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    Firewood processor build thread

    Glad to see you have been using it, I understand about the constant Looks good, get a guard over your saw blade though please
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    Quality of Hydraulic Fittings

    I buy a ton of Pioneer from Surplus Center, haven't had an issue with any of them yet.
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    DIY tree shear

    I've had this 4" x 14" stroke cylinder kicking around for 10 years. I got to looking at tree shears online and decided since I already have front remote, why not? LOL I was gifted a piece of cutting edge from the local highway dept. which I used for the blade. A little work with the plasma...
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    Home made plywood

    sell it to those people who renovate small old campers, they had nothing but thin plywood on the walls and ceilings.
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    Where to go tractor shopping?

    All I have to add is that you may find it easier and just as cheap in the long run to buy new. Lots of manufacturers offer 0 pct financing from time to time. Part of the reason I say this is that decent used command a premium price and often times have no transferable warranty. I will add that...
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    Home made plywood

    build a vacuum table
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    Lull boom cylinder removal safely? Holding valves?

    I'm no expert but I think you will be OK
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    Biodegradable hydraulic fluid

    Trade tractor to a gear shift tractor and fill hydraulic reservoir with vegetable oil, or plain water for that matter if you're not in a climate that freezes. Add in some RV antifreeze for protection?
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    A sad day on the farm

    So sorry for your losses.
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    loader quick attach

    Yes I use those latch boxes, I have done many tractors for people, never had a problem and I've done some pretty big tractors. If you lift your loader and look at the bottom of the pins on the bucket there is usually a thick piece of steel to stop the bucket from going any further, just have to...
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    loader quick attach

    I do them all the time, I cut the pin mounts off the bucket and weld them to the QA latch boxes then weld a quick attach plate to the bucket. Take your time and get all the measurements correct, you may have to add a stop to the bottom so the bucket doesn't roll too far over, check that on your...
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    Built myself a dumping flatbed trailer.

    Nice looking trailer! I was going to comment on the axles being kind of far back but I see you found that out. Take notes for the next one :) What is your reasoning for wanting it a full dump?
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    need help finding drawer roller hardware

    Do they fit into a track? Look into bifold door hardware,t hey use similar rollers, perhaps you can replace just the roller with one of the bifold door ones? That being said, have you looked at all the drawer slides available today? Could be fairly simple to use a new slide if you find the...
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    Desperately seeking help! Need Loader Control Valve replacement for Mahindra

    Great news! I hope it all works out for you.
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    Clear a logjam

    I built a larger version of this to remove a beaver dam one time, toss it over the dam, hook the winch to it and winch it in, repeat. The one I built was about 36" across, made with 1" pipe
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    Clear a logjam

    Log tongs and a cable or chain, hook tongs, drag to shore, repeat till done
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    Hydraulic pump basics

    Undo the hoses for the crowd boom and jack it up then chain it up , should hold till you get it home. Same for the outriggers if they are down. It will also work for the bucket.
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    Homemade tractor

    Do an internet search of doodle bugs, go from there, they used, in some cases, dual transmissions. If you get lucky you may find a four wheel drive unit with a pto on it to run the tiller. Do you already have the tiller? If you do you may consider just adding it's own power plant and just towing...
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    Snowplow hydraulics

    Just for lifting? A single acting, power up, gravity down.
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    Nice gift

    That was pretty nice of your friend. Merry Christmas
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    I got an early Christmas present

    Sorry for you loss. If you have any recent photos or videos of inside the shop it will help to identify your tools and belongings.
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    Please Help

    See if the nearest JD dealer will print you off a hydraulic schematic of your tractor. This may help give you a general idea of what you want to accomplish It doesn't matter if you put one or ten rear remotes in...
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    Kubota hoses

    I have spent thousands with surplus center with no issues.
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    Hydraulic Pioneer Couplers - tape/fluid or no tape/fluid?

    I put hoses and fittings together all the time and use a ton of Pioneer quick connects and have never use tape or sealant, the pipe threads rely on being distorted to be leak proof. My bet is you overtightened them to the point of wrecking them.
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    Hydraulic cylinder lock wire question

    Why do you need a new wire? I reuse them.
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    Kubota hoses

    I'll throw this out there since this is for a backhoe, tie a good heavy masons string to the hose before you pull it out so the string follows it, then you can pull the new hose back in with the string. Also if you can do them one at a time, less chance of confusion, ask me how I know...LOL
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    Unsafe generator wiring et al.

