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  1. yomax4

    Plastic Welding and Repair

    There are several ways to use a heat gun to run beads with plastic welding rods. I have like 5 kinds of material. The repairs always leave a nasty scar. But when it comes to fussy crack repair on harder plastics I decided to try this new electric staple type unit. I reluctantly traded some junk...
  2. yomax4

    1st Portable service in my home town

    Looks like something Big Barn would restore. Anyone know what year that pick up is?
  3. yomax4

    Chainsaw Bit Me

    Cut wood in the morning with chaps on. Went to pull my last log with my tractor and it wouldn't quite make the turn around another tree. I was done cutting so I had taken my chaps off. I just needed a quick cut and i'd be on my way. When I went to make the cut I tripped and fell on my saw. The...
  4. yomax4

    Looking for Opinion.

    I'm getting closer to not burning 12-15 cord per year and wondering what the opinions would be on a smaller saw. Currently I do all my cutting with an 044, 034 Super and a 361. I limb with an 026 pro. If I sold off the 3 bigger ones is there something in the middle between the 026 and 361 that...
  5. yomax4

    Husky with outboard clutch

    What In The World !!!. My turn to be dumb. Or dumber. The guy down the road asked if I would sharpen his chain on his saw. I said sure so he stopped by with it. It's a small Husqvarna with a 14" bar and he had taken the chain cover off. He said he had to pry it off. I looked at it and noticed...
  6. yomax4

    Chain Life

    I have been digging through old posts and can't find exactly what i'm looking for. Historically I sharpened down to 1/8" from the angle mark on on the tooth. Question is, Does anyone go beyond the 1/8"? I can't imagine running it further on a 60cc saw. Or am I throwing away good chain?
  7. yomax4


    I was running some flux cored stainless 308LT1 045 today. Magical stuff even on straight CO2. The all position welds were simple, fast and nice looking. The problem was my CO2 flowmeter. I had lost the little disc that goes into the nut to seal from leaks. Question is, Who dreamt up the 320 CGA...
  8. yomax4

    FabTech 2019

    Fabtech in Chicago this year was a brutal 4 days. Much more than I care to spend standing around especially after attending more than 20 times . Over all a pretty heavily attended event. Did Anyone Go? Vegas Next year.
  9. yomax4

    Welder Info

    Aint it the truth
  10. yomax4

    Stihl Oil Pump

    Quik question. I'm getting deeper into a restoration of an 034 Super. I took out the oil pump due to the pump to bar hose being cracked and I wanted to clean the 2 gallons of oil out the frame. When I took the oil pump out, On one end there is a white plastic cap that covers the worm drive...
  11. yomax4

    FAB-TECH 2018 Atlanta.

    Anyone going? I'll be there as usual..It's about a week earlier than usual. I'd rather be sitting in my Bow Stand but.
  12. yomax4

    044Mag Cyl. Inspection

    Greetings. I was cleaning up my 044 and replacing the exhaust gasket. I shined a light into the cylinder to check it out and could see very very fine vertical sctratches. No grooves and nothing on the piston. Very nice and shiney other than that.. I thought I'd ask what I have here? nothing to...
  13. yomax4

    Stihl Bar studs.

    Do you chainsaw repair guys use loc-tite when installing the bar studs in your saws? Recently my threads for the nuts have gotted banged up and I have ordered new studs. Or just screw them in? I have had them come loose in the past.
  14. yomax4

    Filter Placement

    I read through a lot of this site and found posts about putting the hydraulic filter on the return line ( Log Splitter ) What would be the issue with putting in between the tank and pump?
  15. yomax4

    Stalling TA247

    I've had this TA247 for 15 years and it has seldom missed a beat. I started it yesterday 15 degrees out there. It started and I let it run a few minutes. Then I took off on it and after 100 yards it would chug down and kill. Then after a few seconds It would start up chugging a bit like 1-2...
  16. yomax4

    Everlast iMig DPI Synergic Pulse/ Double Pulse

    Has anyone on here ran the new Everlast DPi Pulse Mig unit?. I was looking at it on Welding Web and this is the kind of stuff I really get into. Pricing is unbelievable. I have this type of equipment in my shop ( diferent brand ) and once you get going with this you never look back. Check it out...
  17. yomax4

    Downsizing. Any Takers?

    Gents. I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of welding crap. I'm moving toward a life of leisure and was wondering if anyone was interested in some extras. The 1st thing I want to liquidate is assorted sized of S.A.E and Metric Carbons. Not for Carbon Arc but for hole repair in all metals. I used to...
  18. yomax4

    Greetings Guru's. YT2654?

