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    Super dry fill, Impending rain and extra compaction

    DISCLAIMER: I understand I am over thinking this. So as most of you know I am filling in a small area in my mothers back yard to build a shed. The area is about 20x30 and it goes from 0" deep to about 14" from 2 sides to the back corner. The back corner is blocked in by a RR tie retaining...
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    What would you do about this issue?

    I have a clump of trees growing next to a retaining wall and it seems the roots have compromised the wall. It is not good! It is a pretty substantial compromise. I am a bit upset about this because I like the privacy this clump of trees provides from people coming down the street, but I...
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    How to make Railroad ties last longer?

    I am filling in a little area in my mom's backyard to build her a shed. To accomplish this I had to create a 2 high railroad tie retaining wall to hold back the dirt on the low end. What have y'all found help the longevity of railroad ties? I am not looking to spend a bunch of time on this...
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    Help me save money on an addition.

    So we are starting the process of putting an addition on our house. By starting the process i mean preliminary plans, drawings, wish lists, etc. We hope to get the ball rolling and actually break ground late spring. The plan is to basically extending the side profile of the house out 20-25...
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    58" Tiller on a L2501?

    What says ye? Can it handle it?
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    Tar River?

    I have a friend in the market for a tiller. She ahs hit on this Tar River tiller for $1575 for 48"er. Certainly it is a rebranded Chinese manufactured tiller. Anyone know anything about this brand...
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    Ash Trees Dying

    I have a handful of ash trees on my property. I noticed over the last couple of weeks they don't look so good. I wonder if I have Emerald Ash Borers killing them off. This has just happened over the last year I'd say. I had a nice sized Ash that is looking a little pitiful and a few smaller...
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    Large Garden Plot from Pasture: Take 2

    So I started a thread with a similar title a couple of months ago and in true TBN fashion it went sideways and the negative Nancys started telling me how stupid I was for doing a garden and hour away. I got so fed up with reading this I just gave up on the post. I guess it is partly my fault...
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    Check out this machine!

    Saw this on FB Marketplace. Plow up front, with a log splitter and shaker box on back. Here is what the guy wrote about it. "It's a ditch with that has been made into a 4 ft plow , shaker box and wood splitter it all time 4x4 with a 2 cylinder Wisconsin engine 4 speed with reverse runs and...
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    Goat Recipes

    I really enjoy eating goat, but I have never really made it for myself. I have mostly eaten it during my travels in places that eat goat. I would love to raise some goat, but I don't have time for that at the moment. I have a friend that goat some goats to clean out some land for him and he...
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    Reviews on Ozone Generators

    My shipping container has a gasoline smell in it from a leaking 4 wheeler that used to live in there. Doesn't bother me much but my wife dislikes staying in our little cabin on one side of the container due to the smell. I would like to get rid of the smell. Ozone generators are rumored to...
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    To grease or not to grease, that is the question!

    I just got a used tree puller and there are no grease fittings on it. The 2 pivots for the hydraulic cylinder are kind of open and I could see lots of dust and dirt getting in there. The larger pivot for the jaw is a bit more closed and protected. My question is should I still grease the 3...
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    HELP!! I don't speak Hydraulicese

    I am trying to switch over the hydraulic fittings on this tree puller from Flat faces to pioneer type. The flat face fittings are 1/2" bsp and the pioneer type I bought at TSC and they are 1/2" NPT. The hoses on the puller are a smaller compression fitting. HELP!! How do I make this work? I...
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    Quality of Hydraulic Fittings

    I just bought a used tree puller and I need to replace the flat faced fittings with Pioneer ball type to match the system on my tractor. Looking online I can get a set of 2 from Amazon for the same price I can go to Tractor Supply and buy one set. Do you think there is a great deal of...
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    Using a used hydraulic implement

    I am about to buy a used tree puller. Is there anything I should be worried about in using this on my hydraulic system for the first time? It looks to be on the new side, as does the guys newish looking Kubota. I am probably over thinking this... right?
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    Tractor Shutter upon bush hog start up

    I use an old beat up 5' bush hog a friend gave me. When I start the PTO while the bush hog is attatched it gives a pretty good shutter that translates into the tractor. It is not an ultra violent or worrisome shutter but it is significant. Seem like that would be a normal occurrence...
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    New to me Toro 44" Proline Hydro

