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  1. jigs_n_fixtures

    Connecting hydraulics to a control valve for a top link

    Hint if you click the users name or icon, their information pops up, telling you when they were last online. If the OP hasn't been on in a while don't expect them to reply. And you are better off starting a new thread. RE the three lines which are there when the backhoe is removed. Just a...
  2. jigs_n_fixtures

    SwagLok Fittings

    Good point. Guess I should buy a few sets of ferrules, and hook up one of the fittings, and pressurize it with a hand pump, before I try it on the actual tractor.
  3. jigs_n_fixtures

    A Dumb Question About Lift Arms and Rear Hydraulics (Bobcat CT230)

    The fluid goes through the loader arms, and The "normal set up, is the fluid leaves pump, and goes to the Front-End-Loader valve, if the valve is in the neutral position, the fluid leaves through a pressure beyond port, then goes to the transmission body, where it runs into the internal...
  4. jigs_n_fixtures

    SwagLok Fittings

    I have some 3/8 SwageLok tubing fittings. I need 10-mm fittings. Can I just swap the 10-mm ferrules into the 3/8 fittings to convert them? The difference in the OD of the tubing is 0.0187-inches. Why do I want to do this? There are 10-mm ferrules on eBay for about $2.00 per set, versus $20...
  5. jigs_n_fixtures

    UTV - Trying to Decide

    I still say that if you know enough to work on your own rigs, a JDM mini truck is far handier around the place than a UTV, in most instances. Admittedly, the minitrucks do not have the ground clearance, or suspension travel of the UTVs. But, the mini truck has a far more usable bed, and if you...
  6. jigs_n_fixtures

    Universal remote 4 coupler ROPS mount ?

    Call around to local metal fabricating shops, if there aren’t any close, call a local welding and steel supply to see if they know of any. There aren’t any metal fabricating shops where I live, but there are three small businesses, and a couple of individuals who have hydraulic metal working...
  7. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM T1104 Tractor & TX110 Loader and a lot of questions

    Actually, adding a cutting edge to the bottom back of the bucket, would greatly decrease the chance of damaging the curl cylinders, because they would be fully retracted.
  8. jigs_n_fixtures

    4 wheel dive issue on 293 HST

    My T233 won’t shift to 4wd or high low range, if there is any tension in the transmission from the HST Drive. With the tractor off no problem, and if I here any whine from the HST I tap the pedal opposite of the one last used, and it generally will slip right in. I need to get under and adjust...
  9. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM service manuals/parts catalogs on-line (pdf) here ...

    Not sure of all of them but quite a few of the ones for ten to fifteen year old ones. They don’t list them on their site but if you search for the manual for a given tractor, an out the tenth link will be an archive link to Smiths.
  10. jigs_n_fixtures

    How to initially oil new roller chain on equipment

    I was taught to put the chain in a big coffee can, and fill the can with enough melted paraffin to cover the chain, and the let it set off the heat until the paraffin got solid and then to it again. That was back in the days before pre-lubricated chains. Now i just spray them off with...
  11. jigs_n_fixtures

    Any suggestions how to get this tree on the ground safely?

    Bucking’ Billy Ray Smith, is sawyer in British Columbia, who has YouTube channel. He explained how to work this kind of mess a year or so back. You could search his videos and find the episode.
  12. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM 554 Third functions options and install.

    I’d stay with the OEM if possible. Most aftermarket kits look like some guy just put it together in the garage, with off the shelf hoses, which don’t quite fit. The OEM looks like it was actually designed to fit. Im looking for a factory kit I can canabalize to get the hardlines and brackets.
  13. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM T273 Hydraulic line

    Any of the local shops here could make you one. Not certain, but it appears to be the pressure relief line from the valve back to the transmission. Shouldn’t have much if any pressure. if you do find someone with parts let me know. I’d like to find some spares for my T233.
  14. jigs_n_fixtures

    1992 Toro 30935 Leaf Blower carburetor question

    My first guess is that it was made by American Yard Machine, they made/make a bunch of different brands, selling the same machines in different color schemes. So, that the retail places never have to price match.
  15. jigs_n_fixtures

    Converting double acting cylinder with a single acting pump

    Messy can be your freind. If you have a leaking cylinder you want to know sooner than later. If you’re plumbed back to the tank, so there isn’t a mess, then you won’t know anything is wrong, until you have a serious failure. Similar to why you don’t caulk around a toilet base. You want to...
  16. jigs_n_fixtures

    Wiring for the Injection Control Pressure Sensor on a PowerStroke.

