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  1. ArlyA

    New rechargeable work light

    Need to replace my work light and looked through reviews but didn't like them. What do you have? I'm looking for one with magnetic base, simple on-0ff switch and rechargeable like a phone. Not a special base type. Do you have one like this?
  2. ArlyA

    latest Ford Bronco? Need reviews.

    We are looking (or dreaming?) about getting the latest greatest Bronco. If you have one of any style, please tell us what you think of it
  3. ArlyA

    Duck or duct tape

    Found a very good history video about duck tape. Stuff has been around!
  4. ArlyA

    Allis Chalmers 170 and 175

    My boss just pick up a bunch of used tractors which he will be selling. These two Allis's have around 3000 hours on them, the 170 is gas and 175 diesel. I was thinking offer to buy the 170 for him. What is your thoughts? Stupid idea? 😁
  5. ArlyA

    atv and utv year-around use (and in snow)

    For years we used work snowmobiles to tow implements with in snow. Bully's as well but that's another topic. About 15 years ago we got an atv and pods for it to test and a few yeas later we gave up on sleds. Now we use the same machine year around. Pictured below is of our personal machine...
  6. ArlyA

    ctv trannys in atv's and utv's

    Some folks think that CVT drives are not for serous work, or something like that for UTV's and ATV's. In this video is a CVT drive being demoed in a tractor. My folks owned a combine that's main drive transmission was one. They do indeed work fine in working atv's and we've used them for the...
  7. ArlyA

    240D for sale

    Spied this tractor at our friends house and its a 240D and she wants to sell it. Her late husband got it new in the 1980s. Hasn't been ran in 3 or 4 years. Should have asked if it has a loader but I'd guess not. What do you think, should i pursue it?
  8. ArlyA

    file speed?

    You guys suggested getting some 5/32 diamond round files for a dremal type tool. Just tried one out today and seems to work quite well but my 2 speed dremel seem fast. What are you guys using to power these? Speed?
  9. ArlyA

    soft shackle users?

    Who here uses soft shackles on there atv/utv? if so, please do a review of them for that application. I'm going to get some for our 6x6.
  10. ArlyA

    ventrac brush mower review?

    Has anyone here used a ventrac brush mower? if so, please tell us what you think. Arw the blade free swinging?
  11. ArlyA

    Ventrac 4200 vxd on FB

    Just spied on Facebook marketplace ------------------------------------------------------ Details Ventrac 4200 vxd 31 hp engine with around 3500 hrs(still using) New center link and complete service Comes with dual kit and weights Selling to buy new tractor $12,000 obo Additional photos on...
  12. ArlyA

    landpride backblade RB3784 review

    Over the weekend I used a Landpride RB3784 blade attached to a kubota and here is its review. I've only used one before behind a slightly smaller YTM tractor and that blade was 100% manul adjusted but found them both rather effective in doing crude dirt adjustments. Sorry I didn't get a...
  13. ArlyA

    old guy spied

    My next mini saw seen at a parade over the weekend in northern MN. Will you carry it in for us? :ROFLMAO:
  14. ArlyA

    Rabbit island living in the Kewee

    I while ago, someone posted in the great Lakes boat thread about light houses up for sale. This is a fellow who lived here in the Keweenaw peninsula for a bit who later purchased a small island. This is it.
  15. ArlyA

    Reese anti-sway bar repairs

    I need to build a part for my Reese anti-sway bar that's under built and bent. Reese doesn't sell the part! Its bent and can't be tightened down so as to create any friction anymore. Its 3 x 4 x 1/4 or 3/16 flat that I'll rebuilt it with. It the little plate under the handle. Would anyone care...
  16. ArlyA

    cool tracked mini forwarder spied yesterday

    Coming home yesterday we spied this unit parked along the road. Looks like it would be handy. (I tell the spoucal unit) :ROFLMAO: No more firewood moving troubles!
  17. ArlyA

    which mig?

