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  1. JoelD

    2001 Kioti 3054 tractor

    I have a 2004 lk3054xs TLB 500 hours. I love my machine. I knew some models had aluminum hydraulic pumps that failed but yours probably would’ve failed a long time ago off that was the case.
  2. JoelD

    Taking delivery on new CK2610 loader backhoe tomorrow

    Definately run it through its paces prior to leaving dealer lot
  3. JoelD

    Dipstick came out today

    Totally agree on your oil change idea. Better safe than sorry.
  4. JoelD

    Long shot and sorry for off topic need help with f250 manual locking hub

    2016, 56k miles. Honestly a bit disappointed that they needed to be replaced so soon. The truck gets light, regular use. I guess either my expectations are too high or is true that some things aren’t built like they used to be. Also interesting how much plastic, maybe a must have? Thanks again? Joel
  5. JoelD

    Long shot and sorry for off topic need help with f250 manual locking hub

    Weird can’t attach a photo from phone
  6. JoelD

    Long shot and sorry for off topic need help with f250 manual locking hub

    Well no surprise I post f250 question on a tractor forum and get more responses than if I had posted on Ford forum.[emoji16] thanks all!! Pic of new locking hub. Circled what broke on old which left gears in hub on axle. I PB Blasted then drove around. The locking gear popped out a bit and...
  7. JoelD

    Long shot and sorry for off topic need help with f250 manual locking hub

    Hi all, certain someone here has dealt with this on a tow vehicle or can help regardless. Sorry again for posting to this forum. Manual locking hub plastic broke as I tried to replace the locking hub. Any idea how to get the gears out? I’m planning on drilling and trying to get out that way...
  8. JoelD

    KIOTI no start, electrical

    Michiganiron continues value add posts only a dealer can contribute. One reason why I buy all my parts and accessories from them,
  9. JoelD

    Dirt Moving Best size box blade for NX?

    For me my box blade extends just beyond my rear wheels. Works well for me. Can be a big pull as they load up with material. Joel
  10. JoelD

    Front Axle fluid Level

    Mine also has sight glass in the casting. I aim for middle. Always assumed middle. Manual states proper amount. LOL
  11. JoelD

    kl4010 loader lift capacity

    Joel over a ton. 50 40lb bags.
  12. JoelD

    Thoughts on this guy’s experiences

    One thing I really like about my Kioti lk3054xs is the four point backhoe Mount. Tight to the tractor and tied into the frame.
  13. JoelD

    lk3054 shifter stopped working

    Hi guys, I’ve not personally had to fix but seen similar posts. I can provide pics of repair manual if you don’t already have
  14. JoelD

    SB2410 backhoe

    Check with Michigan Iron, they can help. I don’t think universal.
  15. JoelD

    Loader hydraulic line--need quick help

    Interesting spot for a leak. Did you pull apart, Teflon tape and put back together?. Did you crush it with something? As others have stated, take it off and bring to shop. I found a local hydraulic place one time and the put together a new hose for me
  16. JoelD

    Dk42 Joystick valve o-ring keep leaking

    Get the parts manual from the dealer or at least the relevant pages Have dealer send you the seals as noted in parts manual Definitely does not look like a spot for O-rings based on pics as noted previously Parts manual should answer your questions For what it is worth I know on my backhoe I...
  17. JoelD

    Weird backhoe removal 3 point setup and behavior

    This sounds very similar to my kioti lk3054xs TLB.
  18. JoelD

    KL2510 loader. Need bucket weight

    Should be listed in loader manual? My backhoe manual lists the various backhoe bucket weights. I’ve not checked my loader manual though
  19. JoelD

    Kioti LK3054 Tiller Size

    I had 5 ft, in nh I was spitting rocks out the side of basketballs. Be sure to have good slip clutch!
  20. JoelD

    four wheel drive

    Weird as it didn’t look stripped.?? I get if it pulled off of the splined shaft. But this didn’t look stripped.
  21. JoelD

    CK2610 720hours *Updated***

    For future consideration I’ve had my negative battery cable rot from inside out. Running rough is interesting. Does it change with outside temp?
  22. JoelD

    Injector failure for 3rd time!

