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    Buying Advice Looking to buy my first tractor

    I bought MF GC1723 and I love it. It's got the quick change bucket,a back hoe,forks,grapple and a Roto tiller. The cost was lower than JD or Kabota. I've had it 1and half Years and have 300 hours on it maintaining my 10 Acres. Yes there are somethings it won't do but I work around that like cut...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I got two loads like that. I called is dumb luck. A contractor working on interstate had to take out some trees and get rid of them fast. I was just in the right place at the right time
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    This is the way I like to get wood a 7 cord load delivered free
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    Comparison What is the best brand of tractor?

    They are interesting and there are a lot of articulating tractors made in Italy. My CAST tractor is not articulating is is just 4 wheel steering. You can rotate the seat and drive if both ways
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    Comparison What is the best brand of tractor?

    Your right did your come up with that off the top of your head or did you research it
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    Comparison What is the best brand of tractor?

    I wish people would say what brand of tractor they are talking about. They give a model number or a color. I do not know all the model numbers. To the point my tractor could be bought painted red,green,yellow, blue or any other color. It's a model 435L do you know what it is.
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    Grapple (

    It's a CID brand not sure about weight but I think it's around 250
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    I took down a old building and used my Massey GC 1723 with a grapple to move the roof to a burn pile. I did about every thing from the tractor seat and that's the way I like to work
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    Grapple (

    Well how interesting is this
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    Grapple (

    I had my Massey dealer put a 48 inch CID grapple on my Massey GC 1723 and I love it. The grapple with the quick change bucket is the best thing I ever bought for my tractor
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    Grapple for Kioti DK40se (41hp)?

    I had my dealer install a 4 foot CID grapple on my little 23 hp Massey. He did all the hydraulic hook up. I have a little rocker switch on the loader joy stick . I can operate everything with one hand. I love mine and I bet you will love yours.
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    Italian CAST tractor

    Maybe interested in buying Can you tell me more about it email me
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    Italian CAST tractor

    Thanks for the pictures you just made my day. I know two other CAST owners that want me to write a book. The fork lift is one thing I had found little about. I've been making a list of cast tractors can I add your to the list.
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    Italian CAST tractor

    I would very much like to see and hear more about tractor and fork lift
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    Clear a logjam

    Be careful I had a long set of forks on bucket. I turned forks down and hooked them over a log and backed up. In that position the cylinders were all the way out. I bent and broke both cylinder rods.A 350$ mistake
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    Tractor Died While Blowing Snow!

    Has your air cleaner plugged up with snow it happened to me
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    Jacobsen tractors - vintage, 1960's

    Jacobsen made a lot of mower for the big tractor companies . You should be able to find mower deck .You'll need to paint it the right color
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    Italian CAST tractor

    It could have been I've been looking for information on the CAST for years.
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    Italian CAST tractor

    Yes I have . The tractor is my tractor. The tractor is a model 435L. I'm trying to find out about a model 435L/RI. I also have a model 430L with a loader.
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    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    Sorry about the SP in spelling class I spent to much time watching the gal with the BB
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    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    I can use the backhoe and pick up the back of the tractor and walk it to the left or right or forward and back but I'm not doing it for a long distance
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    Grapple Attachment for MF GC1710

    I had the dealer put a Gabble on my Massey GC 1723. CID unit 48 inch. I love it so handy it was not cheep 2833.00 installed
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    Italian CAST tractor

    Looking for information on a CAST model 435L/RI
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    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    Third try to post I like a Grabble over a thumb. Don't have to move from tractor seat to backhoe seat. Just stay on tractor and move what you want to move
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    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    I down sized from a Case 520 to a MASSEY GC 1723. I'm not surprised what the little tractor will not do but I am surprised by what it will do. My dealer got me a Gabble for the loader. I think the Gabble is better than a thumb . With the thumb if you want to move a rock you move from tractor...
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    Recommended Tractor for 4.5 acres

    I got 9.37 acres and have had bigger tractors. I bought a GC1728 Massey. The bigger tractor could pick up 3000 #. The little Massey is rated 600# but I can get the Massey in places the big tractor would not fit. I'm not surpriece I would get a tractor that is newer to have a Quick change...
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    Backup & front camera on LS MT3

    I put a back camera on my tractor to see If the backhoe was going to hit something when I backed up
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    Is sub compact big enough?

    A Year ago I bought a Massey 1723e with a loader and back hoe. It was 5000 cheaper that a JD and 1500 cheaper than a Kobota . with the money I saved I bought front end forks, a Gabble bucket and a ft. rototiller. I got 130 hours on it and so far I love it. I'm not surprised what it will not do...
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    Are we in the USA really this far behind?

    I have a Italian vineyard but mine does not articulate. Mine has 4 wheel steering, 4 wheel drive and you drive forward or backward just rotate the seat. Step on a pedal and lock both front and back axel and it petty hard to stop it. A very handy tractor.
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    Bang for Buck - GC1723/25

    I hope you like yours as much as I like mine Dale Mercer
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    Bang for Buck - GC1723/25

    I bought a Massey gc1723 with a back hoe and loader. I just had dealer add a Grabble bucket. I love it a great little tractor for the money.
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    CAST tractor

    Back in 2012 I ask for information on this site about a Italian vinyard tractor I had bought. The only I got was nay sayer's saying I would never get it to run and never find parts. For the rest of the story go to (Italian cast iron Diesel World)
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    CAST 435L

    Wanted a CAST 435L parts tractor
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    CAST tractor hood

    Does any body have hood for sale for a CAST TRACTOR MODEL 435l