    I ordered a Cyclone 200ES and later learned that it won't show up here until fall. I tried contacting everlast asking if they are out of stock using several formats and heard nothing back.. I liked the features on the Cyclone 200ES but might have to move to another brand. What do model or...
  18. ArlyA

    welding carts

    You guys with welding carts. What have you liked, or disliked using them.
  19. ArlyA

    Cyclone 200ES reviews?

    Anyone here using the Cyclone 200ES? I so, tell us what you think of it. I should add I'd put 035 fluxcore wire in it to do steel projects with it. Thanks!
  20. ArlyA

    Cyclone 200ES attached to generator?

    If we purchased a generator with 240 output to power this unit, what size might we need? thanks! CLN-200ES 120/240, GMAW/SMAW Spoolgun Download Manual: Cyclone 200ES Manual Downloads: How do we compare? Brochure SKU: CLN-200ES $639.00 You Save - $10.00...
  21. ArlyA

    UTV's and ATV's at work picture thread

    Seems that some of us use our machines for work, so maybe we could have a picture thread of that? I'll start.
  22. ArlyA

    Great small engines test video

    A really nice small engine test.----------------------------------------------------------------- Mods: Quote from the video.... "Is the Honda clone just as good as the Honda? Is the Honda better than the Harbor Freight's Predator and Briggs and Stratton Engines? All engines compared for fuel...
  23. ArlyA

    dozer security?

    While out skiing today at a nearby lake, some logging was happening in that vicinity which is no shock, its NFS land. We parked at a lot next to this dozer parked across the road. For the fun of it, I looked inside and spied the keys it it. I tried the door and you guessed it, wide open...
  24. ArlyA

    Neoprene Rubber gluing?

    I've got some Neoprene Rubber pieces I need to glue together. This is not foam but solid belting. According to the internet, many contact cements are suppose to work on it but I've tried 2 and both didn't do much for its attachment. Just for fun I also tried rubber vulcanizing chemical...
  25. ArlyA

    Bar grove and cover cleaning tool

    Here is the bar grove cleaner and cover brush I found after years of looking for one. The metal cleaning hook had to be ground down a bit to fit in the baby sized groove in all my saws. Who can guess what these brush's are really made for?? :unsure: First photo is one in my saw box and I...
  26. ArlyA

    KFI plow updates

    We have one of these units on our 6x6. Does anyone else here use it? Looks like I'll have to be modifying ours since I've put it to use. As stated on there retail we page. -------------------------------------------------- Pro-Series (Straight) Blade: Pushes snow straight ahead Measures...
  27. ArlyA

    Pileated woodpeeker facts and photos

    Here is a nice video with some cool facts about the Pileated Woodpeckers like things they like to eat, where to find one, things you can do if they are damaging your home, and even how to pronounce Pileated.
  28. ArlyA

    Lights connection water greif

    Silly question you guys. The trailer connection in our ford seems to gain moisture over winter months and the truck keeps telling us"trailer is connected" followed by "trailer is disconnected" over and over again. Of course we us liberal amounts of electricital grease on those connection's...
  29. ArlyA

    skid roll

    See on face book add. Suppose he posted the wrong picture? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’ll have a few semi loads of tamarack firewood for sale this winter, pending swamp freeze up. Price depends on trucking distance from the Aurora/Palo MN area...
  30. ArlyA

    used market pricing come back to earth

    Caught this on youtub feed this morning. I agree, prices are coming down.
  31. ArlyA

    2022 Outlander Max 6x6

    We just picked up our new Outlander Max 6x6 which is a BRP or Can-am product equipped with a 1000 V-2 at 90 degrees 4 valve per cylinder engine and putting out 82hp (abouts) I'm not a sport guy but use it for work.
  32. ArlyA

    Shipping container axles adding?

    Folks, has anyone here added axles to there shipping container to make it readily moveable?? I've been working on some 20ft versions at work and noted one in town the company had added three axles and hitch to. It looked rather nice and said they'd done that just to make it easier to move.
  33. ArlyA

    BR 800 C-E MAGNUM reviews

    Is anyone here using a BR 800 C-E MAGNUM stihl leave blower? If so, tell us what you think of it.
  34. ArlyA

    A awd all-wheel steer mower?

