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    Always carry a valid spare tire and tools to change it.

    Something to make tire changing easier. I replaced all my open end lug nuts with acorn style closed end nuts . lug bolts stay cleaner and rust free.
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    Always carry a valid spare tire and tools to change it.

    My big trailers (24 and 32 ft goosenecks) I have two spare tires on each trailer. Cordless impact, 4 way, bottle jack and tire ramp In tow truck. Had too many flats and then had to buy replacement tire away from home $$$$$. Im 66 years old with lots of trailer pulling miles. Also have 12volt...
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    Chain Storage Ideas Wanted

    I use the 3” capped pvc pipe bolted to the FEL upright to store my chains.
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    Welding with 4000watt generator

    It’s worth it, after Hurricane Rita I had to make that adapter up to repair my tractor box blade. Since then I’ve bought and engine powered welder and a adapter Just in case I need to run my MiG welder
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    Long model 1537 tiller

    This is the only parts list I have found for Long/Baltic tillers
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    Long model 1537 tiller

    According to my parts list Bevel gear with curvedteeth see pos. 42 Part# 1500/20-004/0 starting point for search, I rebuilt mine with seals and bearings from all over Europe. Not expensive but slow delivery. Good luck they are almost stump...
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    Off-loading material from a flatbed trailer

    That crank system won’t work on my trailer… the bed is too low to allow for the rotation of the handle… bummer… instead of a handle install a large nut on the end of the roll up pipe and use a 3/4 harbor freight ratchet. I took the handle off my gooseneck horse trailer and put a 1-1/4 nut on...
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    Rops and fops are overrated!

    I built my canopy for widow makers and limbs slapping me in the face while brushogging fence rows And pastures. the top is 2x2 x1/4 angle frame with 1/8 steel plate top
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    Anyone have a portable fuel tank for carrying to jobsites/fields etc?

    I use the wheeled fuel caddy also , first thing I did before putting any fuel in it was weld on some lifting rings. I set in on/off trailer or in my truck bed with the lift rings. It works perfectly strapped in the front corner of my 24 ft gooseneck trailer...
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    To fix a mud hole!

    I had one of those, old timer told me only way to fill in a wet mud hole was line it with hay flakes from a square hay bales then immediately cover with Sandy 60/40. 20 years later it’s still dry and hard.
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    Hydraulic issue

    Do not discount the quick disconnects, I bought 4 sets and 3 of the 4 were bad. Drove me crazy for a few weeks till I took all quick connects out of the system and directly screwed the fittings together and slowly replaced the quick connects one set at a time.
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    Plugging in generator to your house dangerous?

    If you look at it as an extension cord, the male plug goes into the power source (generator) and the protected end (female) plugs onto a semi protected male plug inside my transfer switch box. The male plug in the transfer switch does not have power on its prong’s until properly plugged into the...
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    need crosover chart or something to be able to cross my kioti cx to something else.

    Kioti lists cx2510
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    NH 1920 Two-speed PTO option: How can I tell if my tractor has this?

    My International harvester 254 (25 hp) has a two speed Pto. You have to take a plate off at the Pto lever and flip it over so the pto lever will go the other way.
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    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    I only have a towable backhoe so my personal opinion is if the 580 is in good mechanical shape I would build or buy a narrow bucket and thumb for the 580. you could rent a tractor loader backhoe in the same size as your current tractor for a few days and try it out before selling your big backhoe.
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    Mehindra diesel hard starting

    My wife’s 1538 Mahindra was doing the exact same thing. The intake preheat worked . I finally saw a diesel drip from the fuel filter at the water sensor replaced filter and sensor . It now starts like new. It was just a drip but it took a bit of cranking before fuel system would pressure back up...
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    Generator wiring

    I have a (side load) generator panel that has 6 circuits that I power with a 7500 watt dual fuel portable generator .each breaker has 3 positions Line -from JNEC Off- Off to work on circuit Gen- Power from generator This is wired into main breaker box so that no power will ever back feed...
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    Thoughts On Lining Up Bucket to Front End Loader

    I can lean out to the right and line up my implements easily.
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    Mahindra 1538 Hard to start

    You didn’t read the whole story. I fixed the problem I was just putting information out there for other owners for their use if needed. The last sentence said everything works now. But your suggestion is a good one I had already checked my preheat system.
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    OBD2 code reader for tractors

    My automotive code reader works on my 1538 Mahindra ; it just only reads a few of the available information points. I was just hoping someone had stumbled across the magic reader for off road engines that wasn’t thousands of dollars. I also have a older tractor the only thing electrical is the...
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    OBD2 code reader for tractors

    I have a cheap OBD2 reader for my diy projects. It works great on my normal vehicles and even reads several items on my Mahindra 1538 rpm,temps, load percentage ect. My question is has anyone found a decently price code reader for off road engines. I’ve done my normal research and found several...
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    Mahindra 1538 Hard to start

    My wife has a 1538 Mahindra which has been getting hard to start, as in starter running for long time before engine runs. I first thought it was preheat but ruled that out with test meter. I saw a diesel drip and the fuel gauge graph was flashing. I tried the primer pump one morning on a cold...
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    Kubota KX033-4 Thumb will not retract

    Reverse the lines ,this will check if it’s fittings or valve or cylinder
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    Anyone added electric start to Honda 5.5HP pull start?

