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  1. buckeyefarmer

    Stop closing threads

    It is so annoying, you want to post in a thread and find out it’s been locked. 5 or 6 threads I followed locked in the last couple months. I used to enjoy helping people on TBN, but it’s getting so frustrating.
  2. buckeyefarmer

    Southern VA lot - What to do

    Last fall I bought 7+ acres in southern VA near Roanoke. Decided to start a new thread dedicated to it. lot is mostly wooded, with nice open slightly sloping field. The woods has a hill, with about a 40ft rise. The land has a conventional perc. Our first goal was to build a small cabin for...
  3. buckeyefarmer

    Tires Removing loaded tires

    Discovered an issue with rear tire rims on my L3940 cracking at the lugs. . Looks like I can get a new disc for it. Just worried about the weight of removing the tire. I have BH so no problem jacking it up.
  4. buckeyefarmer

    Moving a shed

    In another thread, I spoke of wanting to move my shed to another location on my property. Thought I’d start my own thread to update in case I actually move it. I consider the front the 16 ft eve side facing the tractor, it has 8 ft wide double door. The gable end is 12 ft. Shed was started...
  5. buckeyefarmer

    Thread limit

    I scroll down about 20 threads in tbn app and it won’t load any more. Here’s an example It appears to be related to an ad that it is trying to insert but is failing to display next. - after failing many times, and then posting this, it started working again.
  6. buckeyefarmer

    CAD software

    What are people using for CAD software these days? I have autocad LT 2011, and autodesk turned off my license because they no longer support it. I don’t want support, but they have disabled me from using the sw I bought. Now autodesk is only subscription based in the tune of $500 year, so...
  7. buckeyefarmer

    Price Check Price on BX23, 2005

    Looking for price to buy a BX23 with loader, BH with 12” bucket, front blade, 60” deck. 1585 hrs. Kept indoors. One owner. Year either 2004 or 2005.
  8. buckeyefarmer

    This day in 1997, of my house build

    Thought I would put together a timeline of my 1997 house build. 19970103 - footers were dug and poured
  9. buckeyefarmer

    Stolen Tractor Frederick Md

    Friends reported this tractor stolen last night. I have no other details.
  10. buckeyefarmer

    Z421 mower, no grease fittings?

    It appears this mower has sealed spindles, anyone have experience in their wear?
  11. buckeyefarmer

    MF 2615 block heater

    Where does block heater get installed? Pictures would be nice. Asking for a friend.
  12. buckeyefarmer

    Prop me up beside the jukebox...

    Someone suggested a thread about what to do with your body once you die. I will probably have a traditional burial. My sister (never married) was cremated, and the ashes spread on the family farm.
  13. buckeyefarmer

    Best places to retire 2018

    Bankrate dot com 5 Best states to retire. 1 South Dakota 2 Utah 3 Idaho 4 New Hampshire 5 Florida 5 Worst: 50 New York 49 New Mexaco 48 Maryland 47 Louisiana 46 Arkansas Based on: Cost of living Crime Culture Health care quality Taxes Weather Well being ( how happy there)
  14. buckeyefarmer

    No next of kin

    If a relative dies with no immediate family, and no will, what's the process for settling the estate? This is in Michigan, moms cousin passed, has no kids. My family each got a letter from a company saying they would take care of the estate for a 25% cut. That was our notice that she had...
  15. buckeyefarmer

    Where did the boy scout thread go?

    Note to BSA: When you find yourself at the bottom of a hole, stop digging. The latest move by BSA, to boost falling membership by allowing girls, and removing boy from the name, just cost them a 20% reduction, as the mormon church has dropped out. For those that don't know, boy scouts is a...
  16. buckeyefarmer

    What farm task do kids today know nothing about.

    Saw something similar on FB, thought we could start a farming version. Some to start.. Pitching hay with a pitchfork Using a trip rake Driving a team of animals
  17. buckeyefarmer

    Ford 631 stuck clutch.

    Starting my own thread instead of continuing in another. Dad's 631 seems to have a stuck clutch. Last summer i drove it around some, hitting brakes, trying to free it without success. Today while visiting i used wood to block the clutch down. There is practically no resistance when pushing...
  18. buckeyefarmer

    Nh 630 round baler dumping bales

    NH 630 round baler. Back gate opens fine empty, but with a full bale it won't open right away, sometimes takes a few minutes, then barely opens enough to dump the bale. Just got baler used this yr, and didnt do this at first. Hydraulic fluid is full. Tractor is kubota L5030.
  19. buckeyefarmer

    Tbn android app errors.

    Get this message in error sometimes.
  20. buckeyefarmer

    Maybe not so swift

    What more can you say.
  21. buckeyefarmer

    Used NH 630 round baler

    Guy down road has NH630, looks almost new,used on 10 acres last 20 yrs. Electric tie. What should I look out for?
  22. buckeyefarmer

    Ford 600 clutch

    Thought the clutch was stuck, but not sure. Press pedal half down before anything engages, press it all the way down it acts like it is trying to disengage the clutch. You can barely see any movement at clutch adjustment on the side when pressing clutch down.
  23. buckeyefarmer

    Got carded at tractor supply....

