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    Massey Ferguson 1533 seat

    Has anyone purchased an aftermarket seat for a 1533? its a 2007 model I just bought one and the seat is toast from sitting outside all the springs are broken and the foam is disintegrating. I talked to a dealer and they are $360 for a new one but I see lots of seats on eBay etc and thought I...
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    Cub 7274 broken again

    A real beautiful day here in Niagara 80* and cloudless I was removing some old fence posts and gates and was down to my last post to remove and as I was driving towards its my front tire kicked up an old steel post which I didnt see and it became wedged against my hydraulic filter in the rear...
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    Oil & Fuel Cub 7274 No Fuel

    1st post about an old Cub I have owned since new May/96 Ran fine for 45 mins.shut it off & it would not start seems to be a fuel delivery problem so with 1056 hours on it and no problems since new except for the relay fix which many people have used on this form and the other one- from me-glad I...