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  1. jaydee325


    Never understood why people come to forums such as this for financial or medical advice. My suggestion is to seek out a reputable financial advisor and discuss your needs. Make sure such advisor is not strictly a annuity salesman. Some annuities have very high fees that are not apparent on the...
  2. jaydee325

    Rant: Modern household appliances are of poorer quality

    An appliance repairman told me one time to never buy an expensive dishwasher. From basic to high end in the model range, all have the same mechanicals inside!
  3. jaydee325

    Rant: Modern household appliances are of poorer quality

    Son and close friend worked for a major appliance maker. Both say major appliances are designed for a 7 year life cycle. Old days of 20 year or more appliances are long gone. Nobody makes money if things last that long. Complain all you want, you are not going to change anything. Just budget...
  4. jaydee325

    2655 HST Pump gone bad, no help from Mahindra

    1) While it sounds easy, it is not. Especially in the global manufacturing realm. 2) Same as 1. 3) This can and should be done. Dealer also has some actions he could take such as either loaning you or renting at a discounted rate a used tractor off his lot to allow you to at least make some...
  5. jaydee325

    Kubota 10W30 oil, synthetic or dino?

    According to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on the Kubota website, the Kubota branded 10W30 is most likely packaged by Valvoline. Link
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    Is it to cold to buy diesel

    I live is SW Michigan. Gets cold here. All diesel suppliers switch over to winter blend around mid-October. I'm sure it's the same in Iowa. No additives needed since the supplier takes care of that. I've never used additives in diesel and I've lived here 65 years.
  7. jaydee325

    What Does Horsepower Really Mean

    Yes progress. See this website on the 150hp Case steam tractor. Certainly is exciting to watch it pull a 50 bottom plow, but look at what it required in man power too! These tractors were phased out simply from an economics stand point. Consider how long and how many man-hours would be...
  8. jaydee325

    New to me JD 430, 60” deck…

    A buddy of mine bought one of these brand new in the mid to late 80's. He was the envy of the shop! Tractordata shows this tractor produced 1984 - 1992. Listed for $9500 in 1992. That inflates to a little over $20,000 today! One thing that bugged him though was that the mower deck would leave...
  9. jaydee325

    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    If you are a fan of science, this is cold.
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    What Does Horsepower Really Mean

    It's really quite simple. Disclaimer: I'm a retired nuclear reactor operator and dealt with thermodynamics and power conversion for 38 years. You need to have a delineation between the theoretical word and the real word. What I mean by that is, in the link I provided below, there is reference...
  11. jaydee325

    FPT CNH diesel engines

    In the late 70's, I was a construction equipment tech and got to rebuild one of the first Fiat diesels in the shop. Everyone in the shop was impressed by the build quality. It was a warranty rebuild (due to a bad operator that we were told was fired because he had a habit of damaging the owners...
  12. jaydee325

    Locking Tuff Torq?

    I've attached the Tuff Torq brochure for the models you're interested. It shows under Key Features that differential lock is optional on these models. I couldn't find anything on Tuff Torq that tells you what to look for if for instance, you found a used one.
  13. jaydee325

    Tractor Sizing Tractor for small hobby farm

    For 15 acres, I suggest you want a 40 to 50 hp tractor minimum. I've got 1.5 acres (there's a decimal point!) and a 40 hp tractor. Sure, I've had a few situations where I've thought smaller would be better, but that is far overshadowed by my thoughts of being glad I've got the bigger more...
  14. jaydee325

    That darned strip at the bottom of the page is back! :-(

    Showed up on my MacBook Air today. I just went into the cookies on my computer and deleted the TBN cookie. That requires you to log in again, but that fixed it. I've seen old or corrupted cookies cause various problems with different websites.
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    Garden Tractors

    The only one left in the true garden tractor segment is Deere with their X500 or X700 series tractors. Simplicity used to make an awesome garden tractor in the Legacy model, but that model is no longer offered. Their top of the line is probably close to the Deere X500 series. Husqvarna or Cub...
  16. jaydee325

