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  1. PCABE5

    LS Tractor USA Parts Website

    Has anyone run into errors on the LS parts website? For example, the MT3 shows the wrong fuel filter and the wrong front axle. Anyone else run into similar errors with their parts search?
  2. PCABE5

    MT3 Front Axle Vent

    Have any of you noticed that the front axle on the MT3 does not have a vent? I could see the longevity of the axle seals being reduced. I ended up purchasing one from eBay that vents both ways, but since it's coming from England it may be a little bit before I see it.
  3. PCABE5

    LS Facelift

    Speaking with my dealer he said that in 2022 the LS lineup was supposed to get an exterior redesign, aka facelift. I asked him if it was going to look like the Korean MT4, as that is pretty sharp and he just smiled and said we'll see. So be on the lookout for some redesigned sheet metal in 2022.
  4. PCABE5


    Anyone want an LS beacon light? I don't need two. This doesn't have the mount it's just the light. PM me with an address.
  5. PCABE5

    MT3 Forward Hydro pedal

    Certain versions of the MT3 hydrostatic transmission models, might be S-HST only, can get a new forward pedal under warranty. I guess it could catch on the cruise control magnet causing it to stick. The new pedal has a small tail on it so it cannot raise higher than the magnet. My serial number...
  6. PCABE5

    Pallet Fork Grapple

    Any of you have a pallet fork grapple? If so what brand and what do you think of it? I'm looking at one myself and I'd like to see what others think of them.
  7. PCABE5

    MT3 57 Delivered

    My MT3 57 was delivered yesterday. Haven't had time to really look it over but seems pretty nice. As I get more time I'll be able to give some more feedback.
  8. PCABE5

    Boomer 40 Steering Valve

    Any idea why a steering valve would be noisy, like a hydrostatic whine? Seems to whine more so above 2000 rpm and you only have to move the wheel a little either way and it will whine. No loader or other load on the front end and it does it stationary or moving. Being that this valve is in...
  9. PCABE5

    XR3135HC Loader valve Pictures

    Could someone please take some pictures of the piping for the quick disconnects that comes off the loader valve? And how/where the bracket mounts to the engine? Looking to see if I can convert my Boomer 40 to the XR configuration and I'd like to see how it is configured and if it's possible.
  10. PCABE5

    Hydraulic Pump Upgrade (Deplorable Diesel)

    Ever consider what the best upgrade to your tractor could be? Do you do a lot of loader work? Or 3pt work? Maybe run equipment off the rear hydraulic outlets? Well quite possibly your answer would be faster hydraulics. Deplorable Diesel, Deplorable Diesel | Deplorable Diesel, has the pump...
  11. PCABE5

    LS Review at the NFMS

    7:55 starts this review by tractor time with Tim and Kennyd from Bolt on Hooks. It isn't much but I had to laugh at Kenny when he said there was no where to rest your arm when operating the loader joystick. The armrest being adjusted would have helped. I certainly do not hit the draft/3pt...
  12. PCABE5

    OBD Link and 2018 Boomer 40

    I finally got a chance to mow and try out the new HDTH7 Bush Hog. I also had a OBD Link that I used for something else so I setup the dashboard to read parameters of the Boomer.
  13. PCABE5

    3320 Cab owners

    Would you give me the data label off your a/c compressor. Looking for manufacturer and model number.
  14. PCABE5

    2520 Deck Lock-up Kit (Bent)

    I purchased the deck lock-up kit with the tractor and yesterday I went out to check the tractor, i.e. clean the deck, grease, visual inspection. Well I looked and was wondering why the deck seemed to be crooked. Almost 1 inch on the deck height gauge. Looking at things everything is in-place...
  15. PCABE5

    2520..So I installed a Temp Gauge

    I was looking for something to do this weekend so I installed a temp gauge. Everything was really easy to hook up. My only mistake was I scratched the black plastic right below the gauge but I am sure the tractor will survive. Easier to read then the light and easier to tell when the front...
  16. PCABE5

    2520 tach

    Anyone ever have theirs quit? Started mine tonight and no tach.
  17. PCABE5

    2520 3pt Bleed down

    I have a couple questions, First overnight the deck will lower the 3pt is that a normal function for the 2520? Seems if I open the rate of drop valve the faster it will bleed down when the tractor is off and if I slow the rate of drop the less it bleeds down. Second question, is on the rate...
  18. PCABE5

    First 2520 Mods

    Besides the seat, I found two mods to do today. I relocated the "thermos" which might look like it is in the way for seeing implements behind you but it does not affect my visibility. Now to figure out what I want to use it for as I keep the manuals in the shop, not the tractor. Next I...
  19. PCABE5