    I HATE MOWING THE LAWN!! My lawn isn't huge but it is pretty big. Because of this I have been in the market for a more capable lawn mower. Zero turn or riding won't work because I have some steep spots. I knew it had to be a walk behind and I wanted a sulky. Found it yesterday: Not much...
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    Large Garden Plot from Pasture

    It is too late for this year, but I want to plan on a large ~100x50 garden plot for next year. My little backyard garden is not enough to put up any veggies for the winter and that is what I am striving to work towards. The area where this is going to happen is a hay field that my friend's own...
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    Lead Contamination at Shooting Ranges

    This is a question for those of you that have shooting ranges on your property. Do you worry about lead contamination? Have you done anything to mitigate movement of lead into surrounding areas? Would you be more concerned if this was an area that stay pretty wet and swampy over much of the...
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    Yamaha TerraPro - Cool!

    Never seen or heard of one of these. Pretty neat. Looks like it is an ATV with a PTO, comes with a bushhog, mower and sprayer.
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    Sad and Tragic Recovery Accident in AZ.

    Sad truck recovery accident out of Arizona. Sad becuase the guy died, but also sad because his 3 kids were sitting in the back seat as a 30 lb. drop hitch came through the window and killed him. Could have been avoided, putting this here to remind us to not make a similar mistake.
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    Used Bobcat 5600 on Marketplace

    This clapped out 5600 is $26,500 on marketplace. How much are these things new? I mean I think they seem VERY useful, but dang!
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    What to use Carry-All for (other than carry-all)

    I bought a 3 point Carryall for my tractor way back when I got the tractor. I might have used the thing 2 or 3 times and that was years ago. Has anyone modified their carryall into something other than a carryall? Something more useful? If I cannot modify it into something more useful I...
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    Tight UTV 12V System

    Just got done wiring up my new to me Ranger and adding some new stuff. Feels good to have a nice tight well designed 12V system. It wasn't in awful shope when I got it, but it had a winch, stereo and a small LED light bar wired in without a fuse box or ignition relay, so I fixed that. Also I...
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    To fix a mud hole!

    This mud hole has existed for the entire 4 years I have owned this property. I have made half assed attempts to make it better by throwing bricks and cinderblock pieces in the tire tracks and when I am running through it once or twice a month with my tractor it hasn't been that much of an...
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    Need help from a pour pro

    How do you pour from those 1 gallon rectangular metal jugs that Coleman white gas comes in without spilling a couple ounces worth everytime? DiSCUSS!
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    UTV Hours

    What do you consider to be high hours on a UTV?
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    SO READY to spring on a UTV - Trying to decide gas or diesel, HELP!!

    I am ready to spring on a UTV and I am trying to decide between diesel and gas. 80% work vehicle with maybe a hunting trip or 2 per year. Unfortunately, the Kubota options are out of my price range. Well into the $12-$15K range used The only main accessories I am looking for are a roof and...
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    Tractor Forestry Mulcher - Any good?

    Saw this on FB marketplace. It is a forestry mulcher with its own engine. Has anyone used one of these? Are they any good? It kind of looks like a home grown thing.
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    Flat Towing UTV to on property job site with tractor

    I WILL be getting a UTV after the first of the year if it means I have to sell a kidney or get a second job. I think it will increase my productivity on my acreage by a big margin. Right now I have to take the slow tractor or walk the 3/4 of a mile to get from one end of my property to the...
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    Bobcat 773 issues

    I have a good friend with a 773. The machine is having issues. I guess the bucket works fine but he has no forward or reverse. Well let me qualify that, it surges like it wants to move but it almost seems like the brakes are locked on it. I know nothing about these machines. I am just...
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    Using Mini-Ex in the rain

    The plan is to rent a mini-ex this week to do a project on my property. I am going to be creating a roadbed by removing material at the bottom of a slope to flatten an area to create the roadbed. There was rain in the forecast, then it went away for a couple of days, now it's back. The...
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    Not that I need an other project...BUT!

    This neat little machine is for sale locally (30 miles from the house) for $350. The running 11 hp engine, hydraulic system and dump bed are worth that imho. It is called a Wu's Agricultural Carrier. VERY little information on them on the internet. I am going to go take a look at it this...
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    Anyone ever seen anything like this?

