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  1. MTGreen

    What to do with old gas/diesel?

    Inspired by a recent what to do with old antifreeze thread: I've purchased and restored a number of old basket-case machines that haven't run in years; and I always have a problem with what to do with the old fuel (gas or diesel). It's too old to run in any of my vehicles/equipment, and I'm not...
  2. MTGreen

    Maxxtuff Ropsrider -anyone have one?

    Anybody own one of these and have feedback? Looks useful if on the pricy side
  3. MTGreen

    I don't know how I got along for so long without a tractor...

    Amazing how versatile tractors are. Here's avoiding the purchase/rental of a rough terrain gantry crane to pull an inboard motor out of a 23' cuddy cabin boat with a 7' high transom
  4. MTGreen

    Universal remote 4 coupler ROPS mount ?

    Hello all, I'm adding 2 remotes on a compact tractor and went looking for a universal 4 hole coupler mounting bracket that mounts to the ROPS or can be modified to do so. I would think that such a thing would be a common item, but I'm not finding anything? I see a few 2 coupler mounts but I...
  5. MTGreen

    Cutting new road and flat pad through pasture

    I have a need to cut a new road around 1500' long and make a pad ~80' foot square in a mixed pasture/sagebrush area on a 2-4 degree slope (no trees in the way). The road runs generally across/along the slope. The dirt is a loam/clay mix which I would call mildly rocky. I have not cut a new road...
  6. MTGreen

    The "Ron Beer" lawnmower special

    Came across this and found it quite entertaining, thought I'd share: What I want to know is if the entire rear weight is on the gauge wheels of the MMM?
  7. MTGreen

    Looking for input on fiberglass canopy brands

    I'm in the market for a fiberglass canopy with ROPS attachment kit for my Ford 1720. I had good luck with Thunderbird out of Arizona years ago for a different machine -good quality and knowledgeable salespeople. However, they have been having some extended lead times right now so I would like...
  8. MTGreen

    Yanmar 3TNE84 rebuild kit

    I have a Yanmar 3TNE84 3 cylinder diesel generator motor that is getting tired after a former life of many thousands of hours in a turf mower. I don't know exactly how many hours as the hour meter was broken long before I pulled the motor, but it's seeping oil from a number of places & doesn't...
  9. MTGreen

    Kubota B4690 3pt Backhoe made by Woods?

    I have an early model Kubota B4690 3pt backhoe. This is not the BL4690a/b later model. The placard says made in the USA, the bucket placard says made in the USA by Woods, and all of the hardware is SAE. Does anyone happen to know if the backhoe itself was also made by Woods and branded...
  10. MTGreen

    Besides weight brackets, what else attaches to the front support on a utility size 5000 series Deere?

    Besides weight brackets, are there any other factory attachments to the front support on a utility size 5000 series Deere? I'm wondering what the remaining torn off and bent bits could have been that were bolted on and subsequently torn off by the previous owner. It clearly wasn't a weight...
  11. MTGreen

    Looking for: Deere Progator mfwd front axle and driveshaft

    Looking for Deere Progator mfwd front axle and driveshaft assembly. Preferably in the western US. Any model 2020, 2030, 2020a, 2030a will work. Thanks!
  12. MTGreen

    Trailer towing question class 6 truck without CDL

    Gvwr is gross vehicle weight which is max with no trailer versus gcwr which is gross combined max weight truck + trailer. My understanding was that per the feds you need a CDL if your gvwr is more than 26k or if the gvwr of your truck + the gvwr of your more than 10k trailer exceeds 26k (with...
  13. MTGreen

    Deere 5220 SynchShuttle no reverse

    I have a 2002 Deere 5220 mfwd straddle mount tractor with a synchshuttle transmission. I bought it running but with the clutch non-functional and an issue with the front hub. I have resolved both of those issues and the new clutch works fine. I am able to use all 3 ranges and all forward gears...