    Mowing with the Husq YT and shut down the blades to cross gravel. Pulled the engage knob and they don't engage. I'll be tearing into it but I wanted to ask if it's more likely the switch, Solenoid or blade clutch. i don't see any wires loose. thanks.
  19. yomax4

    Smith Torches

    Another USA product took the plunge. I looked at the newest Smith packaging on torches and even cutting tips. " Made in China " ... Too bad.
  20. yomax4


    I'm not sure how many people are using saw chaps but after 20 years of fairly heavy cutting I thought it may be time. Fatigue has caused a few near misses over the years and The more I think about them the more I think about getting chaps and a hard hat/face shield. Anyone have experience with...
  21. yomax4


    Funny stuff. I was checking out all of the newly imported welders at the show. I have attended Fab-Tech since 1999 and I have never ever witnessed so many different types and colors of welders. There must have been 30 new vendors selling machines. Some didn't even know what the machines were...
  22. yomax4

    Saw Guru's Please Advise.

    I have 3 monster trees down from the storms the last 2 days. 1 is 35" Hackberry. 1 is a 30" Red Elm and the other is a 40+ inch Red Oak. All uprooted. I have a Stihl 044 with Muff Mod. Runs like a R'pd Ape. Currently has a 20" bar. How long of bar would I dare put on it to not rob it of it's...
  23. yomax4

    Best Brand for the CC

    I cut a crap load of wood. Mainly dead Red Elm, Assorted Oaks and Cherry. I burn 6-8 cords in my outdoor boiler every year. I use Stihl only but am thinking of trying other brands. My smallest saw is a 026 Pro 20" with a muffler mod. I doubt another brand could match it so I'll ask about the...
  24. yomax4

    Alaskan Saw Mill

    Anyone ever try one of the Alaskan Sawmills? Start out with a ladder screwed to the log and after the 1st cut you just use the frame of the mill? I've never messed with Rip Chain either.. I have a chance to buy one for $40. Would my 044 have enough snort?
  25. yomax4

    3 point wont go all the way down

    Hi Smarter than me folks.. I have an Iseki TA247 which is a Massey 1240/1250. I can raise my 3 pt just fine but it suddenly doesn't want to go down only half way. Then while its sitting there it will jerk down an inch, then another, then may stay up until morning when I see it went down with...
  26. yomax4

    Log Splitter Filter Rips

    While splitting some 24" Red Elm, Nasty wet dead knarley wood, My filter would blow the gasket or when replaced and tightened, It would rip the filter case and spray fluid all over everything. It's in line to the return. Do I have something plugged on the input side? Just happened today and...
  27. yomax4

    Hard Starting

    Question for the masters. Why in the world would it take 20 pulls to start my 034 super AV. It has a new impulse line. Does the carb diaphragm get weak and not pump over time? Once started the saw will run perfectly all day and idle forever without a hiccup. cuts like mad after muff mod But...
  28. yomax4

    Muffler Mod Thanks

    I just wanted to comment on the input and all the other posts about muffler mods. I did some reading and u-tube vids and did a mod on my 039 and wow it cut like my 044. So I did a mod on my 044 and it turned into a screaming beast. I actually laugh sometimes while cutting up a 20" red elm or...
  29. yomax4

    Muffler Mod Gone Awry

    I took my 044 mag muffler cover off. It was empty inside. I had bought a dual port muffler cover for a modification. Did the install and according to much research including U-Tube video's. I opened up the H screw another 3/8" and fired it up. Sounded like motocross bike. It was 4 stroking...
  30. yomax4

    Octane Booster

    I did a search and found no info on here regarding octane booster products available at auto parts stores. Does anyone have an oppinion on using boosters? We used to use it in dirt bikes back in the 70's.
  31. yomax4

    Broken Tie Rod End.

    Has anyone ever broken a tie rod end? I just did and it's the inner. It only has the threads sticking out the top. It broke on the bottom about 3/8" up in the mounting hole? How in the world do you guys get the treaded piece out? Does it screw in? Press in? I've been beating on it with a chisel...
  32. yomax4

    Roach looking bugs?

    I cut a lot of wood and for years now I pull the bark off of dead red elms and these ugly roach looking things are crawling around in the bark. Anyone ever had to deal with them? Not real cockroaches I hope. They seem to die easily and run for cover when exposed. They give me the willies..
  33. yomax4

    What About Bars?

    Tons of info on Chains not so much on bars and after 55 cords of Oak last year, I need a couple new 20" bars for my Stihl 039 and 44 mag. Are the Stihl bars the best? there a dozen brands on e-bay but I have no idea what quality they are. Forester, Sandvik etc. What about those Stainless Steel...
  34. yomax4

    Iseki TA 247 Land Leader Grill?

    What would the odds be of finding a Front grill assembly for the TA 247 Land Leader ? 10,000 to 1 ? Maybe better than that? Anyone have 2 or 3 of these laying around? Lifted loader too high with a bucket full of oak.. Spilled back and that was that for my many times repaired grill. :mad:
  35. yomax4

    Fuel Filter Change question.

