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    DIY tree shear

    I've had this 4" x 14" stroke cylinder kicking around for 10 years. I got to looking at tree shears online and decided since I already have front remote, why not? LOL I was gifted a piece of cutting edge from the local highway dept. which I used for the blade. A little work with the plasma...
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    I'm going to build a 3 point log grapple, I have never really seen one up close so I don't know how the geometry is for opening and closing. Anyone build one or have a schematic of one? I have searched but have come up empty handed. Just the open/close part I need help with. Thanks It will be...
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    Logging winch build

    I picked up a Braden style winch last year and finally got around to putting it to use. It's worm gear drive, was driven by a hydraulic motor but that was seized up so I scrapped it and decided to run it directly from the PTO The winch and the pump both had 15 tooth sprockets, I used a 25 tooth...
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    Quick question

    a I have a Kubota L2501. I bought a hydraulic winch the other day which I am planning another logging winch build, I would like to test the winch so I came up with the idea of disconnecting the two quick connects for the loader curl function and using them to test the winch. Would this work long...
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    2x6 hydraulic cylinders

    Figured I would ask here as I use them in building grapples, anyone got a good reliable and reasonable place to buy hydraulic cylinders in the 2: bore, 6" stroke tierod cylinders? TYIA
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    How to make a sprocket stronger, side loading wise

    I am contemplating building another 3pt logging winch. One of the issues with the last one was that when I pushed the clutch into the sprocket there was flex and thus didn't have the best grab I could have, the drum also had flex. The sprocket will be a #50 roller chain 60 tooth, it's about 3/8"...
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    quick attach for a bx2360 question

    Looking to convert a Kubota BX2360 to skid steer quick attach. I have searched but not sure what terms to use? The loader has 3 cylinders instead of 4. Thank you
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    JD quick tach?

    I have to build a grapple for a JD, I don't know anything about the JD attachment set up other than I bought a kit. John Deere Quick Attach Bracket 1/2" 200 300 400 500 Loader Bucket Hooks Pins | eBay The information I'm looking for is height and width of the pins and hooks. Thanks in advance...
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    Kioti ck20 question

    I have someone that wants to add a third function valve to their CK20 First question is, are they open center systems? Second question, has anyone done it and if so what kit or parts did you use? Thank you in advance, Dave For the record I know nothing about Kioti tractors but have a good...
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    Question on strength vs looks

    Or does it matter? I am building some 48" grapples and the design I came up with has the lower rectangular tube coming through the end tines as seen in the pic. My thinking was that this is where a lot of force gets placed. Now that it's welded up I'm thinking to redesign the piece and remove...
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    cad drawing...looking to have some done

    I'm looking to have some parts drawn so I can have them cut on a cnc plasma table. Anyone have time to do them for me? I will pay you for your time. The parts aren't anything too complicated. If interested you can either PM me here or email me drop the 123...
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    Grapple #2

    Built this for a friend of mine. This one I built out of 3/8 steel, 6" stroke x 2" bore cylinder even the tubing is 3/8 wall. It should serve him for many years.
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    Adding a subplate to a 12v power pack?

    How difficult or should I say how easy is it to add a sub plate to my existing power pack to add another function? Right now it's power up, gravity down, I would like to add a power out, power in for my crane on my dump trailer. Mine is along this lines, I can get actual specs if needed but it's...
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    Lightweight root rake grapple for Kubota L2501

    I had purchased a used grapple that turned out to be way to heavy for my tractor in my opinion. It was heavy! I decided to build a root rake grapple of sorts, a project that I had been wanting to do anyway. I started with a 1/4" quick attach plate which I happened to have, some 1/4" sheet which...
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    BSPP question

    I'm getting ready to order the 4-6 spool valve for my crane and Ebay has some that are lower cost but use the BSPP fitting, is it worth it to buy the valve and then buy a bunch of adapters (can be had for a couple bucks each)? Or just bite the bullet and buy one for 3 times more money that is...
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    Using small flywheel with ring gear and a starter motor as a slew gear?

    Anybody have any experience with slew gears? I'm building a crane on my dump trailer and am trying to figure out how to make it rotate. I was going to use a chain and sprockets with a hydraulic motor but not sure if I can find one slow enough and powerful enough to swing 400 lbs about 10' out...
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    Sizing a gear pump for project

    As some of you know I am building a dump trailer that will have a crane mounted on the tongue. I need help picking out a pump to order. 6.5 hp gas motor. Here is a list of what is going to be on the pump: dump cylinder, 5" bore, 30" stroke two- 2" bore, 41" stroke cylinders for telescopic boom...
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    Let's talk third function on the cheap...