    Need help from a pour pro

    Today that is true. But back in my day as a kid in the 60's and working in a sporting goods store in the early 70's, if you put pump gas in, you plugged the generator in short order. I replaced a lot of them in the store and when asked, the people said they put pump gas in, which had lead in it...
  17. jaydee325

    Battery Backup for Sump Pump

    Disclaimer; I had a similar experience at our previous residence. But, I had a situation where during high rain and snow melt, my sump pump might start and stop 30 times in an hour. The only time the pump was off was about 30 seconds while the crock refilled. The first choice seems to be the...
  18. jaydee325

    what is a good pre emergence to put down prior to planting 12 acres of watermelons?

    This may be helpful: Weed Management in Watermelon | NC State Extension Publications
  19. jaydee325

    John Deere Concedes to RIGHT TO REPAIR !

    The news articles report information that is sensational and sometimes out of context to sell advertising. You have to read the entire MOU to get the big picture. Deere is not conceding a whole lot. They can still protect their intellectual property and go after people who infringe. MOU says...
  20. jaydee325

    Power Plant Damage by burning car

    The 800 MW power plant I worked at ordered a new main transformer to have as a spare due to the long lead times. It was manufactured in Italy.
  21. jaydee325

    Electric UTVs

    Many golf car manufactures make utility vehicles. Club Car, E-Z-Go and Yamaha come to mind. There is a pretty robust used market too. I've got several dealers near me and they all will customize the rig to your specifications. Prices seem in line with the popular UTVs sold by the power sports...
  22. jaydee325

    Need repair and parts manual for XR4140HC

    I've been thinking about ordering from this source. LS Tractor Service & Shop Manual
  23. jaydee325

    clean air filter

    I'd never try it. $70 is cheap. Won't even buy a gasket set if you have to rebuild a dusted engine. Diesel engine air filtration maintenance tips
  24. jaydee325

    Deere X370 w/44” Snowblower

    This. When you start sensing the rear tires spin, try bumping the blower up to let the edge of the blower skim the grass instead of digging in. You should have at least 3 suitcase weights. Try adding a 4th if the above does not get you where you need to be.
  25. jaydee325

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12/24/2022 1401hrs
  26. jaydee325

    Battery Replacement

    East Penn makes Deka. The last couple NAPA batteries also listed East Penn as the manufacturer. The East Penn website also has a lot of general battery info.
  27. jaydee325

    Finally in—my new RTV1100C

    Brand name 350 Mag Off Road by any chance? Link
  28. jaydee325

    Diesel nearly DOUBLE the price of gas

    Could be that gasoline mostly supports transportation. Diesel (fuel oil) on the other hand supports transportation as well heating homes and other buildings during the winter plus agriculture and construction. 🤔
  29. jaydee325

    Looking for new Windows 11 laptop with a deep SD card slot

    Here is one. Can't tell how flush the SD card will be though. IdeaPad 5i (15” Intel)
  30. jaydee325

    Expected Depreciation in Used Tractors?

    We're in unprecedented times. Old rules on depreciation are not applicable at this time. The pendulum has swung to extremes. We had a period of undersupply, which caused, in some cases, a full recovery of any depreciation and also some appreciation. Now, demand seems to be slowing, but...
  31. jaydee325

    Trying to find a good used Tractor

    I'm a hydrostatic fan so none of those choices would make it on my list. If owning a non-hydro tractor is your thing (I'm not criticizing!) then the 990 would be the top contender. That price was a surprise. I certainly am not up on current used tractor pricing so that very well might be the...
  32. jaydee325

    Kioti dealer service call pricing...unreasonable?

    I respectfully Agree (LOL!) The terms of a warranty that was signed onto at the point of sale cannot be changed. But, in some cases of problems, the manufacturer may improve the terms and add some extensions or improvements. We're on the same page.👍
  33. jaydee325

    Kioti dealer service call pricing...unreasonable?

