it with your tractor.
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    Custom ballast boxes

    I helped a friend get a weight set out of his basement and he gave me the weights. I had an old dirt scoop, so I modified it a bit and made it to hold the weights. Totals 1100 lbs.
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    Newbie terror, need experienced advice

    Yes, you need more weight on your 3pt arms. I made a ballast out of weight off of an old weight machine and modified an old dirt scoop to get a 1000# ballast. You can purchase one, or get creative and build one.....but the backend of your teeter totter needs more weight.
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    Corona Virus #6

    Need a bit of humor.
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    3-Point Hitch Need your opinion on lifting capability of my tractor

    Might look for something like this in your area. Round Hay Bale Buggy / Bale mover / Bale Dolly - $800 (Mclouth) Round Hay Bale Buggy / Bale mover / Bale Dolly - farm & garden - by owner - sale
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    Grapple MTL eBay Inexpensive Root Rake Grapple

    That's the same one I have and it comes in handy. I think you will really appreciate what it can do. I had this 17', 8" beam and 20' light pole buried in the tree row and got them out easily. [/ATTACH]
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    Best way to clear unwanted trees from pasture

    Before you go purchase equipment might check someone like this out. Caterpiller Skid Steer 299 xhp Mulcher For Rent - farm & garden - by owner - sale Caterpiller Skid Steer 299 xhp Mulcher For Rent - $475 (all around east Tennessee)
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    Buying Advice Sick and tired of low quality riding lawnmowers

    ETD66SS, here's a mower that meets your specifications, and it's located in your neck of the woods. It's an older model Kubota that came with a Kawasaki 17HP water cooled engine, or a Kubota diesel. I would prefer the diesel (but I own one of each), has power steering and you can mow around a...
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    Crazy price on great seat!

    I purchased the same model seat two years ago and installed it on a Kubota B7100. Took a bit of modifications to get it to fit, but it was very comfortable. Just a bit too big. When the bottom of the seat on my L4240 failed because of water retained in the plastic pan, I discovered Kubota...
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    tractor seats too low

    I have a hard time visualizing a seat being 3-4" too low for a 5'-11" operator, but you can perhaps buy on of those gardener pads to get the seat firmer and raise it up to see exactly how to adjust...
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    Advice please

    I'd say buy the cheapest mower you can stand and then every time you get on it you can have an attitude while you're mowing!!:D Or buy something easy to work on and holds it value, a soft ride and a joy to use. Here's one we traded in after a few years for a 932 (I think). Same style, just...
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    Backhoe Bucket Teeth

    If you're going to use the hoe to dig ditches (trenching) have the two outside teeth pointed out past the edge of the bucket. It will help to keep knocking the edges of the ditch back in the trench on each stroke.
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    FEL build

    You could save yourself a lot of grief by finding a loader and adapting it to your tractor. I had a similar situation, needing a loader on a Kubota L305. I found a Massey 1246 loader with joystick valve and adapted it to my tractor. All I really had to do was fabricate all the mounting...
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    Kubota TG2746 snowblower, TG2754 dozer blade

    For sale a Kubota TG2746 snowblower, TG2754 dozer blade, an the male quick hitch and sub-frame hardware to fit a TG1860 tractor. The snowblower is a 46" two state. Dozer blade is 54" and requires the quick hitch and sub-frame just like the blower. I have the operator's and part manual for all...
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    Rounded off drain plug

    I wouldn't do any grinding on what you have left of the plug. Soon you will have a greater problem than you have now. Find someone with a wire welder they can bring over and help you. Get a piece of 1/4" flat bar, about 2" wide, 12" long. Drill a hole in the end so it fits over the...
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    Dura-weld #106 rod

    Been putting some fence up at my nephew's place and was looking for some rod for him to use. I had given him some 6010+ and was running low so wanted to get some others. I found some 6011 and some dura-weld #106. It 1/8" rod and was in a sealed plastic bag. He started off using it and said...
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    Where to buy a canopy

    My neighbor put up some hay for me and wouldn't take any pay. His wife did most of the raking so I built a canopy for that tractor. Got the canopy for local golf cart center. Did not drill any holes in it, only used what was there. First picture is just laying in the back of the Polaris...
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    Filling tires with WW fluid