    My last Kubota L2850 had a third function but it was an actual valve mounted on the fender, it looked to be a factory deal as it had orange mount and all. I really want a third function on my new Kubota L2501 but don't want to spend all that money for the electric solenoid kit. I can buy a valve...
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    Hydraulic motor education needed..

    for turning a mast. I am building a crane of sorts for the front of my dump trailer and would like to have power swing. My thought is a ring gear and pinion with the pinion being driven by a low rpm high torque hydraulic motor. Here is the smallest volume one I found at SC .5 cu in Char-Lynn...
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    Bigger hose at pump ?

    I have a 12v hydraulic pack I am using on a new dump trailer I built, the pump only has a 1/4" port and the cylinder is 5" bore with 3/4" ports. The power pack is for a single acting cylinder. Power up, gravity down. My question is: if I step up the size of the hose connection to say 1/2" coming...
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    10K dump trailer build

    I had a long post but for whatever reason it disappeared before I could post it! I am in the process of building a new dump trailer, it will be 6'-6" wide and 12' long with a longer than usual tongue to have a knuckle boom crane on it. The main frame is 6" C-channel and the body will be 4"...
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    Log loader build, need some help/ideas/suggestions

    I have ordered the steel for my new dump trailer build, it will be 6'-4" x 12' box with 2 extra feet in front of the box for a boom grapple. I searched but didn't really come up with anything. I'm trying to figure the best way to have it rotate. I will have a 6.5 hp hydraulic powered pump on...
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    L2501 extra light wires?

    Does my '19 L2501 have a spare wire for work lights on the ROPS? Thanks
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    Another DIY roof from old fiberglass topper shell

    I decided I wanted a top for shade on my new L2501. Scoured the marketplace and found a fiberglass truck cap advertised for $50.00 Once I got there and was shootin the breeze with the owner we agreed on a price of $40.00 :) and he helped me load it in my truck. I then went about cutting it down...
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    DIY third function , is this the correct solenoid valve? If it is I will order it today along with the sub plate. subplate: 1 Station D3 Subplate Open Center | Subplates | Hydraulic Adapters & Fittings | Hydraulics | And any experience with this handle/control...
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    So I bought a new Kubota L2501 hst

    It isn't home yet, either today or tomorrow :) Loaded R4's with block heater and wheel spacers. I am very excited! The dealer said a day or so but had a delay in the shop so my tractor got pushed back, no big deal as I really don't need it yet anyway. I've been buying, using and selling a few...
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    Cold temps and tractors?

    Ok so as some of you know I'm pretty new to owning diesel equipment. I guess my main question is is it harmful to run the tractor in single digit weather? I'm assuming as long as you let it warm up some and work the hydraulics back and forth before using them. I typically can wait until the...
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    2850 value?

    Hey all, I have a great running L2850 4x4 with a Woods Loader and a Woods 7500 backhoe. (backhoe was just put on, it's a subframe unit, I have never dug with it) It has 2200 hrs on it. Where would I go to find an approximate value of it? In case it matters it's a shuttle shift with 2 stage...
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    Storing backhoe attachment for the winter?

    I have never owned a backhoe before, I want to take it off for the winter (sub frame mount) . What is the best position to leave it in for ease of taking it off and putting it back on. The backhoe in question is a Woods Groundbreaker 7500 on my Kubota L2850. Thanks and pics of yours stored would...
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    Decent quality grease gun?

    I'm not sure i this is the proper place to ask but I figured you all would know and I need a decent grease gun. All the ones I have bought over the years have all turned to crap in short order. Tractor supply has a new battery one on sale but no one there knows anything about them. I have a...
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    3 point lower link pin removal...HAAALLPPP!

    OK, what's the secret to getting these buggers out? Lower Link Pin - 3 Point Hitch - L345DT - L345 Series - Kubota - Tractors I have an older (89) Kubota L2850 and I need to get the 3 point arms off to install my backhoe. Thanks for any advice and/or words of
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    1260 engine knock?

    Hi all. There is a 1260 near me for sale, 4x4 with loader, 1900 hrs overall decent shape. The problem is it has what appears to be a bad rod knock :( From the info on Tractor Data it has the Iseki 3 cyl diesel. I have no experience with the internals of a diesel engine. That being said, how...
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    New to me Woods Groundbreaker 7500 backhoe

    I was perusing the FB Marketplace the other night and this thing caught my eye. As I read on it said it came off a Kubota L2850 (score!) I asked if he had all the mounting brackets and he said yes. It was 2 1/2 hrs away and when I got there today I found it's missing two smaller brackets but...
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    Question about quick attach spring loaded pins

    How far are they supposed to go into the slot? I am not familiar with them. I bought cheap Titan latch boxes and I'm not sure if they are the wrong size pins or if they are going to wear in over time. I can make the slot a little wider with the plasma cutter if I have to. It's the same whether...
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    Converting my pin on loader to a skid steer quick attach system

    And so it begins, I finally got around to ordering some pieces to convert my pin on loader to skid steer quick attach system. The first part of the puzzle arrived today I have ordered two attaching plates as well, they should be here sometime this week. I ordered the Sunday night and they came...
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    Lull boom cylinder removal safely? Holding valves?

