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    Manual trans ATVs

    Several years back, I traded my Arctic Cat 400 for an Arctic Cat 700 EFI Special Edition... worst mistake I ever made. My 400 was a manual shift with 3 ranges (High, Low, Super Low), had soft suspension that rode like a Cadillac, and was light enough to be nimble/manageable. I once rolled it...
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    Thoughts/Experiences with Bush Hog ZT30D?

    In lieu of the funds to buy a Grasshopper 930D, I just put a deposit on a used Bush Hog ZT30D. They're similar in design... but different in a few things. Here's what little I know, so far: SIMILARITIES -Out front decks -30hp 3cyl diesel The unit has less than 1,000hrs, and was regularly...
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    Kubota D1105 replacement?

    I have a turf tractor that's currently powered by an aging Mitsubishi K3D rated at 25hp. I've been told the Kubota D1105 (28hp) is a direct swap, as it was offered in the same chassis. My hydro trans and PTO boxes are rated for 50hp. The axle is rated for 80hp. I was just wondering if any...
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    Most powerful ZTR mower?

    I've been comparing ZTR power units, and thought I'd see if anyone knew of any higher horsepower units than what I've found.... new, or old. So far... Highest horsepower diesel: Yazoo Kees - 38hp Kubota (turbo) Highest horesepower diesel (non-turbo): Multiple mfg - 35hp Caterpillar/Perkins...
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    Lack of flail mower development in US.

    Has anybody ever seen one of these? It's a Hustler mid-mount ZTR with a flail deck. I've only seen an Italian supplier. Trattorino Scag Sabre Tooth Tiger 31 HP... a Montegranaro - Kijiji: Annunci di eBay Above, is a SCAG Turf Tiger with a Humus brand safety mulcher. I really dig this...
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    Grasshopper mowers

    Just wanting to hear experiences/opinions about Grasshopper mowers... especially the front mount diesels, and how they compare to the competition. I'm looking to buy used, so new machine pricing comparison is irrelevant.
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    Grasshopper ZTR flail mower

    After countless hours spent desperately searching for a flail mower deck compatible with my Toro mowers (325D and 455D 4wd), I've given up the search. I found that Iowa Farm Equipment is now selling a Peruzzo Teg Special flail deck for Grasshopper front mount ZTRs ( Iowa Farm Equipment --...
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    Integrated ZTR transaxles

    I've been comparing ZTR transaxles for a build. So far, I've found two options... the Hydro-Gear 5400 and Parker HTG. I like the Hydro-Gear for its hi/lo range final drive, but it's only rated for a 2,000lb GVWR. The Parker is rated for 2,500lb GVWR, but it lacks the two-range final drive...
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    Alternative "sub-compact" tractor solutions

    This thread is for those who are open to more flexible solutions in the sub-compact tractor category... such as: -"Alpine tractors" (Antonio Cararro, John Deere A20, Pesquali, etc.) -Rear steer / municipal tractors (Kubota F-series, etc.) -Small articulated tractors (Ventrac/Steiner)...
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    GIE+Expo 2016 in Louisville, KY

    Yesterday marked the end of this year's Green Industry Expo... an amazing event that benefits everyone in the power equipment industry. This forum is for anyone who wishes to share their experiences, ask questions, etc., in regards to the event.
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    Mowing Commercial front mowers (not zero turn)

    This thread is for owners and operators of commercial front mowers to share their experiences and opinions of various models, old and new.
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    Threadlocker compound for hydraulic lines

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    Best blades for Toro Guardian Recycler 72"

    Checked on blades for my Toro 325-D today... Oregon doesn't make a G6 for it. Toro doesn't have Atomic blades to fit either. Checked the Stems site... all I could find were standard OEM high-lift. R&R Products has the Oregon G3 "Monster Mulcher" in stock... but most reviews I've read of...
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    Shibaura/Hustler front mowers

    I read somewhere that Hustler 3700 series traction units are rebranded Shibaura with Hustler in-house attachments, and that all Shibaura attachments are compatible. Is this true?
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    MultiMow Intro

    Hey folks! Joined this site for all the helpful advice and hoping to return the favor! We're new to the forum/blog experience... so I don't quite have this whole thing down yet, with regard to attachments/links/rich text/etc. . We currently maintain 26 acres of hilly Blue Ridge terrain in...
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    4WD front mowers (turf equipment)

    Hey folks, I've been looking at 4WD front mowers (turf equipment) for a while. Looking for first-hand experience comparisons between Kubota, John Deere, Iseki, New Holland, etc. . I just bought a Toro 325-D, and intended to mount a Trimax Flaildek to it. I have since been informed by Trimax...
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    Virginia Toro 2760 Flail Mower

    WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE! Toro 2760 Flail Mower attachment for 300 series traction units (322, 325, 328, 345, etc.).
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    Flail Mower Need flail mower for Toro 325-D 4WD (model# 30795)

    In desperate search for a flail mower that is compatible with my Toro 325-D 4WD (model# 30795). Toro made one: Model 44590- Toro 2760 Flail Mower ...but I can't seem to find one. All the aftermarket flail decks I can find are for Kubota, Jonsered, Jacobsen, John Deere, etc. . Toro's 300...