    If you have one of those 15 gallon sprayers used for UTV's and four wheelers, use that to fill the tires. The gallon jugs stay in place and fit just fine when turned up side down on the opening. I put about 40 gallons in each tire and only burped the air 3 times on each side. Used -20 WWF, $1...
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    Kubota parts and supplies are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE

    You guys comparing fans.... mine overheated.
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I've got a Ford 917L "Special". It's a 5' mower. I'm curious if anyone knows what makes it a "special". It has 12 stations, and 4 rows of side slice knives. The knives are attached 2ea to the station with a bolt. Maybe because it's offset? After reading Wrench83's problem I went out to...
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    Preventing Rodent Damage During Tractor Storage

    I had a problem keeping rodents out of bags of protein pellets. I took a 300 gal. tote, laid it on it's side, and then cut the "top" out. Then screwed the plastic back on to the metal, then put hinges on the metal to form a lid. I would off load the bag into the tote and then used a Victor...
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    Preventing Rodent Damage During Tractor Storage

    I made a trap using the 5 gal bucket with the rod going through the top of the bucket with a can centered on the rod. Then smear the can with peanut butter. To this date I have never caught a mouse. I think I have too many coons and possums who eat the peanut butter before the mice have a...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I've got a mower that will suit your needs. Be excellent for ditches, a bit short for much of a field. But you can't bog them down. listed on CL right now. EnoRossi 5' sickle mower with hydraulic lift. Can mow in straight up 90 deg and down to 75 deg. Model 150 CM. $1800 in excellent...
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    Landscape rake on the cheap (price)?

    A quick look on CL this morning shows this: York Rake - farm & garden - by owner - sale
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    Help me understand (zero turn -vs- tractor)

    This mower does just fine on slopes.
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I mow a pasture that I want to leave about 8" high. I made some links to connect the 3 point at the toplink. I can adjust the cutting height easily. I don't need a pretty cut, just want the tops (weeds) cut off.
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    rip rap as a water gap

    I get old sidewalls off of car tires from the tire shop and put them on the cable. Then wire the sidewall to the old tube gates. It does require constant surveillance and removal of limbs caught in and under the metal.
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    Price Check Worth repairing my Yanmar 155D?

    The idea of a tree is something everyone has. Actually a pull type plow buried as deep as it will go, a disc, anything to create resistance. Separating that tractor and replacing a clutch is pretty simple. Parts aren't really expensive. Probably clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out...
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    John Deere Flail Mower Feedback

    I've got a 5' Ford flail mower. I bought it for a man who bought it at an auction thinking it was a tiller! When he got it home and looked it over he realized the thing wouldn't till, so he sold it.
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I pulled the belt guard off last week, checked the belt, and greased the entire mower and hooked to 730 Case. Didn't mow until this afternoon, and we had 1.3" of rain last night, but I needed to "do something". I set it so the PTO was horizontal when mowing. I wanted to leave grass for...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Have this flail mower with no identification. Does anyone recognize the manufacturer? Or tell me where to scrape to look for a tag. It just fits in the back of my truck, so it's 8' long. Was a Corp of Engr. piece of equipment at one time. I changed out the gearbox oil, and greased the...
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    Adapting Ford loader to John Deere

    You have to get the loader towers in the correct position, not too far forward, not too far back. The steel under your tractor has to support the loader and everything you'll put in the bucket or pick up with any hooks. The front of the loader has to be anchored to the frame of the tractor for...
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    Blade sharping.

    Here's how I do it. Pretty safe, easy and doesn't take much time!
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    Kubota TG 1860 and snowblower

    I've got a Kubota TG 1860 with a 54" mower deck. Also a TG2746 two stage snowblower, and a TG 2754 dozer blade and sub-frame, and all the manuals I'd like to sell. How do I list it on this site? I tried to call some of the listing of tractors for sale and they weren't even on the lot. So the...
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    Massey 1246 loader valve hookup

    Just an update. Got it all fabricated, mounted and been using. Bought a Massey 1246 loader and fabricated mounting brackets for Kubota L305DT. Works excellent. Found a seal/set for valve, part number 71512160. Had all the internal parts for the valve.
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    Massey 1246 loader valve hookup

    I've got a Massey 1246 loader with a Nimco valve with hoses removed. Nimco seems to keep a REAL low profile. Can someone give a picture of where the ports on the valve should go to the loader? Thanks