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  1. MTGreen

    My Senior design project - a "Swamp Thing" tracked vehicle clone

    Did you ever get the wheel situation resolved? If not, have you considered laminated wheels like on the back of brush hogs? Example but they are available in lots of sizes:
  2. MTGreen

    How to keep radiators free of grass chaff?

    Totally off topic, but @big bubba: is your avatar a pic of a thylacine (tasmanian tiger/wolf)?
  3. MTGreen

    Steering column

    Start here -looks like you could have one of several steering assemblies depending on tilt, telescoping, etc.
  4. MTGreen

    Is it possible to "clean up" my older generator's power for sensitive electronics?

    Thanks Peter that was very informative. So upgrading to a modern quality regulator sounds like a good solution at least for my needs. Is there a good user friendly source for these as packaged units or does one need to order by specs from Mouser or the like?
  5. MTGreen

    Is it possible to "clean up" my older generator's power for sensitive electronics?

    For RF interference reduction around cords aka ferrite bead:
  6. MTGreen

    Is it possible to "clean up" my older generator's power for sensitive electronics?

    So is there anything wrong with just using a surge protector and a ferrite ring and calling it a day?
  7. MTGreen

    Is it possible to "clean up" my older generator's power for sensitive electronics?

    Please educate me here: Is the perceived issue with generators potentially having too variable voltage output or too variable frequency output or both? Or is it with AC RF noise? Nearly all modern consumer grade electronics run on DC with an AC/DC converter. My understanding is there are one...
  8. MTGreen

    Flat tire from 22LR case?

    I'm thinking that's really unlikely as even if the case gets run over end on at just the right angle it's so flimsy that I just can't see it coring a vehicle tire. However, I imagine it has happened at least once as stranger things have surely happened. Growing up my dad ran over a jackrabbit...
  9. MTGreen

    Auto dealer maintenance upselling

    It's not called the stealership for nothing. I may be in the minority here with my dim view, but I'm of the opinion that no mechanic touches any of my vehicles/equipment unless it's a free warranty repair (or a computerized alignment). Years ago I took vehicles to mechanics and every time there...
  10. MTGreen

    sources for quality front chains?

    Tire Rama also has a big selection
  11. MTGreen

    MF 135 Perkins Gas 3 Cylinder Backfiring no Power

    Finding a machinist with a gear hobbing machine or having one set up with a dividing head to cut one is probably going to be much more expensive than finding a used part
  12. MTGreen

    Winches Warn (or other) winch on front of Tc40da

    Mile Marker makes hydraulic winches up to 18k lbs -you could hook up to remotes & avoid the electric draw
  13. MTGreen

    King Kutter bush hog crazy wheel

    Does it have 4 bolts around it like this? I bought a flail mower one time where the pillow bearing was missing the bearing part & just had the housing w/zerk fitting & a collar with a finger's-width clearance
  14. MTGreen

    What to do with old gas/diesel?

    Moonshine has both. Commercial alcohol has only ethanol. If moonshine is made correctly, the amount of poisonous methanol is minimal and the ethanol (which happens to be one of the antidotes for methanol poisoning) is protective and there are no ill effects (other than intoxication). When...
  15. MTGreen

    Compressor issue

    I really like the "Moisture Minders" that trigger from the unloader every time the pump shuts off. Purely mechanical/pneumatic with no wires or timers. I've got them on my larger compressors including an IR T30 from the 80s with the original 80gal receiver...
  16. MTGreen

    What to do with old gas/diesel?

    1kw is about 3400 BTU so 8kw is in the 27k BTU range
  17. MTGreen

    What to do with old gas/diesel?

    Funny you say that: the ethylene glycol in antifreeze has the same poisoning mechanism as methanol in moonshine. The antidotes are even the same
  18. MTGreen

    What to do with old gas/diesel?

    Got it, thanks -for some reason the link wasn't there right away on the initial posting (?) Maybe it takes a couple minutes to populate in the post
  19. MTGreen

    What to do with old gas/diesel?

    Do you have a model number or a link? I'm curious as to what's involved and cost for BTU output etc.
  20. MTGreen

    What to do with old gas/diesel?

    I didn't think of using it for cleaning -that's a good idea for the diesel anyhow
  21. MTGreen

    Bx2200 steering cylinder replacement problem

    It would seem to me that if the steering wheel won't turn one way, there is no fluid reversal happening through the steering valve-cylinder circuit. There may be an issue/blockage in the steering valve itself or in the lines. I think if it were mine I would disconnect both lines at the steering...
  22. MTGreen

    What to do with old gas/diesel?

    Inspired by a recent what to do with old antifreeze thread: I've purchased and restored a number of old basket-case machines that haven't run in years; and I always have a problem with what to do with the old fuel (gas or diesel). It's too old to run in any of my vehicles/equipment, and I'm not...
  23. MTGreen

    Change over to turf wheels and tires?

    BTW that link seems to have the entire owner's manual as I'm assuming you don't have one
  24. MTGreen

    Change over to turf wheels and tires?

