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    L 6060 3rd remote

    :welcome: To the TBN forum. As you can see, you came to the right place to get answers. Here is a diagram:
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    New to the Industry

    :welcome: To the TBN forum Ricky. We are glad that you joined. You didn't specify which JD that you have.
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    Canadian "Snow Birds"

    Alabama has some decent girls also:
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    MF 1010 - New Member

    :welcome: To TBN JF from Alabama. Can't help with the MF, are you still growing pecans?
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    Land Pride cutter replacement blades.

    I have replaced a few broken blades on my LP RCR1860 cutter. Everyone I talk too says that LP blades are the most expensive. I am look for a suitable replacement blade that is cheaper. Is there such a thing out there?
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    How's everyone doing with the SNOW

    Well, we finally got snow here in Alabama. 10" were we are some northern areas got a foot. Here is a picture of ours:
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    Did my bad deed for the day: Evicted a homeless person!

    I did not evict the owls that used the old oak tree in the front yard, but Mother Nature did when a tornado went close by and the wind broke down the biggest limb uncovering their nest. No more owls.
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    Love my Pallet Forks

    Here: I have used a step stool, step ladder and ladder on here.