    I can get a 12V to 5V power supply fairly easily. Gonna have to keep looking at this a bit longer.
  17. jigs_n_fixtures

    Wiring for the Injection Control Pressure Sensor on a PowerStroke.

    I want to mount an electronic hydraulic pressure gauge on my tractor. I found a gauge with a 4,000-psi max reading, which ties into the wiring for the ICP sensor on PowerStrokes. Does anyone know which of the three wires in the wiring harness is what? I’m guessing one is 12-V power, one is...
  18. jigs_n_fixtures


    My CGM says NO!!!. And from a chemistry stand point the caramelized toasty part probably breaks down faster, and thus hits your system faster than the “raw” untoasted stuff. Part of the toasting cycle is the conversion of the starches, into sugars and then the caramelization of those sugars...
  19. jigs_n_fixtures

    FE Loader Behavior???

    The loader may have sat for a couple of years, and gotten dust, etc. in the grease. I tend to. Blow such surfaces off with brake cleaner, and then lube them with chain lube, which doesn’t attract and hold dust and debris.
  20. jigs_n_fixtures

    FE Loader Behavior???

    Two possibles: leak at the piston in the cylinders, or leak at the FEL valve. check the adjustment on the valves to be sure they are actually centered when the joystick is, and that there isn’t just enough resistance in the controls to keep the valve from closing all the way. Much easier...
  21. jigs_n_fixtures

    Stupid Things I Have Done

    My Dad made my younger brother rebuild the engine on Mom’s 69 Volvo, after he didn’t check the oil, and grenaded the engine. Went to the wrecking yard and bought a core, had it machined and then made him pay for everything and made him do all the work. He was pretty religious about...
  22. jigs_n_fixtures

    Looking for info for converting 2 stick to joystick

    Short line has kits for some of the John Deere tractors, and might be able to set you up. Worth Contacting them.
  23. jigs_n_fixtures

    Can I tee into PB and return for extra valve?

    From the Summit sight. They jut go in series.
  24. jigs_n_fixtures

    Looking for info for converting 2 stick to joystick

    My observation is that on a lot of the CUTs and SCUTS, the hydraulics are twitchy, because the valves are 11-gpm, and the pumps are down around 5-gpm max flow. So the ports are just a little too large to open the small amount you need for smooth control of the hydraulics. The solution is to...
  25. jigs_n_fixtures

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Well, I’m kinda-Sorta retired. Had the three bad days at work, where my management acted like ignorant bung holes, and I pulled the pin. I am 66, and have reach full Social Security retirement age. But, am also not ready to retire. I’m a Licensed Engineer, and am considering opening up a...
  26. jigs_n_fixtures

    Backhoe Owners - How do you cover the outrigger feet?

    And paint them bright yellow so they stand out.
  27. jigs_n_fixtures

    What size are the factory 3rd function connections on a T494 at the bucket?

    I’m hunting down pieces and parts put put a third forward on my T233. I plan to use breakaway couplings. The outer sleeve is held in the bracket, and if the hose is caught up, it pulls on the body of the coupling, and it releases, instead of damaging the hose or anything else...
  28. jigs_n_fixtures

    654 temp gauge

    Where is the idiot light sensor? Can you remove it and install a sender for a gauge.. In most applications you can. NOt sure what your thermostat housing looks like, but I have seen over height housings with a port for mechanical gauge on the bottom. And, you could probably fab a spacer with...
  29. jigs_n_fixtures

    All thread rod as rebar

    A layer of reinforcing steel is referred to as a mat. Depending on the purpose of the structure, and loads it is designed to withstand. A bridge structure may have so many mats, and so much steel in each mat that you have to be carefull of not get teh steel so close together that the larger...
  30. jigs_n_fixtures

    All thread rod as rebar

    Some rebar might be weldable, but generally it isn’t. And whether it can be welded would highly dependent on where it is, and where the weld is in relation to the rest of the bar.
  31. jigs_n_fixtures

    Have you ever sold a tractor due to no dealer support?