    While I understand your concern, the way it was explained to me by a lineman was this: As long as the linemen are following protocol and doing their job accordingly they should be fine, also if for some reason your generator were to try and charge back the grid the demand on it would be so heavy...
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    Logging winch build

    I really see no benefit to a power reverser. You would have to push the clutch in to shift between forward and reverse, I push the clutch in to stop the pulling, disengage the PTO and that's it. I don't park with my back up against a wall so maybe that's the difference? Edit: There is no doubt...
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    Here is a short video, best I could do alone with my phone. Edit to add youtube vid
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    Logging winch build

    It certainly can if you are not careful. The blade does angle back some, just use your head and don't bite off more than you can chew!
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    SSQA, From the Seat Release

    I'm watching it on the big screen and I have a question, how does he keep his shop so clean? LOL WOW
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    SSQA, From the Seat Release

    Thanks for posting the video, I haven't heard of the guy but have been wanting something new to watch on youtube so I'll give his channel a try. I would like to have mine hydraulic but maybe this way will work OK?
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    'll try to get one tomorrow or Monday.
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    I installed a flat arm from one side to the other, works as I thought it would, now they open/close together. Arrow I sleep at night. LOL Not working now so time is plenty.
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    Proposed Idea for better clamp on forks.

    Clamp on bucket forks are a big no for me. First problem is lift capacity is limited due to how far out the load is, secondly you can't see that you are doing with them. Just no! LOL
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    Today's update, it's operational! The way it's configured the cylinder is kind of floating so whichever side has the least resistance will move first which isn't a huge deal but I would like them to move together. It looks like I will have to fabricate up some rods that will go from one claw to...
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    I made a little progress today. Got to work on the 3 point setup. I added a lifting hole and another on the outboard end just in case I want to add something out there.
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    I have a winch as well but it's a pain to use alone for these short logs. I plan on adding a couple of sliders on the cable of the winch so I can drag at least three of them at once. Said winch:
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    Yep, first thing I did. I think I have it figured out. Of course it would probably have been a good idea for me to see one in person prior to attempting Anyway, I just braved the cold and went out to the shop and snapped a couple of pics of what I have so far. Notice the pivot holes...
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    Well said Arrow. Time is not that important, I am doing it for my own and the landowners use not selling any firewood. I do enjoy spending time building things in the shop, I build and sell the grapples for the front of tractors, skid steers and I have even built one for a mine excavator. I am...
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    To answer a question, I am wanting it to grab a bunch of 6'-10' logs that the logger left scattered all over my friends property. I used my winch to skid the longer stuff out but it's a pain to use it on all the short stuff. I'm not even sure why they cut it into such pieces, maybe to get it off...
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    log grapple design/dynamics? 3 pt

    I'm going to build a 3 point log grapple, I have never really seen one up close so I don't know how the geometry is for opening and closing. Anyone build one or have a schematic of one? I have searched but have come up empty handed. Just the open/close part I need help with. Thanks It will be...
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    adding quick connects for loader

    build a bracket, drill holes, buy bulkhead fittings and male/female quick connects and hoses to match.
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    Logging winch build

    After using it for a few days I am impressed. One thing I noticed is I am winching in much larger loads than I ever did with my clutch driven homemade winch some of you may remember. I find that at an idle it works just fine. I did add a plate/blade on the bottom and some 11 gauge steel up the A...
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    Logging winch build

    I am going to put some safety screen on it when I get it home.
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    Logging winch build

    I have been using it while sitting in the seat. On my tractor (Kubota L2501 HST) when I push the clutch (yes it has a clutch pedal only used to start it) in it stops the PTO then I shut the PTO lever off. I can run it off the tractor as long as I'm on the drivers side as that is where the clutch...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Thanks, yes I built the whole thing. I just posted some pics of it on the BIY forum. The bottom is 3/8" thick and the upper stuff is 11 gauge
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    How big of cylinder do I need?

    The closer to center you mount the cylinder on the rake the shorter the stroke can be. Can you find a pair of single acting cylinders from an old snow plow and mount one on each side and operate them like one DA cylinder.
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    I’ve got a 45’ Eagle towable manlift and bottom boom is leaking down.

    If you are confident in taking the cylinder apart, take note of where the seals are along with wipers, O ring, glands etc, take them to the hydraulic shop and they will match them up. Don't forget there is one inside the piston so removing the big nut will be required. There will be seals...