    Permissible "tyre" combinations for Solaris 35 which is the same tractor per tractordata: Also states what the correct front to rear tire ratio is: If you strike out on wheels, try Hey Wheel in Kansas -they...
  25. MTGreen

    Hitch ball / coupler near disaster

    Nice! I know this was in jest, but many of those drop hitches are made of an aluminum or aluminum containing alloy Considering the stress to yield...
  26. MTGreen

    MF 135 Perkins Gas 3 Cylinder Backfiring no Power

    Electromotive has some but they ain't cheap:
  27. MTGreen

    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    I find that tractors are kind of like wasabi, Pringles, or cocaine... You start with a little bit which then leads one to find justification to get more
  28. MTGreen

    Coolant flush procedure issue

    I had a BMW 3 series at one point that if you didn't get every last bit of air out of that system it would overheat. It had several air bleeding points and a complicated procedure you had to follow. Figuring out that procedure in a parking lot after repairing a ruptured expansion tank miles...
  29. MTGreen

    3D printing

    Not sure about entirely unbiased but there's a guy on youtube named Thomas Sanladerer that has quite a few videos on 3D printing that I've learned a considerable amount from -basics up to advanced stuff and some reviews. I get the impression that he gets stuff from manufacturers to review so...
  30. MTGreen

    GL4 or GL5 front axle lube

    I had a Toyota 4Runner with a 5spd manual transmission at one point. Did a drain/refill and used GL5 thinking newer=better. Immediately became harder/rougher to shift through the gears. Researched and read it must use GL4 or you get this very problem. Did another drain/refill with the GL4 and it...
  31. MTGreen

    loader handle control

    Welcome -are you able to post some pics of what you are looking at?
  32. MTGreen

    3D printing

    I would determine the largest part you could see yourself building and find one with a corresponding build area. The Prusa i3 is rated pretty well, has a reasonable build area, and there are a number of cheap clones available. The Prusa website also has lots of info and a community forum You...
  33. MTGreen

    Establishing Value of Broken 4110

    Wow that's impressive! Is the bellhousing integral to the transmission like most tractors or separate? I would think that would affect the current value as sourcing/replacing a bell housing would be considerably cheaper than replacing a transmission case
  34. MTGreen

    Looking to purchase a 2305 JD with bucket and backhoe

    My understanding was the PTO case failures were caused by too long PTO driveshafts lifting to full 3pt height with the Cat 1 limited hitch setup which would break the aluminum case/rear cover castings. The aluminum transaxle housing LVA802797 and rear cover LVA802798 are the same part numbers...
  35. MTGreen

    Heavy oil leak – possible it's the filter?

    I had an automotive spin on filter leave a gasket attached to the block one time 20 some odd years ago. I didn't notice and installed the new one effectively double gasketing. It immediately sprayed oil all over creation with quite a cleanup. Needless to say I check every time now
  36. MTGreen


    My experience has been that actual tire widths/diameters vary a substantial amount depending on manufacturer, air pressure, and tire wear, especially with deep tread like with a tractor. Chains claiming to fit a particular size may or may not
  37. MTGreen

    Ever break a tap?

    I suppose I should have said "hobbyist" shop here as opposed to "non-production", thanks for clarifying. And yes good point I assumed a drill press!
  38. MTGreen

    Ever break a tap?

    Yes cutter diameter first followed by shank diameter. Many 1/2" chucks open up a bit more than 1/2 -heavier drill presses commonly have a Jacobs model that opens to 5/8. That pictured one looks like a reduced shank likely 1/2" if that is a pic of the actual product
  39. MTGreen

    Ever break a tap?

    Yes it's possible, especially if you are trying to make a perpendicular hole. Use the lowest speed the drill press will go, cutting oil, and make VERY sure everything is clamped down as best you can make it -part, vise, and table too. Understand that you will need to put some constant pressure...
  40. MTGreen

    Ever break a tap?

    That's generally true for end mills for the non-production type machine shop, don't think that necessarily applies to taps
  41. MTGreen

    2001 PT425 Kohler CH25 Oil Leak - Pull The Engine

    I'm on the no-more-carburators crusade myself. Diesel or fuel injection from here on out. Not quite there yet but getting closer
  42. MTGreen

    Adding LED work lights to B7800

    I would be hesitant to add to the front bumper unless it's very well protected, especially if you have a loader
  43. MTGreen

    2001 PT425 Kohler CH25 Oil Leak - Pull The Engine

    Brass plumbing fittings avoid the galvanized flaking potential
  44. MTGreen

    Bronze Brazing Nuts to Plaque

    You could use weld nuts and keep the heat away from the threads
  45. MTGreen

    CK25 HST Tie Rod Ends

    I wouldn't be surprised if the OEM ones and most of the aftermarket ones are also chicom made. Chicom-child-slave-labor manufacturing is capable of making parts to spec if provided with proper oversight as 5030 mentioned above
  46. MTGreen

    Anyone have a clean way to drain the antifreeze out of a GC engine block?

    I usually pull the thermostat and flush all the old coolant and sediment out of the block and water pump with a hose after draining so everything will get rinsed thoroughly and immediately anyways so not long enough to dry and leave residue
  47. MTGreen

    Compressor issue

    My money is on voltage drop with the long cord and needing greater amperage on startup. Suggest larger conductor extension cord to fix the problem. Should be at least 12 gauge per the attached chart for 15amp continuous. What Peter mentioned above about the check valve could also be contributing
  48. MTGreen

    CT230 2013 HST tractor

    Looks like you have both high and low beam relays,+ABFP11001+%26+Above/0005-Electrical+System/0002-Electrical+System+2+Group And all fuses no auto reset circuit breakers...
  49. MTGreen

    CT230 2013 HST tractor

    I would pull the plugs to both headlight bulbs, then check for continuity to ground at the + side of each connector. You can't do them one at a time -must be both disconnected before you start checking because a bulb is a resistor to ground. If you have continuity to ground it means you have a...