    From my place it is two or two and a half hour, 120 or 150-miles to any kind of dealer. But in my small remote town, there is a shop which specializes in fixing tractors, of any brand. And now, one who specializes in hydraulics. The u-joints on the drive shaft between the engine and...
  32. jigs_n_fixtures

    Best way to mount hydralic hookups for grapple

    The breakaway couplers have the sleeve fixed, and as the body moves it releases. This means that you can push or pull on the hose to connect or disconnect.
  33. jigs_n_fixtures

    Hydraulic scissor lift won't go down.

    Which would prevent it from lifting off the safety pawl enough for it to release.
  34. jigs_n_fixtures

    Best way to mount hydralic hookups for grapple has brackets, with breakaway couplers mounted. And just plane brackets. Plus a large selection of couplers.
  35. jigs_n_fixtures

    Display issue

    Mis-wired fuse panel?
  36. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM 273 LJ200 loader

    Attached is the manual for the LT200 on my T233, which should be the loader on your T273. I’m guessing the LJ200 is a typo. Jordan’s up in the Idaho panhandle is one of the better stocking dealers. I have called and had them direct ship things with no issue. Good luck, Jigs
  37. jigs_n_fixtures

    Shut off solenoid

    trace the wiring from he solenoid back. It probably isn’t actually energizing. And, try finding a manual for a TYM from he same ime period, with he same size engine. And see how close he wiring is. (Sometimes my keyboard messes up and doesn’t recognize that I pressed the T-key. Sorry about...
  38. jigs_n_fixtures

    T233, 273, and 293 Engine interchangeability.

    I’ve been looking at the specs and parts books, for the three tractors, and they seem to be the same except for the horsepower of the Mitsubishi S3L and S3L2 engines. The S3L2 engines have a 1.3-liter displacement. But the block, bell housing pattern and flywheel are the same. It appears...
  39. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM 394HST in need of DIY strategy for adding rear circuits

    There is probably a power beyond line from the loader valve, to the top of the transmission, which feeds to the 3-point cylinder. You can probably download the parts manual, and the repair manual, to check that. On my T233, I’m adding a second cable operated loader control valve between the...
  40. jigs_n_fixtures


    Depending on the station, it might keep you mad enough to not sleep for several days.
  41. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM Radiator hose

    It is the suction hose then, the water pump pulls water from the radiator, and pushes it into the block. You can probably use one of the flex hoses, but it has to be able to not collapse under suction.. Most of the flex hoses should work.
  42. jigs_n_fixtures

    TYM Radiator hose

    Is the bottom hose suction on your tractor? You may be able to make up a hose but, I think that you rapidly start getting to tthe cost of the factory hose.
  43. jigs_n_fixtures

    T413 Dashboard problem

    Check for Voltage to the fuse for the instruments. AFter it is probably a voltage regulator. All the gauges you lost are the ground sensor ones, and have a common electrical feed through the one fuse. So begin by checking voltage before he fuse, and after the fuse, if you have he 12-V there...
  44. jigs_n_fixtures

    Stuck in High Range

    Sounds like the drive isn’t going to neutral when you come off the pedals. You might try adjusting and lubricating the linkage between the pedals and the transmission.
  45. jigs_n_fixtures

    Please recommend a dealer

    Smith’s has an archive of all the manuals that TYM abandoned when they upgraded their site to include only current production models. Smith’s is the only free source or the factory literature for the older tractors. If they were closer, I would try to give them my business when I could.
  46. jigs_n_fixtures

    Stupid Things I Have Done

    I bought a new cast iron sink, store would install for $50. I decided that I would install it myself. Between getting it into place, and crawling around under the sink, I got my upper back messed up. Took three weeks and $750 my deductible to get the back realigned . It kept hurting for...
  47. jigs_n_fixtures

    Please recommend a dealer

    TYM world has a dealer search put in your street address, and it will display a list of dealers sorted by distance. DO NOT put in a city and state. It try’s to limit you to dealer locations, and you get just the closest dealer. After that come back and ask if anyone has experience with the...
  48. jigs_n_fixtures

    Lockable Metal Battery Box?

    Amazon, search “locakable metal battery box”
  49. jigs_n_fixtures

    Loader/Bucket Hydraulic lines

    There are a few videos on YouTube which show how to bend things back true. Some make more sense than others.
  50. jigs_n_fixtures

    Anybody remember these babies?

    Or A Cosworth Vega.