    What is it called? Have been unsuccessful finding something similar on the internet yet. Has a hydraulic dump bed on it.
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    What does the best possible fill dirt look like?

    I have gotten a good bit of fill dirt of all varieties. I am presently getting some nice clay that compacts like no ones business, like shiny smooth surface type of compaction. I was just wondering what kind of fill dirt you prefer. Clay, chunky stuff, a mixture. You can't say free fill...
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    Cool old Allis Chalmers G

    Never seen a tractor like this. Kinda cool but doesn't look especially useful. Is there a PTO on it?
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    How about that Mississippi River!?

    I had not heard anything about this before today. But I guess the Mississippi is crazy low. Anyone have any first hand knowledge of this? Is it as bad as the news is saying about it?
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    What do you think this is?

    Any guesses? It is on FB with a bunch of other stuff. Asked the guy has not responded yet, so I thought I would ask the brain trust.
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    Tire track graveling plate

    I want to put some gravel on a few of the trails in my woods but I consider it a waste to lay gravel down on the entire thing when I only drive on a very small part of it. I was thinking about making a plate that after taking a scoop of gravel I could place on my bucket to make the gravel come...
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    Gears Grinding/Clutch adjustment

    The gears on my tractor have started to grind upon shifting, not often <5% of shifts, but often enough to be concerned. Is this a clutch adjustment thing? I have 250 hours on my 2018 3015R. It seems like there would come a time in a tractors life where the clutch needs to be adjusted, seems...
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    Culvert Install

    When I bought my property 5 years ago it became very obvious if I wanted to reach the other side of my pond I was going to need to make a bridge or culvert over the ditch that feeds the pond. For 8 months out of the year (12 in wet years) navigating the swamp to cross this small ditch is...
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    Rotella T4 vs T6

    Doing my 250 hour service on my Branson. Went to O'Riley's to get some oil. Rotella T6. 1 gal for $76 Rotella T4 1 gal for $22 I walked out with the T4. T6 can't be 3 times better.
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    Rust at seam on top of rear fenders 2019 3015R

    Does anyone have this issue? There is noticeable rust bubbling on the top of the rear fenders where that seam comes across. I would take a picture but you really can't see it but you can see it. My tractor has been pout of the elements since I bought it in April of 2019. Just curious. If...
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    Yellow Jacket Nests While Bush hogging, whats your plan?

    What is your plan of attack? Shut tractor down and run? Downshift and pop the clutch? I got my first experience of running over a yellow jackets nest while bush hogging. I was in a super low gear so I shut the tractor down and ran. Probably got nailed 8 or 9 times. I was able to wait for...
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    What kinda lubes do you keep in your old oil cans?

    I have 3 or 4 old oil cans like this from my dad's garage. What kinds of lubrication do you all keep in your old oil cans? I have heard of a good rust penetration recipe that I need to make for one, maybe just some good oil in another. Just reaching out to see what other useful things you...
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    Outdoor Compressor Considerations

    I have a run of the mill Husky compressor from Lowes. I wanted to put it outside to free up space in the shop and cut down on noise. I have a complete dry area under a roof to do this. What other considerations should I be concerned about. I probably need a better air drying system and have...
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    Gate Help!

    I am putting the finishing touches on my shop build. I am trying to secure my shed on the side of it so I can use it to store more valuable things. I have almost completed the 1x4's on the side tp close it in and am adding a regular old cattle gate to the front. By itself I do not hate what...
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    Does Grease go bad and Is this still good to use?

    My dad's garage is/was full of amazing relics of the past. 2 examples of this are these 2 5 lb. cans of grease that are more than 3/4 full. The one on the left Texaco Regal Starfac 2 hasn't been made since 1970 and the one on the right Lubriplate 630-AA is still in production but I think this...
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    Marking your tools

    How do you gentlemen mark your tools? Paint pen? Nail polish? I just inherited a bunch of amazing old "Made in the USA" tools from my dad and I want to make sure they don't grow legs and walk away. With wooden or plastic things I have a branding iron I use, with larger items a stencil and...
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    Carpenter Bee Season in the SE

    It is that time of the year again, carpenter bees coming to get your wood structures. I had pretty bad issues over the years with the beasts. Last year I started a program to eradicate these pests and keep them from eating my structures. I used a combination of a spray to treat the wood in...