    Greetings smarter than me people. I have what may be a dumb question.. I have an Iseki TA247 3cyl close match to a massey 1240 if that helps. It had suddenly started to smoke a little when I would rev it a little. I have not changed fuel but someone told me it was likely the fuel filter. It's a...
  36. yomax4

    89 F-350 plow truck woes

    Howdy all. It's been so long since I had this type of issue I was hoping for more brain power. Here's what I got. Plow truck would not make any noise when I turned the key. Full charged batteries, lights work great. I jumped across the solenoid and it started right up. I drove it around a bit...
  37. yomax4

    New Carbs on E-Bay. ?

    I am thinking of doing a Major tune up on a Stihl 044. I see carbs on e-bay for $30.00. Anyone have any luck with these after market carbs?
  38. yomax4

    Stick Welding?

    I can't believe it. I am an advanced process welder type guy who enjoys the latest in Twin Pulse Synergic Mig and Variable Frequency Power Supplies. Today I was installing some Cattle Fence panels on the interior of my new wood shed building. 1/4" rods welded together..I had to cut several...
  39. yomax4

    3-Point Hitch Cat 1 Disc

    Howdy, I searched the threads and could not find the info I need. I want to buy a 3 point 2 row disc for my TA247. The tractor ( I am told ) is between 25 and 30hp. Would this tractor handle a 4' or 5' disc? I see these disc's for $600 at Tractor Supply. Thanks.
  40. yomax4

    Front end leak..

    Greetings, I have a TA247 4x4 that has sprung a leak in the right front down low. Drips on the inside of the front rim. I may have abused it a bit by over using the loader. I will tear into it soon but was wondering if anyone has had this trouble and if a seal is available for this beast and If...
  41. yomax4

    MTD/ Cub

    Howdi... I am, told that my new / used 22hp Cub 22hp Zero Turn 46" is made by MTD. My question is, Does anyone have a problem blowing the winpy deck hanger cable eyes? Everytime I bump something with the deck, The Cheapo Cast Aluminum eye on one of the deck hangers cracks and breaks and the deck...
  42. yomax4

    Glow Plugs

    Howdi guys.. I read through some of the Threads on Glow plugs and Diesel Starting but did not find what I need. Soooo I ask you Imperial Wizards.. I need to heat my Glow Plugs on my TA 247 3cyl Diesel to get a quick start even now in Minnesota where the temps soar to over 75 degrees in the...
  43. yomax4

    PTO Stuck

    I did a little Brush Hogging today with my Woods Dixie Cutter, When I was finished, I pushed the Yellow Handled Lever down on my TA 247 to disengage the PTO. It went down but the PTO kept turning. I tried to shift out of PTO speed 2 and it was locked. Did not help to put everything in Neutral or...
  44. yomax4

    Woods Mower

    I feel dumb asking this but Its a first for me. I have a 28hp 4x4 Tractor and I picked up a 60" Woods Dixie Cutter. I plan to use it for the first time in my life and I wanted to ask if there is anything I should know about running this thing. I plan to grease the shaft, Hook up and engage the...
  45. yomax4

    Diferential Lock.

    Pulling out a few Tree Trunks today, I had some ice issues. My TA247 is 4X4 but only one rear wheel would spin. I have yet to buy an Ownwers Manual so I could not figure out how to engage the Dif Lock. It does have a square Green Button in front of the 4X4 engage lever but it only flashes and...
  46. yomax4

    Water Pump Gasket

    Howdi. I will need at least a Gasket for my Water Pump. Iseki TA247 27hp? Approx 1992. 3 cyl Diesel. Can anyone point me in the right direction?:confused: Much appreciated. MM.
  47. yomax4

    Iseki 3 cyl. Water Pump Question.

    Greetings Guru's. I was attempting a Frost Plug heater today on my TA247 and noticed that my fan had about 3/16 " play in it. Even with the belt tight I could wiggle the fan about 3/16". It seems like a bad bearing but wouldnt you think it would leak water? Any Ideas? Thanks. MM.
  48. yomax4

    Frost Plug Heater?

    Greetings. Im wondering if anyone can offer a source for a Frost Plug Heater for my TA247. I am told it is 27hp Diesel. Or.Is there a better heater other than a winter in Arizona. This Poor Iseki will spend the Winter Out Doors. I am told that a lower Radiator Heater is less efficient because...
  49. yomax4

    Dead Iseki.

    Today I pulled a few small stumps. My TA247 ran great like always. When I went to move it to the shed I turned the key and nothing..Any other time I would turn the key to On and wait for a dozen clicks. Elect Fuel Pump? Or Glow Plugs. Unsure.. But this time Nothing. I put a 12v meter on the...
  50. yomax4

    Oil & Fuel Oil and Fuel Filter

    Can anyone tell me a brand and part number for an Oil and Fuel Filter for a mid 1990s Iseki TA247 3cyll ? I also need to know what the Flashing Green 1" square button is on the right side of the steering console/dash area. There is also one next to the 4x4 select on/off lever If you push...