    From what I can see in various posts this is not hard to repair/rebuild the pump at home. If the common model year I understand the pump gears are readily available
  23. JoelD

    LB2204 Cold Starting

    When I start in cold I cycle glow plugs then when I start tractor I flip key back and power glow plugs, helps to smooth out faster. Although 30 seconds is a long time regardless Maybe compression? Joel
  24. JoelD

    2006 CK30 HST Cooling Fan

    I seem to remember others having similar problem. Remind me to check mine
  25. JoelD

    Happy and safe new year all

    Enjoy some seat time and wrenching. Joel
  26. JoelD

    Price for a new BX23S

    Yikes, crazy what Covid is doing to deliver dates of everything and supply chain. Looking forward to the days when buyers have some leverage again. I’m delaying all non essential large purchases for as long as possible. I’ll not pay through the teeth unless absolutely necessary. And these waits...
  27. JoelD

    Dealer no longer

    Tough to be loyal when dealers seem to randomly come and go. With my cars I buy where I can get best price and get serviced locally under warranty. Do my own work post warranty.
  28. JoelD

    New Owner of a Kioti LB2204

    Very nicely done you should be happy and very proud of yourself!! Time to do the “I fixed it dance”. Invaluable experience for sure. I added LED lights to my ROPS, way better than bulbs!!! Super bright and little power draw.
  29. JoelD

    2375 backhoe Leaky Control Valves

    For my nimco the sizes were a bit odd and took me a while to find the right size and compound and durometer.
  30. JoelD

    2002 DK50c Shudder?

    Right guess is the three point bouncing I hear about not sure which machines though?
  31. JoelD

    2375 backhoe Leaky Control Valves

    Backhoe Control Valve
  32. JoelD

    2375 backhoe Leaky Control Valves

    Search for the word Nimco and you’ll find the post
  33. JoelD

    2375 backhoe Leaky Control Valves

    I’ve replaced every seal in my spool valves more than once in my backhoe. Search and you’ll find threads on the topic. Don’t use factory replacements. I’m sure there’s a Manual as I have for mine.
  34. JoelD

    2008 kioti ck25hst no start , just clicks

    Bad connection on negative cable to frame will do same thing. Put voltmeter on, turn key, voltage dropped to nothing. In my case negative battery cable. The cable in the end corroded from inside out. Search posts and you’ll see this as a common theme particularly with age of your machine.
  35. JoelD

    2008 kioti ck25hst no start , just clicks

    Remove the ground cable from frame. Use sand paper and clean up the frame and cable to be sure you have clean connection between frame and cable. I’ve had that problem numerous times. Finally replaced cable. Your machine is that age.
  36. JoelD

    The Little Tractor that could, CK2510

    Nicely done. I can’t dig two feet without hitting 10 of those. That is some awesome looking soil!!
  37. JoelD

    Tires do not spin

    Odd it will stall with brakes and not under load with no tire spin. Rims spinning in tire sounds like it would explain it. Any other reason why brakes would stall machine and load would not. Wouldn’t relief valve kick in regardless to avoid stall?
  38. JoelD

    Kioti CK3510SE HST - How The Hell Do I Engage the Locking Diff?

    Good luck with the machine. 30 seconds sounds like fuel delivery to me. Right to make dealer’s problem not yours
  39. JoelD

    Oversized cylinders on my ck2510

    With regards to flow and pressure, pressure can also be limited by motor, in other words if lucky, motor stalls prior to failure. In this case with big hydraulic cyls 2500 psi is plenty of pressure to destroy the tractor. And if you didn’t increase relief valve you’ll not exceed 2500 psi...
  40. JoelD

    Buying Advice Kioti LK3054

    My LK3054XS is frame mount and I really like the design and super strong And tight to the machine. Level ground helpful as stated I crib mine when off the machine. Joel
  41. JoelD

    Oversized cylinders on my ck2510

    I’d be super concerned about front axle, bearings, cv joints, etc. big money once broken. Not to be a Debbie downer but fork lifts have their place as you know and SCUTS have their place.
  42. JoelD

    Help me diagnose a hydraulic issue with my loader

    Excellent point on the valve body having no internal seals on the spools. Just inbetween the sections and top and bottom of spools. I’ve replaced every top and bottom seal on all spools. In my case I’ll was making to atmosphere and polling in bottom cups and actuating the cyl once enough oil...
  43. JoelD

    Valve adjustment at 800 hour service for Kioti DK45S

    Thanks all, good info Vance. I’ll likely be checking mine this winter. Did on wife’s crv, wasn’t difficult. Just a bit of patience. Did on my 50cc scooter as well.
  44. JoelD

    Kioti CK3510SE HST - How The Hell Do I Engage the Locking Diff?

    One of the great things about the people on this forum is they may give you a ribbing on occasion but will always answer your question and provide advice in the process.[emoji16]
  45. JoelD

    Help me diagnose a hydraulic issue with my loader

    Hmmm, could be a couple things. Seals in cyl for sure or seals in valve body. I’ve replaced both in my backhoe. I wish they sold seal kits for the cylinders.
  46. JoelD

    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    Excellent idea on the credit card bit. Not sure they take as payment but would be great way to at least send a more meaningful warning shot. Super frustrating
  47. JoelD

    MT125 Quote

    Unusual to see Kubota less than another. super quality machines for sure.