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  1. dfkrug

    Yamaha UMAX: blurring the line between UTVs and golf carts

    A bunch of these have landed in the 'hood here. 2020 Yamaha UMAX. 48V SLA battery-powered, 2WD with differential and dumpable cargo box. Super-quiet. Anyone have one of these? The new ones offer lithium batteries, but at a 50% premium.
  2. dfkrug

    re-sealing some old Kubota B8200 FEL cylinders

    I agreed to fix the leaks on a friend's old 80s era Kubota B8200. This tractor is common around here, and the way the cylinder goes together is just about my least favorite. The end cap (gland) uses a springy wire that is captured by a groove inside the lip of the cylinder barrel. I have done...
  3. dfkrug

    Toro Workman 3200 project...anyone have one of these?

    I got one of these recently. Price was right (free, delivered). It has a transmission problem that I plan to fix. Anyone have one of these? Not much on Utube. This one is 2wd, with diff-lock, 3-cylinder Mitsubishi gasoline-powered 4-stroke, with hydraulic dump. Trans is a synchronized...
  4. dfkrug

    fabricating a new and improved bucket for my mini-excavator

    I recently imported a new mini-X from China, and it has been very useful. The buckets that came with it, however, leave a lot to be desired. They are too flimsy, too shallow, and use soft cast steel teeth. This will be the 2nd bucket I have made from scratch, since I made one for my...
  5. dfkrug

    New Branson 2610h just arrived. Initial impressions.

    Last fall, I went looking for a CUT with HST for my neighbor. Something fairly new and low hours in the 2000-3000 pound weight class (naked) with loader. Slim pickens in the local used market. So I got a quotation from the Branson dealer 100 miles from here, and got a price for a 2610h with...
  6. dfkrug

    Backhoe Kubota B20 with BT750 backhoe: Auto Return feature

    Recently got another tractor project, a 30 year old Kubota B20 TLB. Neglected, and needing lots of minor repairs. Question: has anyone who has owned, used, and/or worked the integrated backhoe, BT650 or BT750 know much about the Auto Return feature? It seems Kubota gave up on this function...
  7. dfkrug

    Chinese mini-X track came what?

    Well, I have been using my Chinese excavator, and I now have almost 30 hours on it. For those who have not seen my earlier thread on how I got it, it is a 1-ton unit called an XN08, made by Xiniu, aka Shandong Landworld Machinery. I knew it would happen eventually: I threw a track. By that I...
  8. dfkrug

    making an hydraulic thumb for my new mini-excavator

    I recently imported a new 1-ton mini-X from China, and it needs an hydraulic thumb. It came with a mechanical thumb installed, but it is flimsy and won't do at all. I made an hydraulic thumb for my backhoe years ago, and it is indispensable. So, over the next several days, I will post pix and...
  9. dfkrug

    Help me identify the make/model of this compact 4x4 tractor

    Can anyone identify this tractor? It looks to me like a grey market Japanese CUT, given what looks like rice paddy rear tires. The FEL looks home-built. The 'S' logo makes me think of Satoh or Shibaura, but I have not found any logos like that yet. I only have these pix to go by. I do not...
  10. dfkrug

    Importing and modifying a new mini excavator from China

    It has been a while since I posted a Big Project on TBN, so here we go again. I have been on a quest for a mini-X, so I imported a new one from China. It has been complicated and took a lot of time and energy, but it is here and working. Over the next week or so, I will post about my search...
  11. dfkrug

    Anyone buy from Fast Lane Equipment in Kemp, TX?

    Kemp, TX is halfway between Dallas and Tyler, TX. They have a mini excavator I want, if I can figure out shipping. Of course, I would have to pay an inspector first, and pay for the unit in advance.
  12. dfkrug

    backhoe repairs: how to get those pesky sleeve bearings out

    My backhoe attachment now has maybe 200 hours on it and I need to do some repairs. My hoe is a clone of the Woods 7500 unit, but somewhat beefed up, and made in Bulgaria. It has served me well....trenching, excavating my mountain trails, and moving tons of rocks and logs. I have damaged my...
  13. dfkrug

    new Kioti CK4010H at the World Ag Expo

    Just got back from the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. 75F and sunny, but the usual horrible stench of cattle effluent. Anyway, here is the new Kioti. As usual, no one was there who know the fun technical details. The brochure seems to indicate the engine is 39.6hp, gross, but has the same...
  14. dfkrug

    Anyone replaced the seals on their CK25/27/30/35 implement/PS hydraulic pump?