    My old center actuation steering husky, 4wd mower is breaking and needing parts so I'm looking for it's replacement. Our yard is all hill so awd is needed and a loved the old huskys steering which was like a zero steer mower. Yes I've tried a zero-steer here and didn't like it. What's...
  35. ArlyA

    which sanding pads?

    We have some large picnic tables we care for which are located at remote locations. The finish is starting to peel so they need to be scraped, buffed and refinished. For cleaning and buffing them I thought I'd bring my generator so I could use my 4.5 angle grinder to do that job with. We'd...
  36. ArlyA

    weld shop clean out job and other Keweenaw sites

    For the past week or so, I've been brushing out a retired weld shop that was closed for a few years. They left lots of interesting items behind I thought you folks might like to see. Do you need a cylinder for your log splitter! Its about 10ft long. (OK its not really a cylinder) need some...
  37. ArlyA

    Mini-saw reviews?

    I had a fellow showed me a mini saw by stihl he had and I was rather impressed. Do you have one? If so, please tell us how you like it or any mini pruners like these, I'd love to hear about them. GTA 26 Battery Garden Pruner Stihl GTA 26 Garden Pruner Specifications Power Source: Stihl 12V...
  38. ArlyA

    Need 1/2 18V Makita impact, which one?

    Looking for a makita 1/2 impact like the ones seen below. Which one these do you guys like...
  39. ArlyA

    dog protective vest

    We are looking for dog vests that protect the fronts of there legs and other area's like there chest and belly. All we can find on-line is these. Any other ones out there? Of course we searched the web for them.
  40. ArlyA

    equipment listings?

    Has anyone here used this tractor biding system? Your impressions? Like this.
  41. ArlyA

    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    I'm looking for a quality wood stain/preservative thas is oil based with UV protection that will last. Seems most manufacturers are swticting to water based which I don't like. What are you using? Whats still out there that is oil based?
  42. ArlyA

    rail anvil build

    Here is an anvil I built from a rail X years ago. I believe its made with 120lb rail, nonetheless, the whole thing is quite heavy and works very well..
  43. ArlyA

    Looking at a 2018 John Deere 2025r

    A 2018 John Deere 2025r for $16,000 popped up on FB here. Looks new in the pics no idea of the hours. What do you guys think? I note it comes with loader.
  44. ArlyA

    new Doo Little

    We picked up a new utility trailer yesterday! Its 84 wide by 14ft long. I already noted a few things to change.
  45. ArlyA

    5 x 12ft steel utility trailer $1200

    We are not selling our steel utility trailer.
  46. ArlyA

    Heartland Trailers?

    Anyone here own a trailer made at Heartland Trailer Manufacturing, Sikeston, MO?? How long have you had it? Its quality? Thanks!
  47. ArlyA

    crane added to trailer

    After loading and unload implements from our utility flatbed trailer many times, dearest suggested I add a crane to it. The crane is a inexpensive HF 1000lb max version. Receiver is a 2" hitch type I built so as to readily remove and add the crane and it will not be normally be installed on...
  48. ArlyA

    History of tracked machines thread

    Being interested in industrial history and machines equipped with tracks, below is a cool video made in Germany in 1908 of early designs. Anyone else?
  49. ArlyA

    trailer lift mods

    I am adding this cheap and manual lift crane where its seen here on the trailer to assist with implement moving. Seems I'll mount it a bit higher and with a temporary "drop in" weldment so it will only be there when needed. What do you think?? I'll post more pics when I get into thew job.
  50. ArlyA

    Polaris Boss 2014

    We are selling our beloved Boss this summer. Since we use it for trail and yard work all summer, we don't want to move it until we know when our new machine will be delivered here which is a Outlander max 6x6 and cost over 30K. The machine has 170 hours, a 800cc engine and will be posted in...