    Picked up 1 gal 2-4-D Propane lighter Green bean seeds Had to prove this gray haired guy was old enough for one of these.
  24. buckeyefarmer

    Amazon delivery problems using USPS

    So far this week, 2 packages that amazon says were delivered to me by USPS were not received. Didn't get the tracking number for the first one, as it was unavailable once I clicked on the "Did Not Receive" button. They sent me a replacement for that one, received today. Another package...
  25. buckeyefarmer

    no pics on the mobile app

    I only get thumbnails, no pics when i press on the thumbnail. Is there a setting somewhere to display the pic?
  26. buckeyefarmer

    My Fridge has died

    Came home to a fridge sounding like a hit and miss engine. My wife says, "O yeah, the freezer isn't working". This one is 17 yrs old, and the ice maker has been acting up for years, and the compressor has been loud and I was expecting it to go out. Any suggestions on a replacement? My wife...
  27. buckeyefarmer

    RIP, Roscoe P Coltrane
  28. buckeyefarmer

    pole barn liner panels

    Anybody have a "typical" price per foot for ceiling liner for a polebarn. Do you span 4' with it?
  29. buckeyefarmer

    Life on the farm

    Was just looking at some pics of the family farm where my parents still live. I was blessed to have grown up here. My parents bought this farm in the 40's. First pic taken behind our house, looking towards the "big hill" as we call it. This hill was great for sledding in the winter. the...
  30. buckeyefarmer

    New to hydraulics

    Just ordered rear remotes for my L5030 from kubota, so I have been reading some of the excellent writeups people have done regarding the install. I haven't received the parts yet, but from reading I have a couple questions. 1. The block in the kit, that gets attached under the seat, I assume...
  31. buckeyefarmer

    hiring someone to make hay

    What's a reasonable price for someone to come in and make hay for you? bales will be 1000# round don't know if 4' or 5' wide. would they normally price on a per bale price?
  32. buckeyefarmer

    Backhoe storage question

    So I finally took the BH off for the first time, should the BH end hoses be connected together while stored?
  33. buckeyefarmer

    ozark attractions

    going to be traveling in northern Arkansas, southern Missouri. Any worthwhile attractions besides branson? A train ride is on the list of things to do.
  34. buckeyefarmer

    A milestone

    Saturday my family celebrated my Dad's 90th Birthday. He is a WW2 veteran and volunteered to go, landed on omaha beach a week or so after Dday. Here's a pic of him at age 20, taken in Belgium.
  35. buckeyefarmer

    wicked windy

    This the part of spring I don't like. We are getting some really strong winds tonight. Has dropped 40 deg. already, supposed to go down another 15 or so. Got home tonight and my wife said something is thumping in the attic. Went outside and shone a light on the roof, and there are shingles...
  36. buckeyefarmer

    RIP Harold Ramis

    He was responsible for some of my favorite movies: Stripes, Groundhog day, Ghostbusters, caddyshack..... Harold Ramis of 'Ghostbusters,' 'Groundhog Day' fame dies -
  37. buckeyefarmer

    Ralph Waite aka John Walton has died

    Ralph Waite, Patriarch of The Waltons, Dies at 85 - Death, Tributes, The Waltons, Ralph Waite :
  38. buckeyefarmer

    popup adds

    I'm running adblocker, have popup blocker turned on, but I keep getting pop up adds. Seems to have occurred since installing adobe flash player, which was downloaded from the adobe site. anyone else having this problem? I uninstall flash and it goes away, and seems to be legitimate version.
  39. buckeyefarmer

    morning commute traffic

    I must have passed 5 large JD's going east today. Took a pic of this large track tractor, as it was passing another large JD. Wish I had a pic from the side, this thing was rather large.
  40. buckeyefarmer

    If you have your own business..

    Have you ever billed yourself for work you've done on your own stuff? Or the opposite, if you have a personnal backhoe, have you ever had your own business "rent" it for a job?
  41. buckeyefarmer

    hail storm roof replacement

    back in june we had a hail storm in the neighborhood. Golf ball size and lots of it. 3 of my cars got dented up pretty good, put in an insurance claim but still need to get fixed. I kept getting these unheard of companies that are hail damage experts knocking on the door, insisting my roof...
  42. buckeyefarmer

    Riding mower about caught on fire

    Bearings went out on an idler pulley on the deck. It's a sealed unit with no grease jerks. It had been making some noise, but I hadn't taken the deck off to check yet. I was mowing after dark, and it threw the belt off. I put it in the barn, then noticed the smoke coming from the deck, so I...
  43. buckeyefarmer

    garden fence

    I always put a temperary fence around my garden. Tonight i put in the T posts, then went to get the wire , and it was gone. Its just thin vinyl coated wire i keep rolled up behind the barn. Either someone grabbed it or i moved it and forgot where i put it.
  44. buckeyefarmer

    security systems

    looking for recommendation for a security system. There are many on the market, and most are now totally wireless. Anyone use Simplisafe?
  45. buckeyefarmer

    credit union getting greedy

    My cu just announced an end to free overdraft protection, and increase to the interest. I called to ask why but couldn't get an answer, other that its not as much as other banks. I reminded them they exist because of their members, they are not a bank. Their loan rates are no longer...
  46. buckeyefarmer

    Can't believe I eat the whole thing

    My wife just brought in 8 more cantaloupes from the garden. So I went to the fridge where she already had one cut up, and I eat it all for breakfast.
  47. buckeyefarmer

    Service trailor brake system warning

    My 2500HD has the factory brake controller. Almost since it was new, I have had a message saying "Service Trailer Brake System". Anyone know what causes it?
  48. buckeyefarmer

    Aliner popup campers

    Anyone have experience / comments on the Aliner brand of popup campers?
  49. buckeyefarmer


    Driving to work this AM, a car passed me and about 12+ others, by driving on the right hand shoulder. It pulled back into the lane of traffic about 8 vehicles ahead of me. A couple more miles down the road, it again passed on the right shoulder. Not too long after the 2nd shoulder pass, the...
  50. buckeyefarmer

    Rear Cab light install L3940

    called Barlows and ordered rear cab lights a couple days ago, they arrived today. Installation was easy, hardest part was fishing out the right connector for the switch. Will have to get a pic later. Don't know why I didn't order them with the tractor, but they are easy to install. I've been...