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    By pass of seat safety switch - pro's & con's

    Several month's ago my John Deere 4410 wouldn't crank over. The problem turned out to be the seat safety switch which I bypassed with a jumper wire. So now I have a tractor that starts. The problem I'm having is that the tractor is so handy like this. No pushing down on the seat to move the...
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    Thermo King / Isuzu motors for generators

    So a while ago I was given 4 Thermo King motors and 1 Isuzu. The deal was that I make one into an emergency generator for their farm and I could do what I wanted with the others. 1 TK motor is supposedly an overhauled long block complete with an injection pump, oil filter etc. One had never been...
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    Eaves through covers to keep the leaves out

    It looks like I'm going to have to do this to my house. I'm getting older and not as brave as I used to be so no more walking around on the roof of the house blowing the leaves out of the gutters. I'm just wondering what others have used and how well they work. This will be a next summers project.
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    MF 165 diesel injection pump varnish

    I was recently given a MF 165. I worked for several hours trying to get the tractor to start. The fuel line from the tank to the filters was replaced because it was plugged with a varnish like substance. The filters were replaced and fuel was able to be pumped into the injection pump. It still...
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    Itchy pacemaker

    I have an ICD (internal cardiac device). Sometimes the thing is just itchy inside me. Most times it doesn't bother but sometimes it's itchy enough to be a nuisance. If I rub my skin over the device most times the itch goes away. My doctor tells me that I'm the only one he's ever heard of that...
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    JD 4410 Power Beyond instalation instructions

    Looking for a pdf of the installation instructions for a LVB25085 power beyond kit for a 4410. Thanks
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    John Deere 212 hydraulic oil?

    My neighbour has a John Deere 212 lawn tractor and no operators manual. It has a manual transmission so the hydraulics have a separate reservoir under the hood. Does anybody know which oil to use in the hydraulics. Thanks
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    751 MF combine service manual

    There are all kinds of 750 service manuals available online but I'm looking for the service procedures on the main gearbox which is specific to the pull type 751 combine. I've tried the local dealer and he wasn't able to find a service manual in amongst the dealers in my area. I'm throwing this...
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    Harley rake tooth spacing

    I am slowly gathering the parts together to make a harley rake. I would like to know the tooth spacing. Ie How many teeth in the circle around the drum and how far apart the teeth are on the drum. I realize the teeth are mounted in a spiral pattern. Any help is appreciated.
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    sometimes i get interesting jobs.

    My neighbor brought me his bale truck and asked me to fix it. Both frames are cracked. One is cracked all the way through and the other side had about an inch of frame that isn't cracked. I offered to change the frame but he didn't want to spend the money and I don't blame him. For what the...
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    What is this

    A friend of mine posted this picture on face book and wondered what it is. Can anyone help out here? I think that when you push the lever it causes the cam to rotate which in turn drops the hammer on the punch on the left side of the picture.That's about all I can figure. I asked her for more...
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    Home page problems

    Does anyone else have a home page that looks like this. For several month's I had to put up with several different lines of print being on the same line. It was clear for a month or so and now I get this.
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    Gallenberg airglide 1000 xt rear wheel gearbox

    I am repairing one of these sprayers for my neighbour. This is a self propelled sprayer built in the 80's till the company was bought out. The planetary gear box for the rear wheels was initially built with too light a set of bearings in the rear wheel gear box. Two years ago we replaced the...
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    Which lathe is this?

    I'm interested in buying a lathe so my buddy sent me a few pictures of one for sale. I'm just wondering if someone can tell me what model this is and where I can get more info on it. I think it's a South Bend but I'm not sure. I realize this isn't a lathe forum but surely somebody can point...
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    Mig Welders

    I'm posting this because I just may be missing out on something. I really don't get what the hype is about mig welders. Most times I've used one I end up being able to do a better job with a stick welder. This could be because of my inexperience with migs but I'm to the point of don't even show...
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    !979 MF 245 parts

    I recently purchased a 245 that was in a fire. No one saw the fire and it went out by its self. Most of what is burnt is the guages and anything near the battery. The fuel tank appears to be ok but all the rubber lines need replacing. The fire did not get hot enough to warp the tin but the paint...
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    Snow Attachments John Deere BM19575 snow blower/broom attachment kit for sale

    I have a complete snow blower/ broom attachment kit for a 4200, 4300, & 4400 cut's. This will also work on xx10 series tractors. I bought the kit to attach my 59 snowblower onto my 4410. I have since decided to go a different route and no longer need this. The kit has been mounted on my tractor...
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    3155 John Deere technical manual

    I'm looking for a Technical Manual for a 3155 John Deere. The neighbour broke his front axle and I want to make sure I put all the gears back together properly. If anybody knows of a website that sells downloads or has a pdf of a manual that would be great. Thanks
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    Welding and age

    I have done a lot of welding through the years and am finding as I get older that it's harder to see what I'm doing in order to lay a steady good quality bead. Just wondering what others have done to counter act the effects of age on eyesight and steady hands as I can't do the same quality of...
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    Oil & Fuel Ariens Zoom 2352

    Trying to change the oil for a neighbor and cannot figure out how to open the oil change fitting. It's not a drain plug. It's plastic with a few shallow grips and has a hose zip tied on. The engine is a Kohler. Any help would be apreciated.