    I was helping out the owner of one of the 2 CK30s I bought back in in 05. Seems he had another pump failure...the 2nd one! The first one was maybe 5 y ago, and the pump was replaced back then. It seems that Kioti replaced the original Casappa, made in Italy, with a Joyang, made in Korea...
  15. dfkrug

    my latest project tractor: a 2003 McCormick GX50H

    Well, it's been a long time since I had a broken tractor to fix, and now I have a new one. This is a 50hp hydrostatic tractor, made by Landini in Italy, a GX50H. It uses a 4-cylinder Yanmar Diesel, and features a compact size (only slightly longer than my CK30) with 4x4 and lockable front AND...
  16. dfkrug

    when is a "hydraulic cylinder" a "ram"?

    Well, some would say, never. And terminology does matter. I am prompted to write this after getting one of those emails from our hydraulics guru from Down Under, Bendan Casey. In it, he equates a "ram" to a "displacement cylinder", or a cylinder without a piston seal. Some folks call any...
  17. dfkrug

    Ms Blue at the World Ag Expo, Tulare, CA FEB14

    Lots of new blue tractors on display at the World Ag Expo last week. It was in the mid-70s, too.
  18. dfkrug

    a homemade utility vehicle with hydraulic dump

    Well, not completely homemade; I started with a Suzuki Samurai. Moving dirt around with your tractor, one loader bite at a time can be pretty inefficient and frustrating, esp when you need to move the dirt more than 100 feet or so. 500 feet, and you REALLY want a dumptruck. So.....I have...
  19. dfkrug

    Kioti parking brake failure...has this happened to you?

    Last week, I noticed that my parking brake would no longer stay in one of the 2 positions I use. The more-on position, which I use on slopes, was kaput. The other position, which I use on level ground (not that I have much) still worked. Anyway, the PB is very important, so I popped off the...
  20. dfkrug

    powering a hydraulic chainsaw off your tractor's hydraulic system

    ....or..."Hydraulic Chainsaws for Fun and Profit" A long time ago, I fantasized about building a boom-mounted chainsaw to connect to my loader. This would allow me to trim branches off trees from the seat of my tractor. The loader can already reach more than 8 feet high, and the boom I...
  21. dfkrug

    making a subframe for my 01 John Deere 4300 and Prairie Dog backhoe attachment

    Well, I recently finished another backhoe subframe. This may be my seventh or eighth? I lost count. This is for a 2001 John Deere 4300, and a new Prairie Dog 7.5, a Woods 7500 clone. I recently rebuilt this former rental tractor; the thread is here...
  22. dfkrug

    fixing a bent Bobcat 4-in-1 loader bucket

    I was taking some engines to the metal recycler last summer, and I decided to stop at the Sales side of the business to see what they had. It never ceases to amaze me what folks throw out, and this day was no exception. I found this 60-inch Bobcat QA 4-in-1 loader bucket, with a somewhat bent...
  23. dfkrug

    unloading your new tractor off the delivery truck without a loading dock

    My bro just picked up three sparkling new excavators from the Kubota plant in GA, and delivered them to a dealer in PA. What the.....?! No loading dock! This is how they unloaded these 9000+ pound babies.
  24. dfkrug

    repairing & replacing body panels and fuel door on my JD 4300

    This is another chapter in my refurbishment of a 2001 John Deere 4300, started here: Now I am ready to tackle the body. It needs a new hood and fuel door, which are missing, and I need to repair some of the...
  25. dfkrug

    Repairing a damaged and loose 420 loader on a JD 4300 tractor

    This thread will show the repair efforts I went through to fix a sloppy FEL on my 4300 ex-rental tractor. This is a chapter in my refurbishment project on this tractor: This loader is the smaller of 2 OEM...
  26. dfkrug