    2520 First Impressions (Finally)

    Well I finally got to play a little bit with the new tractor. I used the 73" bucket to haul some rocks I was pulling out of the yard and these rocks turned out to be boulders. Most were 2 feet in diameter and since this is an old farm field I take it no one ever picked rock. Anyway I was able...
  20. PCABE5

    2520 Power Steering Hoses

    How are your power steering hoses routed? Mine go under the loader frame mount and when I turn sharp to the left the front tire is contacting the hoses and I would be afraid that if I was in reverse the tire might grab it and break it off. Looking to see how your is routed and/or how yours is...
  21. PCABE5

    Oh No Look What Showed Up

    The new 2520 showed up this morning. Installed the accessories from the 2320 (seat, tool box, lights) and had to move the rear wheels out as they were rubbing the mower lift arms. Don't know why the left them in the narrow position. It has a total of 1 hour on the clock and needs to be broken...
  22. PCABE5

    2520 order week 3 update

    Well I ordered my 2520, 200cx and 72" mmm 3 weeks ago and the mower deck just showed up after 3 weeks. Now I guess I will have to wait another 3-5 days because now I have to "fall in line" to get the tractor prepped, loader installed and mmm installed. So by the time it is finally delivered it...
  23. PCABE5

    Opinions on 72" MMM on a 2520

    What are the opinions on the 72"MMM verses the 62D on the 2520?
  24. PCABE5

    Turbo Oil Return (2320)

    Guys, I got my turbo and I am in the process of getting the adapters made and assembling oil lines. I'll take some pictures as I get started and post them. My question is does anyone see a problem with returning the turbo oil return line to the valve cover. The turbo will sit high enough for...
  25. PCABE5

    2320 Hydraulic pump part number

    Would anyone happen to know what the manufacturers part number is on the 2320 implement pump? All I know it is a Kanzaki/Yanmar pump and dealer doesn't know. Was hoping one of you might have had yours off and knew what it was.
  26. PCABE5

    New 2x20 Series Snowblower

    I am purchasing a new snowblower for the winter and the sales man said that in October Deere will announce a new 50+" snowblower for the 2000 series. But product is not supposed to be available until fall of 2009. He said that he thinks it is going to be the same size as the 3000 series uses...
  27. PCABE5

    Ammo Box to 2320 Toolbox

    Had this laying around and figured it would make a good toolbox for the JD. Now I just need to p/u some JD green paint.
  28. PCABE5

    My 2320 Seat Fix

    An update on my seat experiment, I purchased two seat suspension springs from JD (M153100 for and X series standard suspension) that were roughly the same base diameter as the rubber under the seat. I pulled the rubber and put in the springs and used a fender washer and small bolt at the bottom...
  29. PCABE5

    Price Check Is this a good price for a '05 3320?

    I found a dealer that has a 2005 3320 with 15hrs on it for $15555. One owner, an older farmer that used it to run wagons to the field and traded it for a 5xxx. With 3320, 72"mmm, 300cx, and 59" fr snow blower and my trade it would cost me $16195. Let me hear some feedback guys....
  30. PCABE5

    What is the 62D MMM Differences?

    What are the diferences between the 2320's 62D1 and the 25/2720 62D2 MMM deck? I was looking at trading up tractor to tractor but I was told the decks are different and would not interchange.
  31. PCABE5

    2720 vs 2520 Distinctions from Dealer

    I was at the dealer today buying seat springs to replace the rubber on mine and I picked up a dealer printed doc on the 2720 and this is what they list as the distinctions between it and the 2520: "31hp 100+ cu in. engine that is esentially the same engine block as the 3320. 12v dc outlet...
  32. PCABE5

    72" MMM on a 2320

    Does anyone know if the new 72" mmm will fit the 2320? Deere doesn't list it as an option but the extra width would be nice for my application.
  33. PCABE5

    Ballast Ballast Tire Question?

    Does adding liquid ballast to your tires improve your ride or make it rougher?
  34. PCABE5

    Grading 54" Front Blade

    Has anyone come up with a better idea for the skid shoes for their 54" front blade? Mine bend and one even broke off the blade itself. They are adjusted to where the blade is level and about a 1/4" off the ground and they still catch. Any solutions?
  35. PCABE5

    2320 and 2520 Hydraulics

    I have read on here the differences between the 2320 and 2520 hydraulics in that the 2520 has two pumps and the 2320 has only one. Where are you getting this information? The 2320 gets power steering from the same place the 2520 does which is tied into the hydro cooler line and both have...