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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Lengthy, but a good video. Between the 20 second and 30 second point in the video could have said, besides eskimos and thier dogs. At the turn of the century there where also a Sami indigenous group using reindeer (domesticated Cariboo) to haul supplies to villages in Alaska.
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    Who is excited for snow season?

    Until I forget, and then there not. Been in the ditch because of hitting one brake at speed in snow and ice, slid off of the road. So now I always check for the break lock before removing snow.
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    Removing high tensile fence wire to re-use?

    Added this as it is what makes rewinding the wire easy. And goes along with the previous post I made.
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    Just Got My H24 with Backhoe.

    Please keep us posted on how the Solis continues to work. I llike the tractor specs, it should be a workhorse. Thanks for posting an update.
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    Amazon rant...

    Obviously the metric that is being applied by Amazon is the quantity of delivered packages. Not caring if it is the right address. We have neighbors that have brought items delivered to them, but addressed to us. UPS uses delivered to the correct address as the #1 priority, and being delivered...
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    Amazon rant...

    Funny how the changing culture accepts these opinions as being true, mainly because they are on the front page or on the nightly news. Repeat it enough and it appears to be true even when its not.
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    What did you buy this week?

    Our old wringer washer finally needed to be replaced, so we purchased a speed queen washer. Being delivered tomorrow (Tuesday).
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    Removing high tensile fence wire to re-use?

    This Spinning Jenny is what I use. Works best with my wife helping to keep a little back tension as I wind it up. Tye wrap the bundle and store it for reuse.
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    Amazon rant...

    Our Fed Ex deliveries come in a U-Haul van. And one of them look like they had been a long term rental that lacked maintenance. Only thing Fed EX about the delivery is the shirt they are wearing.
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    Do old license plates have collectors value?

    What the market will bear. We sold several set of Washington state plates a couple years ago on e-bay. 1958 set was sold to a guy that needed (wanted his plates to match the vehicle year) that year for his 1958 VW bug. A couple hundred dollars. Like @RjCorazza mentioned above, if there is...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    And on a MAC it is shift, option 8. Currently 44°F. Edit, I guess this one got beat to death!:)
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    Son's new career path, pretty proud father

    No, a house has habitable rooms. So a garage is outside the house???!!!
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    Any pricing yet on the new E tractors?

    And all the extra time you will have on your hands..... Waiting for your tractor to charge.
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    Battery Charge from solar panel for automatic gate opener

    Always a good rational thinker in the crowd!
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    Who is excited for snow season?

    First forecast for snow from the weather service, so I put the snow tires on my truck and car early this morning!!! After completing the tire change they change the forecast on me, now no snow in the forecast for a week. But I'm ready.
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    Cracked subframe

    Yes, could you post pictures?
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    Battery Charge from solar panel for automatic gate opener

    When I worked in an industrial battery shop, we used hydrometers and cross referenced specific gravity charts to determine voltage and state of charge. The reason was that using a volt meter to find state of charge required us to let the batteries rest (no charge voltage being applied) for...
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    2013 Mahindra Max 28XL HST - tractor barely moves fwd/rev

    Waitng for your results on this, thanks for the update.
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    Roof Beam replacement.

    A visual description of compression and tension in a beam, attached. Complements of Tauton Press.
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    Can I use 2x6s for a lean-to type of roof with my 4x6x18' poles and how far apart do I need to put my 4x6 poles. Recently found this span calculator. works quite well!
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    America's hat maker.
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    Roof Beam replacement.

    I believe this observation to be correct, not enough vertical posts and not enough trusses to keep this building living in a snow zone. I would recommend having a good carpenter take a look for structural loading for the snow load and wind loading for your area. They will tell you right away if...
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    Snow sticking to blade

    I use Fluid Film mainly as a rust preventer, but it also helps lubricate the steel blade so the snow slides off. Lanolin based spray cans.
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    Dumb question on a cat

    As witnessed by the 18 cats that have been dropped off here in the last 15 years. Needed to find homes for all of them but 7, which was more effort than dumping them I'm sure. Kept 7 out of those 18 cats. One gone to predation, one the vet couldn't save. But the enjoyment pets bring is obviously...
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    Hearing aid question

    Same results, I just thank God I can hear!
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    AZ ranch

    Where did you purchase the fans? Is the louver operated manually? Building a similiar greenhouse, except it is only 3 feet below grade on two sides.
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    Can I use 2x6s for a lean-to type of roof with my 4x6x18' poles and how far apart do I need to put my 4x6 poles.