    JD 4300: opening up the gearbox to repair broken PTO and range shift

    I am starting this as a new thread, but it is really just one chapter in my concurrent thread, 2001 John Deere 4300 HST tractor extensive repairs and refurbishment: This is my 2001 JD 4300, and I need to...
  27. dfkrug

    2001 John Deere 4300 HST tractor extensive repairs and refurbishment

    This is my second one of these 4300 ex-rental repair projects, and as I wind it up, I will be posting the process here. Unlike the last 4300 I did, I will start new threads for the different major repairs, and link them here. That way, a particular repair is not buried deeply in such a long...
  28. dfkrug

    eBay/Craigslist TC35 HST broken tractor for sale: $6500

    A tractor recently came up for sale at a dealer in N. CA. It's a 2001 with HST, 4x4, and loader. The MFWD is broken, but the engine runs and the tractor moves in 2WD. I have been looking for a few years for just this kind of project, an HST NH CUT needing repair. I want to dissect a blue...
  29. dfkrug

    Tiller Does everyone use shear bolt or slip clutch drive shafts with their rototillers?

    I am fixing up some JD 550 3-point rototillers and I need to buy new drive shafts. I notice that lots of units out there do not use shear bolt or slip clutch protection. I don't do any rototilling with my tractor. Those who do: do you use protection? If not, what happens when you pinch rocks?
  30. dfkrug

    practical hydraulics: 8 common mistakes hyd users make and how to avoid them

    Here is a good article that may interest a few tractor folks: Brendan Casey has published numerous useful articles on the practical application, maintenance, and repair of hydraulic systems. His subject...
  31. dfkrug

    Tractor News Interesting Shibaura engine plate on new T1530

    I saw this plate on a new economy compact at the New Holland exhibit at the recent WorldAgExpo. It's a Shibaura 2.2 engine on a T1530. It says it is compliant with the newest CARB standards for off-road Diesels for 2010. For 7 years or 5000 hours anyway. I wonder what happens then..... NH...
  32. dfkrug

    24-ft manlift implement for my loader

    I have wanted to build one of these for a long time, and at last I have completed it. I have already used it to trim some of my many trees, and to lift and attach the last pieces of metal roofing to my new wood shed. I have created a video of the new manlift in operation.....the link is at the...
  33. dfkrug

    how to build your own custom backhoe subframe

    Not many tractor owners are willing to go thru the process of making a custom subframe to mount a backhoe attachment securely to their tractor. I want to encourage anyonewho is reasonably handy to consider doing is very rewarding, and you can endup with a TLB setup that comes...
  34. dfkrug

    how to ruin a very nice tractor/loader/backhoe

    I saw this video on Youtube, and it is not for the faint-of-heart. I don't know how long it will be posted, since it is a Kioti CK30 sold by a dealer. I only happened across this video because it came up on the "related video" teaser list while posting a video of my own CK30. I was not so much...
  35. dfkrug

    I have a Bobcat coupon for anyone about to buy.....

    Anyone about to buy a new Bobcat CUT? I have a coupon I will send you, but it must be used before July 31, 2010. This will give you $250 off the price you negotiate. I will get a coupon for implements sent to me after you buy. First-come-first-serve. When it is gone, I will post.
  36. dfkrug

    How to increase HST relief pressure on a CK30

    This thread has resurrected an issue I have with my Kioti's HST and HSTs in general: This issue was talked about in other threads over the years, including this one...
  37. dfkrug

    annular cutters: a better way to drill big holes in thick steel

    For you non-professional steel fabricators out there, here is the latest method I use for drilling holes between 1/2" and 1 1/16" in steel plate, up to 5/8" thick. A lot has been written on TBN over the years about holes, but this is a surprisingly economical way to go. I expected to see more...
  38. dfkrug

    adding hydraulic tilt to a 4-in-1 bucket

    Years ago, I helped to install a 4-in-1 bucket on a Kubota L2550DT. This is a Construction Attachments unit, and it is HEAVY. It easily eats up half of the lifting capacity of the BF400G loader. When I tried it out, I was less than enthusiastic about 4-in-1s on these older tractors. I have...
  39. dfkrug

    new Bobcat CT230 for sale

    This is a brand new Bobcat CT230 compact tractor w/ 30hp Diesel engine, 4WD, Hydrostatic transmission, Power steering, tilt steering wheel, foldable rollover protection, 540RPM PTO, and front end loader with joystick control. The total weight, with loader (no other implements) is approx 4000...
  40. dfkrug