    Some do some do not. You have to read the enclosed items or pictures. Mine did not come with instructions but you tube and several web sites can help. Hardest part was getting old flywheel off.
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    Anyone added electric start to Honda 5.5HP pull start?

    It was a complete bolt on kit. Was easy and included all the parts. I bought mine on eBay.
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    Anyone added electric start to Honda 5.5HP pull start?

    I have added a electric start kit like that to a Chinese Honda clone 9hp . Works great
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    Flat fixers, Slime vs Fix-a-Flat vs others.

    The plugger works without taking tire off the rim, especially useful for liquid filled tires. It’s a quick and sometimes permanent fix. If not permanent it will slow the leak down considerably giving you enough time to get back to the barn.
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    Flat fixers, Slime vs Fix-a-Flat vs others.

    I usually put tubes in. But a another way is this I bought it to carry on my...
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    Restricting the top link… advice?

    I use the 1/16 I also have some that are jic to jic I found them on eBay a while ago. All my hoses are 1/4: my tractor max flow is 7.5 gpm so 1/4 is fine for everything and cheaper.
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    Grapple on 3pt....

    I use my post puller on my 3 point to pull up small trees. We have two tractors but only one has FEL. I bought 3point to quick attach adapter and use the grapple on the smaller tractor as a nimble brush mover.
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    Restricting the top link… advice?

    You mean like this. Apache 39004277 Hydraulic Adapter Steel 3/8" D X 3/8" D I have used a few to slow down my hydraulic swivel on my 3 point straight blade And to slow top link travel.
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    L3400 4-wheel drive I want to change front tires from R4 to R14

    I found this on titan r14 tires
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    Stump Removal

    Dug out large tallow tree stump today. My old Towable backhoe surprised me, chaining it off to my 254 international with 6 foot straight blade increased it’s holding power. The 1538 Mahindra was just barely able to pickup and carry the stump and only after rolling it around a few times to get...
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    Where to find Ford Backhoe 'Slim line' hydraulic fitting wrenches

    Also called hydraulic wrench’s or service wrenchs
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    Anybody know who made this 6’ Tiller with Front Wheels?

    No mine is different but the basic build is like Baltic. My gear box looks like the rear end of a truck and runs in the dirt. That’s why most gear boxes have bad front seals and bearings everything else is built like a tank. They raised the gearbox on their newer models. I was just giving you a...
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    Air conditioner woes

    Washed the condenser out while I had the top off to replace the fan.
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    Anybody know who made this 6’ Tiller with Front Wheels?

    It looks like a Baltic brand tiller sold by Long tractors in USA. Tines are available and parts are available by original parts suppliers. Bearings,seals etc. I have a all 5’ gear drive tail dragger model, the gear case actually runs in the ground with the tine drive shafts coming straight out...
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    Air conditioner woes

    It’s direct drive. The squeal was the bushings on startup. Electric motors are amazing sometimes if their under a light load and never stop they can run for years with bad bushings/bearings they interally levitate like a magnetic train. But will not restart once stop.
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    Air conditioner woes

    I just replace my condenser fan and capacitor also. Amazon $175, luckily I had heard it squeal on startup a few days before it went out completely so I ordered one and replaced it when the new one arrived.
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    Where can I get weld plates for SSQA attachments that fall off?

    I have had to tweak about 1/2 of my quick attachments to make them more secure or even to latch. Enlarged a few holes with 1/4 die grinder and welded a few 3/8 flat bar pieces on some. I think the lighter weight loaders on some tractors twist just enough to cause these problems Vs the heavier...
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    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    Hurricane Rita had hurricane strength winds 111 miles inland. I live 48 miles inland from where eye came ashore, so 50 miles would not have got me out of the hurricane. I crazily rode out Rita will never do that again, category 1;2;3 stay category 4 and 5 leave. Plus as noted in Texas you have...
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    Need help replacing Terramite backhoe 2WD front spindles

    I was not trying to sell you a nearly new terramite, I was just listing different places that worked on them maybe you had missed, in case you wanted to check with them for the information you are seeking. I infer they handle terramites for a living so they would have information. Whether they...
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    Need help replacing Terramite backhoe 2WD front spindles

    Or here
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    Need help replacing Terramite backhoe 2WD front spindles they say they stock terramite parts. Would be a good starting point for information
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    Lighter weight log chains -- where to buy?

    I use these from ebay...
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    Your Yearly Cost of Tractor Ownership

    I keep things for a long time. Resell value is not something that even crosses my mind. IH tractor 40 years, Mahindra tractor 6 years ,oldest truck 20 years, new truck 7 years.We built our house with our own hands 42 years ago. We tend to keep things so resell value doesn’t compute for us Except...
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    Your Yearly Cost of Tractor Ownership

    I think to ability to do whatever is needed around your place anytime you want vs scheduling someone and then waiting is well worth the cost of tractor ownership. Even being retired I hate adhering to someone else’s time table to get mowing,fence repair dirt spreading etc. done. I have always...
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    DIY Canopy.

    Here’s mine I wanted a little more protection it’s all galvanized steel frame 1/4 thick top is 1/8 plate. Started out welding just the outside edge on the top it vibrated badly. I stitch welded everywhere ,no rattles now. Some one I worked with was killed cleaning up in 2005 after hurricane...
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    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    1965 mercury comet 3 on the tree in 1972
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    Male Half of the snowblower driveline stuck on PTO spline

    If it will move an inch you can get it off with patient applications of penetrants and moving it back and forth. Good Luck