    @Yoopertractor if you are in the upper peninsula as your name suggests, the snow load for the area would also need to be known for the span. My region has a 70 lb snow load and a 100 mph wind load. So securing the lumber for uplift is also a factor.
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    Dumb question on a cat

    We have had a 3 cats with similiar problems, the limping for all of them went away within a couple of weeks. Must have been a minor condition for them. Cats are quite resiliant, may be the reason for the saying that "cats have nine lives".
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    The bypass thrust ratio on jet aircraft engines has gone from a ratio of 5 to 1 in the 1980's to more than 10 to 1 at present. Giving airlines an approximate 30 % saving in fuel usage.
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    Propane tank question

    Propane Volume correction factor is based on a 60° F standard. I believe the tank guage only reads the correct volume at 60° F In general most liquids when warmed up causes the molecules to speed up and spread farther apart from each other, accupying a larger volume that results in a decreased...
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    Recommendations for hand held electric pavement breaker please

    I feel your pain on the rental, its a 120 mile round trip drive for me. Any demolition hammer that weighs around 60 lbs will work for a small job. If you are hauling away the concrete out of the 100' drive, it may be easier to saw cut and lift the concrete with tractor forks.
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    Will UAW Strike?

    Smart move?
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    Will UAW Strike?

    Most business people I know that have a Tesla use the charging time to catch up on work they could not do while driving. At least that is what they have told me. Don't know if it is really working for them as they complain about the time spent charging. Maybe, they are just natural complainers.
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    Will UAW Strike?

    Isn't that what clean up men do?:ROFLMAO:
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    Cleaning woodstove glass

    Wait for glass to cool, then use white vinegar on a paper towel.
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    Propane tank question

    Jotul 370 has a 61% efficiency rating. So the input btu's will be higher than the output btu's. 86 gal x 91,000 btu's per gallon = 7,826,000 total btu's. 7,826,000 / 24,000 btu stove output =326 approx. (326 units of 24,000 btu's) 326 / 4 hours per day = 81 approx. gal.
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    Mouth Taping, Anyone Else Doing It?

    Strip of tape may need to be bigger, just to contain any possibility blow-by!🤣
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Deltahawk diesel, just certified this year after a long, long wait and promises of certification every year for the last 8 to 9 years. The fuel savings has been 35 to 40% vs traditional piston engines on thier test platforms.
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    Which paint for covering up smells

    We recently had a similiar situation, wiped down the painted sheetrock walls with bleach. Worked quite well, did a second wipe down with bleach using a damp sponge and that took care of the residual odor. Have a gallon of KILZ stain blocker and odor control, but have not repainted yet.
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    Cutting power use to the bone.

    I like your thinking, we can't leave Nuclear out of the "green energy" sources. Idiots are all around us! I've even been one a time or two, or maybe more.
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    Stuck in the pond

    Deciding on the correct tire for the application is more important than a lot of people give much thought to. I won't laugh at you for the turf tires. I use them on a golf course tractor I operate occassionally.
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    Self powered Front End Loader Snow Blower ?

    The lift capacity on your front end loader will determine your capability. I know that the lift capcity is in the 600 lb range, so ballast on the rear will need to play a role in the balancing act for traction. Keep us updated on how it works out. I think you got a real bargain.
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    Will UAW Strike?

    Some of these owners schedule thier meetings during the charging time, and catch up on there jobs while waiting. So all is not lost. Not all are twiddleing thier thumbs. So virtue signalling or not virtue signalling is what they do while they wait???!!!😂
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    Will UAW Strike?

    But at some of these meetings the minds haven't showed up!🤣
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    Will UAW Strike?

    And some with more USA made content than the Big 3!
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    Is the punch list complete or at least getting smaller?
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    Fed up with the garden

    We mainly use mylar bags, the canning equipment was sold after we realized the food flavor with freeze drying was as good as fresh. It really is amazing the difference between canned and freeze dried flavor. If you go the freeze dry route it needs to be set up away from your sleeping area as the...
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    Fed up with the garden

    How does the winter rye work as a cover crop? Never used it, so would like to know.
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    Fed up with the garden

    On Saturday we picked the final peas, Apples, zucchinis. Lost about half the late harvest apples to birds and wasps, harvested about 100 lbs of good apples. We harvested the remaining pears on the 7th, about 80 pounds. Between wildlife and mother nature, you just never know what the bounty of...
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    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    You were certainly listening! Funny though.