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  1. railbike4

    Snow Attachments looking for

    I found a MTD 40" single stage snow blower that i am in the process of mounting to my toro groundsmaster 52 front deck tractor...I found an old gravely 90 gear box.the problem is i can't find any info.on what is the optimum auger speed for the snow blower auger. i could do it the easy way and...
  2. railbike4

    any toro groundsmaster fans on here?

    I'm a proud 1980 groundsmaster 52 owner. still all original motor , in my eyes, one of the best brands ever made for mowing and now that i built a cab and snowplow. I'm amazed how well it stays together.I'm brutal on equipment
  3. railbike4

    New to the forum

    pto shaft rpm .can't on toro grounds master 52? wanting to fab a snowblower on it but i can't find the speed in manuals.
  4. railbike4

    New to the forum

    Was glad to find a place for builders an fabricators of interesting tractors. I'm finishing up my last project tractor ,a toro grandmaster52 . Built an enclosed cab an fabd up a snowblade detachable gathering box . all controls are in the cab. Running 4wlr tires and redrilled rims. Came up with...