    Using a rechargeable drill warranty to compare to a tractor warranty is an apples to oranges comparison. The warranty statement in the owners manual for my John Deere X584 states clearly that if you are within a 100 miles of a dealer, the owner is responsible to transport the tractor to the...
  34. jaydee325

    Kioti dealer service call pricing...unreasonable?

    Considering the cost of doing business today, I don't think the cost estimate quoted by the OP is out of line for a field service. Someone said that there should be no charge for warranty service work. That's not going to work for a dealer that needs to turn a profit. The manufacturer is only...
  35. jaydee325

    LS XG3032 Regen/dpf problems

    Just ran across this. Hope it helps. Link The YouTube ads are certainly annoying, so just be patient, on my computer, the presentation on LS Tractor Regeneration does play.
  36. jaydee325

    LS XG3032 Regen/dpf problems

    While cross posting in multiple threads is generally frowned upon, I think in this case it is warranted. The DPF after treatment system that uses active regeneration is used across multiple brands and there is posts of similar problems. So, I suggest you also post this in the Parts and Repairs...
  37. jaydee325

    Door freezing shut

    While silicone is a good water repellent, if it gets on painted surfaces, it also repels paint!
  38. jaydee325

    Door freezing shut

    Figure out how and where the water is coming from causing the freezing a take measures to stop it so it don't freeze.
  39. jaydee325

    Anyone have vacation rental experience/advice?

    And that is one of the reasons we have a motorhome. Sleep in our own bed every night. No campground available when wanting to get off the road, no problem, lots of overnight options from rest areas to Walmart parking lots etc. Expensive but worth it to us. Also, we show dogs, so not having to...
  40. jaydee325

    Anyone have vacation rental experience/advice?

    As a former neighbor to one of these it really sucked and drove us to move. We had the owners number on speed dial and called him at all hours of the day or night due to noise and other disrespectful behavior by the "guests".
  41. jaydee325

    Cool old Allis Chalmers G

    I suspect that if the farmers of the era that purchased and used these tractors to make a living were to see one of our SCUTS or CUTS with loaders they would ask, "how in the heck would I use that to cultivate my crop?" The fact that times change doesn't render the past incorrect. These...
  42. jaydee325

    E85 Fuel

    Yup, hot rod tuners love the the stuff. Loved being in the pits at the local short track and smell the methanol the sprint cars were using!
  43. jaydee325

    E85 Fuel

    I don't understand your line of questioning as it appears you have answered your own question. As I understand your post, your cost per mile is a wash between E85 and other fuels with less or no ethanol. You can only decide if performance meets your expectations. What are you looking for here?
  44. jaydee325

    Your Cardiologist Will Not Approve

    This all started innocently enough for tonights dinner. We had a pound of bacon that we got from our local butcher, but we did not notice it was not cured/smoked. My wife asked if I could smoke it. Sure I says. Decided to get the charcoal grill going at a low temperature and put the bacon in a...
  45. jaydee325

    Linear actuator

    Works fine!
  46. jaydee325

    Do you cook a good steak?

    We buy beef by the side and specify the best cuts. And thick. We like a good steak, seared right on both sides, finish medium rare, and properly rested. But, we prefer trying new things and exploring new flavors using various techniques and seasonings. This renders plain steak on the grill as...
  47. jaydee325

    JB Weld, Steel Stick Or Similar to Seal Very Minor Propane Leak?

    Spring of 2021, my neighbors house blew up due to a propane leak. It was a horrendous blast felt miles away. Neighbor has been rebuilding but still has not moved in due to various delays in construction. He will be moving back in soon but without his wife. She perished in the blast. Fix it...
  48. jaydee325

    John Deere apparently does not sell Mower decks for some of it's current model machines.

    Find a competent dealer. Look it up for yourself here
  49. jaydee325

    Putin gets a tractor for his birthday

    Oh, don't forget the golden bidet option to the golden toilet!!!
  50. jaydee325

    Putin gets a tractor for his birthday

    I was going to comment "who gives a crap" about the tractor gift. But, I can't top the golden toilet. (pun intended!!)