    TIG welding a broken Ford 9N

    I got my first TIG welding lesson a couple of weeks ago. A friend was nice enough to give me some hands-on exposure and guidance with his welder. Anyway, here is a project he just finished. It is the instrument panel and brake/clutch pedal shaft support. I am surprised to find that is is...
  41. dfkrug

    page(s) missing from my Kioti CK30 shop manual

    I bought the Workshop manual (rev DEC 2004) when I bought my tractor back in 05. It covers the CK25/CK30. I am about to open up the 3-pt cylinder housing on my Bobcat CT230 and I notice that Chapter 9 (Hydraulics) ends with page 9-54. There seems to be some areas about the position control...
  42. dfkrug

    skidding a REALLY big log

    This douglas fir tree fell last Sunday, due to wind, and a weakened root system. It was lying across my private road, very close to my neighbor's house. The tree was 41" in diameter at chest height, and about 110 feet long. The slope is about 90%, and our county road is downhill, about 100...
  43. dfkrug

    3-Point Hitch 3-point lift problem on new tractor

    I have searched the archives and not found my answer. I just got a new Bobcat CT230, which is the same machine as my Kioti CK30, which I have used for years. I was testing out the new machine with a box blade, and I noticed that the 3-pt hitch initially would raise the BB up pretty high...
  44. dfkrug

    System hyd pressure relief valve for CK30

    Anyone know where the system pressure relief valve is located for the Daedong M27 tractors? My CK30 service manual shows it in a diagram (called a safety valve), but not where it is located. There is nothing obvious on the gearbox or three point cylinder housing. I want to lower the pressure...
  45. dfkrug

    why you have to check those hyd pressures on a new tractor

    Just got another new tractor. As is my habit with any piece of equipment I get, I thoroughly checked it out. I found one FEL bolt that was barely started and a hydraulic pressure test that showed 3000psi at the loader! This means that either the FEL relief valve is at 3000 and the system RV...
  46. dfkrug

    Bobcat CT230 and Kioti CK30 side-by-side comparo

    Just received my new CT230. I still can hardly believe the price.... Under $12.5K for tractor, including bobtach 7TL FEL, AG tires, and single AUX remote valve. Delivered, including 9% sales tax. That is considerably less than I paid for my 2005 CK30 with more expensive R4 tires and no QA FEL...
  47. dfkrug

    help ID this mysterious John Deere part

    As I am about to button up the top of my JD 4300, I still have a mysterious part that I found in the bottom of my main gearbox/ final drive housing. It was just lying in the oil sump. Does anyone in the vast collective TBN knowledge base have any idea what this is?
  48. dfkrug

    converting a 3-pt concrete mixer from PTO to hydraulic drive

    Over the next few days, I will be posting the process I went through to convert my Mixer80 3-pt concrete mixer from PTO drive to hydraulic drive. I am posting this in the Hydraulics forum because it illustrates what's involved in the conversion of potentially ANY PTO-driven implement. First...
  49. dfkrug

    mounting & dismounting your own tractor tires

    Any one out there mount and dismount your own tires? I know some have purchased the Harbor Fright tire changer. I bought mine years ago, and as with some other HF tools, it works, but you need to modify it a bit.... First, you have to mount it onto something that won't move around with the...
  50. dfkrug

    Bobcat compact tractor promo prices

    Here is the deal that Bobcat is offerring until the end of next month. I don't know why they are offering such a deal on the CT230, and this dealer document implies that not all Bobcat dealers get this deal. This dealer is all over the west coast. The CT230 deal is below cost, according to my...