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  1. jigs_n_fixtures

    SwagLok Fittings

    I have some 3/8 SwageLok tubing fittings. I need 10-mm fittings. Can I just swap the 10-mm ferrules into the 3/8 fittings to convert them? The difference in the OD of the tubing is 0.0187-inches. Why do I want to do this? There are 10-mm ferrules on eBay for about $2.00 per set, versus $20...
  2. jigs_n_fixtures

    Wiring for the Injection Control Pressure Sensor on a PowerStroke.

    I want to mount an electronic hydraulic pressure gauge on my tractor. I found a gauge with a 4,000-psi max reading, which ties into the wiring for the ICP sensor on PowerStrokes. Does anyone know which of the three wires in the wiring harness is what? I’m guessing one is 12-V power, one is...
  3. jigs_n_fixtures

    T233, 273, and 293 Engine interchangeability.

    I’ve been looking at the specs and parts books, for the three tractors, and they seem to be the same except for the horsepower of the Mitsubishi S3L and S3L2 engines. The S3L2 engines have a 1.3-liter displacement. But the block, bell housing pattern and flywheel are the same. It appears...
  4. jigs_n_fixtures

    Daisy Chaining Loader Valves

    I bought a second loader valve for my tractor to operate the top and float on the 3-Pt. I have the mounting and hydraulic connections figured out, pretty much just follow thee picture from the Summit Site The only question I have, is: Can I run the tank line on the first valve into one of...
  5. jigs_n_fixtures

    Nimco Loader Valves

    There is a guy on eBay selling cable operated, NOS Nimco loader valves made in 2000 to 2006. Which is the date range TYM was using them. I checked the numbers on the one he says is for small tractors, and it matched up with the one on my T233. I ordered one for $106 including shipping. Plane...
  6. jigs_n_fixtures

    T233, w/ L200 Loader 3rd function parts

    I’m getting ready to install a diverter valve on my loader, to split the bucket curl/dump hydraulics to run a grapple. The factory 3rd function kit came with clamps for the extra tubing which screwed on top of the existing tubing clamps. Does anyone know the part numbers so I can try tracking...
  7. jigs_n_fixtures

    233, 273 & 293 fender material.

    Does anyone happen to know what the plastic the rear Fenders are made off. I have a crack in one, I’d like to fix, but need to know if it is weldable, and would need to get some filler if it is weldable. Thanks Jigs
  8. jigs_n_fixtures

    Combining valves

    The Nimco loader control valve on my tractor has float on the lift. But not on the bucket. There is currently a New Old Stock valve which matches the one on my tractor. If I bought that valve as a spare, and put the parts from the lift side into the bucket side of the valve, would then...
  9. jigs_n_fixtures

    Skid Steer Backhoe Attachments- Safe?

    The guys want a mini excavator to trench utility lines with. Somehow they got a line on a Skid steer being surpluses on another Forest, which they can get for the asking, and want to get it, then mount a backhoe attachment on the skid steer. I hven’t looked at the backhoe attachments for...
  10. jigs_n_fixtures

    SSQA, From the Seat Release

    DIY My Way, has a series of videos on adding a “from the seat” electrically controlled release/attach system to the SSQA on his Kubota. Looks pretty straight forward to do. Definitely worth looking at, if you have a SSQA system.
  11. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM LT200 FEL, Hydraulic Fittings Type

    I have a TYM T233, with the LT200 FEL. I’m getting ready to add a diverter valve to run a grapple. Max hydraulic pressure at the relief valve is 2500-psi. Does any one know what thread type/size the stock tees, and nipples are? I’d like to us hard lines as opposed to hoses as much as...
  12. jigs_n_fixtures

    T233, Tire pressure?

    I went through the manual, and can’t find any information on tire pressure. I have the standard R4 tires. What is it supposed to be?
  13. jigs_n_fixtures

    Nimco Handle switch assemblies.

    I have a Nimco cable actuated FEL valve. The handle had, a two button switch assembly mounted. The guy I bought it from decided he didn’t like it, took it out and pitched it. I want to add a diverter valve to run a grapple, and am going to mount a couple of new switches. I can source water...
  14. jigs_n_fixtures

    PowerStroke ICP sensor to monitor hydraulic pressure?

    I was looking on ebay for an electronic oil temperature gauge to monitor the hydraulic temperature. Found a manufacturer who has a gauge to monitor the fuel pressure on a Ford 7.3 power stroke using the factory ICP sensor. The gauge has a range of 0 to 4000-psi. the tractor hydraulics relief...
  15. jigs_n_fixtures

    Lessons learned the stupid way

    The red dye in Dextron ATF, which my snow plow uses as hydraulic fluid, will dye translucent polyethylene. i found this out the hard way, when the hydraulics on my plow quit working because the reservoir ran dry, and I pumped air into the cylinders. I’d look at the reservoir and it was red...
  16. jigs_n_fixtures

    Alternative to Third Forward for Hydraulic Powered Attachments

    I want a grapple on the rock bucket for my tiny tractor. I can get the add on kit, and mount one up to my existing bucket with no real issues. Except I don’t have a third function going forward. The after market kit, with soft hoses, is about $800. The manufacturer‘s version with hard lines...
  17. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM 233, All Metric

    So is there anything on the 233, which isn’t metric?
  18. jigs_n_fixtures

    Lowering rate restrictor for a FEL

    So I ordered wheel weights for the tiny tractor, and today when they showed up, I lifted them off of the truck, with my pallet forks. They were fairly heavy, so I ran the engine speed up to have enough hydraulics to lift them. And, of course it was really happy to go down fast. so, I got...
  19. jigs_n_fixtures

    Formal Training?

    I took a year of “Farm Implements and Equipment” in Junior High. I was living in semi rural Oregon, and the state had a ”Farm Implements” license you could get at 14, if you had formal training in how to operate equipments and implements safely. You could work the family farm without it. But...
  20. jigs_n_fixtures

    T233, T273 Owners manual.

    Does anyone have one, or know where to get one?
  21. jigs_n_fixtures

    T233, stuck in float.

    So, last night I pushed the joystick hard forward and teh loader went into float.. It is now stuck there, and I can’t figure out how to get it out of float. The bucket curl works, but the forward and backward of the stick to raise/lower aren’t there. Any Hints on how ot get it out. I have...
  22. jigs_n_fixtures

    Paint Code?? Or Premix Source

    Does anyone know the paint code for the TYM red, or of a source I can buy it from premixed?