    I hope someone can offer some advice. I am going to be the new owner of an older LULL 644 telehandler. The main boom cylinder (inside the boom) is leaking at the rod end. I'm trying to get my ducks in a row for when I get it delivered as what to expect to pull it. I have been researching and...
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    Welded John Deere steering cylinder repair

    So I borrowed a JD with a backhoe to do some work around the house. The bolt that holds the rod to the piston backed out. Apparently it had done it before :eek: Holiday weekend, no place to buy a cylinder so I suggested he let me cut it apart and see if I could fix it. I ground the weld off...
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    Tractor roof from truck tonneau cover.

    So my buddy got me to thinking I need a roof on my tractor. I found a fiberglass tonneau cover off a Chevy Colorado for $75 bucks n CL. The guy either mis read his tape measure or measured something else. He had the length right at 66" but the width he told me was 54" which I figured I could...
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    Rustoleum implement paint mix ratio?

    I picked up a quart of Rustoleum implement paint today and some paint thinner. The can has no directions on it. I saw a youtube video where the guy did five parts paint, two parts acetone and .33 part hardener. I have never heard of using acetone for a thinner. What say you all? Thanks
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    building the quick attach adapter, who's done it?

    My Kubota L2850 doesn't have quick attach bucket and I want to add it. I found these latch pin assemblies Skid Steer Quick Tach Conversion Adapter Latch Box Weld On QTK 793573218735 | eBay . I would have to cut the pin brackets off the bucket and re use them along with some plate. Then I will...
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    Not taking grease,how to resolve?

    I decided to grease the Kubota 2850 loader this afternoon, wouldn't you know the very first zerk I hooked the grease gun to would not take grease, just built up pressure and I had all I could do to get the tip off the zerk. This it the top of the lift cylinder and it's doing the same thing on...
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    DIY thumb for tractor bucket

    Well I dragged a fail amount of trees out with my winch and now it's time to cut them into firewood pieces (24") and I have a bad back! Luckily for me the Kubota I just bought had a third remote in the rear with dual quick connects (I have no idea why, they were on a tee) . It also came with a...
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    Lines added for front grapple thumb on bucket

    I decided to build a thumb for my bucket. It's all scrap and re purposed bits I had lying in the shop, nothing fancy. Then I had to plumb it. I had thought about adding a third valve at the loader valve but since I already have rear remotes with it's own valve and tee's at the quick connects in...
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    Add a valve for bucket thumb, woods loader

    I am building a thumb for the bucket on my Kubota , it has a Woods loader. The joy stick has a power beyond port so my question is: I know to add the valve I need a valve, a short male to male nipple and I need the two hoses for my thumb, do I just take the "out" line off the joy stick and plug...
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    L2850 not charging

    I have what I believe to be a '88 Kubota L2850. It runs great, has a brand new battery. I just bought it and had the battery go dead after a week or so. No big deal I thought, I figured maybe the guy I bought it from didn't charge it fully after installing the new battery. I tightened both...
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    '88 2850 shuttle shift PTO engagement procedure?

    As some of you know I just picked up an older L2850, as near as I can figure by the serial # it looks to be a '88. Anyway, to be blunt, I am not that experienced in tractor operations, I had a Massey Ferguson 1540 but the PTO on that was a button (electric). Someone here linked me to the owners...
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    Simple but effective winch for tractor

    Treuil forestier avec une boite à vitesse de 2cv citroen - YouTube
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    What size root grapple for my 2850?

    Like the title says, I have a 60" bucket and I am thinking that would be a good size grapple. Or I could go to a 66" Thanks David
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    Turf tires to r4's , need some help

    Hi all. I just bought a Kubota L2850 and it came with turf tires (I like them around the yard) but, I would like some R4's. The turf tires are: rears 355/80-20 and the fronts are 212/80-15. I don't know how that converts to the sizes I am finding in the R4's. Is it possible to put R4's on the...
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    New to me Kubota L2850

    I drank the orange koolaid Sunday :) I need advice on what oil and filter to use to change the oil. It looks pretty black but I'm not sure if that's a diesel thing or it's just dirty. I'm going to change it anyway then I'll know. Any idea on how much oil I'll need. He gave me a new air filter...